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About Janssen At Janssen, we pride ourselves as an established and reliable company and continue to offer all of the expertise of a first-class logistics service provider. With over 136 years of experience as a fifth generation family owned company we continue to flourish in this globalizing world. Janssen was founded in 1877 under the name Janssenbooten (boats). In those days, transport was done solely by ship and horse. Beginning in the 1940’s, Janssen started its trucking business to reach inland destinations. As a result, we changed our name to Janssenauto’s (trucks). As the years passed, logistic needs were changing. Production companies were focusing on their core business and began outsourcing all other activities. Not Janssen! We took this opportunity to recognize what was best for our customer and provided warehousing solutions. Thus, the warehousing department was created.



Internationalisation boosted the import and export of foreign products which made us realize that we needed to be innovative in our approach to business. As a result, we created our Value Added Services (VAS) department which provides assembly, product modification, after sales services, return logistics and repairs.

Due to the intermodal connections via nearby seaports, airports and railway stations, the Janssen Venlo (NL) facility has been the logistics hotspot 10 years in a row. Because of the exceptional growth in international trade, Janssen is now based in the main ports of Europe such as: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels. Additionally, we offer direct train and barge connection from ports Rotterdam and Antwerp. When it comes to European Distribution services, intermodal connections and air & ocean freight, Janssen is the gateway in and out of Europe.



Global network and Air & Ocean Our network, at Janssen, consists of 300 offices worldwide in over 110 countries which makes us a leading global player in the market.

We offer door to door deliveries via air, ocean, rail and road, as well as, worldwide consolidation solutions for air and ocean freight. Recently, we began transporting containers by railway from Asia (11,000 kilometers) which can save 14 to 18 days

in transit! Additionally, the cost savings, if compared to air transit, are substantial. We also offer worldwide customs assistance to make life as easy as possible for our customers.


Warehousing With over 120,000 square metres of bonded warehousing, Janssen has established itself as the hub for companies entering the European market. Our warehouses are a one stop logistic fulfilment centre

You can be rest assured that your cargo is safe and in the hands of well-trained and experienced professionals. Our efficient warehouse layout and expertise, with innovative automation systems, gives our customers real time stock information online. At Janssen, not only do we store your cargo, we can also prepare it to meet every requirement per destination. Customs Bonded Warehousing


Goods imported into the European Union (EU) will have to be released into free circulation (ie, to be cleared by customs). This will mean that a Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs duties will have to be paid. At Janssen, our clients have the option of storing their goods in one of our many bonded warehouses. By doing so, you can postpone the customs clearance, payment of VAT and duties or avoid payment altogether for goods whose destination is outside the EU. Finally, because of our AEO certification, our clients can be assured of more customs advantages.



Value Added Services (VAS) At Janssen, we strive for quality service and more importantly, saving our clients money. An example is our assembly service.

Before entering the market, Janssen assembly experts can adjust your product to fit the requirements of that exact customer or country. It doesn’t matter what kind of product you export (ie.,consumer electronics or food related) we will make sure it meets EU standards. Also, by repacking products in a smart and efficient way, we significantly reduce the total shipping costs and customs duty percentages. These are just some of our proactive Value Added Services. Other VAS services include: E-Fulfilment, repair and refurbishing. Therefore by integrating Value Added Services with our transport and warehousing, a single controlling point is created, guaranteeing the utmost efficiency.




(VAS) Return Handling


An example of our customers that utilize our Value Added Services:


European Distribution (Trucking & Packages) What makes Janssen stand out from other companies on European pallet distribution is that we have 350 trucks on route daily throughout Europe. Additionally, we offer Value Added Deliveries (VAD), consumer deliveries, city centre deliveries and installation on site, as well as, intermodal connections throughout Europe via train and barge. We utilize Europakket, sending more than two million packages commissioned by her customers on a monthly basis. Because of the total purchase volume we are a serious negotiation partner for the various parcel carriers. As a result, you can take advantage of this purchase volume. Finally, because efficiency is important to us, we offer just in time delivery solutions. We offer return logistics so your clients are treated with the best service available.


At Janssen, our services revolve around you.

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Corporate brochure janssen since 1877  
Corporate brochure janssen since 1877