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So, you like playing fantasy football and at the same time, a devout fantasy basketball fan. You, in fact, are so devoted to the game that you are the champion in your fantasy league. Tell us, does winning a fantasy basketball championship trophy satisfy you? Perhaps you already received so many trophies and would want to spice the game up a bit? What we recommend is for you to play fantasy basketball for money. We are not promoting something evil or allowing you to become a degenerate. What we want is to give you our list of arguments as to why playing fantasy basketball for money can be exciting and can even be the source of inspiration for you to become a better fantasy basketball player. Here are some of our arguments when it comes to playing fantasy basketball for money: Fantasy Basketball for Money # 1: Bragging rights. When a person wins in fantasy sports and becomes the champion, that person is given bragging rights. This is what makes fantasy sports fun and really a guy’s game, to be able to trash talk other players and brag all you want. Brag about you being the best in the fantasy basketball site’s forums, through messages or when it comes to drafting your basketball players. The champ has the right to brag and be obnoxious. Now, you can imagine if you won not only a trophy and bragging rights, you also have the cash to

gloat about. Get a new barbecue grill from your winnings so you could invite the boys over and start bragging and trash talking! It is like having cake and gobbling it all up. Fantasy Basketball for Money # 2: Money is a good incentive. Whether you admit to or not, you will become a better fantasy basketball player if you know that money is on the line. You will work harder and smarter to get everything right. You will be inspired to log in more and research a lot harder about NBA statistics. You will think things thoroughly and use your analytical skills. Money is a great incentive and if done correctly, it can turn you from an average player to a real winner. Money truly is a great incentive and an excellent motivator. Fantasy Basketball for Money # 3: Money teaches you to become cautious. When you have cash to lose, you become calmer in making decisions. There are some fantasy basketball players out there who are called “homer thinkers.� They would buy NBA franchise superstars and then when they see the player not performing well in a particular season, they would drop them and replace them quickly rather than stick it out for a while. So, with money on the line, this can be easily eliminated.

Why It is Good to Play Fantasy Basketball for Money  

Here are some of our arguments when it comes to playing fantasy basketball for money:

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