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Concordia Community Vol 19 No 1 June 2010

Cover photo by Maree Waldhuter

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Con Concord co rd iia a Co m m u ni n it y

From the Principal Major Development at Concordia Life, society, adolescents and families are all changing. Schools need to adjust because the world of our students is changing. Technologies are changing rapidly. The opportunity to purpose-build a new facility for middle schooling, media and music – a building to bring to life C21st learning in an ICT-rich environment – was exciting and daunting because it gave us a rare opportunity to engage educational vision with architectural spaces. Education, architectural and ICT experts met throughout 2008 to

consider plans, ideas and “wish lists” that could turn our vision for learning, into reality.

our architects worked with us in a collaborative and visionary way to design the learning spaces we desired.

The key stakeholders acknowledged that to enact the desired pedagogical shift requires access to more flexible learning areas than that provided by traditional school architecture. Conventional ‘egg-crate’ architecture (Beare, 2001, p88) is limiting to both students and teachers. Agreeing on the premise, articulated in Leoni Degenhardt and Patrick Guignan’s book Dancing on a Shifting Carpet – Reinventing traditional schooling for the 21st Century, that architecture and technology must come together to facilitate a more appropriate pedagogy for 21st century students,

Following visits to other schools, significantly detailed research, and many conversations in meetings, our building took shape. The design provides more flexible learning spaces. Self-direction and informal interaction, not permitted by more traditional structures, are integral components of the building’s design. Students can work individually or in small or large groups, with access to state of the art technology. We are very proud of our new Music and Media facilities and learning spaces. These facilities allow Middle and Senior School students to flourish in these specialist areas. Space, furniture, technology and design are brought together to encourage and support flexible and innovative pedagogy. Students, staff and parents are very grateful for the blessings that we enjoy at Concordia. We are truly indebted to all those people in the past, present and future who make it all possible. To celebrate the Concordia story of community, we decided to name our new building Murtoa after the place where our school began. This is a beautiful connection to our past in a building with facilities that open the future in education for our students. Briony Carman Acting Principal


Commencement service

Commencement Service As always, the year started with the traditional Commencement Service on 3 February. New staff members were installed at the service which included eight new teaching staff and four new non-teaching staff. Student Leaders together with House Captains and Deputies were also installed into office at the Commencement Service. They were introduced to the school community and congratulated for accepted the responsibility that comes with being part of the student leadership team. Congratulations to the following students who make up the student leadership team for 2010: School Captains: Brianna McGee, Sebastian Smith Deputy School Captains: Rachael Tulloch, Toby Zerner School Representatives: Claire Howard, Louise Asser, Patrick Edwards, Brodie Syrus

2009 Year 12 Results

Merit Certificates

At the Commencement Service on 3 February, students and staff had the opportunity to congratulate Sally Marsh and Peter Rose for sharing the honour of being Dux of Concordia for 2009 with a TER score of 99.8. In their acceptance speech, Sally and Peter paid tribute to the many teachers who guided their progress during their years at Concordia. In many ways, the foundation for individual excellence is embedded in a learning culture established in the years leading up to Year 12 and in the culture of mutual support that many Year 12 students exhibited during the year. The college is proud of the results achieved by the Class of 2009 and thank all those staff members who contributed to the learning and motivation of these students.

Merit Certificates are issued to students who achieve a ‘20’ in a subject area. A total of 19 Merit Certificates were shared among 14 Concordia College students. Congratulations to the following students who received merit awards: Sally Marsh Biology, Chemistry & Physics Lucy McNicol Food & Hospitality Melissa Newman Food & Hospitality Peter Anastasiou Geography Thomas Johnson Information Technology Una Yan Mathematics & Chinese (Background Speakers) Peter Rose Mathematics & Performance Special Study Joo Hye Kim Mathematics Joseph Inauen Mathematics Toby Zerner Mathematics Kaylene Hill Psychology Morgan Brookes Psychology Madeline Kretschmer Psychology Joseph Inauen Physics Jessica Young Visual Arts

The College website has more detailed information about the academic results achieved by the Class of 2009 and you are encouraged to visit the site to gain additional insight.

Peter Rose, Sally Marsh and Lester Saegenschnitter.

Student Leaders Above L-R: Claire Howard, Brodie Syrus, Brianna McGee, Toby Zerner, Rachael Tulloch, Sebastian Smith, Louise Asser, Patrick Edwards.

Sally Marsh, Peter Rose, Joseph Inauen, Peter Anastasiou and Tom Johnson.


Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y

Hon Kate Ellis and Dr Elmore Leske cutting the ribbon together.

Opening of Murtoa

Hon Kate Ellis MP

Marion & Mark Schubert, past Concordia teachers, playing on the interactive whiteboards.

The opening of Murtoa on Monday 1 March, was genuinely a cause for celebration because the layout of the building will influence the type of learning that takes place in its classrooms and common areas. It will influence the way that teachers and students interact and it will avail the students of technological resources that will assist their learning. The opening ceremony also gave Concordia College a reason to celebrate the place of current students in the historical timeline of the College. This includes recognition of the connection between Concordia College and the small township of Murtoa in Victoria where Concordia was first sited. At the service of dedication, a strong theme of ‘connectedness’ ran through the various speeches from the presenters. Rev David Altus (an Old Collegian and District President of the Lutheran Church) addressed the group using the bible text on the dedication stone from Isaiah 65:18 – “Look ahead with joy; anticipate what I am creating”. In his address, Rev Altus talked about the need to embrace the opportunities that come from change while also remembering the

Visitors from Murtoa, Victoria L-R: Leoni & David Degenhardt, Gavan Cramer, Curtis & Craig Schodde


L-R: Past principals, Dr Elmore Leske, Rev Tom Reuther, Mr John Brew-Beven, Mr Ken Bartel and current principal, Mr Lester Saegenschnitter

importance of lessons from our past. Mr Craig Schodde, from the township of Murtoa, spoke about the strong link that current Murtoa residents feel with Concordia College even though the college moved away from the town 105 years ago. The Hon Kate Ellis MP, reminded students and the 100 invited guests that the skills students take with them into post-school life often go beyond the prescribed syllabus. Finally, Mr Barry Kahl (Director of the Lutheran Schools Association) provided a personal account of the history of this site because he commenced his studies at Concordia College in the year that the previous building on the site was erected. In his speech, Mr Kahl referred to an artefact from the previous building that he now proudly owns. During demolition, a window from the building was preserved and this now serves as a photo frame in his home. It was from this window that he saw his future wife for the first time! Other Old Collegians involved on the day included Dr Adrienne Jericho (Executive Director of Lutheran Education Australia) and Dr Elmore Leske. Dr Leske commenced his teaching career at Concordia College in the year that Barry Kahl commenced as a student and is the oldest surviving

Principal of Concordia. His father commenced at Concordia on the first day of the College on this site in 1905 and his grandchildren currently attend the College. After Hon Kate Ellis unveiled the dedication stone and declared the building open, Dr Leske assisted Hon Kate Ellis in cutting the ribbon to allow entry to Murtoa. Current Concordia staff and students are privileged to have such strong links with the past history of the college as well as strong links with our extended community. I am grateful for the involvement of all the above people as well as the interest shown by the other invited guests. I hope that those students involved on the day will long remember their contribution to the opening of Murtoa. Concordia College is more than a collection of buildings where teachers use a set curriculum to ensure that the students score at an optimum level in benchmark tests. Such measures do not acknowledge the commitment of teachers, the wider learning experiences available, the spiritual development of students, the breadth of learning opportunities available, the development of personal values and so on. All of these things are possible because of the strong commitment that many members of the community have towards the school. At this stage in the school’s history, I wish to thank the PTFA and the dozens of other donors who contributed financially to the building of Murtoa. Virtually every family contributes to the PTFA in one form or another and therefore the $30,000 contribution that the PTFA made towards the electronic whiteboards in Murtoa is a gift from every family. On behalf of the many students who will benefit from all your donations, I offer my profound thanks. Lester Saegenschnitter Principal

2010 Annual Giving Learning is the Key The Costs & Fundraising Challenge The Murtoa building project has been the largest ever undertaken by the College. The total cost of the project is $10 million and the College Council has approved a fundraising plan to finance repayments. There is no significant government funding available for capital projects of the College. Due to the size of this new development and our continued development of the College facilities in the future, the ‘Learning is the Key’ fundraising challenge is being presented to Concordia’s Old Collegians, current parents and families, past parents and future members of the College community. The approved Finance Plan requires building fund donations to increase from the current level of $150,000 per year to $400,000 per year and further increasing to $500,000 per year by 2012.

Can you help? Since 1904, many have given generously to create the legacy of Concordia as we see it today. It is important therefore that we continue to build upon what is now and help create what can be! Please help in one of the following ways … n

Become a ‘Key Contributor’ with a one off Annual Giving donation for 2010 Key Contributors will be acknowledged in the Concordia Community magazine and receive a special invitation to attend a Principal’s Reception during the Middle School Student Showcase in November. This Showcase will demonstrate the learning you have assisted to develop through your donation.


Be one of 200 ‘Key Holders’ to pledge a minimum of $1000 per year for the next three years ‘Key Holders’ will be invited to attend a special Reception with the Principal. Each contributor also receives a ‘Key Holder’ brooch/pin highlighting your support as well as acknowledgement on the ‘Key Holder’ honour board in the Murtoa Building.


Provide a ‘Legacy for Learning’ bequest Elect to receive information concerning making a bequest to Concordia College for future learning.

As a valued member of the Concordia Community, we ask that you consider this information knowing that it is not the size of your gift that counts the most, but that you cared enough to give. Contact the Director of Development who will be happy to answer further questions that you may have about the ‘Learning is the Key’ program, the Concordia Building Fund, the LLL, or any other ways that you may assist Concordia students of today, and of the future!

I would like to make the following gift ... 1 n ‘Key Contributor’ – 2010 Annual Giving Appeal (donations over $2 are fully tax deductible) Annual Giving Appeal amount enclosed or to be charged to my credit card

n I / We enclose a cheque made payable to Concordia College

n $250  n $500  n $50  n $1000  

Signature _____________________________________ Expiry Date ___ /___

n $2000  n or $________________

2 n ‘Key Holder’ – $1000 per year for the next three years (fully tax deductible) Please have the Director of Development contact me and supply me with further information

n Please debit my   n Visa  n Mastercard Card Number ___________ / ___________ / ___________ / ___________

Card Holder’s Name _______________________________________________ Name______________________________________________________________ Address____________________________________________________________

3 n ‘Legacy for Learning’ – I would like information about making a bequest to Concordia College

___________________________________________________ PC____________

n I would like my donation to remain anonymous

Phone _____________________________________________________________

Please return to Concordia College 45 Cheltenham Street Highgate SA 5063 – Thank you for your generosity.


Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y

The Kalahari Team Back row L-R: Sally Marsh, Sue Germein, Sebastian Bracht, Caleb Radford, Nicholas Davel, Brianna Rybajlak Middle row L-R: Elspeth Toop, Katherine Cox, Kate Helmore Front row L-R: Edward Gainer, Morgan Brookes, Adrian Francis, Nick Banks Absent: Stephanie Hassett

The Kalahari Experience Annual Dinner The annual Kalahari Dinner started five years ago when 37 people gathered at the Maid and Magpie Hotel to help fundraise for the inaugural trip. This year over 200 people attended the dinner at the Belair Park Country Club, and due to the generosity of all attending a record amount was raised! The funds will go towards completing the goals of The Kalahari Experience. The format of the dinners has not changed. Guests are treated to hearing a speaker and are able to participate in a silent auction. Edward Gainer, a past participant, spoke about perspective and how his perspective on life has changed by going on this trip. Moreover, Edward reminded us about opportunity and how perspective allows us to enable change in others and ourselves. In quoting Winston Churchill, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Edward encouraged us to make use of the opportunities in life that cross our path and believes The Kalahari Experience is a perfect vehicle for this. The guest speaker this year was Dianna Patterson. Di has been our logistics manager on three Kalahari trips, but more than that she was the first female in the world to be a leader of an Antarctic base. She talked about how she was searching for her path in life when she was bitten by the Antarctic bug in her late twenties. Di nursed her secret ambition and with dogged determination set her sights on becoming station leader at the Australian base ‘Mawson’, a lofty aspiration, considering this was most definitely a bloke’s world. At the age of


38 Di became the first woman in charge of this small, mostly male community of glaciologists, physicists, biologists and tradies, thousands of miles from the comforts of home. Di showed several of her outstanding pictures and spoke of her journey, it was truly inspirational. The success of the dinner can be attributed to the hard work of the entire Kalahari team, with a special mention to Elspeth Toop and Morgan Brookes, who did the majority of the organisation for the auction and the running of the event. April Reconnaissance Trip In April, Lea Sander, Georgia Germein and James Kay headed out to the desert to continue to build relationships with the people we work with and to gather information that we are able to use in our planning. The trip was a great success and has helped us prepare more thoroughly than before. Additionally, several new projects have been identified that we hope to work on when the larger team goes in June this year. Several exciting possibilities for future directions were identified including the continued development of community gardens, the strengthening of our relationship with Moshaweng High School and the possibility of a partnership with Health Partners Australia to deliver Dental and Optical services to the Health Clinic. In the coming months we hope to develop these goals and establish a sustainable program to fulfil these directions. June Trip The team for June consists of David Shepherd, Peter Lord, Sue Germein, Katherine Cox, Kate Helmore, Brianna Rybajlak, Nick Banks, Sebastian Bracht, Nick Davel, Caleb Radford and Old Collegians Sally Marsh, Elspeth Toop,

Morgan Brookes, Stephanie Hassett and Bec Goudie. The team has been meeting each week since September last year. They will once again deliver a revision program for senior school students. Each year I am amazed at the quality of the students at Concordia as once again we have a sensational team that will carry out this task. The Soccer World Cup is on when we are there which has provided us with a few challenges, but still we have managed to plan a trip that will strengthen the partnership we have built with the teachers and students of the Moshaweng Valley. All this would not be possible without the generous support of the Concordia Community and our key sponsors. It is through the philanthropic nature of the businesses listed below that we will be able to carry out the tasks we have been set. Rosemarie Foundation, Ustinov Foundation, Alice O’Brien Foundation, The Arab Steed Hotel, Routleys Plumbing Innovation, Haughton Honda, Lew Toop (Toop and Toop), All Occasions Travel Thebarton, Centrestate Exports, Health Partners, Dental Specialist Unley, Naturally for You, Chiropractic Solutions, The Rotary Clubs of Adelaide Light & Adelaide South. The motivation to participate in a project such as this comes as a response of the servant nature of Christ. After his resurrection, Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love me?” After Peter’s first response that he did, indeed, love the Lord, Jesus told him, “Feed my lambs.” This mandate continues to guide us. Today, we still need to carry out Jesus’ command, not only on a local level serving those in our schools and the communities in which our schools are situated, but also those in our global community. The Kalahari Experience enables us to serve in a way that is hard to parallel in our classrooms, hence fulfilling the direction to “Feed my lambs.” Once again I am humbled to be part of this opportunity, a gift to help others in our Global Community. Adrian Francis Coordinator of The Kalahari Experience.

Year 8 Family BBQ

Year 8 Family BBQ

Twilight Tea

Over 400 parents, students, siblings and staff attended the Year 8 Family BBQ on Sunday 21 February. Blessed by comfortable weather, the courtyard was ‘a buzz’ with conversation, with new families enjoying the opportunity to get to know one another. A big thank you to the many helpers from the Concordia Foundation and the PTFA who assisted in setup, catering and the clean up. A great time was had by all!

Twilight Tea was held on Friday 12 March and was a great success thanks to all the students, parents, teachers and other staff who contributed their time and effort. Whether you were involved with a stall, provided entertainment, or just came along and had a fun evening, your support was greatly appreciated! Special thanks also to all the groups in the extended Concordia community whose participation added an extra dimension to a perfect evening.

Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day at Concordia College was celebrated on Friday 12 February and was an array of flowers, singing telegrams and most importantly, love. Valentine’s Day truly began the night before with 75 Year 12 students de-thorning, wrapping and tying 800 roses in preparation for the day ahead. The student leaders would like to say a big thank you to all the Year 12s who helped out with the preparation, as well as delivering roses the following morning, and taking part in the singing telegrams. As far as the fundraising went, we were able to raise over $900, with the proceeds going towards Haiti, through the Doctors Without Borders Charity. Thanks again, to all the students, teachers and parents, who helped out to make Concordia’s Valentine’s Day a great success! Brianna McGee 12NM & Rachael Tulloch 12AF

Above photos from Twilight Tea

Noske-Temme Award On Friday 12 February, we were honoured to have Colonel Michael Temme as a guest to present the Noske-Temme Award for Girls Sport in 2010. The recipient is Year 12 student Siobhan Barwick 12AF. Colonel Temme was representing his Mother, Mrs June Temme, who was a student at Concordia in 1948-50 and generously provides this award each year. After presenting the award at assembly, Colonel Temme took time to visit Year 8 classes to tell of his recent experiences serving in the United States Army and his posting in Iraq. Our thanks to Mrs Temme for her continued support of Concordia and to Colonel Temme for giving us his valuable time. We congratulate Siobhan on the award for her positive contribution to sport at Concordia.

Siobhan Barwick and Colonel Michael Temme


Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y

‘Grease’ ... is the word! First term ended on a high, with the hugely successful production of ‘Grease’ in the Hopgood Theatre, at Noarlunga Centre. Congratulations to all students and staff involved and a big thank you to the many parents and friends who freely gave of their time and talent to assist with the show.



Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y

Year 8 photos above

Year 7 Camp Wirraway Wednesday 3 March 2010 It always seems to take forever before you leave at the start of camps and this was no exception! At the start of the day, the Year 7s excitedly dumped their baggage downstairs in Murtoa. After Home Class, Chapel and more Home Class, we finally hit the road. An hour and a half’s drive through the hills later, we arrived at the Wirraway Campsite. Recess was at the Tack Shed where we met the camp coordinator, Peter. He ran us through some rules and we had an hour of free time to explore the camp site. When the rooms were ready we set up the dorms, then trooped down to the outdoor riding arena where we had an introductory session with the horses. Jed and Leesha showed us the basics of riding and safety around horses and we were separated into groups so we could start our activities. Our group did the ropes obstacle course and had a swim in the pool. Dinner was bangers and mash, after which we had games and a devotion in the Tack Shed, led by Peter. The night hike through the grounds was filled with stars and a superb golden moonrise. On our return it was supper, reflections and then straight to bed.

Year 7 photos above


Thursday 4 March 2010 With a groggy 7am start to the morning, we made our way down to the dining

hall for breakfast; cereal and toast with melted cheese on top – yum! The first activity for the morning was an extra long session of horse riding, which gave us a chance to really develop some confidence in the saddle so we didn’t fall off when it came to trotting. Rock climbing was very challenging and a bit scary, but the harnesses did their job. Figuring out the cryptic questions in the Amazing Race was tricky but rewarding, and a good way to get worn out – we had to race all over the grounds to find the answers. For dinner we had lasagna with chocolate pudding for dessert. After dinner we played some more games and did our reflections before bed. Friday 5 March 2010 Another early morning. Breakfast was French toast with cinnamon sugar. The last activities of the camp for our group were archery, where it was amusing to see Mr Mead hit the can when he had been aiming for a wormie, followed by the Flying Fox. After rolls and hotcakes for lunch, we packed up all our gear and scoured the dorms to make sure nothing was left behind. Then we were back on the road again heading home, feeling tired but satisfied with the improvements we’d made in taking risks, trying new things and getting to know new people while on camp. All in all, it was a very enjoyable camp and a profitable experience for all of us. Bethany Pietsch 7MP & Jakob Maddocks 7MP

Year 8 Camp Hindmarsh Island The three Concordia Year 8 Outdoor Education camps were held in March. The first camp was attended by students from 8DB and 8VNT. They pitched their tents under the pines at the Ukrainian campsite on Hindmarsh Island, and participated in activities based at the site, and on nearby Goolwa lakes and beachfront. Highlights were kayaking, surfing, the competitive “Aquathong” and cooking an evening meal on trangias. The activities provided students with opportunities to learn how to work within a community and it was pleasing to see group skills and attitudes on display from many, and the development of these in others. It was also pleasing to see so many students respond to the challenge to put themselves “outside their comfort zone”, and the support for each other as they did this. The MYP Learner Profile attributes were often on display, especially Risk Taking, Communicating, Caring, Inquiring, Principled, and Open-Mindedness. It was a very successful camp with a group of positive and engaged students. Dean Bennett For the Year 8 Team

Year 9 Camp In weeks 7 and 8 of Term 2, Year 9 students participated in an outdoor adventure camp known as the Pursuit. The trip was broken up into a two night kayaking expedition between Swan Reach and Walkers Flat, a day of Adventure Ropes at Woodhouse Activity Centre, and a day of mountain bike riding and orienteering at Kuitpo Forest. The four day challenge provided students with the opportunity to work together in a team environment, develop conflict resolution and communication skills, and also develop an understanding of outdoor living skills. Special thanks must go to Adventure Outdoors and David Shepherd for their efforts in organising and co-ordinating the expedition, a great time was had by all. Myles Gilchrist

Year 9 Camp

Year 10 History Field Study

Year 10 Geography Camp

The History classes travelled to the Yorke Peninsula for this year’s field trip. The Port Hughes Accommodation Centre quite satisfactorily catered for our overnight needs, considering the party exceeded 90 in number. A first day visit to the National Dry Land Farming Museum at Kadina was complemented by a walking tour of Wallaroo, taking in the silos area, the jetty and foreshore. The weather was good and a punctual getaway meant that we enjoyed a leisurely if busy day rotating through tours of the Moonta township, Museum and Heritage walk, as well as taking a train ride around the copper mining fields and an underground mine exploration. The latter was undoubtedly the highlight for everyone. The final day began with a cemetery study and finished with a last climb up a waste hill and a trip to the St Kilda Adventure playground. Night time activities included a talk on the history of mining, work book activities, games, movies and supper. Students and staff had a wonderful time, we broadened our knowledge of history, enjoyed the opportunity to examine history at its source and deepened our relationships through interacting with each other outside the classroom.

From the 19-21 May, the Year 10 Geography students went on camp to Victor Harbor to conduct various geographical investigations along the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Andrew Buxton Head of Humanities

We stopped at various beaches along the Adelaide Southern Coastline to study methods to sustain natural environments. We used our knowledge from Term 1 to help us understand processes and management techniques. On the first day we visited Normanville and Waitpinga Beach where we looked at the natural dune system, and The Bluff at Encounter Bay where we walked to the top to enjoy the fantastic view. In the evening we heard from guest speaker David Reid, Victor Harbor’s Town Planner. The next day we were in Victor Harbor and Warland Reserve conducting surveys, walking Granite Island, seeing fairy penguins, going to the Whale Centre and learning about ecotourism. On the last day we were separated into two groups. The first group went on a cruise along the Coorong while the second conducted investigations around Goolwa Tourist precinct.

Year 10 Geography

We all agreed it was a fantastic camp and we all learnt a lot about tourism and sustainable management. Harrison Ebert 10SAB/JOW and Rachel Brooks 10WB/AKS

Year 10 History


Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y

Year 12 Formal At last the day had arrived! Friday 23 April, the night of the 2010 Year 12 Formal. As they arrived at the Stamford Grand, lookingly stunningly resplendent, our Year 12 students and partners began an evening which was marked by a combination of conviviality, joyful dancing, good food and lots of photos being taken as memories for the future. As staff, we found it a delight to share this evening with our students. Mavis Herbert Head of Senior School


Year 12 Retreat The Year 12 Retreat was a great opportunity for students to relax, reflect, and participate in a range of activities as the hard work of the rest of the year approached. It took place during the first two days of the term. The first day involved a competition called The Great Race, in which small groups of students were required to travel all over Adelaide – from Glenelg to the city to North Adelaide to Burnside – collecting many photos of specific things for points. Although tiring, it was a great teamwork exercise

as groups had to work together to strategise their travels. The second day, titled The Plane Crash, was prepared by the Student Leaders. The same small groups completed a series of activities, with one catch: each member of their team had a certain disability, such as not being able to talk or having their hands tied together. Overall, the retreat was a lot of fun and provided the Year 12s with a chance to reflect, prepare, and get refreshed for the remainder of the year. Toby Zerner 12SK


Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y

Visit to Canberra

Visual Impact

Exhibition of Visual Art Students 5 November 2010 Put this date in your diary now!

The Year 12 Art class visit to the ‘Masters of Paris’ exhibition at the National Gallery on 20-22 February was very enjoyable and beneficial for all students and staff! We saw two major exhibitions as well as the permanent collections in the two galleries. Seeing the Van Goghs, Monets etc was a highlight of the visit. A billion dollars plus of Impressionist and Post Impressionist works in one place is very impressive! Also viewing the permanent collection, including Pollock’s ‘Blue Poles’ was icing on the cake. We had the serendipitous chance

Tradition and heritage are often spoken about and celebrated at Concordia. For the 3rd year running, a small group of parents have organised the “Cancer - None of us are Holeproof” party to raise much needed funds for Cancer research. On Saturday 29 May while the rain poured outside, approx 200 people danced the night away to the fabulous music provided by the Holeproofs. The band of 10 dedicated musicians donated their time and talent for the evening, and guests were treated to great music, company and food served by a team of ten Year 8 students. We would like to acknowledge David Serotzki for leading the band, as well


meeting with iconic Australian Artist, Ken Done in the National Gallery (he was there seeing the Paris exhibition) and he graciously spoke to our students when asked and has promised to visit Concordia next time he is in Adelaide. Kath Oliphant and I were keen to make the most of our visit so we planned extra activities to fit in around our visits to the new National Portrait gallery, a very beautiful, Japanese inspired building, and the National Gallery. We began by visiting the War Memorial on Saturday afternoon. This is a magnificent place, very imposing, impressive but also very well set out and informative. Our students loved the interactive exhibits, particularly the Vietnam display with the Iroquois helicopter. We stayed for the closing ceremony at 5pm with a lone piper in front of the Hall of Remembrance. This was quite moving. We also visited Parliament House on Monday afternoon and were

in time for the beginning of Question time. We managed to sit in the public gallery behind the government and watched Ministers Garrett and Gillard being grilled by the opposition. Back bencher Wilson Tuckey was in fine form with his heckling! It was very entertaining, often very funny and being in the house at this time was a great opportunity for the students to see what goes on in the Federal House of Representatives; our leaders at work! We also had time to sit under the trees in front of the Canberra Yacht club on the lake to relax and sketch. The YMCA Hostel accommodation was ideal, being set up for student groups. It has a wonderful bush land setting with views over Canberra. The students were great ambassadors for the college & were a pleasure to be with.

as the overwhelming amount of food and drinks that were donated for the evening. All of this meant that the final donation given to the Cancer Council was around $8500. The organising committee is now looking forward to having a bex and lie down, and then looking for some assistance for the next Holeproof party in 2011. If you are a parent of a Year 7 or 8 student and would like to continue to build on the fine efforts and maintain the tradition of Concordia working together for a very worthy cause, then please contact Mignon Borgas or Wayne Gehling. The Holeproof Committee 2010

A huge thank you to our sponsors and businesses that donated goods: • Dulwich Bakery • St Peters Bakery • Cherry Blossom Sushi, Norwood • Bakers Delight, Norwood • Vale Ale • O’Connells, Central Market • Banana Boys, Mitcham • Leo’s Cheese Shop, Central Market • Baker Tray, Central Market • Foodland, Norwood • Bruce’s Meat, Mitcham • The Unley Council

Committee Members: • Julieanne Higgens • Gillian Materne • Julie Hargreaves • Mignon Borgas • Jenny Roberts • Geoff Roberts • Mark Mitton • Anna Mitton

Rod Kirk Head of Visual Art

Student leaders retreat. L to R: Pastor Peter, Brodie Syrus, Toby Zerner, Claire Howard, Louise Asser, Brianna McGee, Rachael Tulloch, Patrick Edwards, Seb Smith

Lauren at the Year 9 camp

Ministry In Action

and continue throughout the student’s schooling. Also, in the informal setting of a camp, students are often willing to explore the deeper questions of life and faith. So it could be said that the time spent out of school is repaid in many ways when we are back in school. An exciting happening this past term has been the number of student led devotions in chapel. Previously this had mainly happened through the designated student leaders (and still does), but following an invitation last term a number of students volunteered to help with chapel this term. We have had three chapel services led by Year 11 students and one by a Year 12, covering diverse topics such as “accepting yourself as God accepts you”, “taking baby steps in faith”, “small things lead to big things”, and one considering how God looks at us as forgiven, using an interesting blend of milkshakes to make the point. On the Monday following Pentecost Sunday we had our own mini-Pentecost happening. Six (international) students and teachers greeted Concordia in

their own language at the same time, and then individually in their native language. We also had readings from various languages, and then finally a blessing spoken in Indonesian. The other languages used were Spanish, Finnish, German, Chinese, French, and Russian. One of the Year 12 students commented to me afterwards: “that was terrific; that must have been what the first Pentecost was like!” So, ministry happens in diverse and varied ways at Concordia; it’s sort of like the scattering of seeds Jesus talks about in Luke 8, where different seeds fall on the path, some on rocky soil, some in a thorn bush and some in fertile ground. Our prayer is that our ministry will allow some seeds to fall in good soil so they may be retained in faithful hearts and bear fruit. (Luke 8:15)

the team’s efforts at the end of the day in the very last event when she received the baton as the final runner in the relay with the closest runner 25m ahead and caught her. This ‘never give up attitude’ summed up the overall team’s effort for the day. Thank you also to the staff, Emily Lang, Rachel Bice, Emily Johnson and Peter Bean who attended on the day to manage the team and cover the official roles at Javelin. Outstanding individual efforts on the day included: Ebony Hewett – 2nd Hurdles, 2nd Long Jump, 2nd Triple Jump and 3rd 100m, all in Div 1

Madi Morgan – 2nd Discus Div 1 Tilly Skeates – 2nd Shot Put Div 1, 3rd Javelin Div 2 Thalia Huston – 3rd Shot Put Div 1 Lauren Jones – 1st Discus Div 2 Rebecca Fronsko – 1st Shot Put Div 2 Hannah Milenkovic – 1st Triple Jump Div 2 Sophie Arkun – 1st 100m Div 2, 3rd 200m Div 2 Caitlin Lang – 2nd 200m Div 2 Hannah Tippett – 3rd Javelin Div 2 Olivia Gilbert – 3rd Javelin Div 2

In first semester, Lauren (youth worker) and I spend a fair bit of time out of school. That is because we see a vital part of our work happening on school camps and trips. Between us we will have attended Year 7 camp at Wirraway, Year 8 camps at Hindmarsh Island and their class challenge at Urrbrae, Year 9 camps at Woodhouse and Rocky Creek, Year 10 peer support training camp at Woodhouse and Year 12 Retreat at Hahndorf. And the Year 11s (and Year 8s again) we catch up with by having a continuous involvement in peer support at school. These are extremely valuable times, particularly as neither us have a teaching load, for us to build relationships, mix with a wide variety of students, as well as get to know teachers in more informal settings. This in turn provides connection points for when we lead chapel, talk to students around the campus, and plan special events. Often these connections begin in Year 7

IGSSA (Girls) Athletics Carnival The girls who attended the IGSSA Athletics carnival on Thursday 13 May performed exceptionally well, ensuring we filled all but 5 of the events on the day. Well done to all of the 49 girls who attended the carnival. Their effort, behaviour and the way they represented the school on the day was excellent. They gave their all and at times competed in events above their age group to cover for other students. Ebony Hewett, the Girls Athletics captain encapsulated

Peter Bean School Pastor (this and other articles relating to school life may be found at my blog

Loud Shirt Day

Year 7 camp

Ms Michelle Thomson Girls Sports Coordinator


Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y

Hong Kong dinner

Sabbatical Leave Lester Saegenschnitter has been travelling overseas while on Sabbatical Leave in Term 2.

Lennox & Lester

When Lester and his wife, Bev, were in Hong Kong they hosted a dinner for current, past and future families of Concordia College. This dinner has become an annual event and the families look forward to meeting with Concordia staff to hear news from Australia first hand. Lester also took the opportunity to visit Beijing International School of Singapore (BISS) where he met with the Principal of the secondary school, Lennox Meldrum (an Australian, as was most of the admin team at BISS).

Danny Gleeson

Auction Idol

Ben Schubert

Danny Gleeson 11GR and Ben Schubert 11RAS, competed in the Schools’ Auction Idol. They both made it through the heats and into the finals. This is no mean feat as it is judged by seven of the toughest industry professionals. It also shows that our students can give back to the College. Both boys were coached by Edward Gainer ‘09, past Grand Finalist of the Schools’ Auction Idol Competition, 2009.

Leena Kasurinen

Final assembly for Leena.

A Sad Farewell From Finland Exchange Student

Cross Country Championships

I really can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. Now it is time to say goodbye to Concordia College and all my friends. During this year I have seen and learnt how a Lutheran School Community works with the uniforms, chapel sessions and assemblies. I have even become a part of the community. It will feel strange to go back to my school in Finland without my school uniform.

Students attended the Schools Cross Country Championships at Oakbank Racecourse, on Friday 28 May. The Under 16 boys winner, Luke Hargreaves 11AJB, ran the 5000m track in just over 18 minutes with a strong lead over his rival competitors. The Under 14 boys, Alexander Gillett 8PDS, Tom Lawrie 8VNT, Demsew Mickan-White 8DB and James Hargreaves 8RB, took out the 1st place championship overall. Nicole Scholz 7MG running 3rd place in Under 13 girls.

I am very excited to go home and see my family and all my friends and enjoy the summer holidays. But I am sure when the time comes for me to go back to school, I will wish I could be here in Australia. I want to thank the whole school community for being so welcoming and friendly. I will always remember my year as a Concordia College student! Good luck to all the Year 12 students! You are nearly there! I hope to see you soon again! Leena Kasurinen Exchange Student

Cross Country Under 14 Boys, 1st place.

IB Graduate

Emily Johnson


Congratulations to Emily Johnson, a Humanities and PE teacher here at Concordia who was one of the first people to graduate from the Flinders University teaching course based on the International Baccalaureate.

Cross Country Under 13 Girls, 3rd place.

Cross Country Under 16 Boys, 5km winner.

Sports Day Perfect weather again and a program that stayed on schedule for the majority of the day, combined with excellent competition among those striving to see their House finish first, made for another great Sports Day. Cheltenham, the “Green Army”, won for a second year in a row and has claims to a potential dynasty unless the other houses can find a little more next year. The colours were fantastic and the energy from each house, regardless of the final tallies, was excellent. To top it off, there were some terrific athletic performances to be witnessed.

Records came from : • Alex Gillett 8PDS (U14 1500m – pre Sports Day and U14 400m), • Demsew Mickan-White 8DB (U14 3000m – pre Sports Day), • James Serotzki 9MPG (U14 Discus), • Levi Elms 9DJS (U15 200m), • Luke Hargreaves 11AJB (U16 3000m – pre Sports Day), • Ebony Hewett 12NM (Open Triple Jump).

as a House of their own, proudly wearing the German colours, and all family and friends who attended in support of the students.

Thanks go to all who contributed, particularly the PE faculty for their stoic preparation, the staff members who diligently managed the day’s activities, the students who competed and/or helped with officiating, our German Exchange students who again competed

1st Cheltenham 2nd Malvern 3rd Highgate 4th Winchester

The day again reflected the wonderful balance of involvement and achievement that this college community has worked hard to develop and sustain over the years. Kudos for that goes to every single person who contributed in some way. Well done! 2488 2030 1944 1666

David Serotzki Sports Day Coordinator


Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y


Mother’s Day Breakfast

The Art of Cheese Making

Year 8 Class Challenge

Almost 80 mothers and children gathered for the first ever Concordia Mother’s Day Breakfast on Friday 7 May. The event was arranged and supported by the Concordia PTFA to recognise and thank the Mothers of our School community. A delicious breakfast was arranged (thanks to parent Fiona Mayne for coordinating this) and we even had a few Dads working flat out in the kitchen to serve food. The guest speaker was Lorraine Rosenberg, a former state politician, and current Lord Mayor of the City of Onkaparinga. We look forward to more Mums coming along next year, for a relaxing and special morning with their kids!! Karan Coombe-Smith PTFA President

Under the competent and interesting guidance of Mr Wayne Austin of Food Processing Optimisation, my Year 11 Chemistry class became cheesemakers for the day on Friday 12 March. They were involved in making three different types of soft cheese as part of a summative task based on the production and optimisation of cheese making. They made haloumi cheese, which they ate immediately, and feta and camembert which suffered a similar fate after some maturation time. It was a great day of combining theory and practice, and one of the rare times where students actually get to eat their chemistry experiments. Nigel Currie

The Year 8 Class challenge was held on Friday 30 April at the grounds of the Waite Institute. The challenge gives Year 8s the opportunity to grow together as a cohort, as well as having some good natured competition between classes. There is also the benefit of physical fitness and getting some exercise in beautiful surrounds so close to the city! They had a great time and ran/walked in a spirit of community and care for one and other. Thanks to Mr Dean Bennett for his outstanding effort in organising this event for our Year 8 students.

Relay for Life

Loud Shirt Day

On the weekend of 27-28 March the annual “Relay for Life” event was held at Santos Stadium for the Cancer Council. This year Lauren Krelshem 10WM, together with her family and friends entered a team, “Lauren’s Larrikins”, raising nearly $4,000 for the cause which is a fantastic effort.

Thanks to all who helped out on Loud Shirt Day and to everyone who helped support the event. We had a fun and successful day, raising $1145, which was presented to the Cora Barclay Centre. Alex Geue, Ebony Hewett, Caleb Radford and Tara Crawford

Significant Friends’ Day

An Evening of Retail Therapy

Just over 300 special guests attended Significant Friends’ Day on Friday 11 June, at the invitation of the Year 7s & 8s. It was a wonderful occasion with our students doing a magnificent job in hosting their significant friends. They enjoyed their visit to Murtoa along with a tour of the whole campus and a fantastic entertainment hour in the Chapel with music, dance, drama, singing and more!

A large gathering of shoppers assembled on Friday 11 June to browse and purchase goods from over twenty stall holders at Concordia’s first Retail Therapy evening! It was a night to enjoy, relax, shop, sample, taste, treat and indulge. Shoppers had the opportunity to choose from the fantastic array of products at the stalls.

A few facts about the significant friends: • The oldest guest was 99 years old • Two travelled from NSW • Several were old collegians • Several were parents of old collegians • Several of the families represented have had three generations attend Concordia (Leske, Kretschmer, Waldhuter, Altus).

Thanks and congratulations to the Friends of Music on a great event, and sincere thanks to Sue Ross, from whose vision and enthusiasm this venture came together. All proceeds raised from this event support the Concordia band tour to Malaysia (27 June – 10 July). Mary Morgan Coordinator, Concordia College Friends of Music

Thankfully the weather treated us kindly and all went smoothly. Wayne Gehling Director of Development


Con co rd i a Co m m u ni t y

Concert Tour to Malaysia The Concert Band and Big Band departed for Malaysia on Sunday 27 June. Staff and students have worked very hard this semester to put together an excellent program, and the excitement amongst students has been palpable.

Farewell Concert

Momenta Music Workshop On Thursday 4 March, Concordia Music Department invited “Momenta” to perform and workshop with our Year 11 music students. Momenta is an electronic music and vocal duo (Jeremy and Michael) who are based in Melbourne. This pair of excellent musicians performed their own songs and explored the world of recording music with the eager Year 11s. The morning session was finished with a “jam” which gave our students some insight into professional performance and sound technologies. The whole school was then treated to a lunchtime concert in the court yard.


Ensemble Camp On Monday 15 February, 70 enthusiastic instrumentalist students participated in a full day of rehearsals at Nunyara camp site at Belair. The students rehearsed as part of either the String Ensemble (directed by Martin Butler and assisted by Jill Scott), the Concert Band (directed by Mat Noble) or the Big Band (directed by Mike Stewart). Each group tackled new pieces that will be played at a variety of events this year, and in doing so, gained a significant “head start” in the lead up to concert preparations. Thanks to the Year 12 students Henry Trewren and Sarah Rubenstein for their excellent leadership on the day.

On Monday 21 June, the Concert Tour Group presented a “Farewell Concert” in the Chapel. This concert gave the audience a taste of what their Malaysian audiences can expect from the seven concerts they will be performing while away. Both our Concert Band and Big Band played beautifully and were joined by vocalists Thalia Houston and Georgia Germein for some of the songs that were played. Georgia also presented one of her own songs “If Only” as a solo feature. The students are very excited about presenting their program of music overseas and the success of Monday night’s concert is a great testimony to their hard work so far this year. Mat Noble Director of Music

Pedal Prix Round One 2010 It was a cold and muddy, but neverthe-less exciting introduction to this great sport. There were a few butterflies before the race but, with plenty of gaffa tape on our shoes, team bracelets on our wrists, and weeks of training behind us – we felt ready to take to the track. Concordia was out in force with five cars racing and lots of parents and supporters turning up to cheer us on. It was the first time that many of the Year 7s had participated in pedal prix and we were surprised by the speed and ferocity of some of the vehicles – but, don’t worry, we held our own! When we weren’t racing we had lots of fun going up to crash corner – a seemingly smooth bend that saw the downfall of many a good car and rider. Thankfully the Concordia teams survived the day with minimal

incidents. We only had one broken chain, but Mr Hannagan and his team had it back on the track before too long. We also enjoyed seeing a couple of the teachers take to the track. Way to go Mr Francis! We have one more race to go before the big one up at Murray Bridge and, after such a successful start to the season, we can’t wait to see how Concordia fares. Well done to everyone who was involved. Year 7 “Shockwave” team Teams are listed below: Shockwave (Year 7) – Hayden Arthur, Tom Blaess, James Coren, Jordan Coulter, Sarah Coventry, Luke Dugan, Sam Emsley, James Fricker, William Hinchcliff, Matthew Ireland, Hannah King, Jessica Kuchenmeister, Julian Leske, Nikolai Leske, Luke O’Connor, Jack Stewart, Angus Ward, Sean Ward. Power Surge (Year 8 – 10 Girls) – Rachel Francis, Chelsea Kahl, Anna

Richter, Claire McFarlane, Christina Bengtsson, Laura Kennedy, Katarina Schulz, Emily Kuchenmeister Concorde (Year 8 – 10 Boys) – Nick Albrecht, Oliver Farrelly, James Geue, Lachlan Harper, Isaac Moore, Hugh Munchenburg, Marc Percy, Ben Perry, Lachlan Phillips, Ned Sadler, Ryan Thompson, Jarrad Thyer, Charles Wood, Sotiri Zagotsis. Matrix (Senior) – Sebastian Bracht, Michael Clarkson, Sam Dring, Daniel Holzer, Ben Schubert, Jonathan Schultz, Liam Phillips, Hayden Byrne Thank you to all of the parents for helping out on the day and particularly the staff members who trained and managed the teams to bring them up to race standard. Finally, congratulations to all the riders for their fantastic effort and for once again bringing the vehicles back in relatively good condition. Steve Hannagan Pedal Prix Manager

Pedal Prix Results: Round 1, 2010 The following is a quick rundown of the results of the first race and shows outstanding results by all teams: Team

Category position

Overall place 145 entrants


Distance in km (1143m/lap)

Fastest lap

Cat 1

Shockwave – Year 7s

32nd out of 64



124.6 km 2m 29.3 sec

Cat 2

Concorde – Year 8-10 boys

11th out of 39



156.6 km 1m 52.6 sec

Cat 2

Power Surge – Year 8-10 girls

15th out of 39



147.4 km 2m 16.2 sec

Cat 3

Matrix – Year 10 & 11s

8th out of 23



182.9 km 1m 47.1 sec

Cat 4


10th out of 19



201.2 km 1m 42.2 sec Total 812.7km


Con Ju nico or rd Foi acuCo s m m u ni t y

Building Education Revolution If you have driven past St John’s recently you would have seen a lot of building activity. As part of the BER funding St John’s received $2.5million for 2 projects. The school has committed to an additional loan from LLL of $1.4million to supplement the grant and complete both projects. This has enabled the school to fast track the Master plan and develop the overall facilities for the school. The funding was allocated to two projects - the first being the completion of the “Red Shed” building with the building

The second project is the Hall Extension and additional specialist learning areas. The existing hall is being extended to occupy all the existing floor space. It will include a


educational and rewarding – and provides opportunities to create, connect and communicate. However, just as in the real world, these rapidly developing technologies also have risks and challenges. As a result, Year 6 students are participating in the CyberSmart program to help inform and educate them about cybersafety issues. The CyberSmart program was launched with a CyberSmart Day for Year 6 students and a CyberSmart Parent Information Night at the beginning of Term Two.

Last year Concordia College and St John’s Lutheran School established an ICT working party in order to develop and support a vision for an integrated approach to ICT in both schools. As a result, at the beginning of the year St John’s launched a laptop program for the Year 6 students allowing the students access to a computer and related information communication technologies, such as the internet when needed. 20 Highgate Street, Highgate SA 5063 Phone: 8271 4299 Fax: 8373 4504


of 2 additional classrooms to house the fully doubled streamed school, an office area and a multipurpose room. This area was ready for the commencement of school this year with our current Year 6 class enjoying a new room which also supports the ICT program. All students in Year 6 have access to a laptop computer which is an important tool in their learning journey. The new areas have enabled the relocation of music, art and science and Out of School Hours Care centre for the second project to commence.

The internet certainly offers a world of experiences for young people and adults alike. It can be entertaining,

The laptop program has been an exciting development for both students and teachers alike as it has encouraged problem solving,

purpose built audio visual system and screen to compliment and enhance all performances. The new area will also incorporate a kitchen area which will service all school requirements, hall functions, OOSHC and outdoor functions. A new two storey building will house Art, Music, Learning Support, Out of Hours School care and individual music practice rooms as well as refitting existing office spaces. The new building will include a lift and the junior primary playground will be relocated. This project is planned to be completed by September 2010. Our school has been richly blessed Sally Staggs Business Manager

collaboration, working in groups and the integration of ICT into the current curriculum rather than an hour lesson a week. Throughout the year the students have enjoyed creating webpages, movies and class animations to show what they have learnt. Recently they have also enjoyed sharing their ideas and opinions about our current unit of inquiry with each other through our class wiki. The laptop program has certainly opened up many new doors for the Year 6 students and we look forward to exploring these together throughout the rest of the year. Rachel Harrip Teaching and Learning Coordinator (Primary) & Year 6 Teacher

Sports Day Week seven of first term saw St. John’s sports day back for another year! The weather was spectacular and as in previous years, the day began with team raps, which were performed at full volume and could be heard right across the oval! An outstanding ‘sporting spirit’ was present in all events, and parents and staff alike could see that the

students were competing to their full potential. Tabloid events such as high jump, long jump and long throw were enjoyed by the upper primary, while the junior primary students participated in the sack race, egg and spoon race and sand relay. After all of the events were over and the results were in, team raps were shouted one last time, with all of the students eagerly awaiting the results of the day to come through. The Blue

Flames were declared the winners for the fourth consecutive year, and Mr Bruce Williams presented the winners shield to some very proud and excited house captains! An amazing effort from the Blue team! A big thank you to the sports day committee, staff and parents for making sports day in 2010 a great success! Brett Humphrys PE/Sports Coordinator


Ju ni or Fo cu s

Early Learning Centre

Year 3 Unit of Inquiry

Year 3 Camp at Narnu Farm

The children at the Early Learning Centre love to be involved in lessons with the specialist teachers of St John’s. They borrow books from the library, learn and practice skills in P.E., and enjoy singing and moving to music. We are always amazed at the competency of the children in using the computers in the computer room. Learning through play is always great fun at the ELC.

This term in UOI we have been doing a unit called ‘Things Change’. Our central idea is things change from point of origin to use. We have been looking at raw materials and have worked out that there are seven main ones. These being animals, plants, rocks, fossil fuels, water, air and soil. We have then been looking at objects around us and trying to work out what sort of raw materials they are made from.

On the 29-30 April the two Year 3 classes went on a camp to Narnu Farm. We got there around 11 o’clock on the Thursday morning and went straight in to the activities. We participated in things like ploughing a field (with a big Clydesdale called “Blue”), watching a blacksmith, riding horses, milking a cow, feeding the animals, making butter and riding on an old fashioned truck amongst other things. At night we also watched a movie on a big projector screen together. We would have got plenty of sleep had it not been for the local rooster crowing at about 5.30 in the morning. Overall it was lots of fun and we got to learn lots about how ‘things change’.

Kate Wood ELC Director

20 Highgate Street, Highgate SA 5063 Phone: 8271 4299 Fax: 8373 4504


Daniel Keylock and Jenny Kowald Year 3 Teachers

Daniel Keylock and Jenny Kowald Year 3 Teachers

Year 4 Camp

Year 5 Surfing Camp

The Year 4 classes began the year with a bang by participating in an outdoor education camp at Woodhouse Scout Camp, Piccadilly. The students learnt many new skills involved in living in traditional ways such as how to cook fish in clay, how to make a shelter and how to search for bush tucker that was safe to eat. We were privileged to have Uncle Wally share many of his exciting experiences with us. For some students it was their first school camp and a few anxious moments were had, especially around lights out. However all survived and we were treated to the best camp food any of us could remember.

In March both Year 5 classes enjoyed a fantastic surfing camp for three days at Camp Adare, Victor Harbor. The following reflections have been collected: • I learned that surfing was easy but you get really cold when you get out! • We played ‘Who can find the water?’ and WE WON! • I enjoyed the night walk and the star gazing because we got to use three electronic telescopes with GPS’s. We got to look at Mars and a star called Betelgeuse. • I learned to close my mouth while surfing. Yuck sea water! • I was a thinker when I was all unstable on my surfboard and I was thinking about a different way to stand up. I tried it and it worked! • The food was fabulous – the best camp food ever! (But it’s not better than Mum’s cooking).

Anita Ruggiero Year 4 Teacher

• •

• • •

We had three surfing lessons at Goolwa beach. The hardest part was probably surfing/standing, on the board for more than one second! I really enjoyed doing everything on camp, like all the activities at Greenhills Adventure Park, surfing, star gazing and the movies. Today I stood up on the board once and it was a good feeling! I was a risk taker when I went up to my belly button in the waves and I do not particularly like waves! I had a twelve second stand up time when I surfed! It was challenging but I tried to be confident. I thought the best thing about camp was certainly the food, which was cooked brilliantly.

Thanks to Nathan S, Nicholas L, Isabelle P, Ella S, Lucy W, James F, Hayley B, Karl P, Alex B and Svetlana T. Libby Reu Year 5 Teacher


Con co rd i a O Col dmCo m ul legi ni t ya n s

COCA Current Parent Reception pictured above L-R: Louise Thomas (Staff old collegian), Megan Sweeney, Mignon Borgas, Jane Harman, Nolene Gehling, Peter Waldhuter, Janine Eckermann, David Taylor, Alison Juers, Tick ZweckBehrndt, James Juers, Patricia Lutz (COCA President), Wendy Mainprize, Andrew Waldhuter, Rev. Stephen Pietsch, Tim Fisher (COCA), Jonothan Leske.

COCA Management Committee Patricia Lutz President Mark Christian Vice President Mark Schwarz Treasurer Tim Fischer Annette Gladigau Brian Pagenstecher John Temme Lester Saegenschnitter Principal Wayne Gehling Community Development New members are welcome. Please contact Lesley Reilly if you would like further information.


From the President The excellent attendance at the recent Concordia Old Collegians Annual General Meeting affirmed a strong interest in and commitment to the activities of the old collegians. We welcome new members Annette Gladigau (Class ‘61) and Brian Pagenstecher (Class ’60) to the Management Committee. I would like to thank and acknowledge all those who continue to plan and organise class reunions enabling classmates to keep in touch with each other. Also I thank the members of the Cricket Club and Pedal Prix teams and their families and friends for their support, time and commitment. Passion and commitment has enabled both groups to achieve success in their sport.

COCA Current Parents Reception

Class of 2009 Reunion

In March Concordia in association with COCA held a reception to acknowledge current parents who are also old collegians. A great night was enjoyed by all. A number of old collegians were unable to attend and we also discovered some ‘anomalies’ to our database. If you didn’t receive an invite for 2010, please let us know so we can update our records for next year.

On Tuesday 16 February we welcomed the return of over 80 members of the Class of 2009. A highlight for the group was a tour of Murtoa, as well as the opportunity for a catch up since leaving Concordia last year.

I commend to you the oral history DVD Concordia Seminary which is now available for purchase. Thanks to Benno Schlicker for coordinating and managing the project and the people who contributed in so many ways to make this project a reality. The Concordia Old Collegians Parent Reception was an opportunity for current parents who are old collegians to meet with each other as well as discovering classmates! In touch with the past forming the future! Patricia Lutz President

Class of 2009 reunion

London Reunion


Lester Saegenschnitter met up with a group of old collegians in London recently while on Sabbatical Leave, at a restaurant called ‘About Thyme’ near Victoria Station in London.

A group of approximately 30 enthusiastic old collegians gathered last week for the Annual General Meeting of the association. Acting Principal Mrs Carman relayed to the gathering a report of events and achievements by the School and students over the last year. Old collegians were then delighted to have the opportunity to tour the new Murtoa facility. Reports on the work of the COCA Committee, Old Collegians Cricket and Pedal Prix clubs were also received. The support of the old collegians is much appreciated as they continue to build and foster relationships within our past student community.

Pictured from front of table to back: Jeremy and Elise (nee Wessling) Campbell-Hand (‘95), Bev and Lester Saegenschnitter, Karin Baudinette (nee Temme ‘95) and her partner Viktor, Serena Williams (‘81) and her partner Jon Richards.

Old Collegians Cricket Club President’s Report 2009-2010 What a season for the Concordia Old Collegians Cricket Club culminating with the A grade winning the ATCA A3 premiership, and the LOD grade making the semi finals. This season has seen the continued growth and development of our great club. We have seen many new players (old collegians and friends) join the club. Special welcome to our new old collegians Tynan Barwick, Ash Goodall, Sam Bushaway, Andrew Clarkson and Michael O’Sullivan. This link with the school is crucial for our ongoing success and ties with the College. Importantly, players who have played with the club for several years continue to support the club - your enthusiasm, ongoing commitment, friendship and membership has been most appreciated. On field it was most pleasing to see some excellent competition, solid individual and team performances, enjoyable games of cricket and positive relationships with competing clubs. We have an excellent reason to celebrate the success of the club on field this year, highlighted by the A grade going onto win the A3 flag and our one day team

(LOD) making the semi finals. It was only our second club premiership in the last 11 years since the club reformed. We were most fortunate to have the experience and services of club coaches Andrew Dunn and Peter Fryer and we look forward to their future support and mentoring of our players next season. We are truly blessed to have excellent facilities for home games at Concordia. Our new oval ‘Schmidt Oval’ was used for the first time this season. This has been a dream to many and we were very pleased to have our C and LOD grades playing home games in the South parklands. I would like to thank the Club Executive for naming the oval in my name - something that means much to me and my family. The ongoing support from our supporters and sponsors is most valuable. I would like to particularly thank our major sponsors - Concordia College and the Earl of Leicester Hotel. Whistler Wines have supported the club for the fifth season. Thanks as well to Club legend Peter Brookes who has supported the club again through Metropolitan Fresh Fruiterers, Unley Shopping Centre. Matt Schmidt, President, Concordia Old Collegians Cricket Club

60+ Lunch 2010 Tuesday 17 August 2010 12 noon The Suaviter, Concordia College Invitations will be posted in July

A grade premiers 2009-10


Con co rd i a O l d Co l legi a n s

Class of 1985 Reunion

1954 DVD Earlier this year, a professionally produced 1954 promotional film was converted to DVD. If you would like to purchase copies of this DVD at a cost of $10 plus postage please contact the COCA Office at coca@

Concordia Seminary Building DVD Oral history DVD produced by Benno Schlicker and Concordia College. Now available for $20 plus postage please contact the COCA Office at coca@

Class of 1995 Reunion

Reunions 2010 Class of 1979 Fourteen old collegians from the Class of ‘79 met in Hazelwood Park on 28 December, 2009. Many of us had not seen each other for 20 years but the faces had not changed that much! It was great to catch up with what people were now doing and also to meet some of our partners and children. We were especially grateful that two friends travelled from interstate for the reunion. We had a fantastic, fun time getting reacquainted and hope to have another reunion soon (and not let 20 years lapse in between this time!). Any Class of ‘79 old scholars who couldn’t make it this time, please contact Janet Kuhlmann (nee Schubert) with your details so that we can see you at the next one! (email:

Class of 1985 The class of 1985 held a reunion on 2 January 2010 at Tapas on Hindley Street. Approximately 30 people attended (with around 10 apologies), and everybody had a great time catching up with old friends and hearing all their news. We had school mates travel from all over Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Queensland and Darwin, and others from regional South Australia. Thanks to everybody who came along and made it a great night. Everybody agreed that 15 years was far too long between reunions!


Class of 1979 Reunion

Class of 1995 It was a small but lively group from the Class of ’95 that met up for a tour of the College on Saturday 23 January. For some of us, the last time we stepped foot on the school grounds was the day we left 15 years ago! Boy, how things have changed since then. The complete transformation of the old canteen and dining hall into the new library was amazing. What a fantastic facility. We were also blown away by the new buildings including the gym (which probably isn’t so new anymore), the new Home Economics area and the extension to the music centre. While it was great to see the changes to the College, it was the countless memories the old buildings provided

that were most enjoyable: burning the ceiling in the science lab (of which the evidence is still there), doing exams in the Maths centre, cavorting in the quadrangle at lunch time, and cruising the halls of the English department. Of particular fascination was the staff photo in the Staff Room. It was great to see some familiar faces and to hear many stories about certain teachers! In fact, walking around the college and having all these memories flooding back, it doesn’t feel like we’ve been gone for long at all! A special thank you goes to Wayne Gehling for giving up his precious weekend to show us around. After our tour the group then celebrated at the Edinburgh Hotel.

Heritage Centre Time capsule When Murtoa was opened on 1 March, a time capsule was buried deep in a garden bed close to the building. Year 7 students from 2009 and 2010 contributed to the contents by describing their lives and interests in words and pictures. These were placed in an archival folder designed to preserve the contents for many decades. Together with copies of newspapers, coins and various current college documents, these were inserted in a time capsule constructed from a PVC pipe. Just when the capsule will be unearthed and opened has not yet been decided, but it will be several decades. War cry I was delighted by the helpful responses to my request for the text of the 1950s-1960s sports day war cry. Thank you to Allissande and Peter Eckermann (both 1956) Joy Pollnitz (Klante 1956) Brenton Smith (1959), Margaret Koch (Jericho 1961) and John Marks ( 1954). It appears that a couple of different versions evolved over the years, and the spelling certainly saw some variations. This is the submission by Allissande and Peter Eckermann. Oompah Oompah Yaccy Yaccy Oompah Bloomilla Bloomilla Yar Yar Yar CeeCee Yar CeeCee Yar Annaguy, Poppaguy, Ura anna annaguy Coolangatta Wangaratta Cadibarrawirracanna We’re the boys to make them scatter Students from Concordia! John Marks supplied the information that ‘Cadibarrawirracanna’ is the name of a salt lake in central South Australia, and that it is the longest official place name in South Australia. It means ‘stars dancing on water’. Margaret Koch adds that the girls were encouraged to be young ladies and to generally avoid joining in any public performance of the war cry. The Intercollegiate Sports Day at Adelaide

Oval was an exception, but even then, the girls were under strict instructions to keep their hats firmly on their heads at the end of the rendition. Donations I would like to thank the following people for passing on items of interest to the archives. • Beryl Winkler (widow of Arthur Winkler (1931)) for the frock coat worn in class by Professor Winkler, and also for books • Dawn Ehrke (Dutschke 1959) for sports trophies and certificates • Emily Newcombe (2002) for a unique photo mirror featuring students of her Year 12 class. This is now hanging in the historical room • Lois Christiansen (Mattiske 1949) and Naomi Hoff (1936) for books • Esmond Hoepner (1947) for a photograph album • Coral Eggers (Schirmer 1954) for a school tunic, prefect badge, text books and subject workbooks • Patricia Bland, grandmother of Ellen McEwen (7MP), for an autograph album which belonged to Percy Borgas (1930).The entries include imaginative artwork, calligraphy and verse in English, German, Latin and Greek, all by prominent Concordians of the 1930s. It was bought at a local garage sale! I am particularly interested in acquiring prospectuses, school reports, and student workbooks. These are of great value to current students researching aspects of college history. Ongoing projects There are many old collegians and former staff who are published authors, and I would like to build up a collection of their books. Please contact me with the names of any you know of, even if you cannot supply all the details of what they have written. I am also compiling a list of indigenous old collegians. School records from the past did not make particular mention of aboriginal background, so I need assistance in identifying these students.

I believe it is important to acknowledge their contribution to the Concordia community. Year 7s One of this year’s highlights has been working with both Year 7 classes. After explaining the purpose of our heritage centre and what they can expect to find in it, I showed them photos of the Concordia campus, classrooms and students from Murtoa to the present day. Once they had decided on topics to research in pairs, students visited the archives. Some of their choices were: rules and punishment; successful or famous old collegians; drama and musicals; school subjects; buildings; clubs; gardens; sports and sports day. The classes made good use of Brown and Gold and Review magazines, Concordia,100 years: Murtoa to Adelaide: a History of Concordia College (1990) and Sport: a Way of Life (2006). Memories Some of the Year 7 students interviewed parents, grandparents and other relatives who are old collegians. There is so much information about Concordia’s history which cannot be found in archives, but needs the knowledge and memories of past students. Your recollections and your personal experiences are of great value to present day Concordia students. Please let me know if you are prepared to share your memories in an informal way. It need not be face to face, but can be arranged to take place by phone – or you may prefer to answer questions in writing. Volunteers Our archives has many thousands of unsorted photos, many of them unidentified. I really appreciate the work of Janine Eckermann and Sarah Bengtsson, both parents of current students, in helping me organize this valuable section of our archival collection. Jenni van Wageningen Archivist


Con co rd i a O l d Co l legi a n s

Kate & Damon Linnell

Catherine & Darren Heuzenroeder son Daniel with big brothers Jamie and William.


Samantha Kahl-Smith (80) and Justin Kahl, a son William John, brother to Caleb and Henry on 4.3.10

Kate Pappin (02) to Damon Linnell on 4.12.09 Tim & Rebekah Reilly

Tim Reilly (99) to Rebekah Mutton on 20.3.10 Susan Harch (02) to Brad Chapman on 15.5.10

Births Jason (93) and Melanie (Altmann 93) Schwarz, a son Zack Jason, brother to Ryan on 3.10.09 Joanne (Fell 93) and David Williams, a daughter Kayla Ann on 19.11.09 Paul Gilliver (83) and Michelle, a daughter Tahlia Maree, sister to Bradley, Lakara and Kailyn on 1.12.09

Susan & Brad Chapman Melissa Chapman, Laura Condon (02), Chris Lancaster, Caroline Harch, Susan Chapman (Harch 02), Brad Chapman, Warren Harch, Jean Harch (01), Henry Harch (07), Rachel Harch (04)

Engagements Rachel Ewer (03) to Mark Reynolds on 9.1.10 in Paris


Josie (Kempe 86) and Simon Wundersitz (91), a daughter Emilie May, sister to Grace on 7.12.09 Rebeka (Klingner 01)Â and Stephen Bell (02) a daughter Emelia Grace (Millie), sister to Tia on 9.12.09

Bruce Godsmark (84) and Jane, a son William Leonard, brother to Olivia on 24.3.10 Luke Dix (99) and Crystel, a son Lachlan James on 7.4.10 Luke Hornhardt (94) and Tanis, a son Kolten Andrew, brother for Ryden on 15.4.10 in Canada Matthew Turner (85) and Megan, a daughter Addison Hope, sister for Mackenzie on 4.6.10

Deaths Harold Karl Meier (36) in November 2009 Agnes Ruth (Winkler-35) Nagorcka on 10.3.10 Anna Mathilda (Lochert 36) Germein on 13.3.10 Ruth Elsie (Schultz 36) Geue on 23.5.10 Colin Albert Temme (41) on 24.5.10

Ilona (Duncis 98) and Tom Atterton, a daughter Jacinta Grace, sister to Eloise on 17.12.09

Paul Edelbert (Bert) Moller (25) on 29.5.10 at the grand age of 101. Until his death Bert was our oldest old collegian.

Kane Hornhardt (96) and Courtney, a son Kaslo Bry on 3.2.10

Bertha Dorothea (Schurmann 36) Thiele on 14.6.10

Craig Keil (91) to Megan McLeod on 16.1.10

Catherine (Morgan 95) and Darren Heuzenroeder, a son Daniel Charlie, brother to Jamie and William on 18.2.10

Anton Nortkus (07) to Olivia Smith on 24.4.10

Skye Newton (97) and Chris Guntner, a daughter Jasmine Elise on 23.2.10

Special Birthdays Congratulations to Percy Schwarz (28) who celebrated his 95th birthday on 24.5.10.

Snippets Snippets Snippets  Nick (82) and Sonja Heyne (van Wageningen 82), together with their three children, set out in April on a four-month camper trailer holiday to Alice Springs, Darwin and then through Western Australia. In May they met up with Sonja’s parents, Brian alias Ysbrand (57) and Jenni van Wageningen (Concordia College archivist) in Litchfield National Park, and also stayed with Nick’s cousin Nathan Zweck (72) and his wife in Darwin. They also caught up with Andrew Schubert (83) and Pastor Rob Borgas (75) while in Alice Springs. In the next issue we will include a report and photos of their adventures. *** Cameron Bayly (08) is on a six-month contract with DGR Cycling in Belgium. He is currently living in Antwerp and training about 150 to 180 km per day! In his second European race Cameron came in 14th out of 200 riders including pro continental teams in the breakaway and was the 5th U23 rider across the line. To keep up-to-date with Cameron’s progress in Europe log on to his website  *** After graduating with a Bachelor of Music (Jazz) in 2000 and First Class Honours in Jazz Performance in 2001 Jo Lawry (95) left for New York in 2003. She has since completed a Masters Degree in Music and is currently studying for a Doctor of Musical Arts at the New England Conservatory. She is also artist in residence at the Australian Embassy in Washington. Jo wrote and recorded her first CD, I Want to Be Happy in 2008 (named by Downbeat Magazine as among the best CDs of the decade) and is looking forward to recording a second album. In 2009 Jo worked with Sting on his latest release If On A Winters Night and is touring with him in June and July this year throughout North America and Europe. She returned to Australia in May to perform at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. You can follow Jo’s career on her website ***

Congratulations to Metropolitan Fresh Fruiterers at Unley who won a 2010 Messenger Small Business Award. The owners, Peter Brookes (76) and his wife Liz, are also parents of Concordia students Chloe 7MG, Joshua 11GR and daughter Morgan who completed Year 12 last year. *** Nadine (Buxton 57) Williams former journalist at The Advertiser, has launched a website for Australians aged 50 and over. As well as highlighting the three new Rs – Relationships, Retiring Well and Relaxation - the website will feature lifestyle hints, culture, cuisine, travel and a touch of Frenchness. Nadine says she “borrowed the schooldays catchcry ‘three Rs’ to reflect how we need to learn skills to retire well and with grace, elegance and style”. She “wants to capture the gamut of life beyond 50 with all its challenges and changes and achievements”. In June 2007 Nadine spoke at the 80th anniversary of girls’ education at Concordia College, and in September 2007 she launched her best-selling memoir, From France With Love. An excited Nadine has just sold the film option for From France With Love to young Adelaide film-maker Peta Astbury, and is eagerly awaiting to see if Peta can secure funding for the film. From France With Love has gone into reprint and in May last year was launched in the Czech language which makes Nadine an international author. Nadine’s website can be found at www. ***

Peta Astbury and Nadine Williams

Metropolitan Fresh Fruiterers, 2010 Messenger Small Business Award winners.

Concordia congratulates Ms Mary Burce Warlick (class 70) who was sworn into office on January 19, 2010 as the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Serbia. Ambassador Warlick served as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy and Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Policy until May 2009. She served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russia at the National Security Council from 2007 to 2008 and as Director of the State Department’s Office of Russian Affairs from 2004 to 2007. Ambassador Warlick holds a B.A. from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana and an M.A. from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. In 2006, she received the Secretary of State’s Award for Public Outreach. She is married to James B. Warlick, the U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria. They have three children. During her time at Concordia College she served the College as Vice-President Interact 1972, Headed up Forum 1973, was one of four school representatives in Forum 1974, President of Interact 1974 and a member of the Promotion Tour Squad 1974. She was a chapel organist, part of the recorder group, sang in the choir and completed Grade 6 piano in 1972. ***

Ms Mary Burce Warlick


Con co rd i a O Col dmCo m ul legi ni t ya n s – N o tes & D ates

Missing Students If you know the whereabouts of any of these past students could you please consider contacting them and request that they contact us on 08 8272 0444 or email coca@concordia. with their details so that we can keep in touch. As both of these classes will be celebrating significant reunions next year, we would like to be able to send invitations to these people.

Class of 1961 Jennifer (Byerlee) Jeisman, Pauline Edwards, Gloria (Heitmann) Cook, Virginia (Hoffrichter) North, Dorne (Koehne) Sutton, Pauline Kupke, Yvonne (Lawrie) Calderwood, Judith (Lehmann) Gasparatos, Susan (Leske) Carter, Lorraine (Mattschoss) Manno, Helen (Nagel) Ozolins, Jennifer (Roy) Linsenmeier, Lois Wegener, Elaine (Zacher) Johinke, Robert Dutton, Neil Eckermann, Richard Eckermann, Robert Gersch, Ian Hamdorf, Brian Hannaford, Barrie Leaney, Ian Marschall, Barry Nagorcka, Ronald Nagorcka, Peter Niemz, Paul Paech, Ross Promnitz, John Rathjen, Daryll Reichelt, Robin Schultz, Gary Semmler, Deane Sweeney, Rex Ware, Christopher Wilhelm, Michael Zielinski

Class of 1971 Raelene (Rothe) Barolo, Richard Borgas, Angela (Weckert) Bowmer, Kathleen Broughton, Mark Buik, Kathleen (Wagenaar) Calvert, Karen (Schuller) Carroll, Betty Carter, William Clancy, Kerryn (Chapman) Coffrant, Geoffrey Davis, Anna-Maria (Nelson) Dykman, Coralie (Hentschke) Gerhardy, Mary-Anne (Fiebig) Grope, David Guidera, Gavin Guidera, Graeme Hastwell, Daryl Heinrich, Gillian (Borgas) Hoffrichter, Carolyn (Gallasch) Hull, Jane (Hardy) Kapociunas, Sylvia (Nielsen) Kelsh, Selwyn Kloeden, Ian Kluge, Colin Koch, Christopher Larkin, Debra (Zweck) Linke, Jeffrey MacFarlane, John Matheson, Paul Mattner, David McLean, Merry (Ehnert) Mund, Philip Nagel, Andrea Nelson, Garry Nembach, Tim Nitschke, Mariann O’Brien, Julie (Kruger) Pfeiffer, Wendy Pfeiffer, Simon Phillips, Christine (Mohr) Rathweg, Karen (Uebergang) Russ, Matthew Sanders, Stephen Schlenk, Leonie Scholz, Lorraine (Haseldine) Seidel, Lois (Clashohm) Shambrook, David Sheen, John Sherwell, David Sinden, Joan (Modra) Smith, Peter Stoll, Christine (Linke) Stott, Lynette Thomas

Riverland Reunion 2010 Sunday 31 October, 12.30pm Renmark Country Club Old collegians, friends and partners welcome!

West Coast Reunion Saturday 7 August, 6pm Ceduna Foreshore Hotel, Motel 32 O’Loughlin Terrace, Ceduna 08 8625 2008 6.00pm for pre dinner drinks 6.45pm dinner Cost: $27.00 Sunday 8 August, 10.30am Community Worship St Pauls Lutheran Church East Terrace, Ceduna followed by community lunch Registration & payments to Concordia College

Class of 1950 Glenelg Golf Club James Melrose Road, Novar Gardens Sunday 15 August 2010 12 noon for a 12.30pm luncheon in the Bistro Please contact Melva Schumacher on 8277 2070 for further details.

Class of 1980 30-year Reunion Saturday 23 October 2010 In Adelaide at a local venue including a tour of the College. Invitations will be sent at a later date

We would like to encourage the following years to have a reunion in 2010

1955, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1995, 2000, 2005

45 Cheltenham Street Highgate SA 5063 Phone: (08) 8272 0444 Email: Web: CRICOS 00360J Design by Maree Waldhuter, Concordia College and Printed by Openbook/Howden Printers

Class reunions are a great opportunity for bringing past students of all ages together to reminisce about the old times and catch up with the new times at Concordia College. The COCA office at Concordia College is able to assist you with the planning of your reunion. If you would like to help organise your class reunion please contact Concordia College for more details. Contact: 8272 0444 or

Concordia Community June 2010  

Concordia College Adelaide Community Magazine for June 2010

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