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The Ballad of Retro Spective Illusion written and illustrated by Con Chrisoulis

lyrics written by Con Chrisoulis music written by Vasilis Ntzounis audio track performed by Autodivine for their self-titled 2009 EP (released by Jemma Press) Alexander: the drums/backing vocals Con: guitar/backing vocals Vasilis N.: vocals/guitar Vicky: the bass guitar

This track was also featured on the 6-track Autodivine EP, published by Jemma Press in Athens, Greece ISBN: 978-960-6732-38-6 The EP was illustrated and designed by Con Chrisoulis and featured three tracks from the ‘IntroSpective Fusion & the Syndicate Revolution’ concept album and three ‘Urban Anthems’. You can order the Autodivine EP directly from Jemma Press:

FACT: Although the lyrics to The Ballad of Retro Spective Illusion were written by Con, it remains the only song on the concept album that he didn’t write the music to (other than The Final Countdown which he co-wrote with Vasilis Lolos).

The Ballad of Retro Spective Illusion  

The eighth track of the concept album "IntroSpective Fusion and the Syndicate Revolution" written and composed by Con Chrisoulis. This song...