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Boulevard Inverted urban performance module 1.0

The city is a living system. A new idea must be inserted into the system to achieve a “Green� city of global innovation. Boulevard Inverted is a symbiotic module integrating urbanism, architecure, and mobile-infrastructure. Inserted into the existing urban grid as a comprehensive, high-performance network The dominance of the car must be inverted to create dynamic, livable communities and reactivate public space.


Urban Re: Interventions AIA San Francisco Fall 2008


Boulevard Inverted: Urban Performance Module Jef Biesinger Conceptual Craft

Evolution Strolling

Speed “Progress”

Adds the Car

Access The dominance of the car is inverted to create acarfree street as a dynamic Social Space.

Invert “progress”

by removing the car from other choices to exist.

19c Leisure Culture

20c Cruising Culture

21c Aesthetic Culture

The new Paris boulevards allowed the emerging bourgeois to indulge in leisure activities as spectacle events.

The car obsession and its “freedom” has dominated the American culture and economy at the detriment

The “Green” movement is the evolution of capitalism, reversing the previous generations “progress” and seeking transformational and aesthetic lifestyles.

social isolation, and environmental destruction.

Module A simple module integrating all of the global-efficient innovations of urbanism, architecture, and mobile-infrastructure.


Focused Architecture

Public Space Bike

Express BUS

SuperDense, Vertical, Mix use, Car Free, Architecture

Inserted into the existing urban grid as a comprehensive, high-performance network and

activated as a Social Space.

Performance Network Evolution

Existing Social Spaces

Santa Monica, Ca. Curitiba, Brazil

of the horizontal city, a field condition with no center and no boundary, is an intervention that generates a focus effecting a

network Social Space. Mackinac Island, Mi. San Francisco, Ca.

the Rules Congestion Tax Free Commute

Mixed Up Mess

(London Zone Map)

Car Free Streets

Ultra Performance Principles Luxury Fees

- Private cars pay for public transit. - Reduce inefficient energy consumption. - Motivate lifestyle changes of the individual for the good of society.

Choices Separated

- All transportation types need a physically separated lane to operate optimally and safe. - Create pedestrian & bike lanes protected by barriers.

Car Domination Horizontal Segregated Zoning

Commute Dependent Zoning

Vertical Mixed Zoning Live Hotel Exercise Dine Shop

Hybrid Density

- Forces people out of their car & into mass transit. - Less space = Less consumption. - Short commute distance = less fuel. - Return to hybrid zoning for diverse neighborhoods. - Smart growth is Vertical towers on transit network .

Express Transit


- Express buses make the car, with the increasing traffic, obsolete at the city scale. - Once you increase transit speed and reliability with the car free blvd., people can rely on transit.

BOULEVARD INVERTED: urban performance module  

Car free street containing Social Space

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