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issue 20 路 2007 issue 31

Oreo wins cutest dog contest Dr. Canino shares his experiences as a veterinarian

Pictures of Faculty Members and their pets Inside Get pet care tips and see the latest pet fashions

letters TO Cm

Winner Oreo owned by Gaby Gabino

Pet Bio


I don’t know where or when Oreo was born. I adopted her on April 25, 2009 at Miami Dade Animal Services. When I first saw Oreo, I loved her spots. She looked like a cuddly stuffed animal, but she barked. When I tried to pet her, she nibbled my finger. I knew she had to be my puppy. Oreo is very playful. She likes to jump and chase her tail. Barking is one of her favorite activities. Oreo likes to snuggle next to my feet. -Gaby Gabino 4th grade

conchita magazine · issue 20 · 2007 · letters to the editor

CM thanks everyone who enetered his or her pet in the cutest pet contest. It was a tough decision, but in the end, Oreo won us over.

letter from the editor

In this issue we are celebrating the animals that bring joy to our life and the lives of our family. If you have ever had a pet, you understand how easy it is to get attached to one. Having a pet has been proven to improve a person’s health and a beloved one improves a person’s quality of life. I have read books and seen movies about pets where my eyes welled up with tears. I cried when the dog in the book was lost, died or had to be put to sleep. I understood the deep feeling of loss. I have loved a cat, a fish, a bird, a rabbit, and a ferret as part of my family. I have experienced the unconditional love and the deep bond that exists between owners and their pets.

issue 31

Loving a pet is easy. They are loyal, lovable and great companions. Doing the best for your pet, however, is a commitment that sometimes includes hard work. We spoke with Dr. Canino, a former C.E.A. student, about the important job of a veterinarian. We also included an article on tips to best care for your pet. Inside you will also find the true story of one dog who spends many of her days helping to take care of others. We hope you enjoy our pet issue, but most importantly, we hope you never forget to love and care for your pet for the rest of its life.

-Yolande Clark-Jackson

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Author comes to speak at Conchita! Princess Abigail shares her story and experiences as a service dog


C.E.A. Celebrates Chinese New Year Eileen’s pics and Music Reviews


que pasa ?

Protect Your Pet



as your pet ever been sick? Well, do not let your guard down even if it has not! Your pet could get a serious disease if you are not careful. Whether your pet is a working companion, champion show animal, or just a best friend, the best thing you could do for it is provide proper health care. Many diseases can be prevented. Some diseases have been made less common through vaccines. Although they could be prevented, they still threaten unprotected pets. In the pet department, there are lots of diseases to get them very sick…especially with dogs. A common dog disease is distemper. Distemper is caused by a highly contagious, airborne virus. There is no successful treatment. You can prevent this disease by a canine distemper vaccine. Cats also have health problems of their own. Cats are often infested with worms. Roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms most commonly infect cats. Worms are easily cured with a few doses of medication. Although pet owners pay attention to warnings

Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · que pasa?

book club


his year, Conchita Espinosa Academy started its first ever book club! “The purpose of the book club is to encourage poeple to read,” said 7th grader Evan Badin, founder and president of the book club. But they do not only read the books, they talk about other things, too. “We talk about the characters, settings, and plot.” The adviser of the club is elementary school principal Cassandra Joliff. “The book club is an interesting way of reading quietly with your friends,” said 6th grader David Andreu. The club currently has fifteen members. During the month of January, they read a book called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Check out the book review on page 23. -Catherine Magarino (6th Grade)

of commonly known diseases for their pets, they sometimes forget that they have to be a little bit more protective and dig a little deeper. Sometimes they forget that there are diseases that aren’t usual or are not known very well. And they forget that these

Some diseases have been made less common through vaccines uncommon diseases could be very, very dangerous. An example of a really uncommon disease is Amyloidosis, which is very fatal. This happens when Amyloid proteins collect in the tissues and organs of the pet’s body. As you can see, we need to be more cautious of our pets’ health. If we are, we can make a tremendous difference in their lives.

-Mariana Escobar (5th Grade)

Ana Menendez Visits CEA Where is thE Chimp of pop?


-Gabriela Gomez (8th Grade)


ichael Jackson, “The King of Pop”, adopted a pet chimpanzee in 1985. Jackson adopted his pet chimp, Bubbles, from a laboratory for medical testing. Bubbles and Jackson were very close; they even did the moonwalk together! Sadly, Jackson passed away in 2009. So where is the “Chimp of Pop” today? Bubbles is now in the Center for Great Apes, an orangutan and chimpanzee conservation, in Wauchula, Florida. Bubbles resides with other primates, where he feasts on bananas and other fruits, and is safe and happy. Many people may think chimpanzees are unusual pets. Some say primates may even make bad pets because they have many human characteristics. They are very social, so they need a lot of attention. They are intelligent and have emotions, so when they mature, they may become violent and unpredictable. But, to Michael Jackson, Bubbles was as lovable and cute as any puppy. To find out more information on the Center for Great Apes or to make a donation, log on to: - Catherine Magarino (6th Grade)


Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · que pasa?

uthor Ana Menendez, former St Brendan High School alum and former classmate of sixth and seventh grade grammar teacher, Carmen Santalo, spent a few hours at C.E.A. discussing her experiences as a journalist and published author. From publishing her school newspaper and yearbook to publishing books she has had quite a journey. Mendez came to Conchita Espinosa Academy as a part of the Café at Conchita, a Public Relations Advisory student program that brings professionals from the community to speak at our school. In exchange, they receive Cuban coffee and a thank you mug made by an Art Advisory student. She shared her secrets for success and answered a few questions from C.E.A students. Menendez spoke about what a writer need to expect when writing a book. “All writers have to deal with imperfection. A piece of work is like a sculpture; a sculpture needs to start with a chunk of clay and then you begin to sculpt it. My inspiration comes from people that I meet around the world, and trying to write a book the way I imagine it is my drive. The ability to say this sounds nice but needs to go is important, revision is what art is. All that you read takes ages and ages to write. Good art looks effortless, but it takes so much work. My motto is: show it, not tell it. Let a story be as it’s meant to be. If you constantly try to change it, it doesn’t grow. The most important thing is to give it breathing room and let your subconscious mind get into it.” She also said, “Inspiration is the idea, but you still have to do the work.” Menendez is the author of three books, Loving Che, In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd, and The Last War. She currently lives in Amsterdam, Holland.

que pasa ?

Alumni News

Franchise owner, Alex Rodriguez


Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · que pasa?


r. Carlos J. Canino, DVM, is a CEA graduate, CEA parent, and veterinarian! I interviewed him to hear some of his ideas on pet care and how to protect pets from getting sick. “Always bring your pet to the vet. Prevention is better than actual sickness. Always take your pet to get their vaccines and medicines,” said Dr. Canino. Dr. Canino graduated CEA in 1989, and he always wanted to be a vet ever since he was very little. “Throughout my time here at CEA, high school, and college I always wanted to be a vet. And then I did it. I went to veterinary school and became a vet.” During his time in veterinary school, Dr. Canino went to Oregon, where he had to spend a three week period working with exotic animals like zebras. Zebra care is similar to horse care. “You need to make sure the zebra’s hoofs are clean, and make sure it is healthy, just like any other animal,” said Dr. Canino. But, being a veterinarian is no easy job. Sometimes they even have to put some animals to sleep. “When it is an animal that is very old and sick and suffering, I feel that it is a gift to be able to end its suffering. But, if it is a young animal, and has something that can be healed like a broken leg, I feel very sad when I have to put it to sleep. Sometimes, owners bring

their animals in and ask me to put it to sleep because they cannot pay for an operation. I have sent some people away because I will not put an animal to sleep because the family is unable to pay. I recommend that they give the pet to a family that is able to pay for the operation,” said Dr. Canino. Like many other careers, people who become veterinarians require certain traits. “You have to have patience. Animals can’t speak, so they won’t come in and tell you what’s wrong with them,” he said. “You really have to be patient and examine the animal carefully to figure out their problem.” Like other doctors, veterinarians have to deal with people, too. “Some people become vets because they like working with medicine, but they don’t want to deal with people. Well, you do have to deal with people when you are a vet. You must deal with the pet’s owners. They are the ones who pay the bills, they are the pet’s parents, their family.” So next time you decide to adopt a pet, or if you already own a pet, always remember to bring it to the vet. They can inform you about your pet’s medical needs and tell you about the proper diet and exercise your pet needs. - Catherine Magarino (6th Grade)

que pasa ?

Our Mascot: the Cougar


he cougar, from the cat family, is our school mascot. The cougar is our mascot because it is strong and courageous. CEA is strong in academics and sports and courageous because we always want to learn and explore new heights.


The cougars favorite prey is the deer. Besides that, the cougars also eat grasshoppers, eels, and if it is really hungry, pet food or maybe even garbage! Can you believe it? Like the cougars, we also eat all our subjects up too: math, social studies, science, reading, grammar, vocabulary, music, P.E., fitness, dance,

religion, spanish, advisory and art! Once our 8th graders graduate, they become Cougars and leave their school. They leave and are ready to prowl but are never alone! Conchita Espinosa Academy is forever a family and supports them in everything they do. Show your Cougar pride! - Kristyanne Cabrera (5th Grade)

Conchita magazine 路 ISSUE 31 路 2010 路 que pasa?

Earthquake in Haiti


e continue to see and hear countless accounts of the apocalyptic devastation, a 7.0 earthquake, that ravaged Haiti on January 12, 2010. Days later, Haiti was struck with another 6.1 aftershock earthquake. With a reported 200,000 deaths and accounts estimated from 600,000 to over 1 million homeless, every story of survival and every delivery of aid is a step toward a recovery process that, by all account, will take a long time. Stories like that of Wismond Exantus, a shop clerk unearthed from a collapsed building, eleven days after the earthquake, the miraculous survival of all the children housed in an Port-au-Prince orphanage, or the two word text, “I’m O.K.,” sent to the anguished parents of Julie Prudhomme, one of the eleven students and two faculty advisers, from Lynn University of Boca Raton, there on a mission. Meanwhile the world community sends food, water, and medical aid and pledges continuous assistance towards recovery. Worldwide aid workers and soldiers handout food to the survivors. At times, desperation

que speak pasa ?

has lead to violence and murder among the recipients. However, many like 57-year-old Lunie Marcelin say the handouts will help her and her six grown children, but says ”It is not enough. We need more.” The World Food Program has delivered 3.2 million meals in 2 days alone, but Chief Josette Sheeran agrees with Marcelin and says, “We wish we could do more quicker.” More is also needed for medical care and shelter. Medical personnel ready to administer drugs, perform surgery, and provide postoperative care, are overwhelmed or they do not have the needed supplies. The Port-auPrince warehouse has 10,000 family sized tents according to Vincent Houver, the Geneva-based agency’s chief of mission in Haiti, and needs some 100,000 more. And more is coming. The World’s Nations pledged 1 billion, an international telethon raises millions, and contributions by ordinary people have not stopped.

-Carmen Cartaya (Parent)


We are all aware of the work done by the American Red Cross, but there are local charities right here in Miami that are doing their share to bring relief to Haiti.

Alonzo Mourning Charities

Alonzo Mourning and Dwayne Wade created a relief fund called The Athlete’s Relief Fund for Haiti. Immediately after the earthquake, they collected over 2 million dollars from the sports community. They have also helped bring doctors to Haiti. To donate, log on to:

Conchita Espinosa Academy

Amor En Accion and Life Cue service organizations here at C.E.A. collected 10,000 dollars, 51 boxes of medical supplies, and 31 boxes of food. -Catherine Magarino (6th grade)

Food for the Poor

Food for the Poor is collecting money, canned foods, and medical supplies. They have shipped 1,200 tons of supplies so far. To donate, log on to:

Eighth grader Gabriela Orta, secretary of Amor en Accion, helps pack boxes for Haitan relief with other Life Cue members.

Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · que pasa?

Community aid


A Life of Service



Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · speak

y name is Princess Abigail Celeste of Kendall. My friends and family call me Abby. I was born on June 12, 2006 in Fairmont, West Virginia. When I was three months old, I moved from West Virginia to Miami FL. When I arrived, I immediately had a mentor in all things royal - my new sister, Queen Elizabeth. She wasn’t all too fond of me at the beginning, but once I showed her how charming I was, she warmed up. We became the best of friends and shared everything--food, water, the large pillow that my mom calls the condo. I have a lot of toys, but my favorite is the toothbrush. I love the way the bristles tickle my gums and teeth and the crunchy sounds it makes when I chew. It feels so good. I learned how to fetch a Frisbee and the tennis ball and I love to play, but really my favorite thing to do is just snuggle. I have been very loved my entire life and am always happy and ready to go. When I was just a year old, I went to visit my grandmother in a hospital. I had never been to a building like that. It was full of people that didn’t feel well. When I arrived, everyone thought I was cute and wanted to play with me. I could sense that the people in this place were special. So my mom took me to visit this lady—Mrs. Johnson who had fallen and also had a heart attack. I’m not really sure what that is, but I could tell it was serious. So I crawled up the side of the bed and placed my head on her shoulder and put my little paw on her heart. I could feel that Mrs. Johnson felt better because I was sitting with her in her bed. After that first visit, I think I knew I had something special to give other than just being cute. My mom has helped me get my Therapy Dog license through There wasn’t a lot of studying, but I did have to learn not to bark at other dogs. After three

training sessions, I passed and was awarded my license. Good behavior pays off. People like to be around you, and you get lots of treats. I recently met a little boy named Sam. He was very afraid of dogs. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t understand how he could be afraid. Over a few weeks time, I was able to help him build enough trust so he understood he didn’t have to be afraid. Sam and I are now the best of friends. I look forward to seeing him because he loves to play with me now.Sometimes people just need someone to show them it’s okay to trust. Mr. Jones lives in a nursing home. I visit him most Saturdays. He doesn’t like to visit with people, and he hardly ever leaves his room. He is very sad. When I visit with Mr. Jones, I sit in his lap. He loves to pet my fur and talk to me. He is a really smart man. I can tell that when he was younger, he did big things. Sometimes people just need someone to listen. Some weeks I visit children at a hospital. Some of them have big problems. When they play with me, they forget about their problems and they get to be just kids. They like to pet me, hold me, toss me a ball – regular kid and dog stuff. Sometimes people need to know they’re not alone, and they will be okay. I really love going to visit all of the places I now go to – Miami Children’s Hospital, The Palace and West Gables Rehabilitation. I know that I was born to make a difference in the lives of people. I believe that there are times that people just need to be loved for no other reason than just because they are. And sometimes I can make that difference.

-HRH Princess Abigail Celeste of Kendall



Where do you normally ride? I normally ride at Southwinds Equestrian Center on weekends. How did you start your hobby of horseback riding? When I saw my first horseshow on TV, I knew this is what I wanted to do. How long have you been riding? About 6 years. What type of competition is it?

A dressage, which is basically for show, because you just trot and do basic commands, and Hunter Jumper which is a jumping competition. I’m jumping 2 ft. What is it like competing in these competitions? Dressage is more calming, because it is based on how your horse moves, and Hunter Jumper is kind of scary because it’s fast and high and you never know what can happen. How long have you been practicing for this competition? Three months, twice a week. What advice do you have for little kids who want to follow their horseback riding dreams like you? Wear your helmet, listen to your teacher, and be careful because horses are wild animals, and you never know what they can do. Turns out Jessica’s hard work paid off, she won 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place with her horse Oliver, and Grand Champion with her other horse Tommy. -Gabriela Gomez (8th Grade)

Conchita magazine ·ISSUE 31 · 2010 · speak


ighth grader Jessica Reilly practices to perform with Conchita Espinosa Academy Dance Advisory during the school week, but on the weekends she practices to compete with her two champion horses, Tommy and Oliver. On January 9th Reilly participated in the Plantation Horseback Riding Competition. Her horses Tommy and Oliver have already placed Grand Champions in this competition before and went for the gold again in the 2010 competition. CM got a chance to talk to this horseback-riding champ before the tough competition.

Need Pet Advice?

You can find out all that and more from Princess Abigail!

Do you want to know how to best care for your pet or how often to go to the vet? Do you have questions about the breed of dog you have? Do you want to know how your dog can get involved in service projects?

Write Abby


Conchita magazine 路 ISSUE 30 路 2009 路 vive

Fun Facts

• The nose pad of a cat is ridged in a pattern that is unique, just like the fingerprint of a human. • Dogs can get sun burns. • A ducks quack doesn’t echo. • Owls cannot move their eyes. • A starfish has no brain. • Crocodiles cannot stick their tongue out. • Cows can sleep standing up. • Only female mosquitoes bite humans.

Ducks only lay their eggs in the morning.

Minerals Rock Exhibit In this exhibit, you will learn about minerals in a colorful exhibit that displays over sixty minerals, rocks, and ammonites. Museum of Discovery and Science 401 Southwest 2nd Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

Runways to Rockets: Our Place in Aerospace In this exhibit, you will gain the understanding of the importance of space exploration. You will also learn how scientists learn about the universe. Museum of Discovery and Science 401 Southwest 2nd Street


Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

Florida Ecoscapes In this exhibit, you will learn about Florida’s most unique ecosystems. This exhibit features hundreds of plants, animals, and habitats. Museum of Discovery and Science 401 Southwest 2nd Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

The Diplodocus Dinosaurs This exhibit displays some of the world’s largest dinosaurs. The dinosaurs in this museum reach as tall as three stories and have a length of approximately 150 ft. Museum of Science and Industry 4801 East Fowler Avenue Tampa, Florida 33617-2099

Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · vive

• Crickets hear through their knees.

Science Exhibits


C.e.A Celebrates Chinese New Year

Bianca Arocha, Alexandra Gambin, Ms. Yang Chen and son Kevin Rui, Melani Gonzalez, Carolina Cruz-Wegener



Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · vive

hinese New Year is a celebration of the New Year for the Chinese. This New Year, the year of the tiger, was celebrated on February 14, 2010. The Tiger is said to be lucky, vivid, wild, engaging, and brave. At Chinese New Year celebrations, people wear red clothes, decorate poems on red paper, and give children “lucky money” in red envelopes. The color red symbolizes fire and can drive away bad luck according to legend. On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Chinese hold a lantern festival. On this day, people hang glowing lanterns in temples and carry lanterns to an evening parade under the light of the full moon. A student who celebrates the Chinese

The Chinese New Year is different from the American New year. The Chinese horoscope is determined by the birth year and ours is determined by the birth month.

New Year here at CEA is seventh grader Daniela Fernandez. “My favorite part of celebrating Chinese New Year is being able to be with my family and sharing traditions from my mom’s side of the family,” she said. The second grade also celebrated the Chinese New year on January 28, 2010.They held a Chinese festival by eating Chinese food and wearing Chinese clothes. They did many fun activities, including making their own Chinese decorations. Yang Chen, mother of Kein Rui, came to talk to the second graders about Chinese culture and traditons. -Nicole Del Risco (6th Grade)

New World School of the Arts Auditions On Saturday, January 23, 2010 some dancers and actors auditioned for New World School of the Arts. New World is a school for students who are talented in dance, music, theater and visual arts. Students will know the results by March 15th.


(Standing from left to rignt)Jessica Reilly, Cecilia de Socarraz-Novoa, Jacqueline Balbuena, Amanda Del Risco, Angelique Rodriguez, Alexandra Rodriquez,(sittiing) Harmony Jackson, Daniela Garrido and Bianca Allanic.

Acting (From left) Analia Tamariz, Julia Musolino, Melissa Iglesias, Lewis Lorenzo and Amanda Lorenzo

Ballet Teacher Goes to Vegas


Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · vive

Patricia Strauss (our Ballet and Jazz instructor) just returned from teaching a Master Class at the Cirque du Soleil show, The “Beatles”, in Las Vegas. She taught some really fantastic dancers and is delighted at the reception she received. We are proud that she had been invited to fulfill this prestigious event.

Hunger Games


n the future of what was once known as North America lies Panem a place ruled by the Capitol. The Capitol divided Panem into twelve districts to create balance. Every year the Capitol chooses one boy and girl between the ages of twelve through sixteen to participate in the Hunger games, a fight to the death in which the winner receives gold, food, and treasures for their district. Sixteen–year- old Katnnis Everdeen from district twelve, puts in her name every year, not for fame, but for her mother and little sister Prim. But a horrible drama occurs when Prim is chosen to represent district twelve in this years Hunger Games. Bravely Katniss volunteers to go instead of Prim shocking everyone. As she is on her way to the games, Katniss realizes that the Capitol means business and that this Hunger game is going to be a lot harder than expected. Does Katniss have what it takes to do what no one in district twelve has yet to do, win? I like this book because it has a lot of action, adventure and suspense. There is a twist in every chapter. You can feel the suspense and the action on every page. You will not want to put it down until the last page.

-Evan Bandin (7th Grade)

Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins Scholastic, 2008, 231pp, $17.99 ISBN o-439-02348-1

Book Club President Evan Bandin, 7th Grade

speak vive

Music Reviews

By: Eileen Andrade


Ke$ha – Animal “Tik Tok” is what I was thinking when I sat down to listen to this album. Although the famous single has broken records for the ridiculous amount of air-time it has received, the album is monotonous and painful to my ears. Ke$ha sounds like a teenage party girl who sings of nothing interesting nor emotional. She does absolutely no singing on the album titled “Animal”, which is solely made up of superficial lyrics, talking, and auto-tune. I thought you got the memo when JayZ said “Death of Auto-Tune” Ke$ha?

RAP/ROCK: Lil’ Wayne - Rebirth


When TRVS-DJAM came out with their album, I was excited to see what an amazing drummer (Travis Barker) and DJ (DJ AM) could mash up together. They succeeded in making an amazing and revolutionary album in 2009. When I heard Lil’ Wayne was doing a Rap/Rock album, I could barely wait. So I spoke to my friend who works for Cash Money Records to get me the album before it was released. Unfortunately, the album was not quite as good as I had anticipated. “Rebirth” does not live up to “Carter III”, but it is the start of a Rap/Rock convergent movement and the beginning of more amazing collaborations in the future. In this album, Lil’ Wayne raps alongside: Eminem, Shanell, Kevin Rudolf, and Nicki Minaj. Suggested Tracks: “Drop The World,” “Paradice”

Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · fluff


Corinne Bailey Rae – The Sea It has been years since I have heard an album as beautifully done as “The Sea”. It’s great quality music to listen to on your day off while enjoying a nice breeze and perhaps some tea. Corinne’s voice is moving and soothing throughout the beautiful and timeless album. When you really sit down and listen to the record it almost feels as if you are being transported to a paradise where everything is calm and pleasant. Suggested Tracks: “Closer,” “Are You Here”


Hot Chip – One Life Stand Hot Chip is known for making some of those underground tracks that really get our bodies shaking and jumping in the so-called “hipster” scene. “One Life Stand” is another great delivery from Hot Chip. With the exception of 2 tracks, most of the songs on the album are dance floor-worthy by my standards. The album’s genre may be considered “Dance,” but that does not mean that there is a lack of emotion here…these guys are known for mixing their emotion and non-stop beats together for your entertainment. Suggested Tracks: “I Feel Better,” “We Have Love”

Romance/Drama Released February 5th Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Channing Tatum, and Henry Thomas

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief PG


Dear John PG 13

Suggested Artists


Sep/25/ 2009 Starring: Kristy Flores, Asher Book, Paul Lacono Plot: A new version of the popular 1980’s musical about students in a Performing Arts school.

Romance/Comedy Released: February 12th Starring: Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, and Emma Roberts



Alice in Wonderland G Adventure/Fantasy Released March 5th Starring: Johny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and Mia Wasikowska

Imogen Heap

Neon Indian

Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · fluff

Valentine’s Day PG 13


y t l u c a F . A . C.E s t e P r i e h t and 2




y s


6 1. Mrs. Restrepo with Inky, 2. Ms. Jolliff with Abigail, 3. Ms. Sanchez with Sally, 4. Ms. Henriques with Luger, 5. Mrs. Gonzalez with Baby, 6. Ms. Diaz with Camilla.

fashion Aria Hair Bows $10.00


Girl’s Jean Dress $12.00

Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · fluff

Aria Hair Bows $10.00

Companion Road® Bootie Socks Pet Smart $5.99

It’s a Dog’s Life Dog Hat $18.99

Juicy Couture Boys Polo $35.00



Cougar Power Doggie Shirt


Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · fluff

Snuggies for Dogs $5.99





Down 1. Only ________ mosquitoes bite humans. 4. Owls cannot move their ________.


5. Ducks only lay eggs in the __________.

2. A duck’s quack doesn’t _______.

7. A starfish has no _________.

3. Cows can ______ standing up.

8. Crocodiles cannot stick their _______ out.

6. Dogs can bet _____ _______.

10. The ________ pad of a cat is ridged.

9. Crickets can hear through their ________.

Conchita magazine · ISSUE 30 · 2009 · POCO

Use the facts on page 19 to help you solve this crossword puzzle.


Kids and their pets

Sugar Glider Robert Curbelo, third grader, owns a sugar glider. This unique pet gets its name for being able to open its arms and glide through the air.

Maltese 32

Conchita magazine · ISSUE 31 · 2010 · POCO

Ryan Gonzalez, a third grader, owns a maltese. This adorable pooch is known for its playful and lively spirit

Parakeet Elisa Rodriguez, a third grader, owns a parakeet. Some parakeet’s, if trained properly, can even talk.

Student artwork



Jordan Duran

Samuel Brad Conchita magazine 路 ISSUE 30 路 2009 路 POCO

Ana Moros

Alejandro Burgros

2010 hosted by

conchita magazine

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