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Ben Larsen

Robotics as a Way of Life his spring, a FIRST robotics team from Lexington, Mass., fulfilled a dream many of its members have had since they were nine years old: The Brainstormers made it to Worlds. CA students — Ben Larsen ’17, Dan Broun ’17, Ethan Oliver ’17, Mark Morton ’18, and August Pokorak ’19 — filled out nearly half of the 12-person roster. “It was amazing to see teams from all over the country and the world,” Ben said about the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in St. Louis. “It was electric with energy, the kind you only get when a lot of nerds who are passionate about the same thing get together in one space.”

Mission-Based Books


ooking for book suggestions? Each spring, faculty and staff are asked to add at least one volume to their summer pile of books and articles. This approach to the faculty-staff reading program creates opportunities for faculty and staff to engage with one another around common themes before the start of school. Again this year, selected books aligned with the three guiding principles of Concord Academy’s mission.

Few independent teams excel as the Brainstormers have. They have to put in extra work to compete against school-sponsored teams, which receive school time and funding. These students raise funds themselves. The captain’s mom coaches, and they operate out of her house. They’re always preparing for the next competition, using “agile design”— completing full builds of a robot, keeping what they like, then stripping down the rest, iterating in six-week cycles. They’re also judged on outreach. This year, the team visited several Boston inner-city schools to distribute paper electronics kits that use simple tools such as copper tape, nickel batteries,

LOVE OF LEARNING Students and teachers work together as a community of learners dedicated to intellectual rigor and creative endeavor. In a caring and challenging atmosphere, students discover and develop talents as scholars, artists, and athletes and are encouraged to find their voices.

Overloaded and Underprepared: Strategies for Stronger Schools and Healthy, Successful Kids Denise Pope, Maureen Brown, and Sarah Miles

The Brainstormers FIRST robotics team

and LED lights to help kids understand how circuits work. While it’s not a school team, “everyone at CA is really supportive of our work,” Ben

says. “There aren’t many schools where it would be possible to source so much talent and enthusiasm from the community.”



Common trust challenges students to balance individual freedom with responsibility and service to a larger community. Such learning prepares students for lives as committed citizens. Between the World and Me Ta-Nehisi Coates

The school is committed to embracing and broadening the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and talents of its people. This diversity fosters respect for others and genuine exchange of ideas. Originals: How Non‑Conformists Move the World Adam Grant


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CA Magazine Fall 2016 Issue  

The fall 2016 issue of Concord Academy magazine features stories about CA Labs and commercial drones, as well as a preview of an innovative...

CA Magazine Fall 2016 Issue  

The fall 2016 issue of Concord Academy magazine features stories about CA Labs and commercial drones, as well as a preview of an innovative...