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PO Box 1555, Ruwi 112, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Tel: (968) 24 782534 Email: theofďŹ

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concept has over 10 years of experience in Oman as an Advertising Agency and is known for its professional orientation and pro-active team. We are an Agency that believes in 'partnering' its clients and approaching each project, regardless of size, with the same uncompromising attitude. While we always work closely with the client, understanding their offerings and their market, we maintain a professional perspective, to deliver the best possible solution for the given time or situation.

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concept has worked with a vast and varied set of clients in the service and production sectors in the conceptualisation, design and execution of projects that span the entire communications spectrum.

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Backing this is our long-standing relationships with quality suppliers and printers. In tune with the latest trends and developments the agency has pro-actively invested in state-of-the-art equipment both for graphics and communications. concept works with clients to develop and produce strategic, integrated communications for their external and internal audiences. They would include: ■ Conceptualising and producing written, spoken and visual communications in traditional and digital media that includes print, advertising, public relations, exhibitions, sponsorships, presentations and websites. ■ Developing and creating corporate identities with guidelines for a cohesive corporate programme. ■ Working with clients to define communication objectives, decide strategy, implement programmes and evaluate effectiveness. ■ Developing communications for companies' employees, customers, the media, government, shareholders, local community, educational institutions, suppliers and society at large. ■ Defining target audiences and working with clients to achieve the appropriate tone of communication. ■ Sourcing and management of sub-contractors to undertake the provision of audience lists and distribution of communication material. ■ Liaison and co-ordination with suppliers, service providers, sub-contractors including film and video, exhibitions and photography.


Al Hashar AATCO Atkins Al Maha Al Habib Al Madina Finance & Investment Services Al Madina Real Estate Al Madina Logistics Services Al Madina Gulf Insurance BankMuscat BankDhofar Crowne Plaza Hotel Diwan of Royal Court ELS Ernst & Young Hamptons International Intilaaqah Oman InterContinental Muscat Markaz al Bahja Ministry of Tourism National Life & General Insurance nhi - National Hospitality Institute Nissan Octal ORPC Oman Dental College Oasis Water Company Oman Arab Bank Petroleum Development Oman Renaissance Services SAOG Renault Salman Corporation Salman Stores Salman Properties Salman Hotel & Restaurant Eqpt. Salman Elegance

agency profile health, safety and environment policy Concept recognizes and implements all the Health, Safety and Environment Policy requirements and is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees, customers and anyone affected by our business activities. We recognise the legal duties the business is bound by and have provided a safe working environment, safe equipment and safe work methods. We also understand that all employees are responsible for taking care of their own health and safety and that of the people they work with. Competent staff have been entrusted with the responsibilities of maintaining the requirements of health, safety and environment.

the technology Hardware

HP Dell Server loaded with Windows 2003 Server x 1 No. PC’s x 4 No. Macintosh (powerMAC G5) with OS 10.4.8 x 6 Nos. iMac with OS 10.4.8 x 1 No. 24hrs ADSL Internet connectivity Tape backup system x 1 No. Xerox Phaser 7750 color laser printer x 1 No. Ricoh Xerox machine x 1 No. Ricoh black & white laser printer x 1 No. HP & Compaq laptops with Windows XP x 3 Nos. Software

Adobe Illustrator CS2 x 5 licenses Adobe Photoshop CS2 x 5 licenses Quark Xpress 6.1 with AXT x 5 licenses Adobe Indesign CS2 x 5 licenses Adobe Acrobat x 5 licenses Microsoft Office Suite x 5 licenses Norton Antivirus system for PC x 10 licenses MDaemon email system x 1






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salmanstores salmanproperties salman Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Foto Magic City Watch



PO Box 6, Muscat 100, Sultanate of Oman Tel: +968 247 96925. Fax: +968 247 93494. GSM: +968 993 56538 e-mail:

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agency profile Salman Corporation


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PO Box 1583, Jibroo 114, Sultanate of Oman TEL: +968 247 93482 FAX: +968 247 93494

GSM: +968 993 56538





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Àƒ»Y ‡¾£¸¡S ,114 :É—jédG ›e™dG ,ÃhéL ,1583 :†.¢U PO Box 1583, Jibroo 114, Sultanate of Oman. Tel: +968 247 97563

½.½.¢T ‡¡¡SDÄe Àƒ»¸¡S salmancorporation LLC


Àƒ»Y ‡¾£¸¡S ,114 :É—jédG ›e™dG ,ÃhéL ,1583 :†.¢U PO Box 1583, Jibroo 114, Sultanate of Oman. TEL: +968 247 97563. FAX: +968 247 90764 email:

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agency profile Salmanstores elegance

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agency profile Salman Properties

1044978 :ÉQƒŽˆdG ¹Ž¡S +968 24797260 :¢cƒa +968 24796925 :°Jƒg .Àƒ»Y ‡¾£¸¡S ,100 :¤²¡e ,6 :†.¢U , .½.½.¢T ‡jQƒ²©dG Àƒ»¸¡S

Salman Properties LLC, PO Box 6, Muscat 100, Sultanate of Oman. TEL: +968 247 96925 FAX: +968 247 97260 CR No: 1044978 e-mail:



agency profile Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Company

Salim bin Awadh bin Salim Al Rubkhi MANAGER ADMINISTRATION AND PUBLIC RELATIONS P O Box 3568, Ruwi 112, Sultanate of Oman Tel. Off.: 968 24570733 Res.: 24542114 Fax: 968 24565571 GSM: 99433354 e-mail:

Šƒ``````Ç``````‘``````J ª``````e

Àƒ`» oY ‡``¾£````¸¡S ,112 : É—`j™``„dG ›e™`dG ,ÉhQ ,3568 : † . ¢U 968 24561384 : ȸ```»`Ç¡``cƒa ,968 24561200 : °```Jƒg PO Box 3568, Ruwi, Postal Code 112, Sultanate of Oman Telephone: 968 24561200, Fax: 968 24561384





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agency profile Nissan



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APRIL-JUNE 2009/Issue 01

A Guide for the Traveller


gives you more 6 Ways to Maintain Good Driving Posture Get More with RENAULT more style, more safety, more performance

“Just as “Jus


your car runs yo more smoothly s and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the t wheels are in perfect alignm alignment, you perform better when your th thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.”

Over 100 Years of Passion… Europe’s favourite brand.

Brian Tra Tracy

SHOWROOMS: QURUM 92621463, 95501316, 95055778, 92914651. IBRI 92981184. NIZWA 96025216. SALALAH 99224615. SINAW 95500406. SOHAR 95504498. SUR 99031154.

More technology, more style, more safety, more space...

THE BEST-LOOKING RENAULT SAFRANE European Sedan that gives you more than you can imagine

2.5 million cars

in 118 countries

RENAULT gets the


first patent in the world for the system of supercharging in 1902! RENAULT is the

only manufacturer that offers a 2.0l engine with 200bhp power – The Clio R27!

Remember that vacations are supposed to be fun, but it wouldn't take much to turn an expensive trip into a miserable experience. Here are some precautions about food, water and sanitation that may help keep you fit and active during your travels. • Don't eat raw vegetables. Just assume they are contaminated. Make sure that all vegetables have been well cooked.



The right driving posture is vital. Many people experience leg and back pain when they drive for long distances as the muscles tend to shorten and tighten, and even becomes injured. Also most people drive with the right leg and hip externally rotated with the knee slightly bent which tends to cause mild nerve root irritation in the lower back, causing referred pain into the hip, knee and foot. Take care by following these guidelines.


• Eat fresh fruit and nuts only if there are no breaks in the peel or shell. Wash all fruits.

• The seat should be positioned so that the driver does not need to overstretch his legs to operate the pedals. The best knee angle for driving should be about 130°. • Shorter drivers in particular should try not to sit too close to the wheel as in this position the airbag can cause injury. • A seat in an upright or slightly reclining position causes less stress on the back and reduces the effect of vibration. • If you have an existing back problem, an automatic car would cause less stress on the spine than a manual vehicle. • Most vehicles have an adjustable steering wheel, which allows the wheel to be set at the correct height and reach. • To prevent whiplash injuries, motorists should ensure that the headrest is correctly positioned. The top of the head restraint should be level with the top of the driver's head, or at least no lower than eye level.

• Be sure that all meat and fish is thoroughly cooked, and try to eat it while it is still hot. This will lower your risk of getting tapeworm or trichinosis. • Take extra care with milk and other dairy products, especially if they have not been pasteurized or properly refrigerated. • Avoid perishable food sold unrefrigerated (e.g., from street vendors). • Many modern hotels, even in the developing countries, purify the water, but if you are at all in doubt, don't drink it. • Safe beverages include coffee and tea (if the water has been boiled) and canned soft drinks. • Before you drink anything out of a bottle or can, wipe the top well. Only use straws that come in sealed paper sleeves. • The most important treatment for upset stomachs is replacement of the lost fluids.

Drink plenty of clear (boiled) liquids, such as tea; or try canned fruit juices and soft drinks (non-caffeinated if possible). Do not drink milk or consume other dairy products. Salted biscuits may help. • If you have small children with you, it might be useful to carry along a few bottles of paediatric oral rehydration solution.

The all-new Safrane with all its European flair is here with more and more people in Oman appreciating the style, refinement and great value for money it represents. Take a look at all that a Safrane gives you and decide for yourself! Class leading standard features: • 6 Air Bags • ABS Brakes with EBD • 6-Speaker CD System with MP3 • Alloy Wheels • Intelligent Key • Most silent passenger cabin in its class Available in two engine variants of 2.0L and 2.3L V6

• Frequent hand washing is usually a good idea.

In line with the Renault ‘Get More’ philosophy we’ve revved up our service initiative with the services of our new service champion Williams Paulraj, an experienced, known professional who now spearheads the Renault Service Team. So whether you are looking for great service or if you have queries regarding service or parts ask for Williams (GSM: 92517492). And talking about parts, 96% availability is the Renault promise!




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Product Launches Hayatuna Hayatuna Family Protection Protectioon plan - The first bank to launch bancassurance products in the Sultanate.‘Hayatuna’ Family Protection aims to provide an umbrella of protection to the family members of customers whoo opt into this group life insurance product.

Al Mazyona kids

BankMuscat launched al Mazyona Children’s account to work towards building the savings habit amongst children. The Al Mazyona Children’s Account has been specially designed to take into account the needs of children.

Product Campaigns Baituna Promotions

Nawaras Top-up

Teachers’ Offers

6 in 1 Offer Muscat Fund Campaign

SIP Campaign Campaign Corporate Communications has assisted Asset Manageme Management ent in planning and n carrying out Muscat nd Muscaat Fund Campaign which resulted in increasing w increasing sales of AMD M by RO 7 million MD


Corporate communications also assisted Asset management in planning and carring out the systematic investment plan (SIP) compaig compaign gn for Muscat Fund and Oryx fund.SIP allows investores tto invest smaller amounts regularly over a long period of ttim time.

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5-Time Oman Awards for Excellence Nominee for People Development « « ½ ¢T ‡aƒÇ¡¸d ȾWÄdG —Á©ÙG Àƒ»Y ‡¾£¸¡S ,131 ‡j™»M ,854 †.¢U


national hospitality institute SAOG PO Box 854, Hamriya 131, Sultanate of Oman Tel: 248 13141 (3lines). Fax: 248 17125. CR No. 1/47449/9 email:

Hospitality Management Programmes Hospitality Courses Gulf Chef School Gulf Travel School Beauty School Food Safety Academy

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agency profile Jazeera steel



agency profile Oman Arab Bank

OAB ATM services: ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


Cash withdrawal Recharging Hayak and Nawras cards Utility bill payments Payment of fixed telephone and internet bills Cheque book request Transfer of money between accounts Loading funds on the OAB Smart Card and Kunooz Card

:Ü BÕG ±GšŸdG Šƒe—N É—²f …‘¡S ¢SQľdG ‡bƒ£H h ·ƒÇM ‡aƒ£H —Ç¡UQ ‡€„©J ÃÇÙG h AƒH™ÁμdG ñJGÄa ªaO ‰fëf EÕG h ‰Hƒ‹dG °JƒÁdG ñJGÄa ªaO ŠƒμÇ¡T ëaO …¸W ŠƒHƒ¡×G òH ¹jÄ‘ˆdG h ‡Çc˜dG ‡bƒ£„dG —Ç¡UQ ‡€„©J Rľc ‡bƒ£H

● ● ● ● ● ● ●


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Mayar Al Khoudh: A masterpiece in the making... UNIQUE DEVE DEVELOPMENT VELLOPMENTT “True T to t its commitment, c mmitmen co nt, t Al Balushi Balus ushi Investment I ve In v stmen ment is proud prou r d to t announce c that t at th Mayar Khoudh ahead off schedule. extremely thrilled Maya y r Al Kh K oudh d is i ah head o le We W are r e xtr tremely thri rilled at the progress work. prog r re r ss s off the construction c str con tructio on w wor orrk . mission provide unique development projects local Our mis ission is i to t pro r vid ide un nique d evelo v opment proje r ects for f tthe he loca c l com ccommunity mu unity t ownership opportunities and GCC C nationals to t ca ccapitalise apita t liise on o w wners hip i and in iinvestment vve estment o pportunitie t es in i estate market. Mayar paving many more tthe th e re rreal al es e t te ta t mark rket. Maya y r Al Khoudh oud is i pavin i g th tthe e way w for f ma m ny m ore r projects We accomplished significant number pro rojects to t come. c W have v acco c mplilished a sig i nifi ificant numb mber of real rre eal estate esttate t development d de v opment projects velo prroject ctts in i Muscat Mus u ca c t and d Sohar, Sohar,r targeting tta argeti ting other nationals. Omani and othe ther GCC C nat tionals. We W are r also als al lso developing d ve de v lo lopi oping extensive number additional projects an ex e t sive ten v num mber of addit ddittional pro rojects inclu iincluding ding Bausher ccommercial/residential co mmercial/ r /reside i nti tia ial buildings build i ding gs iin n Baushe her (near ar Muscat Private Hospital), villas Musca c t Pr P riva v te t Hospi s tal t l), residential resid identi tial vi vil illas in i Al-Hail Al-Hailil (near the t Caledon CCaledonian i College ian C llege Co l of Engineering) Engineering r g) and and d twin twi win of villa vil illa projects projec r tts in Al Khoudh Khoud dh (near (near the Sultan Sulta t n Center).” C ntterr).” Ce

Hussain Habib Hussain Hus Hab abib Group General Genera r l Managerr - Al Al Balushi Bal alushi Investment

Developed by Al Balushi Investment, Mayar y Al Khoudh is clearly something out of the ordinaryy. Launched in June 2008, this unique, luxurious residential project is already ahead of schedule and is now targeted for delivery by July 2010. A first-of-its-kind firstt of-it f s-kind re sidential sidentiaal complex, it consists of 58 stand-alone private villas involving four different architectural designs. It is located in the hear t of new Muscat, only 16 kms away awa w y from Muscat International Airport, and spreads over an impressive 23,000 sqm in Al Khoudh.

Pioneering project by Al Balushi Investment This multi-million Rial project is a groundbreaking effort in its conception and achievement. It will have managed facilities like Swimming Pools, Indoor & Outdoor Children’’s Playgrounds, Shopping and Recreational Areas, Gymnasiums and W lking Tracks. It is one of the many unique and successful ventures that Al Balushi Investment has developed. The Company Wa Walking manages various investments and focuses on Real Estate Development and Property Management and also has a wide range of businesses that include (Real Estate), First Medical Centre LLC (Welcare Diagnostic & Treatment Centre), Properties - UAE. Easy Travel & Tours T rs and Volume Tou V

PREMIUM PR P PROJECT ROJJECT, m, one one of the region’’s leading total solutions provider in i the real real estate estate sector,r was signed on as the exclusive sales and marketing agent of Mayar Al record Khoudh and were able to successfully sell the th entire project project in reco ord time! signed with Al Balushi Investment “When eqara r c Ba Invvestme e nt to exclusively excl clusivvelyy sell s ll se off the awarding nature off this and market mark rket the project, projec r t we were t, re aware r o r gn ature r o project, popularity projec r t in terms of quality and cconcept t, once c ptt as a well as populari arity in the e kind of development Khoudh remarkable witness developme v nt Mayar y Al Khoud dh rep rrepresents. rrese es nts. It was rremar rkable to witne w s the ss surge r of enquiries and not tto o fo fforget rrg get the closing of the he sale in n re rrecord c rd co r time. however, What is important to notice ce howe eve v r,r is that, t during ng times like k these we realise rrealis ise the e true potentiall of of a development developme v nt such as Mayar Mayyarr Al Khoudh. d Not Not onlyy do wonderfully did the project r wonderfu nderf lly att its launch,, but bu capabilities the commitment c commitme nt and the undoubted und capabilities apab has proven of the developer v prro oven a sustained su tained growth sus gro r wth and an assurance assu s ran r cce on delivery deli d livvery as well as quality.” y

Asim Al Zadjali General Manager - eqa q Oman

Corporate Office: GBM Building, Al Qurum TTel: +968 24566992, 24566992, Fax: +968 24566635, email:


For more information please contact on 2448 3606 www.eqa w



agency profile O mart

Ahmad Abbas GENERAL MANAGER Retail Solutions PO Box 1811, Azaiba 130, Sultanate of Oman Tel Direct: +968 245 26380, Tel: +968 245 26333 Fax: +968 245 26388 e-mail:

Àƒ»Y ‡¾£¸¡S ,130 ‡„j˜©dG ,1811 :†.¢U ½.½.¢T “™£e ŠGOG™H Matrah Cold Stores LLC PO Box 1811, Azaiba 130, Sultanate of Oman. Tel: +968 245 26333, Fax: +968 245 26388



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