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sell three or five to one over others. Stock multiples of the boards people want. Restock them when they sell out regardless of whether you have additional slow-moving inventory still left over.

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time to saturate because of its diversity. As long as big players learn from the mistakes of the shortboard industry, and use responsible business ethics, this decade will be known as the ascent of longboarding! Kurt Hurley – Dregs: It depends on who you are. Some longboard companies have longevity and some don’t for various reasons. Overall, the soul of skateboarding will grow. Brittany Bucsu – Bucsu Boards: 2012 is going to be the best yet. Every year is going to continue to improve as companies continue to make amazing products that reach target markets. It is an ever-growing industry and anybody who has a love of the sport can do it. Austin Graziano – California Bonzing: I do believe that 2012 will be a strong year in sales for California Bonzing because I am expanding the California Bonzing board lineup with skateboards that enhance skaters’ ride and create competitive advantages over other brands. Also I am making it easier for retailers to order California Bonzing boards by providing a wholesale website they can purchase directly from, and supporting retailers with local promotions and dealer locators.

Chuck DeMoss – Palisades Longboards: Absolutely. The longboard market has seen a 50% growth two consecutive years, and from speaking with shop owners from all over the U.S., the expansion is expected to continue. We are seeing a wider age range of riders, more female riders and more options for the consumer. Graham Buksa – Rayne Longboards: Yes – I haven’t seen any indication of the “longboard fad” being over. Steve Quinn – Roadshark: Yes. The growth curve is evident: Longboard sales are the largest growth portion of the skateboarding market. More young people are adopting longboards as their primary skateboard, which will drive sales and growth for years to come. It isn’t an oldschool thing anymore. Things tend to continue on the same trend unless something drastically changes. The economy is taking its toll, but at the same time more and more people are getting interested in longboarding. Mark Ocampo – SDS Skateboards: Absolutely! I’ve watched as skaters’ appreciation for longboarding has grown exponentially over the past several years. It’s amazing, and I don’t see the rate of growth changing any time soon.

What are one or two key things Q: that shops could do to increase their sales of longboards? Imbrie: Shops need to look at individual boards in every brand’s line. Specific boards

Briggs: I think it really comes down to one main thing – education. Getting the shop owners, all the employees, and whoever else we can on boards. Getting them familiar with product, and getting them stoked about a product. If they are excited about something, it’s going to roll over to their consumer. Obviously this doesn’t mean to shove it down their throats or to beg them. Like we say: “Stoke ‘em, don’t stroke ‘em.” Chaput: Shops need to educate themselves about the various types of longboards and components available and make sure that they balance their lineups with both premium and cost-effective items. The sale of high-performance aftermarket wheels, bushings, bearings, trucks, grip, etc., will make their shop a credible resource to serious and casual skaters alike. Mahoney: Shops need to understand that longboarding is a well-established category that has grown organically. It’s not good enough to just carry one brand anymore. Many longboarders have a quiver of more boards to fill a wide range of riding: downhill, sliding, freeriding, carving, longdistance pushing ... There is so much development going on in the industry that it’s sometimes hard for the shops to keep up. This is why it’s so important to have someone on staff who is a longboarder and knows what board is good for the different disciplines so he/she can sell the customer the best board for their intended riding. The shops that commit to longboarding are the ones that are killing it in sales. They understand the customers’ diverse needs and carry a wide variety of longboard products: completes, decks, trucks and wheels. The shops that order boards and hang them on the wall and wonder why they don’t sell aren’t committing themselves to this new category called longboarding. Don’t jump on the bandwagon; be a part on the movement! WINTER 2011 | AXS LONGBOARD RETAILER

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AXS Longboard Retailer  

for those who wish to learn about the business of selling and marketing longboards

AXS Longboard Retailer  

for those who wish to learn about the business of selling and marketing longboards