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10-12 ............................Plies 14 .. What’s Your Issue w/ Big Sue 18 ........................ DJ Houston 20 ........................... Mac Goo 22 ..................... DVD Reviews 24-26 ................... Memphis 10 28 .......................... DJ Charts 2009, we here baby! New goals ... this year is dedicated to No Excuses. Stop giving yourself a way out. You are justifying your actions or inaction and making it seem OK...It’s not! Always remember that if you have a goal and are chasing after that dream; keep chasing!! Keep going hard! And I’ll see you in the streets! – C. Sparks Published by: Concrete Magazine Editor In Chief: “Corporate” Cory Sparks Sales Manager: Ricardo Hunter Ad Sales: Shabrea Hunter Distribution Manager: Phil Jones Art Director: Audie Adams Publishing Consultant: Bryan Deese

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Hate on him all you want, but the self-acclaimed, “Certified Goon” Plies keeps the heat coming. With his latest album Da REAList which hit the streets in December 2008 just Six Months after his previous release, “Definition of a Real”. Currently holding it down as the #1 Rap Album as well as a Top 5 single on the Billboard charts, this album he returns and sticks to the theme of being real. “It’s not like I woke up one morning and said let me name my album Da REAList REAList, he states. “I think that was a title that was given to me from the streets.” It’s because of his street appeal and his strong female base that has allowed him to remain relevant in this ever-changing music industry. Releasing his debut album The Real Testament in 2007, Plies quickly rose to the charts on with the Hit Single “Shawty” and followed up behind that with “Hypnotized.” Selling over a half a million records, The Real Testament was certified gold by the RIAA. Ten months later he released his second album “Definition Of Real” in June 2008. It debuted at #2 and went on to sell over 200,000 in its first week and also garnered another gold plaque. As the hottest tracks of the summer, “Bust It Baby Pt. 2”, “Please Excuse My Hands” and “Who Hotter Than Me” could be heard almost everywhere. Before we had time to let that album sink in, he hit us with another one. “I’ve been blessed to come back with three albums in 16 months,” he humbly says.


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“Now you see everybody coming right back out. I’m not saying I’m the reason for that, but n*gg*s wasn’t doing it before I started doing it.” With so many rappers out and so many one-hit wonders, Plies seems to have proven himself as one of the few true rappers out here. Because of the love he has received from the streets and his strong female fan base, Plies has solidified his career and allowed him to become one of the biggest forces in the rap industry. “I think you can falsify selling dope. I think you can falsify being a killer, but you can’t falsify being real because it ‘s too many principles that come with that term,” he says. With five videos out, a chart banger in “Put It On Ya” featuring Memphis’ own and Big Gates recording artist Chris J, “Da REAList” was considered one of the most anticipated albums of 2008. Other noteworthy tracks are the second single “Want It, Need It,” featuring Ashanti, the hood-laced “Me & My Goons”, “All Black”, and “Family Straight” in which we hear Plies pour out his heart about his family problems. “God before you take me, let me get my family straight,” he prays throughout the song. And if he hasn’t done enough, he’s dropping his next album May 2009. Not a bad hustle for a Goon!


Question #1: I just found out that my boyfriend of three years has cheated on me. AGAIN. He has been lying to me for months about where he has been, and recently I found out from the woman he was cheating with. I’m very embarrassed that I allowed him to do this to me again, but I still love him. He tells me it’s my fault that he cheated, and says that I’m a snob and that I’m just not there for him. He is still living in my home, and some days he acts like nothing has happened. When he acts this way, I kind of wish we could go back to being together, but I also feel lost. What should I do? Big Sue: You ever give a bum a dollar? He’s full of “God bless you’s, thank you’s” and all that. Well this bum is in your home, so of course he acts like everything is good-he needs a place to stay! Then to add insult to injury, he gets to blame you for his infidelity-and you’re embarrassed? You should be pissed! Throw love out the window along with his s***!!! And keep it moving, you deserve better. Question #2: I have been dating this great guy for about 6 months. He is always there for me and goes above and beyond. We spend a great deal of time together. He takes me places I have never been before. He has no emotional baggage. He has never been married and has no children. In the past I have had a couple of bad relationships. Dealing with men who just lie and cheat for no reason. The problem that I am having is that I am not all that attracted to him. However I think with all I have experienced in the past, I am looking for fault in him. As far as his finances, he has a vision and is a very hard worker. He wants to live a good life and this is something we definitely have in common. He comes from a very good family and is at a point in his career where he is ready to settle down. However as far as the looks are concerned, do you think I am settling if he is not exactly what I am attracted to? Big Sue: Oprah once said, “You can have it all, just not all at once.” While I understand your want for a mate who is aesthetically pleasing, you’re overlooking his other qualities. This is probably because you’re so used to troubleshooting relationships with fine ass sociopaths, that when presented with a stress free situation, you don’t know how to respond. Therefore, you create an issue. Keep sleeping with him, he’ll start looking better ... or give me his number, I know plenty of women who will love his ugly ass.


Got a question for Sue? Email her at concretesue@gmail with the subject line “I Got Issues” and she’ll offer the best/worst advice known to man.


Question 1: If you were stranded on a desert island with turntables, what 5 essential records would you need to have with you? Houston: Gucci Mane - Shirt Off... Probably because there would be no need for me to wear a shirt. 2. Bobby Womack - Nobody Wants You When You’re Down And Out... Cause it’s the truth. 3. Frankie Beverly & Maze - Before I Let Go... You have a good dance record even though I’ll be dancing by myself. 4. Tupac - Against All Odds... That’s my theme song anyway. 5. Beyonce - Single Ladies... I’ll just play the record and think about the video. You know what I’m talking about. Question 2: What’s your 5 year plan? Houston: Get money! If I told you my 5 year plan then I would get folks trying to copy me. Just know that djing isn’t the only thing I want to do and hopefully I’ll move on to bigger and better things. Question 3: What has the music game changed for you (from a DJ’s perspective)? Houston: It has changed the way I hustle. Just like artists out there trying to get on, us dj’s are also out there trying to get on and find that next good paying gig. Also, my grind and will to make it is a lot stronger especially since the economy is kind of tough now. Question 4: What’s your advice for the young bucks trying to get into the DJ Profession? Houston: Know your history. Don’t think just because you got 2000 songs downloaded into your ITunes music library that you can become a DJ. Get you some turntables/cdj’s, learn how to mix and scratch. Then come holla at me. Also know your music and be versatile. Lastly, learn how to market yourself. That’s very important to make it happen for yourself; don’t wait on anybody to give you a handout. Question 5: What’s your info (web, email, etc) and when and where can we find you? Houston: Hit me at and can catch me every other Friday Night at Silver Spoon and every Saturday Night at Plush Club.

Artist: Mac Goo Reppin: Jackson, TN CONCRETE: How long have you been on the music scene? MacGoo: I have been on the scene officially for about 10 years plus depending on who you ask. Jackson, Tennessee, a city between cities ... New Jack City! West Tennessee knows about Mac Goo from Flat Line Records. My first joint venture to Small Town Muzik is my newest enterprise. CONCRETE: Where did you get your start? MacGoo: The streets in West Tennessee. I bought a Willie Hutch CD, got in my zone with that pen and pad, and put my struggle, pain, ups, and downs to music. Then I put it out here so people could know my story. It’s too real at the end of the day. I’m self made. Mac Goo put me on! CONCRETE: You have a mix tape that’s already out in the streets. Tell me about that. MacGoo: 28 Grams with Don Cannon, and I just dropped Interstate Muzik: The Pimp Edition last week. We did 10,000 out the gate. 28 Grams I’m at 22,000 give or take a few but we ordered 30k. CONCRETE: Do you have an upcoming album? MacGoo: Fa sho, It’s perfectly titled Ghetto Gospel Gospel. I recorded 35 songs and we are still trying to narrow it down to 16. On top of that I recorded a new one last night with Young Mexico called “Mr. Gwop”. I aint holding nuthin back. If we got it, the streets gonna get it! CONCRETE: What’s next for Mac Goo? MacGoo: I’m gonna let the Hood call it. We putting this Small Town Muzik tour together as we speak and we ‘bout to campaign like Obama. It’s real over here. I’m the boss of my label, but the streets boss my company. My movement is solid, it’s a new year, we sucka free, money is the motivation, loyalty is the key.


Hell Up In East Harlem Jim Jones and his record label took their name from the legendary, 1980s Harlem crew Purple City Crack Gang. The name came from the purple tops on the crack viles they sold. The crew was also known for sporting purple clothes, jewels and purple neon under their cars. The documentary uses actual participants of the ‘80s crack trade, to speak on the rise of the crack trade. It’s a play by play of an era complete with the names, places and dates. If you got google maps and earth game, you can see exactly where it was happening. Places like the corner of East 122nd Street and 2nd Avenue in Harlem, the actual block called Purple City. Or the Wagnor Projects, that has produced one king pin after another. They talk to former crack heads who were abused in Purple City’s “cheese line” while waiting to get their fix. This video should be a warning for youngsters. Because for all the talk about the money they made, most of these so-called “ballers” have no teeth. Obviously, they weren’t getting long money. Really it’s a sad tale about the destruction of a neighborhood as told by some guys reliving their glory days when they did the damage.

The Son of Preacher This is a gripping look into a Harlem organization that specialized in murder, kidnapping and extortion, The Preacher Crew. It is a one on one interview with a man named Shaka who is the son of the man that called the shots, Preacher. This crew kidnapped and killed the little brother of Harlem drug kingpin Richard Porter (Paid Paid in Full Full, movie). They were cold blooded and meticulous planners in their crimes. The movie uses jacked footage from TV documentaries on the same subject, along with their interview footage to paint a clear picture of the syndicate’s business. Interviews with FBI agents and prosecutors add validity to each topic. Many plots are discussed in gory detail of the planning and the crime itself. Shaka is a smart, soft-spoken person. He gives you a sense of what his father may have been like. The stories he tells are chilling. At one point a former associate says people like the Preacher Crew are part of the game, “It’s a package deal. You can’t have one without the other.” These guys were psychopathic killers.





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