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TO AXS WINTER 2011 Publishers/Editors Michael Brooke Rick Tetz

Art Director Mark Tzerelshtein

Copy Editor Jonathan Harms

Contributing Editors Bud Stratford | Mark Brasier Marie Case | Ben Curtis Erik Basil | Malakai Kingston

Rick Tetz bombs West 4th Street in Vancouver. Photo: Jason Foster – Top Left Longboards



1136 Center Street, Suite 293 Thornhill, ONTARIO L4J 3M8 Canada Ph.: 905-738-0804 Michael Brooke NYC 2011 Photo: Mitchell Moshenberg




he magazine you hold in your hands was born out of the idea that a focused message has a lot more impact than trying to be all things to all people. If you sell longboards or are looking at getting into the business, then congratulations, you’ve arrived at the right place. We know your time is valuable and we appreciate that you’ve cracked open this magazine. AXS Longboard Retailer was created to share valuable information about the world of longboarding. We want retail staff to be as informed as they can be about the products they sell. We want business owners and managers to be aware of new ideas and best practices. This is knowledge that we hope helps them build upon their success. But the main reason we created this magazine was to ensure the sustainability of the longboard industry. The “get rich quick” and “gold rush” mentalities must be balanced with long-term thinking and smart business practices. An excellent way to fight commodification is through education. This knowledge impacts the bottom line in significant ways. If you ask customers what makes a specialty store truly special, they’d probably say it was the depth of product, sales staff knowledge and superior service. As longboards emerge from their underground status and rightly take their place in the action sports category, they are beginning to fundamentally change the entire skateboard marketplace. We believe these are still early days; the potential for longboarding to expand is very probable. But we temper this enthusiasm with the fact that we’re in this for the long haul. There will be turbulence along the way. There will be fallouts, merges and purges. No matter what happens, AXS Longboard Retailer will be there to document it all — in print and on the Web. Here’s to the future! Michael Brooke Rick Tetz Publishers



AXS Longboard Retailer Magazine is published as a joint venture between North of La Jolla Inc. and Publisher’s permission is required before reproducing any part of this magazine. The views and opinions expressed in AXS Longboard Retailer Magazine are not necessarily those of the publishers.

Complimentary copies of this magazine are available to all longboard retailers in North America. Please email or

AXS Longboard Retailer  

for those who wish to learn about the business of selling and marketing longboards

AXS Longboard Retailer  

for those who wish to learn about the business of selling and marketing longboards