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Tarantula始s in black leather outfit This is my effort to give my character, Tarantula, a Batman (circa 始89 Tim Burton movie) feel. With Wolverine claws. And lots of arrows. Including an oxygen mask.

Tarantula始s pad Batcave, you say? Meh! Tarantula had Tara-Isle, man! And the Tara-Tank that spat the Tara-Glider and the Tara-Mobile! Beat that Alfred!

Tarantula始s gear and the secret image Now, look into the pencilled background! Tarantula, in his army fatigues, is shooting straight at an enemy tank using his custom m*therf*ckin始 three barrel shotgun! How badass is that? Has that sissy Bruce Wayne got that kinda gear?

Drawing of an Elvis On Tour poster in my bedroom Yeah, even in the midst of those metalridden mullethaired days, I still had a soft spot for Elvis, which began in my early childhood. That portrait over the drawers is the cover to his 1960 gospel LP His Hand in Mine (shown here on the right)! My dad had also bought the Elvis in Hollywood collection, when the King died in 始77 and we played that non-stop; my mum始s brother, who also lived in Australia, had a huge Elvis LP collection and I remember him having an enormous framed photo of Elvis in his glorious Hawaii garb in his room, so I suppose he cheered that on too when we were young.

Batman (Tim Burton始s 1989 movie version) A Hero in Black. I suppose this wasn始t a bad portrait for an 12 year old (although his right hand始s thumb is allover the place-- maybe he始s doing an Aaay ala Fonz)!

Conan and Red Sonja The original barbarian kicking some Corinthian ass (between him and his girlfriend there must be something like 60 abdominal muscles)...

Ghostbusters II scene I loved this film. I was sporting a Ghostbusters II sleeveless shirt for a year back in 始89! ha! I also saw this at the West Coburg Progress cinema, and they played Julien Temple始s Earth Girls Are Easy as a b-film. How cool is that?

Another page of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way sketches Back in those prehistoric days this was the onIy tutorial available, so I borrowed Stan Lee and John Buscema始s How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (1978) on and on again from the Coburg Library and I tried to follow a lot of the lessons, but they were too advanced for my young age! I think I got the hang on perspective when I was about 17 or so.

Bob Hawke, the Riddler, the Joker and the Penguin For some reason I always used to draw tiny Bob Hawke (then Australian Prime Minister) caricatures all over the place (sometimes with snot coming out of his nose like when he denounced the Tiananmen Square massacre)! O_o The rest are my efforts to guess what the next movieʼs Batman villain is gonna look like. The Riddler is obviously based on the ʻ60s TV version and the middle Joker is an apparent swipe, possibly from a Neal Adams cover, from the Tales of the Dark Knight: Batmanʼs First Fifty Years 1939-1989 book that I borrowed -constantly- from the Coburg Library. The Joker underneath is my rendition of Jack Nicholsonʼs Joker, and the Penguin is, well, how everyone imagined that the Penguin looked like before Danny De Vitoʼs 1992 Batman Returns version/revision!

Batman: The Cult logo and ʻ60s TV series Batman I loved the logo of the Batman: The Cult mini-series (by Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson), so much so that I emulated the wooden letter effect all the time! The Batman figure is again based on the Adam West ʻ60s TV version, which I thought at the time as the ʻreal dealʼ! Heʼs even got the ʻ60s Bat-Mobile and BatPlane in the background waiting for him to go on his next adventure and use his Shark-Repellent Bat-Spray (geek reference, youtube it!

Sketchbook (1989-1990) Part 2 by Con Chrisoulis  
Sketchbook (1989-1990) Part 2 by Con Chrisoulis  

A sketchbook that I kept in Australia from 1989 to early 1990. Basically, all the comics/cartoon related stuff that I was in at the time!