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Dogtown Skateboards was started in 1976 by skateboarders/surfers Jim Muir (Reddog) and Wes Humpston (Bulldog). We are proud to offer new models and reissues of the Dogtown history that covers the evolution of skateboard design. From new school to old school, cruisers to longboards, and our pro models including Jesse Martinez, Cheyne Magnusson, Jamie O’Brian, Dylan Graves, Ford Archbold, J.J. Florence and Matt Archbold, we have something for everyone. We only offer the highest quality USA-made materials. More information: or Switchboard Distribution, (714) 258-8087.

Earthwing is an American-made skateboard company from Brooklyn, N.Y. Earthwing started in 1998 to fill the need of the founder’s desire for progressive niche skateboards made with higher-performing materials. There was never any intention of starting an actual company. There was no business plan, there is no business plan, there will be no plan. The to-do list every day is simple: Make it better, make it worth it, keep it simple, and represent ALL of skateboarding, not just what’s selling this season. Earthwing’s fun and excitement is based in possibilities, and discovering that is endless. We love skateboarding and skateboarders. Earthwing will always be small, but nimble enough to quickly progress.

DT ’70s 70mm/80A

For Life 9.25” x 39.5”

Red Dog I Ain’t Dead Suckas 9” x 33”


P.C. Tail Tap 8.5” x 30”

Locker 7” x 24.5”

It’s a great time to be Dregs. Because a long time ago we committed to making downhill boards when nobody thought they were relevant. Now look at the downhill world, and how relevant they are! Dregs started out as a group of friends who skated, partied and surfed together. Some of us were pro riders for other companies, but we stayed true to our Dregs family and friends. The 2012 competitive team consists of Tim Del Rosario, Charlie Daigneault, David Price and Biker Sherlock and will carry the torch for the legendary Dregs of yesteryear. Team Dregs since 1978: surfing, skating and downhilling before it was cool.

Drifter 34.5” and 36”


Carbon Bellyracer

Based on the Eastside of Portland, Oregon, we are at it again in our ninth year of production! Our original model, the Tabor, is revamped once again, this time with a more compact yet wider shape for better control and pop. Made from a new mold with more nose and tail kick, multiple wheelbases and yes, more concave! The Rocky Bomber has seen great success and will continue to be one of the most solid freeride and downhill boards. Also revamped is the Carbon DropKick, with a condensed shape, including a bamboo core and new graphic. And for the wet-weather commuter and the die-hard rain rider, we’ve released the Eastside H20 Rain Wheels!

H2O Rain Wheels 70mm/78A

Carbon DropKick 9.75” x 40” WB: 28.5”

Rocky Bomber 10.1" x 38" WB: 30-31"

The Tabor 9.25" x 36" WB: 19-20"


Buyer's Guide-2012  

Concrete Wave 2012 Buyer's Guide

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