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SLA RESULTS When you log your technical issue with us, either through email or phone, a ticket is created for each request. The ticket is then categorised into one of four levels depending on its level of urgency. These categories are detailed below illustrating levels of urgency along with our agreed first response time to each category: Level


Response Time


Simple requests, no one affected.

8 Working Hours


Limited users and functions affected. Business process can continue.

4 Working Hours


Large number of users or business-critical functions affected.

2 Working Hours


All users affected. All functions unavailable

1 Working Hour





0.8 hrs

0.2 hrs

0.2 hrs

0.1 hrs

As illustrated above, it is evident that our first response to tickets logged on our Support Desk has continued to improve from September.

Please remember to log all of your requests. many jobs can be resolved remotely by our support desk team.


AND LEAVERS Please send us a list of all staff and pupils leaving at the end of this term so that we can disable or delete their information.

We will also need a list of new staff and pupils joining in September so that we can set up their new login information. Please ensure their full name is included. This complies with the new GDPR data retention policy in order to protect your data. It is especially important if you are using Cloud based email solutions such as Office365. Please send this information to



Just to make you aware that when you go back to school in September you might get an alert on your laptop saying that your Microsoft Licence has expired. Do not panic! Just restart your laptop two to three times and it will reactivate the licence. For those of you not licensed you will have received notification of the importance of renewal. Please get in touch ASAP as this may affect the operational use of your devices.

If you are using IT equipment in school over the summer holiday and notice any devices not working properly please contact the Support Desk team. We will assign a technician to resolve the issue speedily rather than waiting until the first day back of the new term.



SUPPORT Before you go away on your summer holidays, please can you contact your SIMS provider to find out when your update is due. While you are away enjoying the sunshine, we can liaise with your provider to make sure all updates are completed before September which will significantly minimise any disruption for your return back to school. Please email our support desk at and let us know your name, school, SIMS provider, scheduled date and enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that your IT support is being taken care of.

One of our biggest category of calls in the first couple of weeks of September is to reset passwords, Bitlocker codes and remind people of their email addresses. Please ensure that you store these in a safe place for next term.

BUILDING WORK QUOTES This is a very busy time of year for our sales department and education service providers so please be mindful if you are placing an order that there might be possible delays due to the increase of orders. We recommend the sooner you can place your order, the better.

WITHIN SCHOOLS Our Support Desk team will be contacting all of our schools before you break up for summer to see when we can gain access for any essential maintenance work that needs to be undertaken. At this point could you please make us aware of any building works or moving of IT equipment from one room to another as this can have an impact on the smooth running of your IT activities.



On Friday 22nd June Concero celebrated 10 successful years in business with an unmissable event with over 300 guests. Our fabulous party was held at Grand Station in Wolverhampton City Centre, which is an amazing venue built at the old low-level station in Sun St. All the guests dressed up for this glamourous event and were definitely red carpet ready. The entertainment for the evening was kept a secret from James, Bradley and the Concero team which made it even more special to watch everyone’s reactions. Sweilem Ltd organised the whole event from start to finish including organising the guest list, designing invites, the entertainment, food and photography. Our highlight from the party was the surprise film about how Concero began which was created by Henry Go Park the Car Productions. The film included witty stories about James and Brad that had everyone in stitches. This was followed up with our very own ‘Concero Conspiracy’ band, blasting out soul and rock, formed with Concero staff members including Alan Foster, Jim Cooper, Stefan Jones, Chris Wilkinson, Andy Cunningham, Sean Russell and our cameo Concero member, lead singer Jason Mansell. After this amazing performance we all danced the night away.

Concero would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the event and those who were unable to attend. None of this would be possible without the support of all our loyal customers. Every person who attended the evening has contributed to the success of this small local business getting to the position that it is in now. Concero are still passionate about what they do even after 10 years of business and wanted to share their success with you all. So, from everyone at Concero – thank you.

From left to right: Rachael Russell, Darren Dutton, Helen Dutton, Sean Russell, Lucy Trainer, Oliver Russell.

From left to right: Catherine Williams and Anna Roden.

The Royal School

From left to right: Directors of Concero UK, Bradley Clegg and James Morris.

From left to right: James Morris, Nadiah Sweilem, Bradley Clegg, Laura Wilkes.

From left to right: Tish Keech, Helen Dutton.

From left to right: Steve Oakley, Hayley Rock.

From left to right: Lynne Law, Bradley Clegg.


Perry Hall


PARTNERS IN LEADING AND LEARNING Concero recently sponsored the ConnectEd Partnership Conference which is designed to help advance educational opportunities and outcomes for children and young people across the city. The event gave local schools the freedom to network and collaborate with a range of exhibitors and attend innovative presentations from keynote speakers including Ian Gilbert who is an award-winning author and leading educational speaker. It was a successful day for everyone involved and Concero were proud to be part of such a fantastic organisation.

the next Connect-Ed conference will be held on 20th June 2019. We are already looking forward to it.


CONCEROS NEW OFFICE After 10 years in business we have finally purchased commercial premises following funding from Barclays and we couldn’t be happier. Bradley Clegg said: “When we started out in 2008 it would have been difficult to imagine that we would have been able to grow the business to the size we have, to be offering employment opportunities and now to be owning our own premises. We will look to build on this success in the coming years.” Jaspreet Aulakh, relationship manager at Barclays in the Black Country, said: “Concero UK Ltd are a good example of a business that has grown steadily over the years and created a specialised service in the education sector. I am delighted we have been able to support them with this purchase and look forward to watching the continued growth of the business.” If you are visiting us or even want to write to us our new address is Concero UK Ltd, Suite D The Westlands,132 Compton Rd, Wolverhampton, WV3 9QB and is situated opposite the Grammar School.






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Concero July 2018 Newsletter - SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER  

Features: - June SLA results - School Reminders - Concero 10 Year Anniversary - ConnectEd Event - Concero New Office

Concero July 2018 Newsletter - SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER  

Features: - June SLA results - School Reminders - Concero 10 Year Anniversary - ConnectEd Event - Concero New Office