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Sassoon Yesterday Today & Forever!

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I checked in to the press room at the America’s Beauty show and was handed 2 tickets to see the documentary on Videl Sassoon that evening. After covering the show at McCormick Place I rushed to the Cadillac Theater to capture the visiting legend on the red carpet. I had walked from the Palmer House home of the drop off bus and was not able to arrive on time. I was so disappointed! I joined my husband, Chakib in the reception area and took a few pictures of the friends and families and dragged my chin when, as I turned around there He was with his lovely wife Ronnie. My camera flew straight up and over any mountain in front of me and I caught his eye, snapped a picture and blew a kiss. The twinkle was still there! As a retired hairdresser I was elated, as a reporter and photographer for Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago I was star struck. This icon of the hair industry whisked me away, if for only a moment, to yesterday when with scissors in hand I was the designer, psychologist, friend and foe if you moved.

The future of Hair care!

Hair Designing with the Bold and the Daring!

Vidal Sassoon, his wife Ronnie and friends at the Cadillac Theatre for Videl Sassoon: The Movie

I knew these ladies were hairdressers! ~Weston Hotel

McCormick Place Convention Center

A teen’s perspective on the care and upkeep of tresses!

If you need it, it is here, if you want it they can help you justify it!

Unique visions of beauty and how to achieve it, clearly a hands on team with a defined approach to their system.

My new friend Erin Jenner from Ann Arbor teaching me as we designed new nails on my worn out ones.

Mary Jadrich, teaching how to do Beautiful Braids – Advanced Braiding.

Red Silk Carpet  

American Beauty Show 2011

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