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The Final Countdown with Retro (The World始s Not Free, Not Yet) written and illustrated by Con Chrisoulis this song features two audio performances*

*this song features two audio performances of the same song, which will play one after the other, the first one being my favourite rendition, featuring a pre-Autodivine band plus the song始s co-writer on bass, and the second the 驶official始 EP multi-tracked/overdubbed version. lyrics written by Con Chrisoulis music written by Con Chrisoulis and Vasilis Lolos ___________________ Performance 1:

Performance 2:

live by pre-Autodivine band @Studio II, Exarchia, Athens, Greece 10 May 2005 Con: vocals/guitar Manos: the drums Vasilis Lolos: the bass guitar Vasilis N.: guitar performed by Autodivine for their self-titled 2009 EP (released by Jemma Press) Alexander: the drums Con: vocals/guitar Vasilis N.: guitar Vicky: the bass guitar

The multi-tracked version of this song was featured on the 6-track Autodivine EP, published by Jemma Press in Athens, Greece ISBN: 978-960-6732-38-6 The EP was illustrated and designed by Con Chrisoulis and featured three tracks from the ‘IntroSpective Fusion & the Syndicate Revolution’ concept album and three ‘Urban Anthems’. You can order the Autodivine EP directly from Jemma Press:

FACT: Comicbook creator Vasilis Lolos wrote the bridge and the bass parts to this song during one of the early sessions in Con’s tiny apartment; he and Con rehearsed the original songs written for the concept album, way before a band was even formed and finalized many arrangements together. Check out Vasilis’ comics stuff at: and

The Final Countdown with Retro (The World's Not Free, Not Yet)  

The twelfth track of the concept album "IntroSpective Fusion and the Syndicate Revolution" written and composed by Con Chrisoulis. This son...

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