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‘The hardest thing about working with clocks is getting them to run on time.’

‘Bear in mind that they are old, worn and on top of that there are existing design defects.’

‘You get a sense of achievement out of it. Especially if you can get it to work.’

‘What got me into clocks? Well a fasciniation of mechanical things. It works without you doing anything. You just wind it up and it goes.’

‘The same fascination drives me today. I do it for the sheer hell of it.’

‘You’ve got a source of power, whether its a main spring or a weight.’

‘That is transmitted through a series of gears and into what is called an escapement.’

‘It regualtes the speen in which the power is used, it is through that regualtion that the clock gets its time keeping ability.’

‘Not many people do it any more, everything is electric now. I’m keeping hold of a skill that is on its way out. Like so many others...’

Fifty Years of Clockwork by Patrick Colgan  

Fifty Years of Clockwork by Patrick Colgan

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