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THE GSA  PROGRAM  IN     WINONA    The  Ghana  science  academy   (GSA)  program  commenced   in  America  in  2013  and   everyone  is  invited  to  join   since  is  in  their  own  interest;   and  does  not  reject  people   no  matter  where  they  are   from.  The  main  idea  behind   this  program  is  to  help   students  explore  the   American  spirit  which  is   more  about  being  a  better   scientist  and  gaining  more   skills,  and  participating  in   every  activity  that  goes  on   around  the  world.  One  of  the   organizers,  Conan,  says  that   life  is  like  a  puzzle  to  him;   through  that  knowledge   helped  him  establish  this   program  with  his  organizers   to  make  it  very  efficient  so  

that people  back  home  have   negative  views  about   America,  I  can  convince   them  by  telling  them  my   experience.  The  organizers   worked  with  different  people   from  different  countries  like   China,  Korea,  Ukraine,   Ghana  and  etc.  The   organizer,  Conan,  can  be   hired  to  organize  the  same   program  somewhere  else   when  he  is  given  the  chance   to  help  prepare  students  for   college;  this  reason  inspires   him  to  name  the  program   “College  Prep”.  Obstacles   happen  every  day  with   international  travels;   students  are  denied  visas  all   the  time,  so  the  activities  are   planned  after  they’ve  heard  

that everything  is  settled   and  they’ve  escaped  all  the   natural  disasters,  and  other   stuff.  This  summer,  Conan  is   working  with  Ghanaians  for   the  first  time  and  his  goal  is   to  help  us  make  work  away   of  his  class  with  a  newsletter   which  talks  about  the   program  with  our  own   writing  abilities  to  share  with   other  who  are  interested.  

Winona is  a  city  in  Minnesota  which  is  located   around  the  Mississippi  river  where  very  


INFORMATION                  ABOUT                                                WINONA      


descent and  caring  people  reside,  and  are   willing  to  accept  people  from  all  over  the   world  to  come  and  socialize  with  them.  It   covers  a  land  area  of  23.6  squares  miles  and   has  a  population  of  about  27,554.  Sugar  loaf  is   the  most  noticeable  physical  landmark  that  I   desired  to  visit  since  my  childhood  even   though  the  city  is  filled  with  rivers  and  lakes.  


THE      CAMPUS                                        OF            WINONA                      UNIVERSITY  

Interview with: KAREN  KAUPHUSMAN,  a  staff  in  Winona  State  University                                                                                                                                            KAREN  was  a  credit  manager  in  another  company   but  was  inspired  by  the  high  payment  that  would  be  given  to  her  if  she  comes  to   the  college,  Winona.  She  was  very  excited  to  come  and  work  in  the  school  because   she  never  got  the  chance  to  go  to  college  until  she  moved  into  WSU  in  1987  to  start   work.  The  working  condition  has  been  great  for  her  even  though  she  fines  it   challenging  to  read  on  a  screen  because  she  used  to  store  information  through   writing  not  typing  and  reading  them  on  the  screen.  Also,  very  few  students  give  her   hard  times;  a  student  got  angry  because  of  what  her  front  desk  was  telling  him  so   he  threw  his  bag  pack  across  and  to  save  herself  from  getting  hurt,  she  backs  off.   With  all  these  obstacles,  she  still  enjoys  working  there  because  of  the  money  and   students.  She  says  she  considers  her  passionate  personal  but  the  job  remains  the   same  job  even  though  she's  willing  to  work  for  7-­‐10  years  more  before  she  retires.  

My co-­‐workers,  K after  the  intervie  

FREAK                                            FEELING..!    


   The  sun  was  on…Monday  morning  is  up  and  

a new  student  hops  into  the  class  with  my   favorite  hairstyle  that  dragged  everyone’s   attention.  Surprisingly,  she  was  instructed  to   sit  by  me  which  got  me  very  excited.  Her  eyes   were  the  color  of  soot  and  that  caught  me   crushing  on  her.    She’s  very  friendly  and   would  like  to  do  anything  to  make  others   happy  without  it  affecting  her  decency  on  and   off  the  classroom.  It  gets  me  jealous  when   she  talks  or  hugs  other  guys  especially  when   they  put  their  hands  around  the  waist.  This   makes  me  feel  very  horrible  for  not  being  able   to  socialize  with  her  even  though  she  sits   right  next  to  me  every  lesson.   The  last  hour  before  school  was  over,  she   asked  me  to  help  her  answer  a  question  and   that  gave  me  the  chance  to  ask  her  for  a  hug   in  a  very  humorous  way  and  she  elatedly   squeezed  the  answer  that  I  was  expecting  out   of  her  mouth  with  her  wonderful  low  voice   that  always  got  my  attention  even  when  she  

wasn’t talking  to  me.    Immediately  after  class,   my  arms  were  wide  opened  as  I  stood  close  to   her  to  grab  her  curved  hips  towards  my  bony   waist.  For  a  moment,  I  felt  very  different   when  our  whole  front  flesh  clustered.  It  was   the  best  feeling  that  has  ever  occurred  in  life   so  far…even  though  I’m  dark;  you  could  see   my  face  turning  red  because  of  this  great   unusual  feeling.  I  escorted  her  home   afterwards  and  rushed  home  with  just  a  name   in  my  mind,  DEMETRIA.  

doesn't like the food in Winona


because he thinks is too salty and

spicy, he still enjoys the program especially when it gets to the activities like ridding bicycles and

和平了 playing basketball. The atmost obstacle for him is that they deal with test only in Taiwan but here; Josh also known as Chang En-CHin is a 20 year old guy in Taiwan who has been learning english for 13 year and that is when the father moved him from his first school. This got his better at writing english but very poor when it comes to speaking. He decided to join the ELC program because he wants to improve in English and father was going to stay in the US for a year

they deal with practicing and speaking a lot and that is making him better in speaking the english language. This Month’s  Survey:   What’s  your  favorite   sport?   Go  online  to  to  vote   65%  


for some reason. Eventhough he RUGBY



ROCK CLIMBING                                                     The  activity  that  requires  much  effort   and  I  have  participated  in  for  the  first   time  is  rock  climbing.  The  higher  you   climb  the  more  dangerous  it  becomes.   Rock  climbing  is  a  demanding  sport;   skills,  balance,  physical  health,  proper   equipment  and  excellent  knowledge  of   the  climbing  gear  and  basic  techniques   are  vital  to  keep  you  safe  from  harm.  I  

had all  these  but  was  still  scared   especially  when  you  are  belaying  your   buddy  up  to  the  top  of  the  pitch  to  scan   the  cliff  above.  It  looks  kind  of  strange   up  there;  that  one  section  above  the   crack  that  looks  rotten  and  makes  you   feel  like  your  buddy  is  leading  the  pitch   above  which  pushes  you  to  tell  your  

partner to  be  careful.


“Russian National  Orchestra”              

the  stages  in  good  music  and  now  I'm   into  classical  music.  Before  this   performance  started,  I  wasn’t  into   classical  music  but  when  the  last   performance  commenced;  my   impression  of  classical  music  had   changed  fore  ver.

Well, have  you  ever  wondered  if  you   may  be  attached  to  crap  and  therefore   is  making  you  reject  good  music?  Have   you  ever  considered  the  notion  that   maybe  your  musical  tastes  aren't  very   good  or  interesting  for  others  to  hear?  I   certainly  have.  I  find  myself  more  and   more  open  and  tolerate,  often  being   able  to  identify  the  small  detail  that   makes  me  like  something  that  I'd  have   rejected  a  few  years  earlier.  Some   things  still  get  on  my  nerves,  and  I'm   still  unreceptive  to  a  few  musical   genres,  but  basically  the  more  I  grow  up   the  more  I  learn  to  appreciate  details   and  variations  on  things  that  shouldn’t   impress  me,  or  wouldn't  have  earlier.   With  the  help  of  the  Russian  National   Orchestra,  I  know    

Giancarlo  Guerrero  (Conductor)  

Author: KLINSMAN  NKRUMAH                                                                                                                                                    

Nl klinsman  
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