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Making Memories

At sea, on land and above the clouds, the new season brings plenty of opportunities for unforgettable experiences with Platinum Heritage

Up in the Air

As the summer months draw to a close and temperatures begin to drop, it signals the start of a brand new season of tours with Balloon Adventures. So, if you’ve had a balloon ride on your bucket list for a while, now is the perfect time to go. The hot air balloon company, which has been organising balloon tours in the UAE since 2005, offers a unique aerial adventure quite unlike anything else in the world. Imagine floating more than 3,000 feet above the Dubai desert, spotting herds of gazelles and Arabian oryx grazing below you, while trained peregrine falcons swoop alongside your balloon.

It sounds like something out of a film, but this unforgettable experience is one that Balloon Adventures really offers. You’ll see the landscape transform below as the sun rises above the Hajar Mountains and lights up the golden dunes. After your early morning spent in the air, you’ll come back down to earth for a drive in a 1950’s vintage Land Rover to an authentic Bedouin camp. There, you’ll have a chance to freshen up before settling down to a feast of breakfast delicacies including eggs Benedict, smoked salmon and caviar – the perfect end to a memorable morning.

ballooning.ae04 4409827 | AED1,195 per person

Water World

Few things can compare to the exhilaration of being out at sea and captaining your own boat. Fortunately, with Hero OdySEA’s self-drive boat tours, you don’t even need a licence to do so. The 75-minute self-drive experience – the only one of its kind in Dubai – is a thrilling way to navigate the water. Available as single rider or double rider boats, Hero boats are safer than jet skis but no less exciting: it’s possible to reach speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour. During the experience, you’ll take in some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks, including Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the archipelago of islands known as The World Islands, and the ever-popular Kite Beach. The Hero OdySEA self-drive tours are run daily and are timed to coincide with Dubai’s famously beautiful sunsets, so be ready for plenty of photo opportunities. Afterwards, you’ll return to the marina for delicious local seafood.

hero-dubai.com | 04 4409807 | AED590 (single rider), AED690 (double rider)

A Feast of Flavours

There is perhaps no better way to experience a different culture than by sharing in its cuisine, which is what makes the Emirati Cuisine Summer Desert Safari from Platinum Heritage so special. Guests are given the opportunity to try traditional Emirati dishes in the authentic ambience of a real Bedouin camp.

You’ll arrive at the camp in a 1950’s vintage Land Rover through the desert landscape of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, spotting local wildlife as you go and stopping for a sunset falcon show. Once you reach the Bedouin camp, it’s time to settle down in the comfortable seating area and be treated to all sorts of local delicacies cooked by chefs on site. Local guides will also take you through a tasting session for three special dishes: oysters, desert truffles and local cheeses. Believe it or not, oysters have been a go-to delicacy in the region for many years (the UAE has a strong history of pearling), and during the tasting session, they can be enjoyed raw or grilled.

Learn what makes the desert truffles of the UAE so different from their European counterparts, and also get the chance to sample sheep’s milk cheese and authentic, locally made halloumi (a form of cheese made from goat’s milk). After dinner, enjoy a range of traditional activities, from camel rides to Arabic coffee making to henna tattoos. Otherwise, simply relax and chat with your hosts over some shisha while gazing up at the stars.

You'll arrive at the 1950's vintage Land Rover