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dennis mcnett


or Dennis McNett, creating skateboard graphics and art came about through some very happy accidents. His education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a focus on printmaking, from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and a Master of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. The images and objects Dennis creates are inspired by a multitude of sources. He grew up in the ’80s skate and punk scene, and would emulate the graphics of PowellPeralta’s VCJ (Vernon Courtlandt Johnson) and Zorlac’s Pushead (Brian Schroeder). His primary method of creating graphics is through wood block printing—a laborious, bold and direct process (see the “Howling Eagle” sample). Dennis’ 3D creations of masks, carvings and sculptures take his wood block process to a whole other level of energy and excitement. His artwork comes to true life when his creatures of Viking lore are in performances and parades in cities around America. His involvement in making graphics happened by chance. A friend passed a print Dennis did for a show at Brooklyn’s KCDC skateshop to someone at Deluxe, which led to a board series for Anti Hero. He has also done shoes for Vans, apparel for Volcom and a bunch more boards for Anti Hero. It’s always amazing to see someone with a long-term love of skateboarding and its art get a chance to contribute vital and dynamic images to the cause. —Randy Laybourne

left to right from top: Anti Hero “Howling Cardiel” deck Anti Hero “Howling Gerwer” deck Anti Hero “Howling Hewitt” deck Anti Hero “Howling Stranger” deck Anti Hero “Howling Trujillo” deck “Owl” carving Anti Hero “Howling Eagle” deck, print & carving Vans x Dennis McNett “No Skool 2 Mid” shoe Anti Hero “McNett Trujillo” deck Anti Hero “McNett Cardiel” deck Anti Hero “Woodcut Stranger” deck Volcom “Skull Fork” tee Thrasher “Goat” tee Vans x Dennis McNett shoes and tees

“Guardian 1” leather and wood mask by Dennis McNett. Created for the Wolfbat Meditations show at AR4T in Laguna Beach, California. 18

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Art Blender 126 Dennis McNett  
Art Blender 126 Dennis McNett  

Original artwork by Dennis McNett exclusively for Concrete Skateboarding Magazine