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: Raphael  

Winona being one of the greatest cities or probably the best in the state of Minnesota is a wonderful and an extra ordinary place surrounded by beautiful aspects of naturewater bodies, great landscape designs of valleys and mountains. A city of remarkable beauty and a complete quiet and peaceful environment with relaxing atmosphere that is absolutely guaranteed every season. Winona provides every needed facility such as hospitals, schools, hotels, factories and many others. Winona is a city in and the country seat of Winona country, in the U.S. State of Minnesota. Located in picturesque bluff country on the

Mississippi River, its most noticeable physical landmark is Sugar Loaf. The city is named after Princess We-Noh-Nah, daughter of Chief Wapasha (Wabasha) III. The population was 27,592 at the 2010 census. Its annual celebration, Steamboat Days, is held in the summer.

A remarkable combination of distinct colors of nature and well-planned, constructed antique buildings with excellent scene of high and low land areas and water bodies which exhibits an overwhelming and phenomenal view of some parts of the city, Winona.

Winona is a place that utterly guarantees you of a good life. It lacks absolutely no resources that a person or the environment needs. There’s a huge variety of access to hospitals, schools, hotels, factories and others.



I am Raphael Apowh and I am 14 years old and was born on the 14 of December 1997 in Ghana to parents namely Jessica Obeng and Moses Kwabena Apowh. I am chocolate in completion and have a round head with big eyes and long eyelashes. I like playing soccer and my favorite food is jollof rice and chicken. I am a kind of person who is always using electronics and is utterly obsessed with the use of electronic devices especially laptops. Talking about laptops, my laptop is the most interesting device or item I have ever encountered in my life. It’s a “Dell Alienware”. I had been trying to convince my parent into getting me a new

laptop when I was entering high school in the year 2012. I had a Toshiba laptop which was a pretty good laptop but I had been using it for a year therefore wanted to get something new. Fortunately for me, my Toshiba laptops charger had stated to mal function and I used this opportunity and explained to my parent that my laptop was not working properly

so I needed a new one. A couple of weeks later my dad bought a new Alienware which I was so excited about it because I loved playing video games and it was also a gaming laptop which also made my friends praise my laptop when I took it to school and this made me very contented .


A guy so ready for life and to fight every obstacle in his way in order to get all the way to the top. Sheng GU has been studying in china for a long time but joined WSU after two years in a Chinese college which automatically connect you to WSU. Favorite activity is running and hobby is reading. Really likes a quiet and silent atmosphere. He exclaims that American education was way better than that of Chinese education so after his two years in Chinese college he took SAT exams on English and applied

online for WSU with it together with some grades. He is a business student and he says this is a difficult challenge because he not very good at English speaking. GU finds WSU to be a very good and beautiful school because both students and teachers are very friendly, polite kind and patient. He also mentions that his goal is to study and one day graduate with honor.  






An extra ordinary woman, determined and strong person who loves her work. Born and grew up in Turkey. She used to be a teacher but now works as an administrator at WSU and has been working for 40 years. She started working when she was 17 years old, as an elementary school English teacher for one year in turkey. Then she decided to study more, therefore went to college and had training as a teacher at the University of Birmingham in England. She then went back in the teaching business for another 10 years as an English teacher and head of English language program at a private school in Canada

She continued her education and gained a master’s degree in applied linguistics which was needed in order to teach in a university. She had been teaching English in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Canada. She understands Arabic language but can speak a little. During her time as a teacher in Canada she met someone who told her there a marketing position at WSU which involves talking to international student. Moreover, she made her mind to quit teaching and come to administration. She exclaims that the Hurdles she had gone through as teacher was the concealment to technology. Pinar moved to WSU becomes she had family who lived in



Minnesota and was also looking for a university where she can feel at home, a great campus, a good environment and lovely city. Part of her job is to talk about the university this make it really easy. Kemale is very interested in her job  

My favorite  activity  during  this  program   has  been  bowling  which  was  actually  our   th first  activity  on  th3e  5  of  July  2013  at  the   Winona  bowling  center.  It  simple  games  to   play  you  just  have  to  put  three  fingers  in   the  ball  and  throw  to  hit  10  bottles  with  a   good  aim.    

  I  played  with  my  group  and  also  a  couple   of  other  student  from  the  ELC  program.   This  is  my  best  activity  because  it  was  my   first  time  but  I  quickly  gained  experienced   in  the  game  and  the  rules  which  made  me   even  the  best  among  my  group  since  I  was   awarded        

because there are lot international student from about 47 countries and she loves communicating with international student. She mentioned that WSU was a diamond not yet discovered because every day she is introduced to something new. She

explained that a behavior she could never control was to make a student study so a challenge she had been facing in her life is persuasive people to get interested in something there don’t like.



AROUND TOWN                        

There has been summer programs going on for five years at the Winona State University but this particular program was planned by Dr Charles Yeboah, the director of “The International Community School”, and staff from “Winona State University” such as Dr Shi, Mr. Conan who was our teacher for college prep and other staff members. It is a very interesting program because it is the combination of exciting activities such as rock climbing, cannoning; College prep and science. This program is basically set up to help student to have an experience of college life. It takes place at the “WSU” in Minnesota and also began on July 8, 2013 and ends on July 26, 2013. We arrived on Friday on July 5, 2013, had some lunch and went out to play soccer where we meet a couple of people with the names Tim and Suri. On Saturday we went for bowling and went for shopping at Wal-Mart. We went to church on Sunday and had a church picnic after the church services ended, played games and socialized with the church members. On Monday we had a meeting and where introduced to the organizers of the program from WSU, then learnt a little about ecology with our science teacher called Seth, took a tour around the school accompanied by Mr. Conan and went and for swimming after he was done talking to us. The program began the next day and we had our first science class and college prep lessons with our various teachers and went for swimming once more after class we repeated the same class schedule for the weekdays but had different activities which were: Cannoning at the Mississippi river, visit to Lanesboro and watched a play about Sherlock Holmes and a karaoke consent with other student on the ELC program. We went for shopping at the mall of America which I was

pretty excited about on Saturday and church on during the rest of the weekend. The following week the schedule for classes was still the same but the activities changed once more, we did more cool things this time. During the weekdays we did things that are as follows: fishing at the whitewater, hiking and rock climbing on sugar loaf, Cruise on the Lacrosse Queen Riverboat, swimming at the aquatic center in Winona, Visited the gym and the Theatre, Visited the Wisconsin Dells Waterpark and ended the week with a Church Festival at Lacanne Lake Park. Well, our last week was not that fun because we had to get our reports and presentations ready but we still had a little fun with our activities which were: Bird watching at Wabasha and visited Lark toys where we played Mini golf, went for Russian National Orchestra at the Winona Middle school, visited Mayo clinic at Rochester khaking at lake lodge, visited the gym and watched a Macbeth play by Shakespeare at the performance center in WSU and today we make our presentation and have a farewell dinner.

Had a  wonderful  time  with  my  friends  though  it  was  had   shopping  because  things  where  really  expensive  

We visited  the  Mayo  clinic  where  we  were  introduced  a   whole  lot  of  zebra  fishes  some  with  fluorescent  genes   which  makes  them  glow  green  and  others  transparent,   their  food  which  where  all  managed  with  state  of  the  art   equipment.  

Just having  fun  with  the  ladies    



After our narrator Dr. John Watson gets married (to Mary Mors tan, in Conan Doyle's second Sherlock Holmes novel, The Sign of Four) he doesn't see Holmes quite as often as he used to. As Watson sets up a happy home with his wife, Holmes remains as weird as ever, hanging around their old place in Baker Street and alternating between cocaine and criminal cases. Watson happens to be passing his former apartment on the walk back from his medical practice one evening, and decides to stop in to see his old pal Holmes. The two bat jokes back and forth about Holmes's deductive ability. Holmes finally comes out and asks if Watson can even recall the number of stairs that lead up to the 221B Baker Street apartment, and Watson admits that he cannot. "Ah ha!" crows Holmes: proof that, while Watson sees the same things that Holmes does, he fails to observe them. A new client arrives to meet Holmes and, after trying to hide his identity for about two seconds, comes clean: he is Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismund von Ornstein, Grand Duke of Cassel-Feldstein and hereditary King of Bohemia (whoa, that's a lot of letters for one name! Bohemia, by the way, is now part of the modern-day Czech Republic). His problem is that he's about to marry the daughter of the King of Scandinavia. The thing is, though, she's from a family with very strict morals, and she wouldn't be pleased to know that he had a serious affair with another woman before their engagement. This woman is Irene Adler – who lives on in Holmes's memory as the woman. She's a singer who met the King in Warsaw, where they subsequently had a bit of a fling. Unfortunately, the King allowed himself to be photographed with Adler, and she has the picture. The King wants Holmes to recover the incriminating photo. Holmes agrees. Holmes then puts on a disguise and goes to Irene Adler's current house in London to stake it out. He finds out that she gets frequent calls from a lawyer, Godfrey Norton. Holmes even happens to be on the site when Adler rushes out of her house to meet Norton at a small church and – get this – our detective is actually called upon (still in disguise) to be the witness for her marriage to the guy. After their surprise elopement, Adler goes back to her house, and Holmes realizes he has to hurry to get the photo back before she

has a chance to leave with her new husband. Holmes comes up with the perfect plan for finding the photo: he disguises himself as a clergyman, stages a riot outside her house, pretends to be injured, and is carried into her living room for medical treatment. Meanwhile, Watson, waiting outside, throws a smoke bomb into her house through the open living room window. In a moment's panic, Adler runs for a small hidden compartment in the wall, where, Holmes guesses, she keeps the photograph. At this discovery, and amidst the confusion, Holmes takes off with Watson in tow. The two wind up back at Holmes's apartment building. As Holmes is looking for his key, a young man walks by and greets him by name, with a cheery "Good evening." The next morning, the King of Bohemia arrives at Holmes's apartment, where Holmes and Watson are waiting. All three head off to Adler's house. To Holmes's surprise, an elderly woman is expecting them. She hands Holmes a letter signed by Irene Adler and addressed to Holmes himself. Adler's letter tells Holmes that she had been warned that he was on her trail. Even so, she didn't recognize him immediately when she saw him disguised as such a kindly-looking old priest. But she guessed that it was Holmes when she realized the smoke bomb was a fake fire alarm. Adler then confirmed Holmes's identity by putting on men's clothes (she was once an actress), following him to his home, and greeting him by name. Adler tells Holmes she's keeping the photos as collateral against the King should he ever decide to ruin her reputation. But for now, she's content to live with her new, much worthier husband, and she considers the matter finished. The King is satisfied with this news, even though Holmes apologizes for failing to recover the photo. Holmes then asks the King if he can keep the photograph of Adler alone that accompanied the letter. The King, surprised, agrees. Watson finishes the story by adding that, while Holmes used to joke about women's intelligence, he hasn't been cracking wise lately: Adler will always be, for Holmes, the ultimate woman.


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