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âä Green Street Smoked Meats

delicious beignets with espresso butterscotch at the Carriage House (p.42). RIVER NORTH Wet your lips with the The Berkshire Room’s (p.45) Workers on the Track Ahead consisting of rye, yellow chartreuse, dry curacao, and orange oil, and start out with their duck confit and sweet potato croquettes. Head to Europe at the Bohemian House (p.42) with the roasted duck leg with apples, turnips, cider, smoked hazelnuts, and sweet and sour cabbage. It’ll be difficult to pick one dessert at Beatrix (p.42) but you can’t go wrong with their caramel pie. WEST LOOP The Family Ties consisting of Bacardi gold, amaro abano, clove, and hand-pressed lime at The Allis (p.42) will surely open your appetite along with their Scotch eggs. After that you can pretty much gorge yourself with brisket, pulled pork, pork belly, and pork ribs at Green Street Smoked Meats (p.42). If for some reason you still have some space for dessert then you must try the seasonal gelatos and tarts at RM Champagne Salon (p.42).

ä Carriage House

ä RM Champagne Salon

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