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This news newsletter contains the wonderful moments I had this summer. I want to thank God, my parents, the staff of WSU, the coordinators of the GSA program and all my loved ones for making it possible. Love you all. Facebook: Gifty Maite Levy-Boateng Twitter:@eliseboateng


ALL  ABOUT  ME   My Charm Bracelet Oh! I am so tired- I groaned as I began cleaning up my room. A room that I started cleaning two days ago, maybe mom was right; I am a lazy girl. As I opened my closet my fold the clothes that Aunt Augusta bought for me yesterday in it, I saw my golden charm bracelet. Yes! The family treasure. As I held it in my hands, I remembered the story behind it. Apparently, it was given to my mom by her mom who got it from her mom - complicated story right? It is believed that any girl in my family, whoever wears this bracelet on her first date will have a great time and according to mom it works but it didn't work for me. As I was getting ready for my date with Toby last week, mom came to my room to tell me the do's and don’ts on my date after which she gave this bracelet to wear. She said it would make have a great time but I retorted; "what are we in the 80's?" Upon hearing this, mom sat comfortably on my bed and started with this cock and bull story that when her great, great grandmother was a teenager, most of the girls boys wouldn't even look at them. It continued for a long time till the princess of Glosangeles. It is said that when the princess of Glosangeles visited my family in the 80's, she felt pity for the women so she gave each of the young women a charm bracelet, some got bronze, others got silver but only my great, great, great grandmother got gold and I now have it. The bracelet was supposed to make me have a good time with Toby but it didn't because I had the worse time of my life. I don't know whether it was because I was too nervous that the charm wouldn't work but I hope it works because Toby wants a second chance.


WINONA!WINONA! Dear Diary, When I first came to this town, I thought I was going to die of boredom because it was so calm and sunny. Winona, a town in Minnesota named after Princess Wenonah, the beautiful daughter of chief Wabasha III. In this town, all I did was stay indoors and watch T.V till one day I decided to take a walk around the town. I took my camera and my water bottle in case I got thirsty. I walked for like one mile but I all could see were houses, then I got to the center of the town, to my surprise I saw a park with statues and monuments, so I ask a passerby who said the park was called "the veterans memorial park". It is built in memory those who served in the civil war specifically people from Winona. There were other parks as I was told. When I walked a little further from the memorial park I saw the lake lodge where people could swim, kayak and go on a picnic then I started blaming myself not taking this walk early. As I delve into Winona, I came to know that there was a cinema which is called Winona 7,a mall, so many eating outlets like; "zazas", Domino's pizza, McDonald's, Burger King and China house, hotels, hair salons, beauty parlors, theaters you name it! Then I realized that I shouldn't have judged the book by its cover.


INTERVIEW WITH YUKI TAKEDA. During the program, we were assigned to interview some students from the ELC (English Learning Center) program so I got to interview Yuki Takeda. Yuki is Japanese who came to Winona State University to learn English; he is 20 and is the last child of his parents. He comes from a family of five and his favorite food is sushi, he said he wanted to be a lawyer but he realized he was too difficult so now he wants to a be a businessman. He thinks America is a nice and fun place to say but he doesn’t like their food and he likes rock climbing.

INTERVIEW WITH KRISTINE TIBOR As a child, Kristine’s dream was to find something that made her happy, she is 47 years now and has a 17 years old son. She is so proud that she has been able raise a wonderful son, she wishes him all the best and wants him to be whatever he wants to be. She loves travelling; she has been to Mexico and Canada. She loves her job and runs at least 14-15 miles after a stressful day or cooks or has drinks with his friends at her backyard. Her favorite sport is running.


ME LUV SWIMMING!!!! During the GSA program,we had so many activities but the one that I really liked was swimming at the aquatic center on 14th July which was Thursday.The weather was very hot so our chaperons said swimming will be very nice at that time of the day so we took our bikes and went to the aquatic center. This event was a life changing experience because I overcame my fear of water. I used to so scared to get into the pool all by myself but with the help of a lifeguard, I was able to learn the basic moves in swimming so now I can dive into a pool without the fear of drowning because I can control my movement under water. This activity brought my friends and I closer ; even though we were in the same hostel we didn't do things but thanks to this activity, we got the opportunity to lie in one pool to chat, crack jokes, splash water on one other and even go on the slides together. Even though I was too scared to enter the pool at the beginning, it turned out to be such a nice activity that I didn't want to come out of the pool.



THE GHANA SCIENCE ACADEMY The Ghana Science Academy Program is a special program organized by Winona State University for Ghanaian students. It started this year with fifteen students from International Community School and I was part of that group. The main organizers of the program are Mr. Conan Kmiecik, Dr.Holly Shi, Dr. Yeboah and Mr. Christopher Pierret. After a ten hour flight from Ghana to New York, we took another flight to Chicago which took us about two hours. We were warmly welcomed by Tammy Brian at the Chicago airport, then she took us to the bus and we set off to Winona. We were too tired when we got to Winona so we took our baths and rested. The next day, we went bowling with the other students from the ELC (English Language Center) program .We bowled, ate, listened and danced to good music- we had a boisterous time. On Monday, we met the organizers of the program and they gave a tour around the school. We were told that our classes were going to start the next day. Classes started the next day as we were told. Mr. Seth Thompson taught us English and Mr. Conan Kmiecik taught us English known as "College Prep." After Mr. Thompson’s class the next day, we went to Maxwell Hall to our iPads. Yes, the school gave us iPads to use! Then we went to our hostels. Later in the day, we went for swimming lessons and played Frisbee after that. The following was our normal routine throughout the program; we went for science classes every morning between the hours of 8.00 am to 11.30, then we went for lunch at 11.30 and continued with the English lesson at 12.30 till 2.30 pm. Each day, we had different activities after classes which means that we had two activities every day before our study period which lasted from 8.00pm-9.00pm.The first activity lasted from 2.45-4.30pm,supper then the second activity from 6.00-7.30 / 8.00. The activities included swimming, canoeing, bird watching, bowling, rock climbing, cruising, walking, Frisbee, kayaking; going to concerts, cinema, and theaters. On weekends we went to either the mall of America or Wisconsin Dells to the water park. During the Science class, we worked with the embryos of the zebra fish and made up our own experiments which we presented on the last day. In English class, we wrote some essays which we combined to make a newsletter. This program has helped me to master my courage due to the some of the adventurous activities that we took. I also got the opportunity to work with the embryos of a zebra fish and have really improved my English.


THE SHERLOCK HOLMES PLAY On 11th July, we went to Lanesboro to see the Sherlock Holmes play. I didn’t like the fact that we were going to watch the play because I thought it was going to be boring and annoying but I was disappointed because the Sherlock Holmes turned out to be the best play ever. I wish I could watch it over and over again.

SURVEY. The result of a survey that I conducted to see the genre of music that the GSA and ELC student like.


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