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but the really astonishing part is, they play with all the energy and joy of their adolescent selves. Of co urse, ope ni ng wit h 'Sa lt. Sweat .


Sugar' and 'A Praise Chorus' is almost cheating, there's more shout-along pot ential in those two songs than at a student demonstration, but on the whole, the new material is given the same treatment . 'Coffee and Cigarettes' is na路lve and sincere in a way that only Jimmy Eat


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"We've bee n t old t hat we w ill get a fin e if we run ove r npm ... but we think you 're wo rth it". Th ose were the we lcome words of front man Yannis Philipakkis after what can only be described as a set of pure excellence. Pulling out all the stops to entertain a heaving crowd in the LCR, Foals proved that they are no longer a sma ll, up-and -comi ng band from Oxford but landed w ith musical greats. Flawless performances of 'Cassius', 'Two Steps, Twice' and 'Hummer' inflicted awe upon the enigmatic crowd of Foals devotees who, judg ing on oral partic ipation, have clea rl y foll owed t he band from their beginnings with the debut album 'Antidotes'. Whilst thrashing around onstage the five piece miraculously maintained inspiring

not e to note fusion of percussio n, guitar and synt hes w it h Phil ipakk is eve n mounting t he speakers on occasion, reve ll ing in t he dynamic atmosphere . Tracks from Total Life Forever displayed the maturity of the new album, from funky house party homage's to melodic masterpieces. 'Spanish Sahara' we nt dow n well with the crowd bathing in a sea of blue light. Despite these intermittent periods of re laxation there were of course a lot of crowd surfers, with ultimate respect going out to Philipakkis for bravely joining in with th e risque behaviour. Thankfully, it doesn't seem likely that this exciting band will be disappearing anytime soon . Amelia Sullivan



World could pu ll off t he new sing le 'My Best Theory' recalls the darker moments of 2004's Futures. New and old material is ba lanced perfectly, without appearing forced as they lurch between 'Get it Faster', ' For Me This is Heaven' and 'Invented' seam less ly. The seven and a half minutes of unlikely live favourite '23' are heart-wrenchingly brilliant, but only made more astonishing by the short sharp punk hit of 'Blister'. lt was written 11 years ago, but it sou nds li ke it was written yesterday. Fellow Arizonan Courtney Marie Andrews guests on half the tracks and adds the softer touches that are worked in so well on record , bringing 'Hear You Me' to a magnificent climax and neve r once looking overawed by playing a world tour with a band 15 years her senior. The only slightly uncomfortable moment is the refrain of the otherwise beautiful 'Goodbye Sky Harbour' as Jim Adkins puts down his guitar and picks up a microphone; he's clearly trying to look like Morrissey, but he just ends up looking like Cliff Richard. Even still, by the time the last chords of 'Sweetness' have rung out, t here's not

a sou l in th e LCR w it hout a sore throat and a grin on thei r face, whic h goes to show everything that makes Jimmy Eat World a great band; there's all t he raw emotion and personal po litics t hat you'd expect from a band who came from t he original emo movement of th e early go's, but there's more than enough glorious pop sensibility to drag anyone unsuspectmg along with them . Ale x Ross

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Remember, November, gunpowder treason and plot7 Less Than Jake don't, but they still brought fireworks ... Opening with 'P lastic Cup Po litics' t he band's Fnday night performance was a pyrotechnic display of abundant ene rgy, jokes about get ting drunk and a mult itude of brass ridden antics . The infectious drive of 'Nervous in the Alley' set the benc hm ark for the most outrageous skanking of t he evening. From that point, there was no let up . Needless to say, the hits off Hello Rockview, their strongest and perhaps b'estknown album, received the best response. At the set's midway point, just before the brilliant, brass filled 'Conviction Notice',

the stage with the promise of free beer, but qutckly found himself stage diving off. Along wi th an irreverent interlude of old TV theme tu nes with a t wist, a mome nt tha t epitomised ska's sillierside . A commendab le guitar so lo from Chris Demakes, however, was a powerfu l reminder of the band's musical prowess. Wit h a setl ist rang ing f rom old to new, Less Than Jake fl aw less ly catered to fans of the old as we ll as the new. Topping off the evening with 'All My Best Friends Are Meta l Heads' and 'Look What Happened', the band managed to do what Guy Fawkes cou ldn't. They set t he bu ilding on fi re. Fiona Howard

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Venue - Issue 248 - 23 November 2010  

Venue - Issue 248 - 23 November 2010