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8-10 ...................... Young Buck 12 .......... Streets Is Talkin’: MDB 14 ...........Streets Is Talkin’: Trae 16 .. What’s Your Issue w/ Big Sue 18 ................... DJ Profile: Cain 20 ................ DJ Profile: D Nyce 22 ....... DJ Profile: Aziatikk Blakk 32-38 ................. Memphis 10’s 40-41 ......................Party Pics 42 ........Free Game: Nancy Byron 44 .......................... DJ Charts This issue we give Young Buck a chance to explain his situation. We grinding ! Next Issue: Class of 2010 and a couple surprises ... See you when it’s cold baby. --The Corporation Editor: Corporate Cory Sparks Assistant Editor: Amariah Tyler Sales Manager: Ricardo Manager Distribution: Connell Boyland & Reggie Knox Art Director: Audie Adams Cover Photo: Dylan Mire Publishing Consultant: Bryan Deese

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photo by Dylan Mire

CONCRETE: It’s been five years since your first major solo release, Straight Outta Cashville. How have you evolved as a man and an artist? Young Buck: It’s been five years since Straight Outta Cashville. Straight Outta Cashville was my first album. I was blessed to be able to go platinum. I’m at like 1.3 [million sold] with that album. That was my first solo album, so the success of G-Unit at the time was so broad, that all I had to do was deliver a platinum album. And I did. My second solo, Buck The World World, dropped two years ago. That album kind of came out without a lot of promotion on either side. With Interscope, I did what I had to do with pushing the album, but I didn’t have a lot of promotion put into that album. And it still went gold. They have a thing in this business called the sophomore jinx. Most artists that go platinum they don’t go gold or platinum on that second album, that second go around. So, I’m blessed to even get a gold plaque out of that, being that it was during the time of the whole download era. I don’t blame anybody for the lack of sales or the numbers on Buck The World World, because I know, honestly, in my heart that record was better than Straight Outta Cashville. It showed the growth of me as an artist. But, some things don’t work out the way you planned, but you just keep it moving. CONCRETE: We know you’re always making new music. We heard you’re working on a new album. What’s going on with new music and a new album? Young Buck: At this point I’m not signed to Interscope Records. Interscope dropped G-Unit Records, which made me be a part of that drop. Jimmy Iovine, who is the CEO of Interscope Records did not want to let me go. I think it really hurt him. But at the end of the day, it was the business ties. Keeping me at Interscope and letting everybody else go would have caused a lot of confusion. He granted me to be able to walk away so I don’t owe Interscope anything. I’m free from that wing. The only contract being held over top of me is the G-Unit contract. I would have already dropped another album and had a lot more commercial activity, but I’ve been battling what I call, “The 50 Cent game.” It’s a situation where we had the misunderstanding with each other. Instead of me going my own way and he going his own way and doing it like that, his thing is to make it as hard as possible for me. He has a whole thing to make it as hard as possible, mainly because we can’t come to an agreement. I’m looking to get away from G-Unit Records. You got a million labels out there that are waiting on me. I’m in the middle of a bidding war. I’m at a point in my career where I’ve tried to work it out from every angle possible with dropping another record with G-Unit before they were ever dropped from Interscope. I’ve went as far as submitting my budget for the next record – the whole nine. It’s been pretty much that whole way of things for the last year and a half to the point where it’s only one way for me to get out of that contract with 50 Cent, in my eyes, and it may come with the term of me having to file bankruptcy just to free myself out of all contracts. But it would at least put me in a position where I’m able to go and get a new situation and drop another record. So, if I have to go that route I will, with no shame in my game. My thing is just to stay active and stay relevant to my fans and to the people until I work out my situation. continued on pg 10


photo by Dylan Mire

CONCRETE: Let’s talk about mixtapes, since you’ve been doing a lot of mixtapes over the years. Why do like doing them? Young Buck: The mixtape game right now (if you from the streets, or if you are just a product of music and you really pay attention to music) is the foundation for an artist. It’s almost to the point where if you’re not bumping on your mixtape then, ‘We’re not going to buy your album.’ So I treat a mixtape like an album. Outside of that it keeps the artist relevant. It keeps you fresh. It gives you a chance to just release certain things that you wouldn’t be able to put out on an album. Also, it establishes the DJs, the most important thing to this game cause they’re the ones who get the music to the people. It definitely should be, if not your first stop, your second stop because it gives the fans a chance hear you before you give them what they really want which is an album. I look to stay relevant with it. That’s why I drop so much. A lot of people are just now seeing the talent in Buck. It put a little more pressure on me, but I feel like there ain’t shit I can’t handle. I’m good. CONCRETE: You dropped Back on My Buck Shit Shit. What’s this mixtape all about? Young Buck: The latest mixtape I’ve dropped with DJ Smallz and DJ Scream, Back on My Buck Shit Shit. It ended up being the #1 mixtape in the country, #1 on Itunes, and all of the major download sites, as well as my own site, IamYoungBuck. com. At this point I think the fans were starved long enough to the point that everybody was eager and still is eager to hear from Buck that I delivered an album. People are comparing this mixtape to artists’ albums. It’s like my mixtape is really harder than 80-90% of the fucking rappers that’s on the shelves at Best Buy right now. The next mixtape is dropping with DJ Bigga Rankin and the name of it is Only God Can Judge Me, and it’s hosted by Freeway Ricky Ross. It’s a real street-oriented mix tape. I think everybody is going to love it overall, but I think the individuals that’s from the streets are really going to appreciate this mixtape CONCRETE: We were big fans of the project you did with All Star, StarBucks. We know you’ve always made it a point to work with him. Can we expect another StarBucks project? Young Buck: Definitely. You can look forward to me and All Star pushing period. All Star is one of them dudes that his talent speaks for itself. He’s one of those dudes that are going to get out there and hustle his own shit regardless of whatever situation he’s in. And I’m aware of that, so I try and do what I can being in the position where I’ve sold records, and I’m looked upon as the forefront of the hip-hop scene in Cashville. I try to lend whatever energy I got. Not only to All Star but to a lot of local artists out here such as Rip with Gluw Entertainment. I like what Paper is doing. Paper is a dude that really ain’t got his just dues and he pushes. And I always give my respects to Pistol, cause Pistol and Kool Daddy Fresh, those was dudes that paved the way a long time ago as far as letting it be known years ago that, ‘Hey man, We doing it big in Cashville.’ I’m just looking for somebody else to come help carry this torch with me.

CONCRETE: Where are you from and how did you get your start in the game? MDB: I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas. I sponsored shows for a while bringing platinum selling artists to state to get my label known. I signed a couple artists which cost me thousands of dollars and could not meet up to my standards. I also used to run with the original Cash Money and that’s where I got my music game from. CONCRETE: Why do you call yourself Million Dollar Bitch? MDB: Well, I was born into a wealthy family and I’ve dated three millionaires in my life, so I had to become a millionaire to fit my standards and beliefs. So I will tell anybody proudly ‘I’m A Million Dollar Bitch’! CONCRETE: Female MCs have become almost non-existent, unlike the late 80’s and 90s. Do you feel that there’s a lot of competition out there or do you believe the lane is wide open for you? MDB: Oh I’m in there! I feel no competition at all. I’m up against Gucci, Jeezy, Gotti, Boosie and most definitely Lil Wayne. CONCRETE: What projects are you working on? MDB: Presidential Status will be my first official album to follow up my mixtape Million Dollar Bitch which was released to the streets mid 2008. My album, Presidential Status, will be hitting every area, telling my life story. The album will consist of me giving game on success and staying positive through the struggle. I focused a lot on being independent, holding things down without a man and maintaining your own hustle. Me being the boss I am, I chose to name the album Presidential Status which I think everyone will relate to. CONCRETE: What is some advice for guys who want to get with a million dollar bitch like you? MDB: Considering the fact the love of my life Shoney Allen was murdered, Lord rest the dead, it’s been real hard to let anyone get close to me. If I run across that certain person he gotta be a solider because I’m a cold piece of work. I like guys that keep it real because I’m a ride or die chick you never know about me. My mouth is fly so he gotta be gangsta with it and ready for the war and most important he got to bring something to the table. CONCRETE: Anything else to say to our readers? MDB: Yes, get money! Stay focused on whatever you’re doing. Block out the hatas and keep God in your life.



CONCRETE: Tell me about your upcoming album, Tha Truth. Trae: TTha ha Truth is kind of one of my hidden masterpieces. I’d rather leave people in suspense knowing that Tha Truth is on the way. When it gets here, I’m willing to bet my career that there’ll never be another album like it. CONCRETE: I know you don’t want to reveal too much, but can you tell me who you’re working with as far as production? Trae: I’ll tell you who I’m working with as far as production and music. I got a lot of producers that people weren’t familiar with like Mr. Inkredible. He’s real talented and from Houston. I got Gavin Luckett (LeToya Luckett’s lil’ brother) and Platinum Hands. The kind of known producers are Mr. Lee and StreetRunner. StreetRunner did a lot of Lil’ Wayne’s stuff and Mr. Lee’s done stuff for me, Slim Thug, Bun B, and Pimp C. As far as songs I’ve been working on, I got music with everybody from Jadakiss to Ludacris, The Game, Rick Ross, Shawty Lo, Young Buck, Nicole Wray and Lil’ Wayne. CONCRETE: After getting your early start with Guerilla Maab and cousin Z-Ro, what made you decide to branch out on your own? Trae: Before I even did the group thing, I was already on my own. I only started rapping due to my older brother being incarcerated. He’s the one who kind of got me into doing this. Then we did the family thing with Guerilla Maab and then I was back to doing my own thing. Then came my little brother and them with S.L.A.B. (Slow, Loud and Bangin’) and then the rest of the family with ABN. My mother used to sing so all of us have always been doing our own little thing. CONCRETE: As one of the most consistent and lyrical beasts of underground hip hop you have kept the streets of Houston and abroad alive with your music for over a decade. How have you been able to hold it down all these years? Trae: Honestly, I would have to say it’s through God and me being me. I mean, the people love me for me. I would say, if I stopped doing music I would still get the same love and that’s a blessing from God. CONCRETE: Cool. When does your album come out? Trae: They’re getting to release my first single within the next couple of weeks. But once I start, then you’ll start hearing me left and right. I got the mixtape, Incredible Truth, coming. My little brother mixtape Got It By The Tongue – my little brother Jay’Ton. We doing what we do.

Dear Sue, My boyfriend and I have been together almost a year. He’s the second person that I have been with. I haven’t been in a relationship in a while and I don’t want to lose him. I’m an out-of-state student here in Memphis and work as a part-time receptionist at an office. However, about once or twice a month I travel back home and strip to make some extra money. He doesn’t know this and thinks I just go home to visit family. Should I tell him I’m a stripper? He thinks I’m a sweet and innocent girl (which I am) and I don’t want him to think otherwise. I love him and don’t want to lose him. What should I do? Dear D.L. Stripper, What’s done in the dark always comes to the light...sound familiar? If you don’t mind concealing things from your man, go ahead and keep our mouth shut. However, don’t be surprised if one day one of his homeboys make a road trip and catches you on camera phone...-I’m just saying-.. Stranger things have happened. If your relationship is solid, you should be able to open a dialogue with him, but understand, he may not believe he’s only your “second love” which may lead to other doubts. You need to prepare yourself to be completely open and honest and if he runs for the hills-you’ll know you didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe you should tip the odds in your favor-before you tell him, break out some of those moves, and after he’s a weak, shivering, sweaty mass-break it to him then...kidding...kind of. Good luck! Dear Sue, I’m a 25 year-old CPA for a prestigious firm. I have my own house, car, and make my own money. I recently met this guy at a club that I really like. He’s fine, good-looking, funny, charming and makes me feel good (if you know what I mean). The problem is that my sisters HATE him. They diss him whenever they see him and barely say two words to him. We’ve only been dating for about a month but they are already dead set against him. Just because he doesn’t have a job and stays at home with his mom doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He’s been looking for a job but with no luck. I have been in plenty of relationships with lawyers, doctors, and “ballers” but they never amounted to anything. I decided to stop judging a man by his status and by what is on the inside. I want to continue a relationship him but I don’t want to be isolated from my sisters. What would you do? Dear Ms. CPA, Grab your purse and run!!!! Sorry, those are just my instincts. Your sisters have good reason to shut him down; they don’t want to see their strong and driven sister claiming her man on her taxes. Yes, he’s got all these great qualities, but does his ambition match yours? We all fall from time to time-but how long has he been in this situation, is this a common pattern for him and is he really trying or just giving excuses? Also, how does he feel about his current situation-a real man has pride and will work feverishly to better himself and his relationships. I understand how frustrating it can be when your mate and family don’t get along. If you’re really into this guy, watch closely for signs of progress, while keeping your sisters at bay...otherwise get ready for the deafening sounds of “I told you so”.


Got a question for Sue? Email her at concretesue@gmail with the subject line “I Got Issues” and she’ll offer the best/worst advice known to man.

CONCRETE: Are you really a ladies’ man or is that just a name? Cain: That is a question you have to ask the ladies! But From what I been told I am quite a ladies’ man and the name fits me well. CONCRETE: As one of Little Rock’s prime elite DJ’s, how did you get start? Cain: I got started about 7yrs ago with a radio deejaying contest. I auditioned on the air and the listeners selected me as the deejay they wanted to be on the air and the rest is history. CONCRETE: As an on-air personality for KIPR 92.3, what’s your favorite segment of your show? Cain: My favorite segment of the show is which I have 2. The first being the mixshow, because you can listen to all your favorite jams at once and I enjoy picking up the phone lines and callers saying we jamming and I also love non-stop 9 o’clock because I get to play all the jams for a whole hour with no TALKING OR COMMERCIALS! CONCRETE: A lot of people wouldn’t consider Little Rock a vital part of the music industry. What do you feel that your city has to offer? Cain: Little Rock has alot to offer, people just need to come and do their research when they come to the city. Its a lot of local artists doing they thing, such as Tho’d Studio’s, Edubb, Lockboyz, NextPage Ent, Playaz Productions, and 4x4 crew to name a few. I really believe because we are surrounded by areas such as Texas and Memphis that we are slept on, but trust me when that first Little Rock artists pop off, Look out World! CONCRETE: What do you like most about being a DJ? Cain: I have a passion for music and that’s what makes me love deejaying in general. I love interacting with callers, other deejay’s, people partying and the artists that you get to make in this field. CONCRETE: What other hustles do have in addition to DJing? Cain: I have a street team promotion called Ladiesman Productions and I am also a Concert Promoter, and a bails bondman and etc, etc, etc. The hustle never stops!



CONCRETE: How’d you get your start as a DJ? D-Nyce: I left Memphis a year after I graduated and went to the military. I was stationed in Macon, GA and ended up going to Atlanta which was my first time in a bigger city. There they played reggae, old school, east coast and west coast. They were so versatile that when I went back to Macon and I was like “Let me hear that Jay-Z” and they was like “Jay-Z? Naw, we finna play the locals.” I was like, I think I can do this better than them. So, I just ended up buying some equipment on my own with no help from nobody. Just bought it and sent all of my equipment to my cousin Travis’ house and just went from there. CONCRETE: Have you released any mixtapes or have any in the works? D-Nyce: The hottest mixtape in the streets right now is Freaky Moods, Vol. 1. It’s R&B. It’s for the ladies. CONCRETE: What would you say are the qualities of a real DJ? D-Nyce: First off, personality because the crowd is going to vibe off of you. If the DJ has a lot of energy, the crowd is going to have a lot of energy. You also need a good music selection, stamina (meaning stretching your music out, so you don’t end up repeating the same songs over), a good format and you have to be humble. One thing I don’t agree with is when people say certain equipment makes you a DJ. Like, if you don’t have vinyl then you’re not a real DJ. I feel like if you’re not walking around w i t h crates like in the old days and you’re getting your music like I’m getting my music through Hunter Promotions, MP3’s and record pools, then you can’t say we haven’t paid our dues. They don’t even make vinyl like that anymore. We don’t even have that opportunity. So you can’t fault the newer DJs in this digital era that we live in for that because you’re getting your music the same way as us. CONCRETE: Where can you be found in the city? D-Nyce: Monday night at Euphoria, Thursday and Saturday at Club 152, and every other Friday at Vibes. Also hit me up at or if you want to download Freaky Moods, Vol. 1 go to CONCRETE: Any shout outs? D-Nyce: The whole Hunter Promotions fam – Ricardo, Cory, Kevo, you [Amariah], DJ Rock Steddy, Reggie – the whole team. Of course, my boy Brownlee, Club 152 and Vibes.

CONCRETE: Hailing from Jackson, MS you call yourself the “Godfather of Da Sipp” and the “Pioneer of DJs”. Why do you feel that is? Blakk: Because of the age I started and what was going on with music when I started Dj’ing. I started Dj’ing at 11 and started my 1st club at 14, and Rap was not the music of Mississippi at the time. We were raised on gospel and heavy into blues, r&b, and disco. In my household it was Gospel, Country, Blues and Classical. I started in 1979 and have not stopped yet. I have mentored most of the Dj’s here. I am still in demand. CONCRETE: Who are some DJ’s that you give credit to for paving the way for you? Blakk: Grandmaster Flowers, Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, DST, Jam Master Jay, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy Jeff, AJ, Eric B, Kidd Capri, Dj Flash, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Chris The Glove, Evil E, Aladdin, Mixmaster Ice, Mr. Mixx, Magic Mike, Dj Screw, Heavy Herb, DDT, Lady V, Stan Branson, Outlaw, Gerard Glass, Lil Black, Howie How, Sleepy Nevels, Wiz, Razzle K, and Daron Green (Jeck G). CONCRETE: Aside from deejaying, you also have two companies. Can you tell us about those? Blakk: Blakk Magikk Entertainment LLC, is the the company that I and my father started because he told me that in order to go to the next level in music I need a company. Too Blakk Too Strong Promotions LLC is a sub company of BME LLC, and was created for a label and promotions. CONCRETE: Other than David Banner, who are some other artists from Mississippi that people have been sleeping on? Blakk: I really hate this question because first I know so many and second, so many hate on each other that you really can’t answer this without getting hated on. But who cares here we go! Kamikaze, Boo, Benz, Karen Brown. It takes a lot to stick with this game in Da Sipp without either killing someone, getting killed, going to jail for some stupid childish act, giving up, questioning GOD and yourself, or just quitting. They have so many obstacles. The ones I named are the ones that I have been affiliated with that have really hung in there and rode it out without the craziness. Also GOD has preserved them for a reason so ya’ll hang in there. CONCRETE: As a DJ, what advice can you give for upcoming artists or DJs who want to get into the game without being burnt? Blakk: There is no way to not get burned. Example: If you are a club owner your employees are going to steal from you. DJ’s, you are going to be first underpaid and not respected by patrons and artists (especially the ones you have helped the most). So get 50% of your money no less than 2 weeks in advance, and the remaining when you hook up to spin. No verbal agreements. If you are an artist then you first need to talk to an OG artist that can groom you for what is about to come. CONCRETE: What your top five songs that you’re spinning right now? Blakk: Get Allot (Young Jeezy and Boo), Break Up (Mario and Gucci Mane), Nasty Song (Lil Ru), Have it All (Rocko), 5 Star (Yo Gotti). CONCRETE: Any last words/shoutouts? Blakk: God, for everything. My Mother for hanging in there with me, I love you dearly and I still am not grown, so I need you. All of my kids. Entire immediate Family. CVJC in PA. My Too Blakk Too Strong Family. DJ Will, thanks G for Being so true. And to you Concrete and Hunter Promotions.








This Month’s Panelist: Nancy Byron Occupation: Publicist Company: OGPR Client List: Chamillionaire, Trae, Willy Northpole, Mannie Fresh, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Follow her on Twitter: So, you want to get into Public Relations? Well, for those of you that have no earthly idea how to go about that, I will give you a few pointers. Ideally, you are in college and wondering what you should major in; if you are serious about PR, communications is my recommendation. Once you are able, and have had some time to figure out which area of Public Relations best suits your goals, find some PR agencies in your area and apply to their internship program. School is great but you will truly only learn by doing. If you are lucky, the firm or agency you apply to will represent a broad array of clients so that you can try on a few hats and get a feel for how it works in the different areas of PR. Chances are good that if you work hard and make your boss and the company look good, you will be hired upon graduation. If you have no money for college an internship will likely not be suited to your needs and in that case, you should attempt to get an entry level position at a PR firm in your area and work your way up. The same can be said of record labels, fashion houses and film studios. The same principles apply; work hard, do a good job and you will move up the corporate ladder so to speak. Why, you may ask is it necessary to start at a company? I know some editors and a few bloggers, why can’t I just start out on my own? There are some important principles to a successful PR campaign that are best learned by those doing it successfully. It is important to learn about timing, strategy, brand building and damage control. You are responsible for the public image of your client; their ambassador, so to speak and they count on your expertise to help them be sure they are sending out the correct message to the audience it is intended for; the consumer. That is what they are paying you for. Remember, Public Relations is a relationship game. If you are lucky enough to learn under someone who does it well, their relationships will become your relationships and you will learn how to use them wisely when you are running the show. As a publicist, you are truly only as good to your clients as the relationships that you bring to the table. It serves you well to always keep that in mind.



DJ Herschel B 1 Gucci Mane f/ Plies - Wasted 2 Trey Songz f/ Drake - Successful 3 Lil Boosie f/ Young Jeezy - Better Believe It 4 Yo Gotti - Five Star 5 Drake - I’m Going In 6 Lil Wayne f/ Gucci Mane - Steady Mobbin 7 Gucci Mane - That’s Gucci’s B 8 Drumma Boy - Never Too Much (remix) 9 Jay-Z - Run This Town 10 Trey Songz f/ Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy - LOL :-)

DJ Houston 1 Yung D - Don’t I Look Good 2 Yo Gotti - Women Lie 3 Gucci Mane - Wasted 4 Three-6-Mafia f/ Webbie - Lil Freak 5 Kronic f/ Tre V - Put It In Your Life 6 Drake - Forever 7 Jay Z f/ Young Jeezy - Real As It Gets 8 EP f/ Dow Jones - Paper Chase 9 Mullage - Trickin’ 10 Gucci Mane - I Think I Luv Her

DJ Mic Tee 1 EP f/ Dow Jones - Paper Chase 2 Drake f/ Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy - I’m Going In 3 Gucci Mane f/ Plies, OJ Da Juicemane - Wasted 4 Trey Songz f/ Drake - Successful 5 Drake f/ Lil Wayne, Kanya West, Eminem - Forever 6 Trey Songz f/ Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy - LOL :-) 7 Mario f/ Gucci Mane, Rick Ross - Break Up 8 Hurricane Chris f/ Mario, Plies - Headboard 9 Yo Gotti - Men Lie, Women Lie 10 Jay Z - Reminder

DJ Devin Steel 1 Kevin Cossom f/ Snoop Dogg - Relax 2 Rich Kidz - Wassup 3 Gucci Mane f/ Plies - Wasted 4 Playaz Circle - Hold Up 5 Jay-Z f/ Drake - Off That 6 Trey Songz f/ Fabolous - Say Ahh 7 Ryan Leslie - You’re Not My Girl 8 Drake f/ Lil Wayne, Kanya West, Eminem - Forever 9 Wingo f/ Gucci Mane - Bust Her Down 10 Fabolous f/ Keri Hilson, Ryan Leslie - Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

DJ Kutta 1 Gyft - They Just Don’t Know 2 Reggie Bean - It’s All 4 U 3 Gyft - Can You Feel It 4 Trey Songz f/ Drake - Successful 5 Yo Gotti - Five Star 6 Gyft - I Need Love 7 Gucci Mane - That Girl 8 Usher - Bad Girl 9 K-Jon - On The Ocean 10 Mario f/ Sean Garret, Gucci Mane- Break Up

DJ 007 (Top 10 Independent Records) 1 2Deep - Can’t See Me 2 Kronic f/ Tre V - Put It In Your Life 3 Deal Wit It - What Cho Name Is 4 Novakane f/ Lil Boosie - It Ain’t My Fault 5 Candi Red - Independent 6 EP f/ Dow Jones - Paper Chase 7 Big Face Mike - In The Hood 8 Skewby f/ Gorilla Zoe - Photogentic (remix) 9 Tone Yates f/ Kia Shine - Lookin Like 10 Reggie Bean - It’s All 4 U

CONCRETE Magazine Memphis #9  

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