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Sub-Saharan Africa has 24 percent of theglobalburden of disease and 3 percent of theworld’s health workers. — World Health Organization

THE BASICS Who we are The Give Life Project is an initiative aimed at giving help, giving hope and giving Life to those who are in desperate need. This mission is accented by the desire to address both the spiritual and physical needs of man, with the goal of ministering ‘holistically’. These needs are met through various projects created to combat both the cause and effect of poverty. When and Where The Give Life Project is in the preparatory stages presently, with plans to launch fully in early 2010. The project will launch in Zambia, Africa and then look to eventually minister to the poor throughout the world. Why Countless Millions of men, women and children exist without the basic necessities of life. For them life is spent surviving, with no hope of advancing. The desperate cry that is etched on their faces is also embedded in our hearts. We are compelled to shine Light into their darkness.

More than 1 billion peopleworldwidelive on less than $1 a day.

THE PROJECTS Life Clubs A Life club will focus on mentoring in both practical and spiritual realms. Life Clubs will be hosted in several places, including schools, orphanages, churches, and community centers. Life Camps The camps are a time of spiritual development for those kids who are involved in the Life Clubs; of course, there will be a whole lot of fun too. The camps will be hosted at the Gospelink International College property. Campers will receive scholarship help in order to attend. Life Homes A Life Home is a place for orphans. It is to be a home, not a house. A place where providing for the basic needs of orphans is just the first step. A child must be raised - nurtured, loved, disciplined and encouraged. Currently we are sponsoring orphans in partnership with Gospelink. The

orphans are being cared for in the homes of the national preachers. Life Centers This is a longer-range goal of the Give Life Project. The vision of the Life Center is to build a platform for ministering to people in a given community in a holistic way. The Life Center is a local center where community transformation and development can be facilitated. Life Needs It is the goal of Give Life to meet the basic needs that any person has. These needs are represented by things such as clean/abundant water, medicine, clothing, shelter, food, and most importantly Christ.

Everyyear, 6 million children diefrom malnutrition before their fifth birthday.


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