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We Treat You Like Family


Put Me In, Coach

The highest compliment is when our own employees refer their family members for Concordia services. Butler High School teacher and coach gets back to work with help from Concordia Outpatient Therapy.

The President’s Thoughts Celebrating 10 Years of Service So, Concordia has some birthdays to celebrate, two 10year birthdays. Just 10 years ago, Concordia was blessed with two major ministry expansions. We acquired Concordia at Rebecca Residence and Concordia’s Good Samaritan Hospice. These facilities and ministries have literally served thousands of people in the past decade and we are proud to celebrate their contributions to Concordia’s overall mission of Christian caregiving. Concordia at Rebecca Residence celebrates its 10th anniversary in the Concordia family on March 9, 2014. Located in West Deer Township, Rebecca is simply a beautiful facility in a great location. Rebecca Residence came into the Concordia family in 2004 but its ministry traces back to 1871. Rebecca has become the area's most popular short-term rehab facility. Rebecca also manages 65 beautiful personal care units. Mike Kaufman is the Administrator at Rebecca. He has been employed by Concordia for nine years. Rebecca Residence will celebrate its 10th Concordia birthday by dedicating its new chapel expansion in April. Concordia’s Good Samaritan Hospice will celebrate its 10th anniversary later this year. Good Samaritan’s ministry has served over 5,000 patients at life’s end and ministered to countless families over that 10-year time frame. Good Samaritan employs 100 of the most caring and compassionate people that you will ever meet. On a typical day, Good Samaritan caregivers serve over 150 patients in the community and about 15 in its three inpatient hospice units. Concordia is honored to have this wonderful ministry in our family of services. Anzie Kelley is the Executive Director of Good Samaritan Hospice and has been employed by Concordia for over 15 years.

Keith E. Frndak President and Chief Executive Officer



On the

Concordia Outpatient Therapy staff helped get Bill Elliott, coach and teacher at Butler High School, back on the court and in the classroom after a shoulder injury sidelined him.


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One of the professional home health care services offered through Concordia Visiting Nurses is therapy. During a typical month, 5,000 members of the communities we serve are visited by 66 therapists. Norma Hansotte, who worked with her physical therapist for six weeks, loves to share her story.

VISION STATEMENT Serving the Triune God by providing for the needs of His people. MISSION STATEMENT To serve our aging community with the highest quality of services through a continuum of caregiving options provided in a Christian environment, and to serve those with limited funds to the best of our ability. Shirley Freyer Director of Public Relations 134 Marwood Road Cabot, PA 16023 724-352-1571 ext. 8266 Toll-Free: 1-888-352-1571 Beth Wichrowski Frank Skrip Public Relations Staff Would you like to receive Concordia news and events via e-mail? Please let us know by e-mailing Shirley Freyer at

We Treat You Like Family


Put Me In, Coach Concordia at Cabot provides outpatient therapy. In one month our therapists conduct 350 visits, helping patients get back on their feet after a sports injury. Read about the experience of one of them.


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We Treat You Like


Concordia Visiting Nurses Provide Therapy at Home At Concordia, an overarching principle is to treat our patients and residents with the same loving care that we would our family. So when a staff nurse refers her mother for Concordia Home & Community Services, for example, it adds credence to this standard. Such was the case with Marcie Horne, RN, clinical supervisor for Concordia Visiting Nurses, after her mom underwent hip replacement surgery last July. Before the surgery, Norma Hansotte tried therapy to work out the pain, but she finally agreed to have the procedure. The surgeon told her after the operation that her hip

Norma sitting at her sewing machine

4 - Faith in Caring

deterioration was among the worst he’d seen. “He certainly knew what he was doing,” said Norma. Following her discharge from the hospital, Norma needed to continue her therapy to get her back to life. “Actually, I have three nurses in my family and they agreed that Concordia is the best place for rehab,” remembered the 80-year old mother and grandmother. She spent a week at Concordia’s Short-Term Rehabilitation unit in Cabot before she went home. “We had therapy two and three times a day,” Norma said. That prepared her for the next step in recovery. Her home care nurse checked

the incision until it healed and the therapist came twice a week to teach her what to do. As fate would have it, Norma’s therapist for home care was also her neighbor. “She’s wonderful,” is how she described Lynn McKinnis, CVN therapist. “I would tell her ‘I can’t,’ and she would just give me more to do.” She credits her therapist who got her back on her feet. Eventually she graduated from a walker to a cane and now she can run her sweeper and mop her floors. “No cane, no pain, I’m doing great,” she beamed. It took a lot of hard work and determination, she admits, and she hasn’t stopped exercising twice a day. Norma lives alone in her ranchstyle home since her late husband passed away in 2004. “My husband was a construction electrician and built this house 50 years ago,” Norma explained. Together they raised two sons and two daughters. After the kids were grown she worked in the Butler High School cafeteria for 17 years. When she and her husband retired, both developed hobbies – he in the wood shop and she at one of two sewing machines. “I always loved to sew and used to make clothes for the kids,” she said. continued on page 7

Put Me In, Coach Concordia Rehab Helps Butler High School Coach Regain Strength

Bill Elliott has always been one of son in good health: regain enough the guys picked first in gym class. strength to play golf and swim. Growing up, he played baseball, He would be with Concordia basketball, football, soccer and track for the next seven months, working & field. His natural athletic abilities, paired with an interest in health and physical fitness, made his decision to teach those very topics to high school students an easy one. While attending Slippery Rock University to earn his bachelor’s degree in education, Bill played defensive end for the football team. Ironically, after an odd shoulder injury during the annual spring game, his love for the sport put his future in jeopardy. That day, Bill suffered a severe tear of the labrum in his left shoulder. After undergoing surgery, he wasn’t sure what the future held for him. “I just didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “I’ve always been involved in sports, I was just hired as a health and phys ed teacher at Butler High School and I didn’t know what I would be able to physically do again.” Based on recommendations Bill Elliott from his father and sister, who both rehabilitated from injuries at Concordia, he chose Concordia to get back to life. Because of his Outpatient Physical Therapy in teaching and coaching schedule, he Cabot. After surgery, his shoulder usually started his rehab at 6 a.m. had lost 95 percent of its strength He said he was greeted every mornand flexibility. He had two physical ing with a smile and the TV set to goals, which seem modest to a perhis favorite show, ESPN’s “Mike and

Mike in the Morning.” “I remember struggling with the workouts early on, but the staff was like a personal cheering squad,” he said. “Their motivation definitely pushed me through the tougher times… Even when there were several people in the gym at once, the staff made me feel like I was the most important patient in the center. “ After the seven months, he was back to full range of motion, and with continued work, his strength has totally returned as well. Today, swimming and golfing are officially pain-free activities for the 27-year-old, as well as pretty much everything else. “With teaching and coaching (Bill coaches football, basketball and track & field), I’m now able to demonstrate things and work out with the students if I want,” he said. “Without successful rehab, that never would have been possible.” Since going through the recovery process, Bill said there are three things people should consider before choosing a physical therapy provider: 1) Availability/flexibility in scheduling 2) How the staff interacts with patients 3) Resources/equipment available His last piece of advice: choose Concordia. “The staff wasn’t just arriving at continued on page 7 January/February 2014 - 5

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Concordia Lutheran Ministries wishes to extend its deepest condolences to families who have lost loved ones. Thank you for trusting Concordia with their care. We feel privileged to have had them as residents. May God provide you with His special blessings of comfort and peace.

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“My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.” – Exodus 33:14

6 - Faith in Caring

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We Treat You Like Family “Now I make a snowman every year and have a collection,” – one that she shares with her five grandchildren. She has been pain-free for several months and would recommend rehab at Concordia to every one she

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knows. “I have no complaints and I mean absolutely zero,” Norma said of the care that Concordia inpatient and in-home rehab provided. “If I wanted to complain, I would have to make something up.”

Put Me In, Coach work and getting through the day; they were actively involved in my recovery, offering support and care for my needs. I felt like I was in great hands during my treatment.”

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For more information on Concordia Home & Community Services, call the office nearest you – Cabot Office: 1-877-352-6200 or Baden Office: 1-866-869-8669. You can also visit us at


Bill lives in Butler and is engaged to fiancée Michelle – the two will tie the knot in June. For more information, to arrange a personal tour or to schedule an

appointment with Concordia Outpatient Physical Therapy, please call 724-352-4535. You can also visit us at

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In Loving Tribute

Gifts from November 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013

Gratitude is our expression of thanks to the Lord for all His blessings. Our donors show their gratitude to God for His abundant blessings through their tribute to those they love. These gifts of gratitude touch so many lives and help us to fulfill our mission to serve God by providing for the needs of His people. Thank you for thinking of Concordia and all those who we serve. IN MEMORY OF Sheila Adamson Francis Adamson Carmen Aiello David and Cari Batchelar Catherine Arbutina Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Arbutina Matthew Arbutina Mr. and Mrs. Alex Maurer Freda Azinger Norman and Jo Ann Azinger Gilbert Baker Concordia Visiting Nurses Robert Basehore Marie Basehore Joseph Baumgard Lawrence and Luanne Schuster Margaret Baur Eugene Baur Paul and Louise Chevoor Harry and Kathy Fleming John and Nancy Henne John and Arlene Kokales Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lee Mrs. Donald Lee and Family Chris and Diane Maers Frank and Dana Martz Jack Matey Thomas and Jessica Morris Charlotte Zuschlag Clifford and Louise Bennett Roxanne McMillan Charles & Edith Berg Lori Holden Joseph Bibza Jeff and Janet McCurdy Thomas E. Bing Astrid Bullock Elaine B. Pettigrew Eleanor Blair Maureen Blair Rev. John Blankenbuehler Dorothy Blankenbuehler Rev. Lorenz Blankenbuehler Dorothy Blankenbuehler Albert & Louise Bodnar Frederick and June Bodnar Joseph Bogan Linda Bogan Carl and Leota Boltz Ruth Rhein Alvera Bornemann Anonymous Louise Bosetti Curtis and Kimberly Fleming Jeanne Holleran Diana Lang, Waterfront

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10 - Faith in Caring

Trudie Moore Clare and Marilyn Lias Brenda Murray Richard and Linda Cobb John and Susan Deacon Edward and Sherry Feinglass Harry and Camille Goern Robert and Marlis Kiser Eleanor McAndrews David and Momoko Mills John Nesbitt Henry and Beverly Oppermann Nancy Quigley Richard and Beth Schmidt Diana Stern Todd and Julie Wells Mary Wohleber Violet Navalinskas Albert and Rebecca Panza Julia and Nicholas Nedostup George and Anita Nedostup

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.� - Luke 6:38 Rev. Herb and Gertrude Neitzel Richard and Anita Neitzel Eleanore M. Nopp Paul and Cara Hesse Elizabeth J. Norris Mrs. Doris S. Dudzinski Edward and Lois Reese Lidia Sabatini Paulette Novak Anonymous Frank and Mary Oglietti Anthony Oglietti Anne Oros George and Mary Jane Alexander Chad and Laura Burgess James and Christine Coates Mary Lou Coleman John and Donna Eideh Edward Hallisey Lorraine Hilliard Virginia Hutchinson Mary Jean Scholl Cris and Cathy Sheets Anthony and Paulette Spataro

Our parents Leo and Mary Ann Krantz H. Richard Parker Ms. Barbara A. Carson Pamela Todd Paul And Barbara Parobek Raymond and Susan Parobek Earl Pauli Harold and Laura Adams Barbara Jeani Peffer Elmer Pfeffer Irene & Gerald Pellish John E. Pellish Elizabeth Phillips Anonymous Ling Chang Leo Hanley, Jr. Soo J. Kim Young E. Kim Robert Massioni Isabel Mosetter Jeanette Mukanos Jennifer Phillips Riverside Builders Supply, Inc. Elizabeth A. Pindroh Susan Anderson, Heck & Silbaugh, P.C. Paul and Judy Bartek Jean Bishop Robert and Pat Bodnar Steve and Cathy Douds Eleanor Gartner Scott and Bonnie Michaels Paul and Geraldine Pindroh Dale and Cindy Sawchik Hannah Seitz Ralph and Grace Shaw Timothy W. Silbaugh, Heck & Silbaugh, P.C. James and Linda Taylor Mary Veccharella Paula J. Willyard, Heck & Silbaugh, P.C. Elizabeth Yuhasz Rita Pistella James and Rita Carr Bernard Prazer Jane Anzaldi Chad and Tiffany Brinkley Jay and Karen Goul Izzazu Inc. John and Erin McClymonds Sun Hydraulics Richard and Nancy Yoder Salvatore Prisco 1810 ERS Alco Parking Corporation, Messrs Jack Stabile and Merrill Stabile Ronald Balash Steven and Mary Schmitt Albert and Helen Protzman Allen and Velma Montag Beatrice Purucker Jane Titley Charles Purucker Robert and Tara Lynn Babcock Betty Bernhardt Jeffrey and Kelly Brand

Darill and Cindy Brenneman Raymond Brittner Sharlene M. Brittner Concordia Employee Benefit Fund Concordia Visiting Nurses Ron and Deborah Constable Mike, Liz and Charlotte Devlin James and Shirley Dillon John and Dolores Domitrovic John and Janet Galioto Anonymous William and Mary Heitzenrater James and Linda Hubert Frederick and Marilyn Johnston Charles and Kimberly Kuhn Anna Mae Lutty Richard and Ethel Maloney Kevin and Sandra McMenamin Bernard and Marjorie Meyer Joyce Purucker Linda Purucker Ruth Redenbaugh Howard and Joy Sandner Gary and Melita Schaar Flo & Sandy Silbach Donald and Joan Steigerwald Anthony and Marilyn Vivirito Walter M. Vogel Helen Yagesh Jean, Bruce, Janet and Blaine Zimmerman Gladys Puskar Annmarie Douglas Paul A. Lotz Judy Schwartz Mary Pysh Cingle George III Bertha Rettig Allen and Velma Montag Virginia E. Richards Jason Richards Judy Heakins Linett Company, Inc Ray and Sandy Mikita Anne K. Riley Ralph and Judith Eichmiller Helen Rising Robert and Lois Pogyor Jay and Peg Rising Robert and Lois Pogyor Betty Rivers Christine Kuklinca Elsie Rodgers Mr. James J. Rodgers Fred Roehlich Ms. Kathryn M. Roehlich John Roland Veronica Roland Catherine Romano Anita Stoy Greta Rose Gloria McConville Virginia Rossi Albert Bitzenhofer Michael and Dorothy Gaona Nick and Jean Macaluso

John and Nancy Rossi Carol A. Rozzi Betsy Davis William and Shirley Freisleben Harry and Camille Goern Thomas and Ruth Groves William and Susan Richardson Jay Rozzi Ronald and Myrtle Shay Mary L. Ruffner Patricia Gramc William Sabatini Lidia Sabatini Ellen Sante Cheryl McCaffrey Elsie Schaefer Paul and Cara Hess Joyce Schafer Bill and Shelly Schafer Walter Schick Anna Schick John Schlafhauser Rege Constant Mitchell and Jennifer Dangremond David Donovan Larry and Ellen Hermes Gerald and Mary Marshall Michael M. McDonough, Inc. Glenn Milizia Jane L. Newcomer Norma Petanovich Robert Podolinski The Rigard Families Gregory and Joan Ringeling Darren and Cathy Rudowsky Clyde Schultheis Shirley Schultheis Stanley Engineered Fastening Stimple & Ward Joseph and Deborah Thomas Larry Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Armand G. Zitelli Tracey Jo Schlict Margaret Dumbaugh Agnes Schmeider Genevieve Balicki Gwendolyn Schmidt Larry and Olivia Schmidt Martha Schoenthal Norma Laughner Ken and Allyn Schoenthal Mary Alice Schoenthal Barry Schoenthal Horst Schwalm Mike and Diane Freeman Eleanor Schwalm Ada Scott Ruth Ann Scott Elda Sebastian Gregory Sebastian John L. Sedmak Janice Sedmak Edith Shaffer Lloyd Shaffer Anoshe Shirvanian Arax Hovsepian Vincent Showalter

Richard and Peggy Malady Margaret Showalter Francis Silbach Flo Silbach Gladys Simmons Olen Simmons Lore L. Slagle Donald and Jan Phillips Ray Soergel Mary Lou Sebastian Richard Spahr Barry and Betty Harris LaVern Starr Leroy and Mary Battista Robert Steigerwald Ann Steigerwald Arthur Stemplinski Richard and Marlene Arduino Ronald and Bonita Bober Norma Desser Robert and Teresa Dubik Gretchen Effler Brian and Paoletta May Edward and Joyce Poleski Lorraine Poleski Angie Soska Ruth Stevenson Frances and Gloria Marte Clarence Stich Imogene Stich Michael Stranko Sr. Michael Stranko Peter Stritzinger Eric, Charlotte and Marissa Merriam Todd Sacco Bill and Marie Strouss Shirley Torris Joseph Swager Grace Swager Isabell Swanson Anthony and Jo Ann Decola Ms. Carol Lindley Anita Melchiorre Delores Miller Dana Seamon John Tague Shirley Tague Donald Tantlinger Dolores Walker Jean Tilly Roy and Jean Reed Augusta Tokar James Tokar George Trasp Ms. Marian T. Trasp Clara Trootman Lois Cooper James Trusel Donna Yeager Bernard Turcovsky From his daughter Carole’s Friends at Sunnyview WPTA/Wise-TV Wxon, Inc-WMYD-TV Edmun A. Turnbull Sally Turnbull Sally Turnbull Richard and Linda Hager Virignia Turner

Virginia Haring Keith D. Vaughan Butler County Community College, Administration, Faculty and Staff Thomas and Linda Easterday Patrick Murphy and Erin Wincek Karen Vormack Kenneth Wagner Allegheny Chesapeake Physical Therapy Allegheny Cold Storage Co, Inc. Anonymous Rosemarie Becker Shirley Cole Robert and Pamela Duncan Equitable Gas Company Harry and Carol Gall Chris and Kathleen Good family Richard and Patricia Graswick Lee and Caroline Huffmyer Ryan Kelley John and Laurie Kirkpatrick Charles and Kimberly Kuhn Gerard and Maxine Lehberger Clark and Arlene Lingren Charles and Janet Longsdorf Dot Moser Paul and Carolyn Owens Dale and Patricia Patsko James and Rebecca Perry Kevin and Lisa Romango Southeastern Elementary School Alexander and Sandra Spencer John Staud and Janet Yodanis Wayne and Carole Truman Ben Urso Joan Zaccagnini Matthew Zack and family Madaline Walborn Grant R. Walborn Sally Warner Charles and Kimberly Kuhn Linda Warsing Ronald and Martha Davies Floyd and Patsy Fouse Jeffrey and Kathleen Warsing Henry and Arbutus Watson Sharon Lemon Marian Webb Donna Mittica Jeff West Linda West Doug Wilson Bernice Arienzo Mildred Wilson Mary Jo Lipski Eleanor Yope Alpern Rosethal Anne Dore Martha Duncan Edward and Lisa Ferchak Robert Fudrow Jason Jasinski

Robert Zeigler Ray and Patricia Brugler Marianne Hornyak Ruthanne Nerlich Julia Zettle Alex and Linda Felkar Gregory and Joan Ringeling Kevin Zimmerman Orvilk Zimmerman IN HONOR OF Paul R. Brand Anonymous Vic Colangelo Gay Conover Jonathan Kohn Adam and Emily Marks Richard and Judy Rocco Harry Floyd Kathleen Reuter Keith E. Frndak’s 30 years of service Sandy Albert Anonymous Mr. James Carter Jr James and Karen Eurich Michael and Jayni Kaufman Rev. and Mrs. Roger D. Nuerge Steven and Jenifer Omecinski Mrs. Cathy Questiaux Adam Toncini Glenda Giesler James and Karen Eurich Heritage Valley Jane Bufalini Anna M. Hindin Mark Hindin Stephen W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Correll Robert C. King Randy and Lisa King Antoinette R. Linn James and Karen Limbaugh Homer L. Otterman Donna Saurers Alvin & Anna Pfeifer Michael and Suanne Ring Thelma T. Pudliner Bruce and Janet Deringer Ralph Terrell Kathleen Reuter Herbert Volz Anonymous Freda Wilkewitz Nancy Reeser Robert H. Wilkewitz Nancy Reeser

Great care has been taken to include all tributes throughout this period of benevolence. Please contact Jennifer McIntire, Director of Development, at 724-352-1571 ext. 8363 if your name has been inadvertently omitted from this list.

January/February 2014 - 11

NEWS / NOTES January/February 2014

Concordia Awarded International Accreditation CARF International announced that Concordia Lutheran Ministries has been awarded a Five-Year Term of Accreditation as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and an Aging Services Network – one of fewer than 20 in the world. Our latest accreditation is the second consecutive accreditation as an Aging Services Network and the third consecutive accreditation as a CCRC. Concordia was evaluated against over 1,250 standards which represent best practices, according to Director of Education and Compliance Karen McCarrier. An Aging Services Network is defined as two or more entities that have formal agreements and cooperate with each other. President and Chief Executive Officer Keith E. Frndak credits our committed employees for the achievement.

Concordia Lutheran Ministries Board of Directors Elects Leadership Stephen W. Johnson has been elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the fifth consecutive year and James Limbaugh, who has served as past chairman, is again Vice-Chairman. Both will hold the post for one year. Steve is Senior Vice President and General Counsel of CONSOL Energy, Inc. He has served for seven years as a Board Member of CLM. Also an attorney, Jim is a partner with the law firm of Miller, Limbaugh & Conley in Allison Park. He has served five three-year terms on the Board of Directors for Concordia.

Concordia Fashion Show Fundraiser Supports Charitable Care Fund The Fashion Show Committee at Concordia is calling for show sponsors, vendors and basket donors for our Ninth Annual Fashion Show, “Americana,” on Saturday, May 17 at the Butler Country Club. All proceeds benefit the Good Samaritan Endowment Fund, Concordia’s charitable care fund. Interested groups can 12 - Faith in Caring

sponsor the event with an advertisement in the program book. Vendor tables are available for $20, plus 20 percent of the day’s proceeds. Baskets are to be valued at a minimum of $50. Tickets are $35 and include a hot lunch, valet parking, the show and an opportunity to shop. The event begins at 10 a.m. with lunch at 11:45 a.m. Fashions by Phyllis will return this year. For tickets or more information, contact Concordia Public Relations at 724-352-1571, ext. 8266. Visit on the Web at

Concordia to Host Retirement Living Open Houses Open House events at Concordia at Sumner in Copley, OH, will be held on Sundays, March 23 and April 27 from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Manor House, 970 Sumner Parkway. For more information, call Director of Marketing Rowena Wilkins at 330-664-1289. Visit Concordia at Sumner on the Web at Concordia Haven plans to sponsor a seminar titled, “How to Maintain Independence as We Age” featuring speakers and information tables on Wednesday, March 26 from 2 – 4 p.m. in the Haven I Dining Room, 112 Marwood Road, Cabot. Call Haven Admissions Coordinator Peggy Trettel at 724-352-5378 for additional information. Visit Concordia Haven Apartments on the Web at Personal tours are also available at both locations by appointment.

Concordia’s First Live Nativity a Success Concordia hosted its first Live Nativity on the cold, snowy afternoon of December 15 at the entry to Haven II in Cabot. More than 300 guests came to enjoy the 20-minute tellings of the Christmas story.

2014 EVENTS Thanks to Executive Assistant to the President Karen Daum, her committee who volunteered hours of their time and the residents who helped in every facet of the program and opened their home for this event. Work has already begun for the 2014 event. For pictures, visit the Concordia Blog at

Employees Feted for Length of Service Four employees - Charlene Edwards, LPN; Kim Rishel, restorative aide; Christine Shuler, child care and Gary Kildoo, maintenance - were recognized for 20 years of service in 2013 with their choice of a big-screen TV plus a monetary gift or a trip to a destination of their choice. All work on the Cabot campus. A thank-you party in honor of Concordia's 30-year employees has been introduced for 2014 as well. Sixteen are eligible and will be treated to a limo ride, dinner at the LeMont and the Pirates game and fireworks on Saturday, April 5. Special thanks to Keith Frndak, President and CEO; Marysue Hitchens and Particia Baker, housekeeping; Linda Byers, laundry; Helen Hancock, Diane Lynn, Carol Matis, Barb McTighe, Patty Jo Ercig, Connie King, Nursing; Arlene Freehling, Sandie Ross, Home and Community Services; Cheryl Kirkwood, dietary and Max Baptiste, maintenance for their dedicated service.

Concordia Appoints New Director of Retirement Living Connor Hagey has been named Director of Retirement Living for Concordia Havens. He graduated from the Shippensburg University nationally accredited John L. Grove College of Business with a B.S in business administration in May of 2003. He began his career at PNC Bank working in various positions. For the last year, Connor has trained with various executives throughout Concordia, focusing on personal care at Cabot. Connor and his wife, Linda, Connor Hagey are parents of two daughters and a son. They live in Oakmont and are members of Redeemer Lutheran Church where he serves as vice president of the congregation and president and board chairman for the School.

Good Samaritan Hospice Memorial Services

April 27, 3:00 p.m. Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Freedom, PA May 4, 3:00 p.m. St. Luke Lutheran Church, Cabot, PA

Concordia Ninth Annual Spring Fashion Show May 17, 10 a.m. Butler Country Club

Camp Erin Pittsburgh速

(Bereavement camp for kids & teens ages 6-17 ) June 13-15 YMCA Camp Kon-O-Kwee Spencer

Concordia 11th Annual Golf Outing

July 14, 8:00 a.m. registration Treesdale Golf and Country Club

133rd Annual Summer Festival July 27, Noon Cabot Campus

Good Samaritan Hospice 5K September 20, 7:00 a.m. North Park Swimming Pool

Concordia Oktoberfest October 4, 4:00 p.m. Cabot Campus

Concordia Annual Meeting

November 9, 3:00 p.m. Cabot Campus

Good Samaritan Hospice Schedules Memorial Services Rev. Paul Rist, chaplian for Good Samaritan Hospice (GSH), a mission of Concordia Lutheran Ministries, will conduct the annual memorial services in honor of the lives of those who spent their final days under hospice care at its Wexford facility, Cabot or Heritage Valley Health System inpatient units or with home care. Services will be held at: - Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Sunday, April 27, 3 p.m. - St. Luke Lutheran Church, Cabot, Sunday, May 4, 3 p.m. continued on page 15

For more information on any of these events, please contact the Public Relations Department at 724-352-1571, ext. 8266 or visit the Events page at

...But the Greatest of These is Love... By Chaplain Paul Rist

A portion of Scripture commonly used at weddings is I Corinthians Chapter 13. The Love chapter. You know, “Love is patient, love is kind…these three remain; faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” (I Cor. 13 selected) While used in the context of weddings referring to the love between a husband and wife, I Corinthians 13 is really more about the body of Christ. The chapters surrounding I Corinthians 13 are about the body and Christ and spiritual gifts. In other words, this ‘love’ chapter applies to all of us in all contexts. Friday February 14, 2014 is Valentine’s Day. It seemed that within minutes after the Christmas cards were removed for the racks at Hallmark Stores, they were immediately replaced with a wide variety of Valentine greetings. Valentines for sweethearts. Valentines for husbands and wives. Valentines for parents, children, and grandparents. Valentines for every possible relationship. In the month of valentines, hearts, flowers, and candy, we would do well to remember that any expression of one person’s heartfelt concern for another

person conveys the love that Christ Jesus conveys to us. This is really what I Corinthians 13 is all about. Certainly, while we can express our love for someone with cards and gifts, we can also express it in many other ways. Sometimes our love can be an encouraging word, a smile, or even the shedding of tear. Sometimes we show our love by just keeping quiet and not saying a single word. Sometimes the only way we can show our love is by forgiving someone who has not listened to nor heard the love we have tried to express. Remember how Chapter 12 of I Corinthians ends and how Chapter 13 is introduced. I Corinthians 12:31 – “But eagerly desire the greater gifts. And now I will show you the most excellent way.” I Corinthians 13:1 – “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or clanging cymbal.” “And now these three remain; faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” I Corinthians 13:13

Is a Charitable Trust Right for You? By Yvonne Kaczmarczyk

A planned gift called a Charitable Trust keeps your assets working for you as long as you live, and then your heirs and your favorite charity, like Concordia’s Good Samaritan Endowment Fund, can benefit from your gifts. Rev. Ken and Charlotte Hoener worked with Concordia's Planned Giving Associate Yvonne Kaczmarczyk and found the experience worth sharing. "It was great to have someone on staff take us step by step through the process. We did not realize that we could give our assets to our family AND make a meaningful gift to Concordia’s Good Samaritan Endowment Fund and our other favorite charities. It was comforting to realize that we could accomplish both goals at once. We are still able to use and control our retirement assets during our 14 - Faith in Caring

lifetime, as the Charitable Trust is not funded until we both go home to be with the Lord. We encourage others to wisely plan for their future, to take time to review their assets, and contact Yvonne for her expertise in these areas. Your hard-earned savings can accomplish far more than you thought possible and benefit a great many others for years to come. We counted the time spent a blessing indeed."

Rev. Ken & Charlotte Hoener

Planned Giving is much more than simply making a donation to

Concordia. Through a number of creative giving options, like Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts and transferring appreciated assets, we can effectively help you: • Reduce the amount of tax those in your family pay when they inherit your estate • Earn a regular payout on assets during your lifetime • Expand your estate over time And all the while you can still make a contribution to Concordia that can help impact the lives of the thousands of people we serve every day. Contact Yvonne Kaczmarczyk at 724-352-1571, ext. 8291 or today for a no-obligation consultation. Even the smallest planned gift can make a long-term difference.

continued from page 13 These memorial services are open to all who are dealing with grief, even if they did not have a loved one in GSH care. A reception will follow both memorial tributes. To register or receive more information, call 724-933-8888. Visit GSH on the Web at www.

Worship Scheduled for New Chapel at Rebecca Residence Residents at Concordia at Rebecca Residence will soon be worshipping in an authentic chapel at the facility. Landscaping and the placement of the stained glass windows are the only unfinished items according to Mike Kaufman, administrator. Twenty-five chapel chairs have been made by the Amish and the altar and some of the furniture from the Oertel chapel at Cabot will be transplanted to Rebecca. “Plans are underway for a combined Chapel Grand Opening and 10th Anniversary celebration in mid-April,” said Kaufman. Since 2004 when Concordia added Rebecca to our family of facilities, this $800,000 project has been a vision of the organization’s leadership. The “Opening the Door of Faith” capital campaign was introduced last fall. Your donation or pledge can help us achieve our goal of $750,000. Concordia’s Development Office is available to discuss and assist donors with their gifts by calling 724-352-1571, ext. 8363.

Concordia Lutheran Ministries Guide to Services *Concordia at Cabot 724-352-1571 134 Marwood Road, Cabot, PA 16023 1-888-352-1571 Corporate Headquarters, Skilled Nursing/Short-Term Rehab, Licensed Personal Care, Independent Retirement Apartments, Adult Day Services, Rehabilitation Services, Child Care Center *Concordia of Cranberry 10 Adams Ridge Boulevard, Mars, PA 16046 Licensed Personal Care


*Concordia of Fox Chapel 931 Route 910, Cheswick, PA 15024 Memory Support


*Concordia of Franklin Park 1600 Georgetowne Road, Sewickley, PA 15143 Licensed Personal Care


*Concordia at the Orchard 104 Concordia Way, Butler, PA 16001


Licensed Personal Care Concordia at Rebecca Residence 3746 Cedar Ridge Road, Allison Park, PA 15101 Skilled Nursing including Short-Term Rehab, Licensed Personal Care


*Concordia at Ridgewood Place 1460 Renton Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15239 Licensed Personal Care


*Concordia of the South Hills 1300 Bower Hill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15243

412-278-1300 1-877-220-7906

Independent Retirement Apartments, Skilled Nursing/Short-Term Rehab, Licensed Personal Care, Memory Support, Respite Care *Concordia at Sumner 330-664-1000 970 Sumner Parkway, Copley, OH 44321 Assisted Living, Retirement Apartments/Villas, Skilled Nursing/Short-term Rehab *Concordia of Wexford 125 Brown Road, Wexford, PA 15090 Licensed Personal Care *Good Samaritan Hospice 3500 Brooktree Road, Suite 320, Wexford, PA 15090 Administrative Offices, Home-Based Hospice Care



146 Neely School Road, Wexford, PA 15090 Hospice Residence/Inpatient Unit


134 Marwood Road, Cabot, PA 16023 Hospice/Respite Care Inpatient Unit


1000 Dutch Ridge Road, Beaver, PA 15009 Hospice/Respite Care Inpatient Unit


*Concordia Visiting Nurses Main Office - 613 N. Pike Road, Cabot, PA 16023 Beaver County Branch - 1525 Beaver Road, Baden, PA 15005

1-877-352-6200 1-866-869-8669

Professional Home Care Nursing, Rehabilitation Services, Private Duty Services VNA Alliance 704 North Main Street, Meadville, PA 16335 Professional Home Care Nursing, Rehabilitation Services


*Concordia Medical Equipment, Inc. 724-352-1100 615 N. Pike Road, Cabot, PA 16023 1-866-432-1961 Home Medical Equipment and Supplies, Bathroom Safety, Oxygen/Respiratory, Mobility Products

January/February 2013 - 17 *CARF-accredited Aging Services Network participating provider

Concordia Lutheran Ministries 134 Marwood Road Cabot, PA 16023

Concordia Lutheran Ministries Ninth Annual Fashion Show

“Americana� Saturday, May 17, 2014 Butler Country Club

310 Country Club Lane, Butler, PA 16002

10 a.m. Fashions by Phyllis $35.00 All proceeds will be donated to Concordia Lutheran Ministries Good Samaritan Endowment Fund. For information or tickets, call the public relations office at 724-352-1571 ext. 8266.

Faith In Caring Jan/Feb 14  
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