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8-10 .....................................Trey Songz 12 ............................................... Chanj 20 ........................ Ephesia’s Nail Visionz 22 ......................................Hair Posium 26 ................................... The Nail Lady 28 .....................................Event Photos Do you know someone who would be a perfect match for our stylish student section or a great business woman to be profiled? Send an email to the publisher at Finally, fall is almost here. School has started, football has kicked off, and we’re even catching some crisp, cool days. And when autumn arrives, it’s also time for a style update. Whether you are in the market for picking up some trendy key pieces to go with your existing gear, or need timely tips on where to go to update your hair and makeup, NuStyle has all the info you need. Published by: CONCRETE Marketing Ad Executives: Bryan Deese, Carla Tarkington Graphic Design: Audie Adams

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NuStyle: You’ve got a new look, new hit single and a new album coming next month. How is life? Trey Songz: Well, life is good. I’m excited. Ready is coming September 1st and the anticipation has built up beautifully. We got a hit single. “I Need a Girl” is #4 right now on the Urban charts. Everyone received the look well. Everyone is receiving the music well. So, I’m feeling really great. NuStyle: Are R&B mixtapes the latest trend all of a sudden? We got you, Drake, R.Kelly... Trey Songz: I’m not a trendy guy. I’ve been putting out mixtapes since 2004. So, whatever they are doing is whatever they doing. NuStyle: Speaking of R.Kelly, you went at him not too long ago on your “D.O.A.” (Death of Auto tune) remix. Was that out of disappointment or were you dethroning him as the King of R&B? Trey Songz: I mean, most definitely out of disappointment and just as a fan. I’m not feeling the urgency that I felt in his music before. So, everyone needs a fire lit under their ass every time and who’s to say I’m the person to do it. But as a fan, I’m opinionated and I spoke my mind. NuStyle: What about Aaron Hall? I was reading somewhere that his brother took offense to that. Trey Songz: Yeah, I don’t really care about that. Before I say what I say, I know people gone take offense to it. Before you swing a bat, you know you’re going to hit a ball. Either you’re going to hit it or you’re going to miss. So you got to know what the consequences are and thoughts of people are going to be before. I’m prepared for Aaron Hall or Damien Hall not to like what I said. I actually spoke to Aaron Hall afterwards and we cool. He knew exactly what I was saying. NuStyle: The title of your new album is Ready Ready. Did you come up with the title? Trey Songz: Actually me and my producer Troy Taylor came up with that title. What Ready means is not exactly as if I’ve never been ready or if I’m just now getting ready. I feel like I’ve always been ready. With the new look and new music like we spoke on earlier, I think the world is ready. You can feel it in the air. My fan base is growing rapidly. I’m getting more press and talked about more so I think the world is finally ready. NuStyle: YYou have intense vocal ability. How have you grown since your first album? Trey Songz: Well, vocals are like a muscle. If you’re in the gym long enough and you’re working out, you’re muscles are going to grow and you’re going to get cut, if you’re doing it right. So, I’ve been training myself by making so many records. My vocal producer and mentor, Troy Taylor has brought me up to know what I’m dong vocally as far as in the studio and on stage. Not to say that I can’t grow more. I plan to grow more and be an exceptional vocalist at the end of the day, but I think I’ve grown vastly and on this Ready album you’ll definitely be able to hear it. NuStyle: What can we expect to hear from you that’s different on this album? Trey Songz: This album has great songs conceptually. Whether it’s about love-making, love-lost, love-had, it spoke about them in different ways you’ve heard before. There’s nothing new under the sun, but we definitely expanded the original way that we may have been known to do music while keeping the same strong R&B base. You know, stepping out on a limb and trying some new things. We got a lot of great material on there that’s led cohesively from, like I said, the R&B base to maybe a little alternative feel on some records. Like, “I Need a Girl” is a real mainstream kind of record. It’s all blended together to make a great album. continued on page 10


NuStyle: Now, who did you collaborate with as far as producers and artists? Trey Songz: As far as artists, we got Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, and Drake of course. “Successful” is actually going on my album with a new version that we just did. And there will be a video for it. We also go the “LOL (Smiley Face)” record with Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em and Gucci Mane. We going to get a video shot for that ASAP as well. Umm who else did we collaborate with? We got Bryan Michael Cox, of course my mentor Troy Taylor, Bei Maejor (Songbook producer), Sean Garrett, Eric Hudson, and Johntà Austin who co-executive produced the project. So it’s a lot of great people collaborating on it. NuStyle: Ok, that’s great. I’m looking forward to your album especially after listening to your mixtape. Are any of those songs going to be on there? Trey Songz: I think I’m going to keep “Your Side of the Bed” for the album. That seems to be the people’s choice off of the mixtape and one of the most favorited. So I think I’m going to take that and mix it properly and I might add something to it to give it something special other than what’s already been heard. It’ll definitely be on the album. NuStyle: Let’s talk about relationships. Are you in one? Trey Songz: I’m single. NuStyle: How difficult has it been to have a relationship being in the public eye? Trey Songz: I’ve had one and it’s hard as any relationship is. It’s definitely...I won’t say harder but it’s exceptionally hard in the occupation that I’m in. NuStyle: So, what type of women are you attracted to? Trey Songz: I like faces first of all. I’m attracted to a beautiful face before I see anything else. I love bodies. I love hips, butt. I like a nice butt. NuStyle: What are some things that a woman can do to please a man, in your opinion? Trey Songz: A woman can first be pleased within herself. Be happy about yourself before you can make anybody else happy. You know, treat your man good if he deserves to be. Be giving and even if you’re an independent woman. I think women of that caliber – who have their own, work for themselves, make their own money, and drive their own cars – sometimes they get in situations whereas though they get home from work and they forget that it’s okay for them to be a woman and let a man be a man. So, I think that’s a beautiful trait within itself. NuStyle: Since you need a girl, if you had one day to dedicate to a woman, where would you go and what would you do? Trey Songz: If I had one day to dedicate to a woman? NuStyle: Yeah, just a day to take a girl out. Trey Songz: I’d have her spin the globe around and touch wherever she wants to go. We’d do whatever it was to do in that day whether it’s make love all day, eat her favorite food, or kick back and watch a movie. We’d have fun doing whatever we did. NuStyle: Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers? Trey Songz: The Ready album will be out September 1st. “Successful” is on the album. “LOL :-) (Smiley Face)” will be shot very soon., you can still download Anticipation for free. Follow me on twitter: @SongzYuuup and I love my fans. They know what it is.


R&B music is ready for a breath of fresh air, and thanks to this 22-yearold newcomer, Chanj is here. The Alistair Records recording artist is about to release his debut disc, Time for Chanj Chanj, which is just the latest in his long line of accomplishments. A four-time winner of “Showtime at the Apollo”, Chanj first got his start through the church choir and school productions. “I always had a love for the arts and when I was younger,” he says. “I had really wanted to act, but when I realized I wanted to sing I sang at an assembly and after the show I went up to my father and asked him how I did and he started crying. That’s when I realized there might be something special.” Since those early beginnings, the New Jersey native has also received guidance from industry veteran Teddy Riley, producer of two songs on the album, some of which was recorded at Jamie Foxx’s home. “Teddy Riley just put me under his wing and gave me the ins and outs of the business,” he says. “He took the time to talk to me and really educate me about this business. He reminded me to always keep humility first and foremost because that is the thing that is going to help progress me further.” And it is performing live that Chanj really loves, even recently for the legendary Berry Gordy. “The studio is fun, and it is really fun to be in the studio and create, but it is even more fun to share it, because that is when it becomes even more personal than what it was in the studio,” he says. And when it comes to his personal style, Chanj knows exactly what looks good on him. “I pay attention to a lot of the different trends but for the most part I like to be somewhat edgy,” he says. “I like to take urban fashion to an edgier state and mix it with rock fashions. I call it Urban rock wear.” Learn more about Chanj at:


A woman’s hair is her crowing glory. And while a bad hair day can certainly ruin her mood, a good hair day can transform her into a confident, fierce creature. So why not have a good hair day every day? That’s what Janice Lacy thought when she first started distributing Beauty Couture Lace Wigs. “This is a revolutionary product in hair because it is something that is going to be more versatile for today’s woman,” she says. “They give you more styling options, are lightweight and very versatile. The lace wigs just up the ante and are the next step in hair replacement and weaving.” With her background as a makeup artist and wardrobe consultant, Janice was immediately drawn to the wigs as soon as she experienced them firsthand. “This is what people in Hollywood were using for years and it has just now trickled down to where the everyday woman can get their hands on it,” she says. The versatile, natural-looking wigs come in different textures and can be parted in many different ways. But the best part is that women don’t have to fly blind when ordering one. They can visit Janice for a private consultation, fitting and application where they can try on the actual product to get a tangible feel before they spend their money. “Once the average person puts them on – if put on properly – it appears the hair is growing from your scalp. That’s what sells it,” Janice adds. “And it cuts down on time in salon because it is not a very long technique to be applied.” Janice and salon owner, Crystal Gathright, also host parties for women to try the product, and carry everything needed for upkeep. In fact, customers can stock up on a variety of accessories for all hair needs. “People want softer hair, softer styles, styles that move,” she says. “They want it to look natural, they want it to move with the wind, they want it to shake when they turn around. And the lace wigs have movement.” To book a private Beauty Couture consultation, call Janice Lacy or Crystal Gathright at 615-484-1800.


Every woman’s day is a well-orchestrated juggling act, filled with kids, a career, and a multitude of obligations. Time is a commodity, and every minute counts. And the owner of Ephesia’s Hair Studio, Maquissa Teasley-Rogan, 29, recognizes that her customers want to take care of themselves, but don’t have all day to do it. So on July 1, she opened Ephesia’s Nail Visionz right next to her salon. I wanted to expand because it would be more convenient for our customers. “We’re a one-stop shop,” she says. “Instead of having to go here and go there, now my clients can just make one appointment and one stop.” The new services Maquissa offers include spa pedicures, natural manicures, pink and whites or even more intricate nail art. “A fresh manicure is always going to be in style,” she says. “It is a conservative look, whether you are doing natural or you are doing the pink and white. And whether it is in the summertime or winter, it’s great.” To save even more time, customers can opt for a waterless manicure, which only takes 20 minutes from start to finish. In fact, depending on the types of services they choose, women can expect to spend about two hours getting their hair and nails done, in just one session. This expansion of Ephesia’s has been the fulfillment of a goal for Maquissa and encourages her clients to strive to reach their own goals. “I give thanks to God for the motivation to do what I do,” she says. “Never give up on your dreams, no matter what it is or how crazy it sounds. If you have the energy and the plan and are focused, you can do it.”

5332 Mount View Road, Antioch, TN 37013 615-731-8464 salon 615-578-9983 cell


A mainstay in Madison for nearly a decade, Hair Posium has never wavered from turning out head after head of fabulous hair. And coming up on their 10th anniversary this September, there are no signs that anything is going to stop owner Schree Hill from continuing to grow and provide her customers the best possible service. “Business has just been getting better and better,” she says. “It’s been great.” With eight stylists and a nail tech on site, Schree attributes the salon’s staying power to the quality work that consistently walks out the door. “They’ll call me back and be like, ‘My boy friend loves my hair!’ That’s what makes me really happy,” she says. “Because if their boyfriend or husband loves their hair, they are happy too.” The salon’s success might also have to do with the welcoming feeling people get when they walk in the door. “We are a very familyoriented salon,” Schree says. And the experience is not just for women. All customers can choose from a variety of services. “We have nail tech coming to offer the Tammy Taylor Pink and White,” she says. “We do individual eyelashes. We do all weave services. We also have a barber shop now to do all the kid’s and men’s haircuts. We do natural styles, everything.” A Whites Creek High alum, Schree always knew she wanted to do hair, and headed for cosmetology school as soon as she graduated. And to thank all of her customer’s for they loyalty over the past ten years – and entice new customers to give them a try – Hair Posium is offering a special buy one, get one half off special now through the end of November. “If they came and get a sew-in, their friend can come in and get one for half off. Or they could use it themselves on their next visit.” 750 Madison Square Shopping Center (Behind Piccadilly Cafeteria) 615-865-8120


Wow! Its Fall already! School is in session, football season has begun and leaves are changing. There also will be changes for nails this fall. For nails this fall bold, matte and metallic colors are what we will see. From the runway to the hallway, nail fashion is deep and unique. Even the soft whites and light shades are updated with low shine and matte top coats. Although the low shine finishes are just of the moment, it is not chalky or dull and not overly shinny or glossy. A perfect balance to create a new and fresh look. Essie “Matte About You” is a great finisher for your color of choice. It will transform any shade of polish into this new matte style. MAC, Zoya, Orly and OPI have launched new matte collections this fall. The main polish colors are deep and dark. Dark plums, inky-reds, grays and charcoals, deep purples and navy blues, dark browns, dark orange, copper, lavender and wines are popular choices. These falls colors are elegant and bold. Perfect for the woman who likes to make a statement when she enters the room. Now to nail shapes, lengths and styles for 2009. The ‘08 oh so popular square nail shape is out. This year the in shape is squoval, a combination of square and round. It’s flat on the tips and rounded on the sides. This shape is most flattering with shorter nails, but can be worn with longer lengths. Which by the way are also in this year. Not extremely long, simply a little past the finger tip, the goal should be to keep it elegant. Be sure that your nails match your style. Metallic’s, glitters and gems are other ways that you may achieve your own personal nail style. This years introduction of the Stiletto and Talon Nails continue the bold style of ’09. For more information and pictures of ’09 nail styles visit me on facebook or myspace at nashvillesnaillady. Peace and Blessings is my prayer!


Local nail technician and winner of the 2009 Music City Nail Battle, Ann Kinnard perfected the art of matching nail style with her unbelievable “Marti Gras” nail rreation. Although these nails are not for every day wear, they amazingly display creativity and style.


NuStye Magazine Nashville, Issue07  

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NuStye Magazine Nashville, Issue07  

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