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Visit Hometown Nazareth— Where Jesus Was a Kid!

… It’s the Bible in motion!

· Everyone knows what it’s like to hear your mom tell stories from your childhood. Can you imagine the kinds of stories Mary could tell? Take your kids back to Hometown Nazareth, where they’ll stand up for their faith among people who doubt that the carpenter’s son is really God’s Son.

Holy Land Adventure makes the Bible come alive! At Nazareth, you’ll… create a Nazareth setting and visit with Mary, Jesus’ mom. · Jesus’ mom is your Bible teacher, helping your children see firsthand God’s Word at work in a person’s life. · The Nazareth Marketplace immerses your kids in authentic sights and sounds of history—making stories of faith real and relevant for them.

teach the Bible so kids can share the truth. · Through natural conversations with “shopkeepers,” children discover it’s easy to tell others what they’re learning about Jesus—even shopkeepers who are playing the role of people who don’t believe in God. · Bible Memory Makers® are an easy way to share Scripture with others. ·

With Operation Kid-to-Kid™, your children share God’s love worldwide through an exciting, high-impact child mission project!

immerse kids in God’s love. · At Hometown Huddle, kids dig into the Bible and discover what Scripture means for us right here…right now…forever! · Each iGrow™ Chart (which replaces student books) inspires your kids to personally explore God’s Word in creative, unforgettable ways. Learn more on pages 18 & 19! · God Sightings™ help your children find new joy from seeing God in action—every day!


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Notes From Nazareth

Carpenters in ancient Israel built boa ts, farm tools, furniture, common hous ehold items, and children’s toys‌they even carved artificial teeth!


reth Notes Froinma smNaall ztoawn. It is

up Jesus grew Jesus was a t at the time a th d ve ie el b ple lived in out 500 peo b a y nl o y, o b an 60,000 day more th To . th re za a N there! people live


Learn From Mary Hear stories about Jesus from his mom!

Imagine living and working in the dusty town of Nazareth, just before Jesus began his ministry… · You’d hear whisperings about the carpenter’s kid who says he’s the Son of God. · You might have Jesus and his family over for Shabbat meal. · And perhaps you’d secretly wonder if that child down the street could really be your Messiah… At Hometown Nazareth, kids and adults get to meet Mary and hear her stories of Jesus’ boyhood. Mary must have lived side by side with many people who didn’t believe that Jesus was the Son of God. As your kids hear Mary tell about how she knew that Jesus was God’s Son, they’ll explore how they can stand up for their faith in everyday life.

Mark 6:3 says Jesus returned to his hometown…and got an unfriendly reception from many of his neighbors! “Then they scoffed, ‘He’s just a carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon. And his sisters live right here among us.’ They were deeply offended and refused to believe in him.”

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Notes From Nazareth

Jesus probably began attending synagogue school in Nazareth whe n he was 6 years old. By age 13, he would’ve been considered a young man—expected to know the laws writt en in the great books of the Jewish peop le.


What’s Inside

Discover the hometown Jesus knew!

Visit Hometown Nazareth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2-3 Learn From Mary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-5 What Goes On at Hometown Nazareth VBS? . . . . . . . . . .8-9 Hometown Nazareth—at a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11 Marketplace Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13

Look for the Outlet icon!

Your Hometown Nazareth VBS Starter Kit . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15 Bible Memory Makers® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17 iGrow™ Chart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19 Tribe Essentials. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-25 God Sightings™ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-27 Marketplace Crafts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-31 Operation Kid-to-Kid™ Mission Project . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32-33 Hometown Nazareth Music and Media . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-35 Building Hometown Nazareth. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36-37

Outlet items are limited in quantity, so order early. If a popular item runs out of stock, we may discontinue or replace it with a similar product. All outlet products and prices are subject to change without notice.

Decorating Hometown Nazareth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-43 Publicity Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44-45 Gear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-48 Gifts & Other Fun Stuff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49-50 VBS P.R.O.™ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Group’s VBS U™: Hometown Nazareth 101 . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Hometown Nazareth Order Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53-55

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What Goes On at Hometown Nazareth VBS? We’ll show you around!

start here 1. Opening Celebration

Marketplace Shops

2. Hometown Huddle


visiting Nazareth

Mary’s House

4. Hometown Huddle

5. Closing Celebration

Fun & Games

Kids and adults “time-travel” back to Jesus’ hometown! Here’s what happens each day:





Opening Celebration To start the day right, kids and adults gather for Celebration—an upbeat worship time of songs and activities! Next they join their Tribes (small groups) for interaction in a Hometown Huddle.


Hometown Huddle During this small-group time, Tribes prepare to step back in time! Fun activities and conversation starters from the iGrow™ Chart (replaces the student book) get everyone ready to visit Nazareth—where Jesus was a kid.

Visiting Nazareth!

(Mary’s House; Fun & Games; Marketplace Shops) Next, Tribes are off to your bustling Bibletimes Marketplace! Tribes will visit Mary’s House to hear what life was like for Jesus as a kid and go to the Fun & Games area where they’ll laugh and play. And every Tribe gets plenty of time to explore the Marketplace, where they can build a tzedakah (charity) box, try wool-felting, sample unexpected snacks, and more.


Hometown Huddle Before finishing the day, kids and adults return to Hometown Huddle. They talk about the daily Bible Point and connect Mary’s story with their own lives. Through engaging object lessons, everyone discovers what Jesus’ life on earth means for us.

Closing Celebration Finally, everyone comes together for a closing time of celebration and worship. At Hometown Nazareth, incredible things happen!

Notes From Nazlovaredettoh

Kids in ancient Nazareth ed bow play! Their games includ g, and glin jug g, otin and arrow sho pit. a into nes tossing sto


You’ll reinforce Bible learning in a big way because the daily Bible Point is carefully integrated into each activity. The daily Bible Points help kids realize that Jesus was a kid, just like them, making it easier for them to relate to his life here on earth.

Mary’s House

Explore the entire program at a glance. Refer to the chart to see how each activity supplements others to make the Bible come to life at your church!

Bible Point, Story & Verse

Incredible things happen every day!

Hometown Huddle

at a Glance

Day 1

Day 2

Bible Point: Jesus had a family… we do too.

Bible Point: Jesus had a name… we do too.

Bible Verse: “For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

Bible Verse: “I have called you by name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1)

Bible Story: Mary is chosen to be Jesus’ mother. (Luke 1:26-38)

Bible Story: Jesus is born and gets his name. (Luke 2:1-40)

Share an “impossible” trick to relate that God helps us do hard things.

Get a fun ID Wristband and remember that they are part of God’s family.

Meet Mary and hear about a time an angel gave her a surprising message.

Discover how Jesus was born, learn what his name means, and find out what their own names mean.

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Marketplace Shops

Fun & Games



Mix “chores” and playtime in Hometown Nazareth!

Play low-tech, high-fun games kids have loved for…well, centuries!

Choose the shops you want to offer during the week. Kids choose up to 3 shops per day to visit…they’ll want to visit some more than once!

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Bible Point: Jesus had a home… we do too.

Bible Point: Jesus went to church… we do too.

Bible Point: Jesus served others… we do too.

Bible Verse: “There is more than enough room in my Father’s home.” (John 14:2)

Bible Verse: “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)

Bible Verse: “Serve one another in love.” (Galatians 5:13)

Bible Story: Jesus goes to the Temple. (Luke 2:41-52)

Bible Story: Jesus does a miracle in Cana. (John 2:1-12)

Bible Story: Jesus’ family escapes to Egypt. (Matthew 2:13-14, 19-23)

Choose a special place in the “Big, Big House” to remind them there is room in God’s heavenly home!

Get rid of red fingerprints on special paper and learn that Jesus makes their hearts clean and beautiful.

Use a “sticky hand” to grab cards that tell ways to serve others.

Smell frankincense and myrrh as Mary tells about important visitors and a hurried trip to Egypt.

Help Mary clean the house for Passover, and learn what happened when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to Jerusalem for Passover.

Enjoy a snack, discover what happens at most Bible-times weddings, and hear about the first miracle Jesus did.

Play travel games, Nazareth-style— by donkey, foot, or cart! Creativity and imagination highlight these fun “home-builder” games.

These games get everyone laughing!


Marketplace Overview Kids can’t wait to try the crafts in the Marketplace!

Rub-a-dub-dub makes scented-oil scrub!

Dig it, rig it, wear it around your neck.

M A R K E T Swish and squeeze— tie-dyeing is a breeze!


Jewelry is the star at this dazzling bazaar.

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In the Hometown Nazareth Marketplace, kids and adults explore authentic Hebrew culture—right on your church grounds! Each day, kids choose up to 3 shops to visit…they’ll want to visit some more than once. There’s always something new to make, taste, or see here. And it’s flexible—you decide how many or how few shops to include at your Hometown Nazareth VBS. You can even choose whether to set up your Marketplace indoors or outside. In the Marketplace, Tribes use cool tools to create a wooly wooden toy…squish ingredients to make sweet-smelling hand scrub…dig for polished stones to craft into eye-catching jewelry…sample delicious treats at the Food Market…and more! No wonder kids can’t wait to race to the Marketplace!

Tzedakah box means charity rocks!

Kids will go insane, wanting to grind some grain.

Handcraft a woolly sheep for a toy kids love to keep!

T P L A C E Hey, it’s cool— squish soap into wool.

Warm bread and fried locust snacks—just no better way to relax!

See who’s in the crew at this petting zoo.

Notes From Nazaranetciehnt

s in As a special treat, familie , salted iled bo Israel sometimes ate posedly sup s cie locusts. These delica ! imp shr tasted like


Your Hometown Nazareth VBS Starter Kit

This colorful kit includes everything you need for a winning VBS in 2011! You said it, we heard it! Your Holy Land Adventure VBS Starter Kit now includes more than ever! Now includes Decorating Places DVD, Clip Art & Resources 2-CD Set, and Celebration Music DVD.

Order your Nazareth Starter Kit today!


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Director Resources:


· Hometown Nazareth Ultimate Director Go-To Guide™ —your all-inclusive handbook for planning, preparing, and succeeding with Hometown Nazareth VBS · Ultimate Director Go-To Recruiting & Training DVD · Decorating Places: Hometown Nazareth DVD · Hometown Nazareth Clip Art & Resources 2-CD Set · Publicity Samples · VBS P.R.O.™ · Invitation Postcard · Publicity Poster · God Sightings Sheep · “Bringing It Home: Family Faith-Builders” (family devotional booklet)

Volunteer Resources:


· Sample Hometown Huddle Teaching Kit (includes Hometown Huddle Leader Manual) · Celebration Leader Manual · Mary’s House Drama Leader Manual · Shopkeeper Manual · Fun & Games Leader Manual · Celebration Music Leader Version 2-CD Set · Celebration Music DVD · Daily Dramas booklet · Marketplace sample project packet · Participant resources packet

Student Resources: (NEW)


· · · · · · · · ·

iGrow™ Chart (replaces student book) Set of Bible Memory Makers® Follow-Up Foto Frame™ Name Badge Sticker Bandura™ Sticker Sheet Iron-On Transfer Certificate of Completion Sample Shekels (3)

· Coin Pouch

Marketplace Shop Sample Pack: · · · · · · ·

Wandering Toy Sheep Kit Terra-Cotta Air Clay Tzedakah Box Kit Olive Oil Scrub Tub Felted-Wool Soap Kit Dig It! Necklace Stones Operation Kid-to-Kid™ Backpack

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® rs ke Bible Memory Ma Putting God’s Word in kids’ hands.

At Hometown Nazareth VBS, kids are swept along as “real-life” events unfold at Mary’s home, in the Marketplace, or even during Fun & Games. Kids see, hear, taste, and touch Bible truths and events. They actually see God’s Word come alive as they enjoy role-playing, Bible-times customs, occupations, food, and games in Jesus’ hometown. You can reinforce Bible learning at Hometown Nazareth with the hands-on activities shown on the next few pages. Each activity captivates kids… sparks their interest…and prompts memorable Bible learning. Order these student materials for your kids now— and watch their eyes light up with excitement and understanding!


Keep a reminder of God’s Word with you. Each day at your Hometown Nazareth VBS, every person receives a special Bible Memory Maker—a Scripture reminder of what it means to follow Jesus. During the closing Hometown Huddle, the Tribe Leader presents the Bible Memory Makers in a unique, affirming way. No one will want to be left out during these special moments. That’s why you’ll want each person to have their own set of Bible Memory Makers.

Actual Size

Order 1 set per par ticipant!

Hometown Nazareth Carabiners

Bible Memory Makers® These keepsakes are printed with special Scriptures, reminders of daily Bible Points. 646847-16777-5 | set of 5 100+ $2.69 50-99 $2.89 1-49 $3.09

Day 1

Day 2

Kid-friendly carabiners make it easy to keep daily Bible Memory Makers all in one place—and readily accessible at any time. Made with child-size hands in mind, these colorful metal rings boast a sturdy spring clip and the Hometown Nazareth emblem. They’ll be kept as a keepsake for many years to come! 646847-17016-4 | $5.99/set of 10

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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iGrow Chart ™

Watch faith grow!

iGrow™ Chart—NEW “student book” Everyone will have fun with iGrow Charts—a cool new version of the student books!

Over 6 feet tall!

At Hometown Nazareth, iGrow Charts will help participants learn about Jesus, explore the Bible, and… well, grow! We call this kid-pleaser an iGrow Chart, and the families at your VBS will love it! Here’s how you use an iGrow Chart:

1. Every day, as Tribe members are arriving, Tribe

Leaders will have them interact with an iGrow Chart (one for the entire Tribe) in a specific way that introduces the Bible story or Bible Point for the day. On the first day, each person gets measured—a fun way to point out how we’re all different but all are part of God’s family. On the day kids hear about Jesus’ trip to Jerusalem, they’ll draw a simple picture about a trip they’ve taken.

2. At the end of the week, each person will get their own iGrow Chart to use at home with their families. Kids will enjoy charting their physical growth while they use the kid-friendly questions and Bible facts to grow in faith.

3. Families will appreciate this simple,

approachable resource to make faith conversations part of everyday life.

Each comes as 2 pieces, folded to 5 ½ in. x 4 ½ in. 978-0-7644-4701-3 | $3.29

Order 1 per student and 1 for each Tribe!


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We really weren’t sure how the idea of a growth chart would go over—especially with older kids. But kids (and adults) loved these activities that gave them a chance to talk, laugh, and get to know each other better. Kids thought it was fun to compare different heights—especially when some middle-school kids were taller than adults!


Tribe Essentials

Everyone fits in. Everyone’s got friends. Tribes make it easy!

Say goodbye to traditional classrooms, and get a taste of multi-age learning! Each day at Hometown Nazareth, kids and adults join an Israelite “Tribe.” These small groups of no more than 10 facilitate friendship-building and create a safe, manageable learning environment. Depending on the size of your VBS program, you might want to have more than one Tribe with the same name (for example, Judah #1 and Judah #2).

Tribe Leaders remind kids (and adults!) of daily Bible Points each day. At the start of VBS, Tribes gather in a Hometown Huddle to talk about the daily Bible Points together. And after the day’s experiences, Tribes huddle again to discuss what they learned…how it relates to the Bible Point…and how it all applies to daily life!


Instantly equip your leaders…with the Hometown Huddle Teaching Kit! Order 1 kit for every Tribe of up to 10 kids!

Big, Big House

Living Room



Entryway Bedroom







Swing Set

Copyright © 2011 Group

Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box

481, Loveland , CO • Printed


in the U.S.A.


Hometown Huddle Teaching Kit This versatile small-group leader’s kit delivers everything your volunteers need to inspire lasting Bible learning at Hometown Huddle sessions. It includes meaningful object lessons, life-application discussions, and unique experiences that make Scripture stick. Even first-time volunteers will be ready to hit the ground running! In each Hometown Huddle Teaching Kit, you get: · · · · · ·

Hometown Huddle Tribe Leader Manual Surprise Box 12 ID Wristbands Big, Big House Blueprint Bleeding Paper Grabber Hand & 12 Give-Back Cards

Enough supplies for a Tribe of up to 10 kids. 978-0-7644-4691-7 | $14.99

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Tribe Essentials Everyone will want one of these!

Tribe Banduras™ These cool, stretchy, wear-how-you-want-to Tribe identifiers coordinate with your Hometown Nazareth Tribe names. They enhance Tribe identity for kids—and help leaders instantly see who belongs where! 100% polyester, approx. 9 ½ in. x 9 ½ in.


Tribe of Asher

646847-16799-7 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Benjamin

646847-16800-0 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Dan

646847-16801-7 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Gad

646847-16813-0 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Issachar

646847-16812-3 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Joseph

646847-16811-6 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Judah

646847-16810-9 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Levi

646847-16809-3 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Naphtali

646847-16808-6 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Reuben

646847-16807-9 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Simeon

646847-16940-3 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

Tribe of Zebulun

646847-16927-4 | $12.99/pkg. of 12

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Notes From Nzaareztharevisth ited

Na Women in ancient ost daily. Stalls alm et rk ma the food e typically featured in the marketplac d fruits, poultry, fresh vegetables an d unique items lamb, and fish—an d led cucumbers an such as cakes, pick d an , ats me grilled watermelon rind, ices and herbs. sp of ds kin many


Tribe Essentials

Little extras make a big impact on your VBS!

Name Badge Stickers Place a badge on every volunteer and child! 6 badges per sheet. Laser printer and photocopier compatible. 978-0-7644-4702-0 | $4.49/pkg. of 10 sheets (60 stickers)

Name Badge Holders Kids can place their name badge stickers on the front of these handy holders, and have a great place to put their Bible Memory Makers. Assorted colors: orange, green, and blue. 4½ in. x 6 in. 646847-11155-6 | $15.99/pkg. of 10

Shekels Each day at Hometown Nazareth, kids receive 3 of these replica coins to spend in the Marketplace—and help them “budget” their time. They’ll give one Shekel to each shopkeeper as they enter a new shop. These decorative coins are fun and “spendable” all week long! 646847-16903-8 | $6.99/pkg. of 100

Coin Pouch This 3¼-in. x 5-in. cloth bag is perfect for kids to use when carrying their Shekels or other small VBS mementos. Every child at your VBS will want one! Made of 100% cotton (including the drawstring). 646847-11837-1 | $5.99/pkg. of 10


Tribe Names Poster Pack Color-coordinated with kids’ Tribe Banduras, these 17-in. x 22-in. posters proudly announce where Tribes gather. Use the posters to help direct traffic and to inspire Tribe connections at your Hometown Nazareth VBS. Each Tribe is named for one of the 12 Tribes of Israel, and each poster includes a short description from the Bible of that Tribe. 978-0-7644-4774-7 | $29.99/set of 12

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God Sightings™

At Hometown Nazareth VBS, your kids will see evidence of God at work…

Sometimes we read incredible stories in the Bible and quietly wonder why God doesn’t do those things for us today. But God is active in our everyday lives…we just have to learn to look. At Hometown Nazareth, you’ll encourage participants to look for evidence of God in things like…

a blue sky, a helping hand, a laugh, a friendly face, a tasty snack. We call those things God Sightings, and yes, even preschoolers can make them part of life. It’s faith-building…and easy. In ancient Nazareth, a large flock of sheep was a sign of blessing. At your Hometown Nazareth VBS, you’ll fill a “pasture” with God Sightings Sheep as a visual reminder of God’s bountiful blessings— and the ways he still shows up in our lives today.


During the Marketplace time, adults and staff members often meandered over to the “pasture” to read God Sightings. We saw people smiling—and even getting a little teary-eyed—as they read ways that kids had seen God in everyday life.

Here’s how God Sightings™ work… At the end of Day 1, the Celebration Leader will explain that God Sightings are evidence of God all around us, every day! The leader will challenge kids and adults to start looking for things that God has done or made and to be a God Sighting by sharing God’s love with others. On Days 2, 3, 4, and 5, the Celebration Leader will dismiss Tribes to opening Hometown Huddle, where they’ll spend about 5 minutes sharing God Sightings. After Tribe members have shared, Tribe Leaders will write single words or short phrases on a God Sightings Sheep, recording each God Sighting as a testimony for everyone.

God made rain Dad safe in car Helped accident neighbor

Each day, one Tribe member will tape the God Sightings Sheep to a pasture you prepared earlier. As these sheep accumulate, the pasture becomes such a cool tribute to God’s power and grace in our lives! You’ll likely want to leave it up for weeks after Hometown Nazareth ends.

God Sightings Sheep Use these adorable sheep to fill your VBS “pasture” with stories and drawings of God’s goodness in our lives! Made of high-quality paper stock—perfect for writing and displaying—and designed exclusively for Hometown Nazareth, you’ll want 5 sheep for each Tribe. 646847-16823-9 | $4.99/pkg. of 25

You’ll want 5 God Sightings Sheep per Tribe.

God Sightings Sheep come already cut out— no scissors required.

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Marketplace Crafts

Hands-on crafts let kids experience life in Bible times!

These quality crafts allow children to create their own keepsakes from Hometown Nazareth. Kids express their creativity as they’re immersed in the culture and learning of Bible times.

Wandering Toy Sheep Kit A wooden toy for every girl and boy! With this creative craft kit, kids have a blast adding colorful designs and cotton balls to create their own Wandering Toy Sheep. Supply an egg-beater style drill, and children can even make holes to add wheels. Includes 10 wooden sheep and 10 sets of interlocking wheels. 646847-16806-2 | $13.99/pkg. of 10

Tzedakah Box Kit At Synagogue School, charity is the rule! Kids will have loads of fun assembling and decorating their own Tzedakah boxes to use when collecting money for the poor. Put together like a puzzle, each box offers blank panels for coloring, painting, and personalized design. 646847-16804-8 | $14.99/pkg. of 10


Olive Oil Scrub Tubs In the Olive Oil Shop, your kids will enjoy crushing herbs and spices to make a fun-scented, exfoliating, scratchy scrub… but where will they keep it? Why, in their Olive Oil Scrub Tub, of course. 646847-16803-1 | $8.99/pkg. of 10

Notes From Nazareth

People in Bible times used a lot of olive oil. They cooked with it, spread it on baked goods, and used it to preserve food. Women also applied olive oil to the skin as a moisturizer— and people even drank it to relieve intestinal problems!

Felted-Wool Soap Kit Sudsy wool? Hey, that’s cool! Kids’ll experience the old-fashioned art of wool felting with this creative craft. Just wrap, soak, suds-it-up, and squish! Great fun for hand-washing after play in Farmer’s Field— or for clapping soap bubbles into the air! Kit includes 5 wool colors (1 color makes 2 crafts) and 10 soap bars. 646847-16959-5 | $10.99/pkg. of 10

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751


Marketplace Crafts

Kids will love trying their hands at these fun crafts!

Dig It! Necklace Stones After digging to uncover these unique treasures, kids will use these lightweight, decorative plastic stones to make trendy necklaces of all kinds. Modeled after real polished rocks—and in 5 bright colors—each stone also bears a faith-filled bonus: A cross imprint to remind them of Jesus! 646847-16802-4 | $7.99/pkg. of 10

When kids were making their own stone necklaces, we found that in order to keep the twine from slipping, it was a huge help to place a Glue Dot on the stone first, and then start wrapping the twine.

Terra-Cotta Air Clay Ready-to-play, air-dry clay means anything your kids can imagine—they can create! At the Bead Bazaar, children will delight at rolling this soft stuff into beads of all shapes and sizes. After their beads dry, they’ll paint them and wear them proudly as necklaces, bracelets, and more. 646847-16805-5 | $9.99/pkg. of 10


Non-Tear Scroll Paper Sturdy, tear-resistant Scroll Paper is great for kids to use when writing or drawing during your VBS. Great to use when practicing writing Hebrew letters during Synagogue School. Unrolls to a full 72 inches—plenty of space for creative work! (10 in. x 72 in.) 646847-10888-4 | $9.99 each

Glue Dots ½ in. & 3/16 in. Instant stickiness, with no mess! In your Nazareth Marketplace, you’ll want to use these kid-friendly adhesives for decorating your toy sheep at the Carpentry Shop, hanging God Sightings Sheep on the pasture, decorating, and more! 634524-08165-0

½ in. | $5.49/pkg. of 200



in. | $5.49/pkg. of 300

Notes From Nverbazfroamrewhthich

ew Mashach is a Hebr is derived, and it h sia es the word M In ted with olive oil.” means “to be anoin ted ica ind ting by oil Nazareth, an anoin God to a priestly, by g llin a specific ca role. royal, or prophetic

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Operation Kid-to-Kid™ Mission Project

This summer at Hometown Nazareth, your kids will make a difference in the world!

It’s easy…and it works. Here’s how: Tribes will learn about Operation Kid-to-Kid in the Dye Shop, where each Tribe member will dye a backpack and design a bookmark. During the Closing Celebration on Day 5, each person will bring forward his or her Operation Kid-to-Kid backpack (containing the very special bookmark) as an offering. Kids and leaders will be amazed as they see just how many colorful gifts they can send to children in South America. It’s a concrete way for families to see that it’s easy to share God’s love. (And it’s a way for kids and adults to be a God Sighting to others!)


We hear from countless churches that make Operation Kid-to-Kid a community service project or send the items with a church mission team. Remember, Operation Kid-toKid is flexible—that’s why so many people make it an integral part of their VBS!

Operation Kid-to-Kid Backpack Kit Boys and girls can change the world! This lightweight, linen backpack bears an original art design—created just for your Hometown Nazareth VBS—and a multilingual message of Jesus’ love. You can choose to either tie-dye or decorate the backpack with fabric paint markers—then share its message worldwide. 646847-16971-7 | $14.99/pkg. of 10

If you are sending your backpacks to Biblica, please only send those purchased from Group. Biblica has learned it’s important that items distributed to children should be identical. No child should feel less special because his or her backpack doesn’t look like the others.

Just a $2 donation per child at your Hometown Nazareth VBS buys all the supplies needed for this Operation Kid-to-Kid project.

RIT Dye—4 Bright Colors Teal, Scarlet, Purple, and Fuchsia—these hard-to-find, brightand-beautiful colors are all at your fingertips. Use these to color the Operation Kid-to-Kid backpacks in your Dye Shop. See cautionary statements on package. Use under adult supervision only. Fuchsia Purple Scarlet Teal

885967-83120-7 885967-83130-6 885967-83050-7 885967-83040-8

| $2.40 each

Operation Kid-to-Kid Posters Decorate with captivating posters that feature kids just like the ones who will receive the backpack gifts. It’s a great way to build compassion in kids—and create momentum for your Operation Kid-to-Kid mission project. Set also includes a map of Latin America so kids know where their gifts are going. 22 in. x 34 in. 978-0-7644-4808-9 | $9.99/set of 4

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751


Hometown Nazareth Music and Media Get music that’s faith-building—and fun—for kids and adults!

Celebration Music CD Get 10 faith-building songs everyone will love to sing, including the Hometown Nazareth theme song, “God With Us,” PLUS the mood-setting Marketplace Soundtrack for themed background music. Order extras so families can take these CDs home after VBS! 646847-16757-7 | 100+ copies $4.99 50-99 copies $5.99 1-49 copies $6.99

Celebration Music Leader Version 2-CD Set Disc 1 includes all 10 Hometown Nazareth songs with vocals—plus instrumental accompaniment tracks AND a bonus Marketplace Soundtrack. On Disc 2, you get PowerPoint slide shows of all the song lyrics.

Starter Kit

646847-17018-8 | $14.99

Starter Kit

Celebration Music DVD On-screen lyrics and kidsleading-kids in motions help the Celebration Leader learn and then teach the 10 Hometown Nazareth Celebration songs. 646847-16758-4 | $14.99


Visit our website to learn how your church could star in the Celebration Music DVD!

“Why can’t I copy the music?” To get the very best VBS music for your program, we use a variety of artists and publishers. We pay them a royalty each time we distribute their work— which means we can’t ethically or legally give you permission to make copies.

This icon means that the item is included in your Hometown Nazareth Starter Kit— order extras as needed.

Starter Kit

Hometown Nazareth Clip Art & Resources 2-CD Set Find eye-catching extras to add Bible-times flair to your VBS! Includes reproducible clip art, costume patterns, chords and lyrics song sheets, and more. Now a 2-disc set, with more images and tools to make your VBS a winner. 646847-16756-0 | $19.99

now VBS oldies are still goodies! You can VBS t pas rite favo r you download some of the for rch songs from iTunes. Just sea enjoy! artist name as "Groupmusic" and Starter Kit

Ultimate Director Go-To Recruiting & Training DVD This DVD has everything you need to get your church and volunteers geared-up and excited for VBS! · Volunteer recruiting commercials · Video training segments for directors, center leaders, and Tribe Leaders · All-church commercials to create excitement for your VBS! 646847-16759-1 | $14.99

Notes From Nazareth

Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, was a carpenter—an occupation which likel y indicated he was a master builder who might do masonry and metalworking as well as working with wood.

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751


Building Hometown Nazareth

Get quick tips for your Nazareth set from expert decorator Bruce Barry!

Grab greenery from around your church.

Visit secondhand stores to find baskets, pottery, faux fruit, and more!


Blankets work great as rugs!

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751

Get colorful blankets from members of your congregation.

y Wicker laundr e baskets mak great props!

Cut out animals fro m the Giant Decora ting Posters and mou nt them on foam co re to bring your set to life.

Bruce Barry is the leader in creating themed environments for children. He’s done wonders at international family amusement parks, churches, and even past Group VBS programs. Now he’ll show you how to make your VBS look wonderful—without breaking your children’s ministry budget! Check out Bruce’s advice in the Decorating Places: Hometown Nazareth DVD (see page 39).


Decorating Hometown Nazareth

You’ll love these hassle-free ways to transform your church into Jesus’ hometown!

Giant Decorating Posters Transform plain walls into colorful, kid-friendly scenery of Nazareth from Bible times—it’s never been easier! Professionally created with high-quality graphics and designed for powerful visual presentation, these 36-in. x 60-in. posters make an immediate impact. Use them at Hometown Nazareth VBS, then save them for reuse during Christmas and Easter celebrations! 978-0-7644-4714-3 | $34.99/set of 6

Notes From NinaNazazarerethth

rs Babies and toddle y boxes that cla le litt th played wi ry pieces clanking had broken potte at was what they around inside. Th rattle! used for a baby’s


You can mount Giant Decorating Posters on foam core and cut them out to create sturdy characters to place around your VBS. Helpful hint—mount the posters on foam core first, and then cut out the images—trust us! (Check out how we used them on pages 36 and 37.)

Starter Kit

Decorating Places: Hometown Nazareth DVD Want to go from “eh?” to “oh wow!” in the eyes of your VBS guests? Bruce Barry will take you there! This essential DVD—featuring Wacky World’s expert designer, Bruce Barry—walks you step-by-step through planning and building a breathtaking Hometown Nazareth set at your church. Best of all, the ideas here are ones you can actually do with simple supplies and Bruce’s generous creativity. You’ll get all the details, including the key secrets that’ll save you money and time—and still transform your church into a thriving Bible-times community. 646847-16760-7 | $14.99

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751



Hometown Nazareth, here we come!

30 feet

4 feet

4 feet

Use these backdrops to quickly and easily transform your church walls into a scenic Nazareth pasture. Each backdrop is made of durable plastic and measures 4 ft. x 30 ft. Use them alone, or combine the Sky and Sky & Pasture Backdrops (sold separately) to create a full wall effect that measures 8 ft. x 30 ft.! Add in the Backdrop Accessories (sold separately) to complete the look. Reuse for future VBS programs and church events!

Sky Backdrop 978-0-7644-4961-1 | $17.99

Sky & Pasture Backdrop 646847-16945-8 | $17.99

Backdrop Accessories Add decorative details to your Hometown Nazareth wall murals. Simply cut out and attach to your Sky and Sky & Pasture Backdrops (sold separately) or use alone! Package of 22 images includes 1 herd of sheep, 4 doves, 5 clouds, 1 fence, 2 sets of flowers, 3 stones, and 6 bushes. 978-0-7644-4960-4 | $15.95

Outlet items are limited in quantity. If a popular item runs out of stock, we may discontinue or replace it with a similar product. All outlet products and prices are subject to change without notice.


Corobuff Wall (Stone Pattern) No time? No problem! This Corobuff Wall in a stone pattern makes it easy to transform your church into a Nazareth-style setting. Simply unroll a 4-ft. x 25-ft. sheet of this wall pattern and use it to create a building façade…a watering well…a stone pathway to Mary’s House…and more! 029444-12151-5 | $33.99

Vines Use these 9-ft. Vines to complete the finishing details of your Hometown Nazareth VBS decorations. Great to save for future VBS decorations, or any church event! 646847-17071-3 | $7.99 each

Tissue Paper Grass Mat Add a 3-D effect to your Hometown Nazareth setting with this decorative Tissue Paper Grass. Safe and easy to use, this grass makes a great 3-D add-on to your God Sightings pasture or a sheep meadow near your Barnyard shop! 15 in. x 30 in. 034689-57161-2 | $2.99/pkg. of 2

Flicker Lights Long-lasting, battery-powered Flicker Lights imitate the wavering flame of real candles. These make great accents for illuminating Mary’s House, the Carpentry Shop, and Synagogue School. 646847-16564-1 | $19.99/pkg. of 24

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751



We have all the decorating details you need!

Electric Campfire Add a unique touch of atmosphere to your Hometown Nazareth VBS experience with this safe, no-flamerequired Electric Campfire. This colorful motion prop works with your Decorating Places set, and also fits in well at the Rock Quarry and Famer’s Field shops. 646847-12473-0 | $20.99

Frankincense Fill your VBS with a beautiful fragrance from Jesus’ world: frankincense! At Hometown Nazareth, these aromatic incense cones are used in Mary’s House when she tells about the visit of the wise men from the East. Frankincense also adds to the full-senses experience in any of your Marketplace shops! See cautionary statements on package. Use under adult supervision only. 890-1-0310-1577-8 | $1.00/pkg. of 15

Myrrh Like frankincense, the scent of myrrh was well-known in Jesus’ world. At Hometown Nazareth, these myrrh incense cones are used in Mary’s House when she tells about the visit of the wise men from the East. They also add to the full-senses experience in any of your Marketplace shops! See cautionary statements on package. Use under adult supervision only. 890-1-0310-1862-5 | $1.00/pkg. of 15


Outlet items are limited in quantity. If a popular item runs out of stock, we may discontinue or replace it with a similar product. All outlet products and prices are subject to change without notice.

Crafter’s Hot Knife An essential for sculpting Styrofoam and creating your amazing set. Blade is 6 in. x ¾ in. x 1/8 in. Total knife length is 12 inches. For adult use only. Use with extreme care. 646847-11107-5 | $70.99

Hot Knife With ¾-in. Curved Blade

Use the Hot Knife to create unique additions to your VBS set. Check out the Decoratin g Places DVD (page 39) to find out how!

Use this knife’s ¾-in. curved blade to cut designer shapes in foam decorations. For adult use only. Use with extreme care. Straight blade, square blade, and v-groove blade attachments are sold separately for a wide variety of cutting results. 646847-11263-8 | $189.99

Straight Blade for Hot Knife For use with the Hot Knife With Curved Blade (sold separately). Includes one 4 ½-in.-long straight blade only. 646847-11471-7 | $39.99

V-Groove Blade for Hot Knife For use with the Hot Knife With Curved Blade (sold separately). Includes one ¾-in. v-groove blade only. 646847-16568-9 | $59.99

Square Blade for Hot Knife For use with the Hot Knife With Curved Blade (sold separately). Includes one ¾-in. square blade only. 646847-16567-2 | $59.99

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751


Publicity Resources

These high-impact, low-cost promotional tools really get people talking!

Publicity Value Pack Generate grassroots enthusiasm for your upcoming Hometown Nazareth VBS with these ready-to-use, professionally produced promotional resources! This super-saving pack includes: 路 Giant Outdoor Banner 路 Publicity Posters (pkg. of 5) 路 Invitation Postcards (pkg. of 52)

Publicity Posters Display these attention-grabbing 17-in. x 22-in. posters in your church and around your community as a way to invite everyone to join in the fun at Hometown Nazareth!


Invitation Postcards Kids will love getting these colorful, personal Invitation Postcards in the mail! Cards come four to a sheet, perforated for easy use, and ready to customize for your VBS. Save time and money—and still get the word out about Hometown Nazareth in a fun, exciting way.

Giant Outdoor Banner Made of all-weather vinyl and reinforced with sturdy grommets, this attractive 8-ft. x 4-ft. outdoor banner is guaranteed to get attention for your Hometown Nazareth VBS! The outdoor event sign is ready to work 24/7 in your church’s neighborhood.

Check out more gr eat publicity tools on the Hometown Nazar eth Clip Ar t & Resour ces CD set—see page 35!

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751



Go to Hometown Nazareth in style!

Hometown Nazareth Theme Shirts A great way for kids and adults to remember their Hometown Nazareth experience—and share it with others! 100% pre-shrunk cotton. 646847-16847-5 646847-16848-2 646847-16849-9

Child T-shirt (Small 6-8) Child T-shirt (Medium 10-12) Child T-shirt (Large 14-16) $3.99


Adult T-shirt (Small 34-36) $5.99

646847-16851-2 646847-16852-9 646847-16853-6

Adult T-shirt (Medium 38-40) Adult T-shirt (Large 42-44) Adult T-shirt (XL 46-48) $7.99

646847-16854-3 646847-16855-0

Adult T-shirt (2XL 50-52) Adult T-shirt (3XL 54-56) $9.99

Shepherd’s Bell Attention-Getter There is so much fun going on at Hometown Nazareth, it can become a busy, noisy place. Use this Shepherd’s Bell to get everyone’s attention. Ring when it’s time for Tribes to rotate—or pay extra-close attention. 646847-17013-3 | $3.99 each


Shepherd’s Staff An essential prop for your volunteers in the Barnyard shop, this Shepherd’s Staff is adjustable, durable, and attractive. Designed with four interlocking pieces, it’s easy to size from short to tall! It’s a perfect finish for any costume at your Hometown Nazareth VBS. 721-7-7328-520-2 | $7.75

Bible-Times Head Covering The perfect “topping” to your Hometown Nazareth costume. This biblical headpiece is made of white polyester. Includes blue elastic headband to hold it in place. 646847-17110-9 | $4.75

Beige Tunic (2 sizes) Outfit your volunteers with this versatile, everyday Beige Tunic modeled after real clothes worn in Jesus’ hometown. This pullover garment is made in a comfortable cotton/polyester blend. Intended to be worn over regular clothes, the Beige Tunic is available in both regular and plus sizes. Size 50" chest 646847-17108-6 | $15.99 Size 58" chest 646847-17109-3 | $17.99

Bible-Times Costume Pack Want to make your own Nazareth wardrobe? These patterns will help! Includes three patterns: Roman soldier costume, Bible-times costume, and Rabbi costume (great for Synagogue School). 646847-10836-5 | $9.99/set of 3

ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751



Tribe Totes What’s a marketplace without a bag to carry things in? Use these handy bags to help kids (and leaders) keep their belongings all in one place. 646847-16926-7 | $7.99/pkg. of 10

Iron-On Transfers Use these colorful, easy-to-apply iron-on transfers to add a Hometown Nazareth flair to T-shirts, tote bags, backpacks, and other cloth gifts for leaders and kids. 978-0-7644-4706-8 | $13.99/pkg. of 10


ORDER NOW! CALL 1-800-521-0751

Gifts & Other Fun Stuff

Fun extras make your staff and your students feel special.

Follow-Up Foto Frames® It’s an outreach tool and a surprise gift, all in one! Snap a souvenir picture of each participant at your Hometown Nazareth VBS; then mail or deliver the photo in this special keepsake frame. There’s room to add your church’s name and an invitation for recipients to return for other programs and events at your church. The Follow-Up Foto Frame holds a 4-in. x 6-in. photo. 646847-16778-2 | $9.99/pkg. of 10

Photo Op Prop How fun is this? Add a creative spark to your registration or your Barnyard shop with the tabletop Photo Op Prop! Put the smiling faces of kids and adults right into the scene—and then take a picture. One size fits all heads! Great when used with the FollowUp Foto Frame. 37 in. x 25 in. 978-0-7644-6504-8 | $8.99

Sheep Plush A soft, huggable, VBS-themed toy that kids will love! Use it for shop decorations, as prizes and/or gifts for children, and as a warm thank-you for volunteers. You can also order in bulk and then sell them to your congregation as a fundraiser! 14 in. 646847-17015-7 | $9.99


Gifts & Other Fun Stuff Take your VBS impact home!

Certificate of Completion

Sticker Sheets

Give your VBS kids this Certificate of Completion as a fun reminder of their Hometown Nazareth adventure! Certificates are printed on 10 7/8-in. x 83/8-in. sheets.

Jazz up your registration forms, mailings, and more with these cool VBS-themed sticker sheets! Great for postcards, envelopes, Marketplace crafts, and fun gifts for kids.

978-0-7644-4709-9 | $3.49/pkg. of 10

978-0-7644-4870-6 | $6.99/pkg. of 10 sheets

“Bringing It Home: Family Faith-Builders” Help families continue the Nazareth experience at home. “Bringing It Home: Family FaithBuilders” will help families develop their own faith-building traditions in a way all family members will enjoy. 978-0-7644-4719-8 | $16.99/pkg. of 10



Make organizing your VBS smoother than ever with this online tool!

Save time, simplify registration, and stay organized with VBS P.R.O.™! This online tool helps you: · Promote—Create a custom website

om Pr

. ote

ganize. ster. Or Re g i

· Register—Sign up kids and volunteers online · Organize—Manage volunteers, create Tribes, calculate supplies, and track attendance. Provide an easy way for your community to donate money & supplies using Giving Spree VBS Registry™! For even more customization, dig into VBS P.R.O. Plus™. Promotion is a breeze, with enhanced options for auto-assigning Tribes—and you can access your archived 2010 parent and volunteer information.

Go to to get started!

Notes From Nazareth

Boys in ancient Nazareth usually had to learn four different languages: Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin . In the Temple, boys spoke Hebrew (the language of worship for the Jews). In ever yday life, they spoke Aramaic .

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Group’s VBS U™ Training Event How to…everything VBS!

Hometown Nazareth 101 Earn your “degree” in EVERYTHING Nazareth at Group’s VBS University! At VBS U, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade from Group’s VBS veterans. This totally hands-on training gives volunteers pointers on EVERYTHING VBS. From fundraising, recruiting, and decorating to clean-up, pack-up, and follow-up…you’ll learn to plan, coordinate and pull off your church’s best VBS yet! Plus, we’ll teach you how to save a few shekels! Structured networking sessions help you coordinate sharing high-cost items with local churches. To find one of the over 130 VBS U events near you, visit us on the Web:

Register today!

in advance, Registration $18 $25 at the door -aways! Tons of FREE give ft! U Exclusive VBS gi


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Starter Kit*


Bible Memory Makers® Bible Memory Makers® (set of 5)

PRICE $119.99

646847-16777-5 100+






Hometown Nazareth Carabiners (pkg. of 10)



iGrow Chart™

iGrow™ Chart



Tribe Essentials

Banduras, Tribe of Asher (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Benjamin (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Dan (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Gad (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Issachar (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Joseph (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Judah (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Levi (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Naphtali (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Reuben (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Simeon (pkg. of 12)



Banduras, Tribe of Zebulun (pkg. of 12)



Coin Pouch



Hometown Huddle Teaching Kit*



Name Badge Holders (pkg. of 10)



Name Badge Stickers (pkg. of 10 sheets/60 badges)


Shekels (pkg. of 100)


Tribe Names Poster Pack (set of 12)



$4.49 $6.99 $29.99




God Sightings™

God Sightings Sheep (pkg. of 25)



Marketplace Crafts

Dig It! Necklace Stones (pkg. of 10)*



Felted-Wool Soap Kit (supplies for 10 crafts)*



Glue Dots ½-in.*





Non-Tear Scroll Paper



Olive Oil Scrub Tubs (pkg. of 10)



Terra-Cotta Air Clay (pkg. of 10)



Tzedakah Box Kits (pkg. of 10)





Glue Dots


Wandering Toy Sheep Kits (pkg. of 10)*

Operation Kid-to-Kid Mission Project


Music & Media










Operation Kid-to-Kid Backpack Kit (pkg. of 10)


Operation Kid-to-Kid Posters (set of 4 posters)


Celebration Music CD


Publicity Resources *

$14.99 $9.99









Celebration Music DVD



Celebration Music Leader Version 2-CD Set



Hometown Nazareth Clip Art & Resources 2-CD Set



Ultimate Director Go-To Recruiting & Training DVD



Backdrop Accessories



Corobuff Wall (Stone Pattern)



Crafter’s Hot Knife*



Decorating Places: Hometown Nazareth DVD



Electric Campfire



Flicker Lights (pkg. of 24)*



Frankincense (pkg. of 15)*



Giant Decorating Posters (set of 6)



Hot Knife With ¾-in. Curved Blade*


Myrrh (pkg. of 15)*


Sky & Pasture Backdrop (30 ft.)



Sky Backdrop (30 ft.)



Square Blade for Hot Knife*



Straight Blade for Hot Knife*



Tissue Paper Grass Mat



V-Groove Blade for Hot Knife*






Giant Outdoor Banner



Invitation Postcards (pkg. of 52)



Publicity Posters (pkg. of 5)



Publicity Value Pack



$189.99 $1.00




Gifts & Other Fun Stuff



Beige Tunic (50-in. chest)



Beige Tunic Plus (58-in. chest)



Bible-Times Costume Pack (set of 3)



Bible-Times Head Covering



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Child Sm. (6-8)



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Child Md. (10-12)



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Child Lg. (14-16)



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Adult Sm. (34-36)



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Adult Md. (38-40)



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Adult Lg. (42-44)



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Adult XL (46-48)



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Adult 2XL (50-52)



Hometown Nazareth Theme T-shirt, Adult 3XL (54-56)



Iron-On Transfers (pkg. of 10)


Shepherd’s Bell



Shepherd’s Staff



Tribe Totes (pkg. of 10)**



“Bringing It Home: Family Faith-Builders” (pkg. of 10)



Certificate of Completion (pkg. of 10)



“God Loves Me” Coloring Book*



Follow-Up Foto Frames (pkg. of 10)



Hometown Nazareth Photo Op Prop*



Hometown Nazareth Sticker Sheets (pkg. of 10 sheets)



Sheep Plush



Celebration Leader Manual



Daily Dramas Booklet



Fun & Games Leader Manual



Hometown Huddle Leader Manual



Hometown Nazareth Ultimate Director Go-To Guide



Mary’s House Drama Leader Manual



Shopkeeper Manual




Leader Manuals

Included in the Ultimate Starter Kit

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Before there was a cross… there was a boy. od through This summer, explore Jesus’ childho y… Mar the eyes of his mother,

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Hometown Nazareth VBS Catalog  

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