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Are you as much into weekly fantasy football as I am? I live and breathe weekly fantasy football! I am always reading about weekly fantasy football and I enjoy it. I am thankful for this innovation. Fantasy sports allow sports buffs like me to enjoy watching sports and be part of a fantasy game that recreates the experience over and over again. Because I love the weekly fantasy football habit, I want to share with you things that I have learned when it comes to drafting, and these are smart drafting tips, mind you. When I draft my team, what I do in the preparation stage of a draft is ask myself, how intense and serious do I want to project myself to be? There are some players out there whose attitude is having the desire to win every game all the time. On the other hand, there are some players who like winning, but leaves room for losing a game or two. If you like winning every game then you must have the discipline to research hard before drafting time comes. Before even making a startup list of the team you want to form, what you need to do is know very well the rules of your league. Always study the rules because different leagues have different scoring systems. Ask yourself, what kind of players will I put on my roster? How many starters do I need for each position? What is the scoring system of my league? Is the league I am on a keeper league? How does free agency work in my league? Is training work applicable? Also, know the timeline and trade deadline so you have your responsibilities covered. Another thing that you should find out is the kind of competition you have in the league. What are the other owners like? Are they as intense as you in winning? Usually, when I am in the mood for some competition, I always want to play with people who are just as intense as I am about fantasy sports. It boosts the way I feel about winning. Usually, what I have experienced is there are three to four serious players in a league. If it is a keeper league, the number goes much higher. Anyway, keeping in mind the serious players try to assess what they will be getting so that can also be part of your game plan.

Now when you do these bits of research, the fun stuff begins. It is now time to develop a draft strategy which should always be value-based. Go with logic and not just your favorite player.

Weekly Fantasy Football Guide to Smart Drafting