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The ultimate race wheel from Cloud Ride, Storm Chasers are fast, grippy and resilient. Their mystical Dark Matter urethane bestows smooth slides for pre-drifting and unparalleled control. Also fresh out of the Cloud Ride R&D lab is the supportive, ridged “Thunder Core,” which creates insane roll speed and is centerset for even wear.


Uitto Boards is a small company dedicated to finding alternative ways to build boards. Their latest project is a biocomposite cruiser. Biocomposite doesn’t warp, delaminate or deform. It’s impervious to water, changing temperatures and humidity. The fibers come from fast-growing soft wood from Nordic forests, where the rate of growth outweighs the rate of forestry, so these decks don’t contribute to deforestation. To top it off, the material is 100% recyclable and can be reused to make new boards.



The evolution of LEAN boards has finally arrived, and it’s engineered for power, control, stability and responsiveness to the rider. Equipped with 4¼” (108 mm) wheels, spring-loaded trucks and parallelogram-linkage steering mechanism – a LEAN board extensively made for carving and cruising. Go fast and easy over any terrain, and enjoy a smooth ride without compromising ground clearance. This rad board is ready to lean in action.

ShredLights are USB-rechargeable headlights for skateboards that are installed, used and removed using patent-pending bracket technology. The brackets are mounted on either side of the truck using your current hardware. The LED lights are encased in a rigid silicon material to provide maximum durability. While skating with ShredLights, light is projected up to 12 feet in front of the user to illuminate upcoming terrain.

Fall 2016  
Fall 2016