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Imagine going to sleep tonight and being in complete control of your dreams. No longer going through your dream like a zombie accepting it for reality but being fully aware and in control of everything that happens. This may seem like a strange concept to some but for those that have mastered lucid dreaming, it's a reality. If you are ready to stop wasting a third of your life and start experiencing a world that you never knew existed then it's time for you to learn how to lucid dream. What is lucid dreaming A lucid dream is when a dreamer becomes consciously aware that they are dreaming while the dream is still taking place. When you have a lucid dream it transforms the dream from nothing more than a faint fuzzy memory to an intense and incredible experience. Imagine being in a world just as real as the one you are in now, completely controlled by your thoughts and mind, where you can fulfill all your desires and wishes with no consequences or limitations. You are exploring the deepest thoughts of your very own subconscious and using the greatest tool for self reflection and self discovery. Lucid dreaming cannot be described or explained with words but only once someone experiences a lucid dream will they truly understand it. Why have lucid dreams Of course the most obvious reason to have lucid dreams is for adventure and excitement but there are so many more benefits then just those. Lucid dreaming is one of the greatest tool for self reflection and self discovery. You are exploring your very own subconscious at the deepest and most profound level there is. Some of the benefits of lucid dreaming are: o Stopping Nightmares o Improving creativity o Personal and spiritual growth o Problem solving o Facing your fears o Healing o Self awareness

o Improving confidence o Removing false limitations o Dreamscaping The possibilities and benefits of lucid dreaming are endless. Lucid Dreaming FAQ Can everyone have lucid dreams? Of course! Everyone dreams whether they remember it or not and lucid dreaming is no different. Now for some people it might be easier than for others but everyone is capable of lucid dreaming Is Lucid Dreaming Real? Due to the nature and the relatively new awareness of it, it's easy to think that lucid dreaming is just some made up concept. Lucid dreaming has been researched and scientifically proven during the last century. It also continues to be studied at many universities and institutions around the world. How long does lucid dreaming take to learn? If you are serious and dedicated about having lucid dreams then you can learn how to master them in less then a week. For the average person it takes about a month before you will have your first lucid dream. Is lucid dreaming dangerous? Absolutely not! Lucid dreaming is no more or less dangerous then having a regular dream. It's probably just about the safest thing you can do. How To Lucid Dream So now that you have learned a little bit about lucid dreaming it's time to learn how to have them. The first step and the most important is to develop great dream recall. What's the point of trying to have a lucid dream if your not even going to remember it when you wake up. Not only does developing great dream recall allow you to remember your dreams much more clear and vivid, it allows you to become more accustomed and used to the dream world so that you will be able to recognize when you are dreaming much easier. The easiest way to start remembering your dreams is to start a dream journal and write down all of your dreams each morning in it. When you wake up each morning don't think about anything or move. Just lay there and try to focus on what you were dreaming about and as soon as you remember it you need to write it down. Dreams are stored in a different part of the brain and they are easily forgotten no matter how vivid they were. Dream recall is a skill that becomes much easier as you practice it more and more. Once mastered you will be able to remember around four

of your dreams a night with great detail and ease. Only after you have mastered dream recall will you be able to proceed to the next step. Intention Keeping the intention that you will lucid dream is the first step. Constantly thinking and reading about lucid dreams automatically triggers your subconscious to think about it and chances are you will think about it in your dreams causing you to realize that you are dreaming. Just like remembering your dreams, you should also tell yourself the night before that you will have a lucid dream that night over and over. Self awareness In a world that is so bizarre and strange with nothing rational happening, we go through it accepting that we are awake and that its real. This is the repercussions of how we go through and accept waking reality. Were so busy running around that our subconscious has taken over and controls most of our thoughts. Push this button, push that button, do you want fries with that? Most people can't even remember what they had for dinner last night or even driving home. If we would start to pay more attention and become more self aware in the world around us then we would do the same in our dreams and realize that the dream world is not real and become lucid. Reality checks Performing reality checks is a great way to induce lucid dreams. Reality checks are nothing more than tests that you perform while you are awake to make sure that you are not dreaming. It may seem silly when you are performing these tests but by constantly doing this you will automatically carry this on into the dream world. When you perform one of the tests in the dream world they will fail and you will instantly realize that you are dreaming. Some easy reality checks to perform are: o Check the lights - Check and make sure that the lights are working properly. When you are in a dream light switches and lamps will not work correctly o Time - Another simple technique to perform is to double check the time. Every single time you look at a clock or your cell phone for the time turn away and look back to make sure that it still says the same time as before. o Memory - When you are dreaming chances are that basic waking life memories are forgotten. The date or day of the week, your birthday, address or even your own name. You should stop and constantly ask yourself these questions to make sure you know the answer to them. o Breathing- Cover your nose and your mouth and make sure that you still can't breath. o Hands - Count your fingers and make sure they are all there and then recount them. Another thing that you can do is see if you can push your finger through your hand. o Where am I? - Another thing that you can do is ask yourself where you are at and how you got

there. Do you remember where you were at before you were at this place? o Vision - Look around and make sure that everything is where and how it is supposed to be. Does the sky look normal today? As you preform each of these checks you should make sure and ask yourself if this is just a dream and be prepared to find out what the answer is. Make sure that each check that you do you are fully conscious and not just performing them like a habit or unconscious action. If you perform these reality checks already knowing that your awake and expecting them to pass then chances are you will do the same thing in your dreams and they will not work. Wake Back to Bed Method (WBTB) This technique does not have to be performed every single day and can be done whenever you want to try and have a lucid dream. The first step is to set your alarm and wake up after 6 hours of sleeping. Once you wake up you want to get out of bed and do something that keeps your brain active. You can check your emails, read a book, write in your dream journal or anything as long as your thought process is working. I would recommend that you don't watch TV or perform any actions that a zombie could do. After you have been awake for about 30 minutes you want to go back to bed for at least another hour. This causes you to enter REM sleep after being in a fully conscious state making you more aware and alert in your dreams. There are so many more lucid dream induction techniques but these are the fundamental basics. If you are serious about lucid dreaming then I would recommend that you study and try different techniques to find out which one works best for you. After you learn how to have lucid dreams the next step is to learn about the levels of lucidity so that you can reach higher levels of awareness. Then you must learn how to control your lucid dreams to have the fullest experiences in your dreams.

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