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The Final Countdown with Retro (The World始s Not Free, Not Yet) written and illustrated by Con Chrisoulis this song features two audio performances*

*this song features two audio performances of the same song, which will play one after the other, the first one being my favourite rendition, featuring a pre-Autodivine band plus the song始s co-writer on bass, and the second the 驶official始 EP multi-tracked/overdubbed version. lyrics written by Con Chrisoulis music written by Con Chrisoulis and Vasilis Lolos ___________________ Performance 1:

Performance 2:

live by pre-Autodivine band @Studio II, Exarchia, Athens, Greece 10 May 2005 Con: vocals/guitar Manos: the drums Vasilis Lolos: the bass guitar Vasilis N.: guitar performed by Autodivine for their self-titled 2009 EP (released by Jemma Press) Alexander: the drums Con: vocals/guitar Vasilis N.: guitar Vicky: the bass guitar

The multi-tracked version of this song was featured on the 6-track Autodivine EP, published by Jemma Press in Athens, Greece ISBN: 978-960-6732-38-6 The EP was illustrated and designed by Con Chrisoulis and featured three tracks from the ‘IntroSpective Fusion & the Syndicate Revolution’ concept album and three ‘Urban Anthems’. You can order the Autodivine EP directly from Jemma Press:

FACT: Comicbook creator Vasilis Lolos wrote the bridge and the bass parts to this song during one of the early sessions in Con’s tiny apartment; he and Con rehearsed the original songs written for the concept album, way before a band was even formed and finalized many arrangements together. Check out Vasilis’ comics stuff at: and

The Final Countdown with Retro (The World's Not Free, Not Yet)