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>> School of Music closure was agreed following a brief meeting of University Council >> People associated with the campaign attempted the force the hand of the Vice Chancellor by occupying the Registry for 11 hours, but their actions were to no avail >> The campaign refuses to be silenced and has pledged to consult higher bodies to support its position Chris King Editor The Save UEA Music campaign has promised there will be more to come as it looks to fight the agreed closure of the School of Music. Bill Vine, a leading figure in the campaign, promised that there would be more official rallies and large-scale protests, after a meeting of the University Council on 28 November rejected

the Royal Musicians’ Association (RMA) offer to send in four experts to assess the School’s viability. However, the struggle between those opposed to the closure of the School, and the University, which took on an insurgent nature in the form of the Registry occupation and poster campaign, also looks set to rage on in awkward tandem with the official campaign. Vine, interviewed by Concrete immediately after the closure was announced to have been agreed,

said: “They have a PR nightmare on their hands already, it’s going to get worse from them now.” Vine emphasised the peaceful nature of the campaign, and stressed that this would continue, but the conflict between the campaign organisers and associated sympathisers was particularly evident during the 29 November occupation. Despite an agreement to “do something” having been reached at an official Save UEA


Music meeting, coordinators of the campaign were “shocked” at the occupation, having initially planned a sit down protest outside the Registry. With the Union of UEA Students having aligned itself with the campaign’s objectives, it remains to be seen how this support will manifest itself in the future, particularly in the event of further insurgency. For details on the poster campaign and occupation, go to page 3.

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Concrete - Issue 262 - 06/12-2011  
Concrete - Issue 262 - 06/12-2011  

This fortnight Concrete interviews Josh Bowker and Bill Vine from the Save UEA Music campaign following the closure of the School of Music,...