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Mining through a wealth of data on issues relating to the well-being of children across the globe, Heymann presents critical findings on how improvements in legislation and public policies over the past decades have given the world’s poorest people increased access to health care, education, and employment. Despite significant gains, more advances are needed to level existing inequities. The charge now is for world leaders and citizens alike to take further action in both political and social spheres to ensure all children the equal opportunity to move beyond survival and instead live healthy and productive lives.

Adam Ford ’83 Molly Rides H Bar Press, 2014 When young Molly takes a tumble on a challenging slope, she comes out intact, but her trusty skis need some extended time in the repair shop. Can this expert skier bring herself to try snowboarding in the interim? Following some embarrassing moments on her behind, Molly soon discovers the joys of carving her way down the hills of Vermont. Relayed in gentle rhymes, this cheerfully illustrated picture book is sure to be a read-aloud favorite for snow-loving readers.

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Jody Heymann ’77 with Kristen McNeill Children’s Chances: How Countries Can Move from Surviving to Thriving Harvard University Press, 2013

CA Magazine Spring 2014 Issue  
CA Magazine Spring 2014 Issue