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Mahoney: We are committed to growing the longboarding industry. We will achieve this by continuing to support the grass-roots efforts of the small local events going on all over the country. We will also push the envelope when it comes to board construction and shape. We are always trying new ideas and testing new methods of deck construction.

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Fyre trucks and Liquid trucks will be helpful, having our mainstream Attack trucks ready to assemble completes with is the key to our early success in 2012. Imbrie: Continuing expanding on our composite expertise. Increase press times and reduce stack sizes while also increasing overall production capacity of our wood. Continue exploring the world and enjoying our sport’s growth as a brand and a family. Things we can do to achieve those? Keep in mind the difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Lake: Have fun. Make lots of fun stuff at our skateboard factory in San Diego, Calif. Briggs: We have a lot on our plate for 2012, and it is pretty hard to give a simple answer. I guess at the end of the day, our 2012 goals come down to a couple of things: 1) Continue to have fun doing what we do; 2) promote community and the creative individuals who are spreading the stoke; 3) innovate and create the best and most fulfilling product we can (for our personal enjoyment first and foremost); 4) continue to grow and refine ourselves — including better internal communication and making ourselves more efficient for our dealers (quicker lead times on orders, a better fill rate, fewer miss-ships and all-around better communication); 5) to squeeze back into that slinky little dress you like so much (with the built-in handcuffs).

Gesmer: Our primary goal is the same as always: to radically expand the envelope of skateboard technology and performance. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, and we want you to get out of our way. Carver: For 2012 we’re launching our new RKP truck, the CV, after years of prototyping and testing. We are innovators by nature, so our goal was to develop a next-generation RKP truck that subtly tweaked the standard RKP geometry for a more consistent, rebounding rail. Our intention was to make something more than just another 50-degree truck, something that offers a performance distinction. To achieve this we worked closely with a wide range of riders and friends, like the Loaded crew, and made sure we were actually improving performance for many types of riders. We’re super-stoked on how it rides and looks, so we’re excited about 2012. Edstrand: We’re going to work on getting our new ideas to market quicker. We have lots of great ideas, and we want to get them out to people to enjoy as quickly as possible. Whip our engineer. (Just kidding.) We’re building some really cool testing equipment to help speed up this process. Lemire: Diversify and expand. To diversify our line of products, we will invest more in R&D and test out new molds and shapes, but also test new types of trucks, wheels and bearings. Most of all, we want to try different constructions and methods to be on the technical edge of longboarding. Then, marketing-wise, we wish to expand our market by reaching out directly to retailers in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Bucsu: As a manufacturer and retailer, we strive

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to listen to what our consumers are saying. We work hard at manufacturing boards that all types of riders are stoked to have under their feet. Not only that, we try to have a good supply of other products that people are interested in seeing. Customer service is a huge part of selling to retailers. Being readily available for constructive feedback is important to us. We want to hear what you have to say so we continue exceeding expectations. Hurley: Dregs will continue to focus on making boards that work for all kinds of skateboarding. We have 80 years of skateboarding between the two of us, and will continue to ride and create. DeMoss: We want to work even more on branding our longboard lines through social media outlets. We’re also increasing our root hard-good lines (Palisades, Sims and Vision), giving our customers the options they need. In 2012, you’re going to see more shapes, more concaves, exotic woods and more wheels. We’ll achieve these goals through testing, hard work and listening to our customers. Ocampo: Our key goal is to diversify our board line for 2012 by bringing in new shapes and to get the Stella Longboard name out there. Schöller: My key goal for 2012 is to show the longboard scene our in-Germany-designed Bolzen trucks. Bolzen is a project from Alex Luxat (Wefunk)and me, and we are looking very forward to release the trucks in 2012. Watch out for videos, ads, our team and friends presenting them in 2012. Quinn: Improve supply chain and also develop our unique shapes into a more complete longboard line. We are in full-blown R&D mode where we are doing prototypes every few days and testing them with local riders. Rowan: Success with online sales. Continue offering an above-and-beyond level of customer service while also updating the site every day with new product, content and other SEO tools. Loveland: We would like to increase the variety of gear we carry so we can make sure we have everything our customers are looking for, and of course, some things they didn’t even know they needed. AXS WINTER 2011 | AXS LONGBOARD RETAILER

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AXS Longboard Retailer  

for those who wish to learn about the business of selling and marketing longboards

AXS Longboard Retailer  

for those who wish to learn about the business of selling and marketing longboards