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NEWSLETTER GAS Arabian Services

GAS Arabian Services has a vision to provide quality integrated services to its customer in the kingdom, in the fields of Gas, Petrochemical and Oil Industries covering Mechanical and Instrumentation Material. Our mission is to continously add value to our clients, principals and staff in being fully committed to our Quality Management System, its objectives, and its continual improvement requirements. 4th Quarter 2010 Issue No. #2 December 2010

ELLIOTT Group and EBARA Corporation Top Management Visit

EKK / Eagle Industry’s TOP MANAGEMENT VISIT at EBKSA / EagleBurgmann and GAS Arabian Services

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FS-Elliott Executive, Board of Directors (BODs), Sales and Marketing Meetings

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2010 Year-End Celebration, citations, awards and promotions FS-Elliott Exec., Board of Directors, Sales and Mktg. Meeting GAS’ Visit to ADIPEC President’s Message: The award of Saudi Electric Company’s Dhuruma Project to GAS Arabian Services EKK / Eagle Industry’s Top Management Visit GAS Arabian Services and Sulzer Pump Meeting Ramadan Dates Board of Directors Meeting: TCR and EagleBurgmann Yokogawa SSA Board Meeting / GAS Pioneering Aramco’s AWLM GAS SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal’s 15 Years of Service Award Abdullah Al Dabal Footbal Tournament / TCR ISO ISO 9001:2008 / A Letter from Mr. Natsunosuke Yago Elliott Group and EBARA Corporation Top Management Visit

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The GAS Leak Detection System Shabab-1 and 2 Project Completion Success Meet SPAN (SABIC Process Analyzer Network) Day News Flash: Letter of Intent from SBG for Prudent SA / GC FAT and Training in Yokogawa, Singapore Facility / GAS-Elster J.V. Registration Top management meeting with IBN Sina Appreciation Letters awarded to: Manpower / Mechanical / Instrumentation / Automation Divisions Elliott-GAS Services Saudi Arabia Registration Announcement: GAS’ 2011 Organizational Restructuring Principal’s Corner New Employees and Manpower Development Graph

GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

GAS Arabian Services GASYear-End Arabian Services Celebration 2010 Year-End Celebration 2010 W elcome to Sam’s island, a setting stripped down to bare essentials. At a glance, it would be quick to naturally expect the inter-play of order and cohesive functionality as fundamental guidelines, the consequential norms of the simple surroundings. It is an allegorical allusion to conduct, a reference point in our moving forward with a well disciplined organizational structure, responsive to the complex demands of progression. And so, the GAS Year-end Celebration took on these basic rules for a free and easy flowing program maintaining the status quo with a quite calm, intensely building up anticipation for the main awards of the night, highlighted with a surprise service achievement reward for one of our company’s most prominent figure. The event was as customary, preceded by the Board meeting configuring the GAS Arabian Services position this past year. The year in review session was once again held at the Le Meridien hotel, then opening its grand ballroom doors to receive over 170 of GAS’ employees on the night of January 2, 2011 for the awards ceremony and ensuing dinner celebration.

GAS’ Top Management team at the board meeting that preceded our Year-end Celebrations

The 7:00 PM proceedings followed an orderly and familiar route, with the welcome remarks delivered by program anchor Mr. Aref K. Al Dabal (AKD). Our VP AKD then laid down GAS’ 2010 achievements starting with an organizational restructuring and followed by the development of key officers from the company ranks. Enumerated next was our opening of a manufacturing, assembly and test laboratory. Finally rounding out our major accomplishments were management’s focus on the new business avenues of LSTK projects, providing improved manpower services and advancing our specialization in Leak Detection Systems.

Top Management opening our Year-end Celebrations with welcome greetings

The much respected GAS SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal (FKD) was next to the podium providing high optimism in performance assessment as his final speech for 2010. He articulately delivered inspiring excerpts relative to the outstanding performances of individuals, touching on the issue as well of having achieved the year’s net profit target only as a springboard to do even better in the near future. Our focus now is on providing cost efficient, total market solutions to an even wider customer base. He goes on to cite Mr. Srinivasalu Sainath for the company’s constant progression, Mr. RathanKumar’s fighting spirit measuring up positive results, the JV reps classy disposition impressing on a good start to realizing profitability and the managing potentials of Mr. Abdon Pereira and Team Leaders recommitted in focused directives translating to actual value. Our Third Generation (3G) group will thus inherit a ‘Top Ten’ company in the KSA. He goes

on to add that the great equalizer is our VP AKD, stabilizing our operations with practical efficiency. This all came to a close with SVP FKD giving gratitude for the unwavering support of our President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal (ARD). He directly addressed our President saying “you bring wisdom, experience and security to SAM’s Island . . . without you there is no SAM.” President ARD then took to the floor and delivered his main programmed, keynote speech. He was quick to emphasize that our company’s biggest asset is manpower resource, with a management team resolute on making readily available training programs for GAS employees to realize a measure of success. He goes on to cite three major projects as testaments to our manpower strength, later calling it our big start with a leaping step to over a 1000 miles. Mentioned first was our now area of expertise, an in-house engineering capability to independently provide integrated LDS solutions. On a larger scale, we will stand alone as project contractor, to build an Aramco connecting 1.2 km long pipeline, supplying gas to Dhuruma Electric Company. This second achievement worth 103M SR was credited to our SVP FKD. The year’s last notable accomplishment was attributed to our VP AKD for securing a groundbreaking IBN SINA project. Our President ended on a high note that we are well poised to build on stature, entering this projected ‘Regional Golden Age,’ totally equipped with the right mix of people in management and staff, adapting proficiently to specialized industrial trends, fully satisfying as well, Saudi market demands.


Our Year-end Celebration went underway with a Keynote Speech delivered by GAS’ President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal

GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

The event now turned interactive with program awards for primary special citations handed out to promote the GAS family orientation as well as advance community relations. The main segment of the ceremony took on the celebrity awards format with the announcement of three nominees per category, for Best Technical Support, Best Engineer and the highest-rated Best Employee of the Year. These balloted individual performance recognitions fittingly paved the way for the much awaited distribution of incentives and/or benefits. Top management formally presented these packages to each company division and department formally extending to every GAS employee, appreciation for a job well done. (See full text/complete list of individuals given awards and recognitions on page 3) At this point, the proceedings took a little detour in looking back at SAM’s Island. This was the big surprise of the evening, a service recognition award kept close to the chest by our President and known only to a handful of men, composing the organizing committee. Year-end program control was redirected back to our President because it was after all, a top management figure duly being awarded recognition . . . It was, SAM himself, our SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal. (Continued on page 13 with the full text of 15 years service achievement award given to GAS Senior Vice President Faisal K. Al Dabal.)

Special citation: Sandeep and Sahana Sainath for bagging 1st honors at the UCMAS Math Competition held in Malaysia

Special Citation: Saad Bader Al Theban for for spending time during Ramadan as part of the GAS organization

Special Citation: Mr. Ali Chmait, F&B Director of Le Meridien for providing quality venue services to GAS’ Year-end Celebrations

Best Technical Support of the Year: Mr. Parbees Abdulrahim of Instrumentation Division

Best Employee of the Year: Mr. Ahmed Al Syed of Mapower Division

Best Engineer of the Year: Mr. Kirubakaran of Mechanical Division

Promotion: Mr. Faisal Al Sunaid has been designated as GAS’ new Business Development Team Leader

Promotion: Mr. Srinivasalu Sainath has been named as GAS’ new General Manager

GAS’ top management and special guests

GAS Top Management: SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal, President and CEO Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal, and VP Aref K. Al Dabal

Promotion: Mr. RathanKumar has also been appointed to a General Manager position

The Year-end dinner celebrations


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Special Citations, Individual Awards and Promotions Special Citation for children: (1) Sahana and Sandeep Sainath - for bagging 1st honors in their respective age brackets, representing KSA in the 2010, Universal Chinese Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) Competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2) Saad Bader Al Theban - for spending quality time during Ramadan as part of the GAS organization Special Award: Ali Chmait, Le Meridien Director of Food and Beverage - for continuous relations development in providing quality venue services for GAS’ Year-end Celebrations. Best Technical Support nominees: Best Engineer nominees: Best Employee nominees: 1. Mr. Ahmed Syed 1. Mr. Sakhtivel 1. Mr. Ahmed Al Syed 2. Mr. Parbees Abdulrahim 2. Mr. Maria Tamil Arasu 2. Mr. Syed Ameen Hassan 3. Mr. Kirubakaran 3. Mr. Abdullah Khalani Winners: Mr. Parbees Abdulrahim (Instrumentation Division)

Mr. Kirubakaran (Mechanical Division)

Promotions: Mr. Srinivasalu Sainath - From: Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Manager, Automation Division Mr. RathanKumar - From: Manager, Instrumentation Division Mr. Faisal Al Sunaid

- From: Management Representative, Automation Division

Mr. Ahmed Al Syed (Manpower Division) To: Assistant to the Senior Vice President / General Manager To: General Manager To: Business Development Team Leader

Mr. Parbees Abdulrahim - From: Project Engineer, Instrumentation Division

To: Sr. Project Engineer

Mr. Maria Tamil Arasu

To: Sr. Sales Engineer


- From: Sales Engineer, Instrumentation Division

FS-Elliott Executive, Board of Directors (BODs), Sales and Marketing Meetings

he Bi-annual FS Elliott Services Saudi Arabia (FSE SSA)/FS Elliott Saudi Arabia (FSE SA) Executive, BODs, Sales and Marketing meetings were held from November 8 through 10 without any such hitch, having logistical requirements carefully mapped out by GAS VP Aref K. Al Dabal (ARD) and his team. Detailing of land arrangements, hotel accommodations, food and beverage particulars along with folder files of agenda/meeting schedules were all laid down to practical efficiency, emulating the now standardized preparations in build up to the Elliot-Ebara Visit. This 2010 edition of set meetings were held in both GAS Arabian Services’ Dammam headquarters and our Jubail office/facility. The Executive team of GAS VP AKD, Messrs. Deepak Kini Finance/Director of CICB, Mike Street, Director and Manoj Malhotra, KSA Country Manager, FS Elliott met for long hours with review discussions centered on agenda issues and data presentation, primed for and preparatory to, the ensuing Board of Directors meeting on the 9th of November. GAS President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal (ARD) presided over the FSE SSA and FSE SA BODs meetings with Mr. Paul Brown, CEO of FSElliott, GAS SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal and Finance head Reda Arafat in attendance along with the Executive Team. Mr. Kini was present for the second running FSE SA BODs session also held in our Standing ( L to R ): GAS Finance Head Mr. Reda Arafat, VP Aref K. Al Dabal, SVP Faisal GAS head office. On November 10, Mr Brown led K. Al Dabal, and EBKSA’s Mr. Manoj Malhotra. Seated ( L to R ): Mr. Mike Street, Directhe Executive Team to a Jubail workshop facility intor, Mr. Paul Brown, CEO, FS-Elliott, GAS President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal and spection and onto the final conference with the FS Mr. Deepak Kini, Finance / Director, CICB Elliott sales workforce composed of Messrs. Will Collett, Sales Director (EMA), Mike Gibala, Global Marketing Director, Mike Lantzy, Technical Services Manager, Nick Wilder, Field Sales Engineer and Mike Cobak, EMA Service Coordinator. Additional support representations for GAS were Messrs. Kirubakaran, Team Leader, Mechanical Division and Shady Mohammed, Facility Service Supervisor.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

The Board convened to tackle major company growth concerns, addressed with continued JV commitment all thru these year-long boom and bust cycles, sharing proactive insights in a positive assessment and outlook to our position. It has been a year since the launch of our Joint Venture, gradually advancing collaboration thru the FS ELLIOT brand. Thus realized, was the need to speed up technology transfer of the Quality Management System from our US counterpart, in the hope of finally breaking ground to becoming fully and confidently operational. This may well be our stepping stone to getting on the job preference list of ARAMCO and SABIC/affiliates. The board went on to itemize positive actions of building on partner/ principal relations with Yokogawa, increasing capacity to build and sell with an integrated management system, applying marketing strategies/finding job opportunities to address balance sheet/cash flow downturn, and finally improving on manpower resource base in reference to the approved organizational chart and tasking. Micro-managing points of interest were likewise bared, such as website development showcasing our ‘Appreciation Letters’ and collateral materials designed to brand our image of professionalism. The seaming factor to all points raised was to take advantage of the GAS network, as a significant mechanism to reestablishing a stronghold of the Saudi market, with an offshoot to set forth a comprehensive business/sales plan which will decisively detail out our forward movement onto impressive development. The sales and marketing delegates took their turn in long drawn discussions with the meeting held on November 10, in GAS’ Jubail office facility. Outright established was the JV partners’ readiness to provide that critical support base, in a proactive stance which would shed guidance and direction to our entire sales team, pushing for responsive action. Review pointers to a good business/sales plan were first laid out, moving on next to scrutinizing sales programs currently in force for on-going projects. It was finally concurred that with data support from Messrs. Collett and Wilder, the FSE SSA/SA Executive team will be able to make ready a business/sales plan, due for Board Approval at year’s end. The FSE SSA/SA Directors had resolved to convene every first and third quarters of the year, with a similar 3-day program order of BODs, Executive, Sales and Marketing meetings. We now all wait to set in motion approved directives on March, and then review our ability to realize these goals in the tail-ending session on September.

The FS-Elliott Board of Directors Meeting held on November 9, 2010

Messrs. Street and Brown in a walkFS-Elliott / GAS Facility

thru of the

Messrs. Deepak Kini and Paul Brown in the workshop of FS-Elliott/ GAS Jubail Facility

The FS-Elliott / GAS Sales and Marketing Meeting on November 10, 2010, held in our Jubail office


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

GAS Arabian Services Company’s Visit to ADIPEC


bu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference or ADIPEC is acclaimed as one of the largest and most extensive Energy Networking Show, with prime participation and support coming from the global market sector of Oil and Gas. The event annually attracts over a thousand company exhibitors covering 50 or more nations and also generating an attendance of roughly 40,000 industry delegates from all over the world. The 2010 Event was held from November 1 to 4, at the Abu Dabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), home to the convention. This modeled a comprehensive venue for network marketing, establishing company credibility in the industry thru program exposure and likewise presenting an array of opportunities in strategically designed fora to discuss and learn from lead trade experts.

The Saudi Aramco participation garnered recognition for “Best Innovation or Technology” and “Energy Company of Leftmost is Mr. Sudhir Bangalore , P&F Regional Manager standthe Year” from the three-year running ADIPEC awards proing beside our GAS Representative Mr. Maria Tamil Arasu at the gram. FindeR POMPE and Sulzer, thru Sulzer Middle East Peperl+Fuch booth. Fourth from left is Mr. Thampy Mathew, P&F FZCO, recent visitors to GAS Arabian Services headquarManaging Director ters also took part in the Event. Other notable partners of GAS with set-up, product promotional stands during the 4-day main exhibition congregation, were Elliott Group, EBARA Corporation affiliate EBARA International Corp., Elster-Instromet (Elster GmbH), Yokogawa Middle East, Vector Infotech, Precision Equipment, Ratnamani Metals and Tubes Ltd. and Weir thru Weir Power and Industrial. GAS interests were represented thru the participation of Pepperl+Fuchs (P&F), a long time principal of our company. GAS Instrumentation Division Sales Engineer Maria Tamil Arasu was primarily sent to expound on and aptly update our market awareness and familiarization thru scouting the venue offerings and by making the rounds of visiting the stalls. Through most of the event proceedings though, he lent support services to the P&F group in attending to customers and ably promoting the brand. P&F maximized exposure with a tech-savvy booth showcasing in full blast, a wide range of its prime industrial products. P&F Company representation in the exhibition was headed by Messrs. Thampy Mathew, Managing Director, Anton He, General Manager, and Sudhir Bangalore, Regional Manager.

GAS Instrumentation Division Engineer Maria Tamil Arasu making the rounds at ADIPEC


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: The award of Saudi Electric Company’s (SEC) Dhuruma Power Plant 11 Project to GAS Arabian Services on December 23, 2010

The Groundbreaking project signing (from Left to Right): Saudi Electric Company ’s (SEC) Mr. Mohammed Al Jaber, Generation Consultant, Independent Power Plant (IPP) and Dr. Amer Al Sawaha, Head of IPP Program with GAS’ Mr. Aref K. Al Dabal, Vice President and Mr. Faisal Sunaid, Team Leader, Business Development


AS Arabian Services Company Limited has long positioned itself with an enshrined vision to provide the highest quality of products and services.

Target market scope has demanded our responsive and strategic build-up onto providing total solutions to the Saudi Industrial landscape. On this occasion, I am proud to announce that we have made significant inroads, inching closer to establish our strong presence in this Turnkey Projects market. GAS Arabian Services has been awarded a landmark project by the Saudi Electric Company (SEC) on LSTK basis for Sales Gas Delivery System of SEC PP-11 IPP at Dhuruma with a contracted volume of Materials Supply, Installation Commissioning and Training services amounting to an estimated project cost of 103.4 Million Saudi Riyals. We as an organization thus, have to move forward with a resolve to unified execution, addressing mandated quality assurances that will progressively guarantee successful project turn-over. Project Overview: The awarded project is to implement the supply of Fuel Gas to the upcoming power plant SEC PP-11 being built under the consortium of SEC and Dhuruma Electric Company (DEC). The site is in Dhuruma, located about 140 kilometers west of Riyadh. This newly constructed facility will virtually append 1,730 megawatts of power to SEC’s grid, in two project phases with the time-frame for target completion on mid-2013. The independent plant will operate having natural gas as its primary fuel and implement high efficiency technology in the likes of gas/steam turbines as well as advanced emission controls. Riyadh PP11 as aptly named, is a gas fired power plant commissioned to supply 15% of the power generation capacity in the Kingdom’s central region. Plant operations, control and ownership fall under Dhuruma Electricity Co., which was established by the SEC and a consortium of local and foreign entities from France and Japan with a South Korean heavy industry conglomerate in charge of PP 11’s design and construction. GAS Commitment: GAS has been contracted for the Design, Supply, Install, Commission and Training on LSTK basis for Sales Gas Pipeline and Metering system.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

The Groundbreaking project signing (from Left to Right): Saudi Electric Company ’s (SEC) Mr. Mohammed Al Jaber, Generation Consultant, Independent Power Plant (IPP) and Dr. Amer Al Sawaha, Head of IPP Program with GAS’ Mr. Aref K. Al Dabal, Vice President joined by Mr. S.T. Ravi, Automation Division Sales Manager

As Executive Chairman to this project, I have again delegated directives for over-all supervision to our SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal with strategic job implementation assigned to our VP Aref K. Al Dabal and lead operations detailing under the wing of Mr. S. Sainath, Asst to SVP. Our management team has been engaged in an on-going realignment of technical man-power assignments, likewise comprehensively laying down resource allocation for total cost efficiency in delivery of project specifics. The tedious build-up and commitment to a long drawn plan is just about to get underway and so we expect full cooperation from every department of our company. This groundbreaking project will command tight and exhaustive collaborative work from our organization, and I believe we are all intrinsically prepared and fully geared up to meet head on every minute demand of this venture, through to finally realizing on-time and successful project completion. Gentlemen, we are committed to uphold value relations through efficient work flow procedures, focus on this task at hand to primarily advance our quality based mission and vision.

Abdulrahman K. Al-Dabal President and CEO

The Signatories (from Left to Right): Saudi Electric Company ’s (SEC) Dr. Amer Al Sawaha, Head of IPP Program and GAS’ Mr. Aref K. Al Dabal, Vice President


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

EKK / Eagle Industry’s TOP MANAGEMENT VISIT at EBKSA / EagleBurgmann and GAS Arabian Services


oeing the line of top management invitees is EKK/ Eagle Industry Company Limited’s Senior Executives, an incessant acquiescence to the GAS paradigm of building strong bonds in valued-relations, The delegates (from Left to Right): Mr. Hasan Babacan, Mr. Yasunari Unemura, GAS coming on the heels of visit arrangements laid out President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal, Mr. Tetsuji ‘Tom’’ Tsuru, GAS VP Aref K. Al Dabal and Mr. Jeff Stewart for the Elliott Group and Ebara Corporation. It was a simple bash and treat this time around, but with that underlying thrust to reinforce our commitment in this partnership with EKK thru EagleBurgmann, KSA or EBKSA. A courtesy call was extended by our President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal (AR Al Dabal) to Messrs. Tetsuji ‘Tom ‘ Tsuru, CEO/President and Yasunari Unemura, Sr. Managing Director, EKK, along with Hasan Babacan, Vice President, Regional Management Team, Middle East/North Africa and Jeff Stewart, KSA Managing Director, EagleBurgmann. On November 3, a welcome reception was held in Bahrain for the visiting delegation, hosted by our President AR Al Dabal and also attended by GAS Vice President Aref K. Al Dabal (AK Al Dabal) in the cozy schematics of Prima Vera Italian restaurant, suitably setting pace for unwinding dinner proceedings. This soft-lit, private feel played relaxingly well in formally presenting EKK with a traditionally distinct Arabian gift, received by Tsuro-san to commemorate the event visit. This dinner highlight showed our appreciation for EKK and EagleBurgmann’s top brass acceptance to spend valued time with our management team in the advancement of stronger relations. GAS VP AK Al Dabal took over, engaging our guests in a visit to the EBKSA facility in Dammam, the following day, November 4. A meeting was held with focused discussions on business development preceding an area walk-thru that correspondingly updated visitors of on-the-ground enhancements to our workshop, furthering the EBKSA quality brandname. Here then Mr. Jeff Stewart of EBKSA presented the EKK thru its visiting senior management group with tokens of appreciation. Next stop was Sheraton Hotel where our delegates fine-dined in the oriental cuisine of Asahi Restaurant. From there, our VIP guests were shuttled to the GAS headquarters and were given the customary VIP Lounge tour before finally proceeding to a brief wrap-up conference. Here discussed in a short presentation by AK Al Dabal, was our company’s growth in historical perspective, profiling as well the GAS integrated management system in reference to a proactive organizational set-up that has translated into revealing sales and services proceeds. Mr. Reda Arafat, GAS Finance Manager was in attendance to provide data support to AK Al Dabal who disclosed the past year’s 250M SR total turnover to clients, impressing that clearcut message of GAS’ strength to deliver, as a well trusted partner. Not long after, AK Al Dabal read aloud a letter of gratitude extended by our President AR Al Dabal to the visitors. This served as prologue to the ensuing Guests’ fitting of Thobes for documentation mementos in a photo shoot that finally closed the event. During the meeting our guests were also provided with the Elliott Group and Ebara Corporation Visit Bulletin which prominently reckons EBKSA’s valuable contribution to this momentous engagement hosted by GAS a little over a week back. GAS projects strong, insightful messaging that builds on value relations, a personification of business competence thru its total preparedness to often accommodate these tightly compressed visiting schedules. This is just a simple qualification of the GAS tagline expressing its ‘Commitment to Quality’ with an appended clear and precise statement, we are pressing forward to realize fulfillment of Joint Venture profitability!

Left photo: Messrs. Stewart, Tsuru, AK Al Dabal at the EBKSA workshop. Middle photo: Messrs. AK Al Dabal and Jeff Stewart presented the EKK with tokens of appreciation received by Tsuru-san and Unemura-san. Right photo: Messrs. Stewart, Tsuru, AK Al Dabal, Unemura, Babacan and GAS Finance head Mr. Reda Arafat.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

GAS Arabian Services and Sulzer Pump Meeting


The Traditional Abdulrahman VIP lounge tour accorded by GAS VP Aref K. Al Dabal (in white) to Sulzer Country Manager Mr. Collin Finley (center) with Mr. Kirubakaran on looking (left)

n September 19, Mr. Collin Findlay of Sulzer Pumps Saudi Arabia paid GAS Arabian Services a courtesy call. The Swiss manufacturing firm’s country manager who has worked here for two years, met with our VP AKD for prospective business developments, in a tie-up between the two companies. The high point in revelation was realizing the Saudi market potential for household pumps tagged at an estimated US500M, thus, Sulzer Pumps has actively stepped in towards collaboration and involvement with local partners. Both parties took turns in accelerated pace to expound on respective business strengths which laid down basic materials to satisfy prime points of establishing corporate identity in who we are and why partner with us.

GAS SVP FKD joined the discussion midway through, again welcoming Mr. Findlay and extending gratitude for his visit to the GAS headquarters. In this brief appearance, FKD ardently stated and expressed full confidence in AKD’s cognizant grasp in assessment of the Saudi industrial/engineering landscape as strategically viable to advancing the interests of both parties in these partnership negotiations. Mr. Findlay went on to relate that his company has had 30-years of experience in the Middle East, having 15 manufacturing plants located globally with main facilities in the US, UK and Germany. Eventually targeted for expansion in Saudi Arabia was a service repair, packaging and manufacturing plant progressively built and established. The focused directive was now to make a significant start in determining common grounds with local representation, to pinpoint growth areas and develop the business, one crucial step at a time. VP AKD then pitched in the fine points of GAS’ well-structured organization in dealings with ARAMCO and SABIC/affiliates. An asset emphasized was our active participation in forwarding market solutions, from technically superior products and services with a global resource base that have showcased our strong JV partnerships, built for the long term. The meeting came to a close having both parties well enlightened with each one’s capacity to perform, being fully aware of market developments and understanding the value we may pose for each other. Mr. Findlay will go back and try to convince Sulzer Pumps’ top management for a mandate to proceed with negations along the lines of what was discussed/agreed hereupon, proposing as well to meet again with the inclusion of divisional managers.


GAS SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal in the meeting with Sulzer ’s Mr. Finley, GAS VP AK Al Dabal and Mr. Kirubakaran

The Lounge Tour Before the Meeting (Left photo). Sulzer ’s Country Manager Mr. Collin Finley (Right Photo)

GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Ramadan”Dates” Ramadan Dates

“ The Value Services in a Charitable Cause of GAS Arabian Services “


amadan celebrations around the world fall on the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The month’s sunrise-tosunset fasting officially begins on the very first night with a visible sighting of the new crescent moon. This 2010, the Kingdom’s commemoration of Ramadan began at sundown of August 11 setting off that month-long course of solemn prayer and sacrifice. The spiritual retreat eventually ended with festivities of breaking the fast on the 10th of September, marking the first day of the following month with another sighting of the new moon. The annual devotion to this holy month of worship is a much anticipated event for GAS Arabian Services Company. Compassion and generosity measure up as essential conducts to this period of reflection. Thus, GAS has marked its events calendar to take part in such noble endeavors with its customized version of ‘Ramadan Dates Project.’ This now four-year old Charity Mission is the brainchild of our Senior Vice President Faisal K. Al-Dabal, with team preparations spearheaded by our VP Aref K. Al Dabal. GAS HR head Mohammed Warthan has taken lead coordinating role with logistical support coming from PRO Mohannad Al Zaharani for this 30-day project duration of providing ‘Iftar’ meals and donating date fruits. ‘Iftar’ refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast at nights, during the Islamic Month of Ramadan. It is a religious observance often done as a community, with people gathering to have their first meal of the day right after prayer and on ‘Maghrib’ or sunset around 6:00 P.M. Traditionally, date fruits are the first things consumed with water, when the fast is broken. Preparing for the Iftar meal is no longer new to GAS. Company packaging of date fruits as well as coordination of ordered ‘Iftars’ are done well in advance on a yearly basis, with an increasing work force pitching in their share of assistance to this philanthropic cause. This year, basic food stuffing of chicken, rice, dates with milk and water, all for group sharing, were delivered to our neighboring mosque, just adjacent to the GAS Building. The company has taken to task and more so traditionalized, providing food for 30 days to our next door prayer abode where an estimated ninety (90) people attend the daily rituals of Ramadan. Thus, ‘our brothers by our side’ have now been truly expectant beneficiaries, grateful and appreciative these past several years, towards this GAS custom of charity and kindness. Proceeding further with the same essence in gifting meals, GAS personnel have gone about sharing date fruits, delivering these packaged sweets to a much larger locality. Coverage area had encompassed the Dammam to Bahrain route targeting government public service posts and utilities, open during the holidays. These past years, GAS has frequented providing a month long supply of ‘dates’ to the Immigration (at King Fahd Bridge), Passport, Murror Traffic and Customs offices thru to the Saudi Embassy in Bahrain. This charitable cause comes as a devotion to the almighty Allah, and so GAS’ creed of ‘Commitment to Quality’ has taken a turn during Ramadan breaks, into adopting this new meaning of providing ‘Value Services’ for the upliftment of our less fortunate neighbors. The rousing reception received from this project has pushed Management to pledge and continue on forward with this worthwhile ‘reach out program’ for more years to come.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality



I. TCR Arabia Company Ltd.


he 2010 TCR Arabia Company Limited Board of Directors Meeting was held on the 13th of December, at the company’s head office in Dammam, KSA. The scheduled 10:00AM to 12:00NN meeting was presided over by Mr. Abdulrahman K. Al-Dabal, TCR Arabia Chairman of the Board. Director attendees include Messrs. Virendra Kumar Bafna, Faisal K. Al-Dabal, Rohit Bafna and Paresh Haribhakti. Our VP Aref K Al Dabal was also at the meeting, serving in his capacity as TCR’s Managing Director, along with Mr. Syed Ameen Hassan, Country Manager and Mr. Reda Arafat, GAS Finance Head. This accounts for a full Board with share holders, present during the entire duration of the meeting. (Top Photo)

The Chairman of the board opened the meeting with the cusTCR Board tomary complimentary address for board members and other of attendees, to settle them down onto imperative agenda disDirectors Meeting cussions. Focused deliberations took turns on the general headings of performance and budget review revealing financial position that went into itemizing sales gains, profit sharing, (Right Photo) expenditures, resource allocation/recapitalization requirement Inauguration of and capital investments. Operational and forecasted plans Microbiology Lab. were likewise laid on the table for careful assessment, to lead in next the central appraisal of company achievements. Given due notice were two signed service contracts and the inauguration on set up of two laboratories, with accentuating high remarks accorded to an appreciation letter received from Hyundai Heavy Industries. The Chair gave special mention to Mr. Bafna and the Executive Committee Members, for the completed Mechanical and Microbiology lab projects. More points of valuation proceeded to finally end with the setting of date for TCR’s next Board Meeting, again penned in on the month of December, 2011. The preceding Executive Committee Meeting was programmed to convene on March of 2011.

II. EagleBurgmann Saudi Arabia Co., Ltd.


he Board Meeting of EagleBurgmann, KSA or EBKSA progressed as scheduled at 10:00 in the morning of December 12, 2010, and went on a little past its 12:00 NN scheduled time slot. Lead attendees for GAS Arabian Services were our President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal, followed by SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal and VP Aref K. Al Dabal, with the tail ending presence of Finance Manager Reda Arafat. Site hosts and counterpart to GAS representation in the meeting were EagleBurgmann’s Mr. Hasan Babacan along with EBKSA’s Messrs. Jeff Stewart, George Savio and Taher Saeed. The meeting took on a deliberate pace to tackle upfront a year’s cycle of business issues, trends and highlights, primarily set to subsequently engage in sales and marketing reports. Performance review as budget decreed was the next main focus, in transition and functional to detailing out, capital expenditures, project investments, pricing and audit controls, profit distribution, company assets and stock concerns. On-the- ground motions to improvements were likewise scrutinized to finally set forth operations plans in forecasted profitability. On this point of value inputs to a set comprehensive business plan, GAS committed its full and unwavering support, closing the meeting on high note.


(Top Photo) EBKSA Board of

Directors Meeting (Right Photo) EBKSA Facility Tour

GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

III. Yokogawa Services Saudi Arabia Board of Directors (BODs) meeting held on the 10th July, 2010:


he Fiscal Year 2009 Yokogawa Services Saudi Arabia Board of Directors Meeting was held on the 10th of July, 2010, at the company’s Saudi Arabia headquarters located in Dahran, Techno Valley. Composing Yokogawa’s presiding delegation were Messrs. Akira Ogawa, Chairman, Takashi Sasaki, President & CEO, Yusuke Sehiguchi, Director and Teruyuki Imamura, Director & VP. GAS Arabian Services Company was represented at the meeting by our top management roster of Messrs. Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal, President & CEO and Faisal K. Al Dabal, GAS SVP. The Board’s agenda concentrated primarily on the review and giving of approval to the Auditor’s Financial Report for FY 2009 then proceeded on finally, to comprehensively discuss major arrangements laid down in the YSSA Board Resolutions.

The YSSA Board of Directors

GAS’ pioneering application of Saudi Aramco’s Advance Warehouse and Logistics Management system using the Radio Frequency Identification Device


audi ARAMCO has just introduced a new and superior management system that will improve and speed up inventory tracking integral to warehousing operations. This Advance Warehouse and Logistics Management (AWLM) system employs updated applications of RFID which stands for Radio-Frequency Identification Device. This technology utilizes radio waves transmitted as modulating and demodulating frequency (RF) signals received by energized antennas imprinted on sticker labels, that allow for a wider range in exchange of data, doing away with line of sight limitations. The installation and deployment program of this RFID System covers materials and supply warehouses, setting-up site stations with portal gate-printer systems to facilitate tracking of item/product movement from suppliers to customers through identification of these standard issued RFID tags or labels (which serve as antennas) attached to and provided on the transported goods. These radio-frequency generated data may then be retrieved and processed through the supplier portal-RFID printer with given access codes. Suppliers may thus and also, be able to trace delivered shipments to Saudi ARAMCO in the company/ customer’s general site portal. The underlying or fundamental driving force in this service-supply chain link to customer is that real-time added value to formed relations. These supplied high end technological advancements are made market sensible in the long run with practical and high application efficiency, which customers like ARAMCO demand. With this professed innovative quality orientation, GAS has actively lent support to the Saudi ARAMCO Project of Advance Warehouse & Logistics Management (AWLM). Our company has openly participated to launch this new Aramco system, giving us the pioneering privilege of having the very first RFID printer installed in our workstation. The printer was targeted for GAS’ Instrumentation Division ground floor unit in Dammam, KSA. Set-up coordination proceeded on January 11, 2011 and was carried out by Messrs. Khaled Harthi, Business System Analyst of Materials Planning & Systems Department and Saleth Shyah, Systems Analyst of IT Department, both from Saudi ARAMCO. These gentlemen performed as well a systems check and analysis, then conducted a process flow orientation on technical conditions for GAS’ assigned personnel. The training scope covered the AWLM mandated requirements through to printer installation and handling operations. Collaborative work setting in full motion this landmark cooperative project, were all through the effort of Messrs. Larry Sandoval, Joseph Manoj and Cezar Herrera. The pioneer project: Saudi Aramco’s new AWLM Team engaging our Instrumentation Division representatives



or a moment SAM was engaged in the outside halls of Le Meridien’s ballroom, a conspired set-up as prelude to re-entering the program venue to the rousing applause of the entire GAS community. The surprise conferring of honors, celebrating his 15 years of service now went underway with a photo presentation looking back, way back and down memory lane, reminiscing at his accomplishments in the long road to success. SAM sat quietly for a minute, close to being misty eyed as the GAS family at large bore witness to his succession as a leader. The presentation chronicles SAM starting out as Public Rep, situated in a small rented office space with a few good men by his side. He then progressively worked his way up to the Vice Presidency, achieving in the process what we have now come to know as a fully established GAS Arabian Services Company, having 9 strong JV partners and 21 major principals. SAM as depicted charted the business growth of our Jubail facility, likewise significantly increasing our manpower base to its current roster of 196 GAS employees, all marking his invaluable service contributions. This eventful flow elicited on several occasions, gestures of chest thumping from SAM, a heartfelt appreciation of interrupting acknowledgement bestowed on him by the GAS family. The program then shifted to a rightful personal tribute and first up on stage was the Third Generation (3G) group of the Al Dabal family represented by Khalid Abdulrahman, son of our President. His message was clear cut, strikingly asserting that strength of character ruling on destiny is just one valuable lesson they have learned from their uncle. FKD the writer was next revealed to the GAS public eye, in video footages capturing his expressive genius and articulate side delivering masterfully his own poetic stanzas. This was suitably followed by SAM’s close friend and confidant Mohammed Al Shehri, an established poet delivering in his native tongue, vibrant and powerful verses paying homage to the celebrant. An intermission to this programmed personal tribute ensued with poet Al Shehri, Mr. Khalid Al Garni and Captain Mohsan all presenting SAM with mementos to commemorate his achievement. The final messages were all reserved for top management and colleagues with GAS Assistant to the Senior Vice President Mr. Srinivasalu Sainath tasked to lead this segment. He expressed praise for SVP FKD as a mentor, friend and brother standing by our side to see us through even in the most difficult of times, the defining character of a true and worthy leader. And so ‘Sai’ goes on to make a fitting remark stating, “SAM you are not alone in that small island, we are and always will be there with you! Program anchor VP AKD again took the floor to pronounce his foremost admiration for SVP FKD as brother and also as a co-worker. Through his message of compliment, VP AKD assertively declared one memorable line directly looking at his brother and saying “you Faisal are the beating heart that built this organization into a family.” This elicited a loud round of applause from a largely supportive crowd along with an approving nod from our President. Closing remarks were duly reserved for our President ARD, to give the final thoughts on the aptly themed program of “Excellence in Leadership” as rendered by SVP FKD thru a 15 year period. President ARD expounded on this celebration’s theme, starting off by laying down the difficult route to becoming a true leader. Challenge, risk, vision and intuition or the perceptiveness to anticipate and forecast, are all critical factors that make for a great leader. Our SVP FKD has brilliantly and effectively mustered responsive actions and reactions to address these elemental issues in leadership, moving a step further with his ‘nothing less than excellence’ disposition. “We all must remember that it is not the position that makes you, but rather, it is you that makes the position,” our president quips. Thus SVP FKD has made the grade and earned the right to tag his service achievement with the phrase, “Excellence in Leadership.” This once small island SAM operated in has now been transformed into a thriving institution; it is and has always been his domain, our GAS Arabian Services Company. President ARD in closing credited our VP AKD, top management and staff for sparing no effort in guaranteeing the success of this celebratory event. Fittingly, he adds that we are all honored to have an outstanding leader called FKD, motioning to have our Jubail facility conference room renamed after our well respected SVP. The last segment of the program was spent on presenting SVP FKD with major tokens of appreciation. A framed card with the signatures of all GAS division managers and top management was first handed over to the celebrant. This was followed by the awarding of commemorative ‘15 year’ trophies, offered by the SGB Board of Directors and our company GAS Arabian Services, which formally closed the proceedings. Before breaking for the year-end feast, President ARD added the announcement of significant changes made to our organizational structure with the promotion of GAS employees led by Messrs. Srinivasalu Sainath and RathanKumar, now appointed as General Managers. Mr. Faisal Al Sunaid received his new designation as well, moving up as Team Leader for Business Development. Then and finally, President ARD sent out management’s invitation to the entire GAS family, opening dinner celebrations.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality


Abdullah Khalid Al Dabal Footbal Tournament

his year’s edition of the Abdullah Khalid Al Dabal Football Tournament held during the Season of Ramadan, kicked-off pitch hostilities on the third day of the Islamic holy month. This Indoor Open Championship attracted a total field of 20 teams with four daily matches scheduled, finishing off with the final game staged on the 26th of August, 2010. The two teams that played for the prestigious Al Dabal Tournament Trophy were F6 Sports Club in Dammam/Khobar, pitted against a strong contending squad from NADA, the popular local juice maker. The Alatfaq Sports Club served as host venue for the tournament with the season ending match tallying a 3-nil score in favor of the F6 Club, composed of young local football enthusiasts. This box score however, downplayed the hard fought and exciting match between the competing sides. Before the final game, Ad Wali club eked out a hard earned 1-0 victory over a pesky Eastern Chamber group and bagged the consolation award for third place.

The 3G Group awarded the Champions Trophy to the F6 football club

Guests of honor during the final day of the tournament were headed by Mr. Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal as Chairman of AlDabal Group, Messrs. Faisal K. Al Dabal and Aref K. Al Dabal, Senior Vice President and Vice President respectively of GAS Arabian Services Company. The Third Generation (3-G) group of the Al Dabal family led by Mr. Khalid Abdulrahman, son of GAS President Mr. AR Al Dabal, awarded the trophy to the champion F6 ballclub. SGB Dabal has for years been the major sponsor of this event along with GAS as co-presentor. Partners/affiliates of our company that supported this year’s tournament as sponsors were, Prudent, TCR Arabia, Samsung, FS Elliott, Vector Infotech, Fluid Components International and EagleBurgmann. During this month-long religious observance, football matches took on an after ‘Iftar’ celebration schedule, with a community gathering program aimed and envisioned to continuously promote sportsmanship in the local scene. This noble intention has long been enshrined in the annals of this tournament honoring its founder, the late Mr. Abdullah Khalid Al Dabal, a former Minister for Sports in the KSA, member of FIFA’s Executive Committee from 1986-2002 and also of the FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee from 1990-2006. In 2004, Mr. Abdullah Khalid Al Dabal was given the distinction of ‘Honorary FIFA Member.’ Organizers and the Al Dabal family have long been devoted to continue on this legacy of honor, extending an invitation for even greater participation from this football crazy neighborhood.

TCR ISO 9001:2008

Mr. Syed Ameen Hassan, TCR Country Manager (3rd from right) with TCR team that had undergone the audit conducted Moody Interna-




CR Arabia may now be officially called an “ISO-9001:2008” certified company. The GAS-TCR joint venture company has successfully passed the audit conducted by Moody International on the 19th of December, 2010. The ISO 9001:2008 is by and large one of the most recognized standards worldwide, with over three quarters of a million organizations in more than 160 countries putting into practice this systematic quality check and balance. This international trademark has been widely accepted as value reference for quality management system requirements in business transaction processes. The Saudi Industrial market has long been a proponent of this certifications system, demanding strict compliance to high quality standard and set regulatory requirements, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with a continuous commitment to improved performance and innovative development.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

TCR Arabia has earned its certification to provide non-destructive testing, inspection and metallurgical Services that takes into account as well, the quality insurance needs of all Saudi Industries. The last few months had been rigorous in preparing the company’s quality manual, compliant to the mandatory audit procedures and format conducted by Moody International. The TCR team was however, up to the task in successfully attending to all these specifications with Messrs. Suresh Acharya, TCR Engineering of India and Syed Salahuddin, TCR Arabia Management Representative taking the lead. Messrs. Md. Maqbool Mohiuddin, Kamran Shariff and Riyaz Ahmed, Team Members and Internal Auditors, QMS Team along with Messrs. Periasamy Senthil and Nagesh Shinde both Team Members as well, all provided necessary support. But, critical to achieving this desired result was management’s full commitment to a systematic process approach in dealing with this undertaking as headed by TCR Arabia Country Manger Mr. Syed Ameen Hassan, under the direct guidance of the Managing Director, Mr. Aref K. Al Dabal and Director Mr. Rohit Bafna. It is now thus inherently imperative on us, to assure added value to our customers thru work flow procedures with good practices that consistently perform product supply and service excellence.

External Audit (ISO 9001:2008) conducted on GAS Arabian Services by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Company


as Arabian Services Co., Ltd., recently completed yet another successful External Audit that was conducted by Lloyds on the 17th of August 2010. Management appreciates the efforts of its staff for having shown full commitment to our Quality Management System (QMS), upholding high value standards in work flow procedures that constantly sustain and contribute to growth in the company.

A Letter from Mr. Natsunosuke Yago to Mr. Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal

These External Audits are held once every 9 months which guarantee strict compliance to the set parameters of our QMS consequently translating to total customer satisfaction. In conjunction to this periodic companywide assessments, ‘Internal Audits’ are implemented to make sure that the objectives laid down by our President and stated in the QMS are comprehensively accomplished. GAS employees thus, have remained focus on the task of addressing all present consumer needs as well as obligated to developments in forecasted market demands, with a mind-set of minimizing draw back and the promise of eliminating clientele complaints. Top management likewise, has progressively carried out unwavering support for its principals, in the achievement of annually projected sales targets that have garnered citations from industry leaders. In response to these programmed evaluations, GAS Arabian Services has vowed to continuously bring about Improvements within the company’s organizational structure. Starting emphasis has been given to providing every member of the GAS family the proper training that will promote a more professional outlook, with an orientation to relentlessly drive for high quality service and productiveness.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

ELLIOTT Group and EBARA Corporation Top Management Visit


ntroduction: People come and go, and in this moments’ pause for a chance meeting, it is how we project ourselves that defines our encounter in progressing to valued relations. And so began this mission of promoting GAS’ efficiency mileage to drive in that ceremonious sealing stroke to a projected Joint Venture Agreement with Ebara. This undertaking known as the ELLIOTT and EBARA visit required our mobilization of almost every company department, with preparations starting a month in advance. The directive from top management was a clear-cut high priority treatment, focused on detailing out first class arrangements for our visitors, from arrival to departure date. Laid out plans were drafted precise, time-lines clearly defined and resources made swiftly available to ably responsive man-power. With this quiet confidence in preparations, the entire GAS organizing team witnessed a smooth flowing event met with immediate feedback of praise from management and visitors alike. This storied program exemplifying fluidity in motion unfolded as follows . ..


rrival dates (October 17 and 18): Mr. Tony Casillo, ELLIOTT President and CEO arrived on October 17 in Bahrain to a perfectly warm reception, relaxingly travelling back to the Kingdom with our VP Aref k. Al Dabal (AKD). Mr. Oliver Conger, ELLIOTT Group Sales Director took this same route and was met by Mr. Fabio Cariola, Executive Manager of EGSSA Ltd., proceeding the next day to check-in at Sheraton hotel, Dammam, KSA. GAS reps assisted these gentlemen with pre-arranged hotel accommodations that included personalized butler services for a truly comfortable stay. On October 18, a meeting was held at the GAS head office with ELLIOTT Group’s Messrs. Casillo, Conger, EGSSA’s Mr. Cariola The arrival of Mr. Tony Casillo, Elliott CEO and Presiand our VP AKD. Discussions and presentations emphasized a unident at the GAS head office with VP Aref K Al Dabal fied action in strengthened operations to advance plans for our JV in EGSSA Ltd. This was a preliminary dialogue to the visit’s main objective of a greater commitment between GAS and EBARA Corporation. This newly designated ELLIOTT Group, Mother Company to all ELLIOTT units, and its partnership with GAS well serves as an operations case study, a working basis to build on our relationship with Ebara. Preparations went underway with the arrival of EBARA’s delegation led by Messrs. Natsunosuke Yago, President & Representative Director, Atsuo Suzuki, Board Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer/ President Fluid Machinery & Systems Company, Yasuyuki Uruma, Executive VP (Elliott Group), Takao Inoue, Executive Officer/Division Executive/Overseas Sales Division, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company. Messrs. Sam Blasér Director Member, EGSSA Ltd. and Mr. Paul Butzberger, VP for Gobal Services, Elliott Group arrived separately late in the afternoon and early evening.

Mr. Oliver Conger, Elliott Group Sales Director, Mr. Fabio Cariola Executive Manager, EGSSA Ltd. and Mr. Casillo with GAS VP AK Al Dabal at our VIP lounge


Full VIP arrangements were set in full motion, from the welcome committee of top management assisting visitors at the Bahrain airport to their assigned vehicles, accommodating them through travel and to Sheraton hotel check-in. Logistical details, Collaterals preparations, F&B arrangements were all effectively laid down with the add-on contribution of GAS department personnel serving as guides and escorts to promote our unified quality image. GAS President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal (ARD) served as main host through to event closing.

ay 2 visit agenda (October 19): The Event proper began with a tour of Jubail Industrial City, with the delegation divided into groups, going on separate ways. Groups A/C headed by ARD with Yago-san, Uruma-san, Suzuki-san and AKD,




GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

GAS President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal EBARA Corp. Pres. & Rep. Director Mr. Natsunosuke Yago


GAS President AR. Al Dabal with Messrs. Natsunosuke Yago and Yasuyuki Uruma at the Welcome Reception in GAS Jubail

The ‘Arda’ (Saudi heritage music) performers with our visitors and gas’ top management in our Jubail facility

travelled to SABIC IBN Sina for a meeting with Mr. Mazyad Al-Khaldi, President of the company. Group B, led by GAS’ Messrs. Srinivasalu Sainath and Conger proceeded to a customer meeting in IBN Zahr. The GAS quality commitment was unraveled now with a fullblown rendition of the red carpet treatment for the guests. The official Jubail facility welcome commenced as the visitors entered the grounds, walking on carpet-fitted walkways to an open courtyard tent for a “Gawa” (Arabic coffee) serving in full view of an “Arda” (Saudi heritage music) performance and a camel dressed in the logos of the companies represented. A photo/video shoot was later staged to document this customized reception.

GAS President AR. Al Dabal with Yago-san and Mr. Tony Casillo. Elliott President and CEO (center) joined by Urumasan (left) and GAS’ Faisal Al Sunaid (right)

The Ebara Corporation top managment with GAS VP AK Aldabal

AKD headed the group to a tour of the GAS Jubail facility giving a profiled office area account, moving on next to the backside of the building for a site visit of the workshop we share with a JV partner. After this brief orientation, the group was ushered to another tent on the outside grounds of the facility

The site visit of our Jubail facility workshop

The day’s agenda came to a close with an Asahi Restaurant in Sheraton Hotel

unwinding dinner set at

where exquisite Saudi cuisine was served for lunch. Later, the convoy traveled back home to Dammam, taking a detoured route for a site-seeing trip of the Jubail city/center and cornice areas. An unwinding dinner set at the oriental restaurant of Asahi, Sheraton closed this day’s agenda. Yokogawa Service Saudi Arabia President & CEO Mr. Takashi Sasaki and Yokogawa Middle East SVP for Engineering Mr. Hideki Matsubayashi along with EagleBurgmann’s Messrs. Seiichiro Araki, VP sales, Masura Ikeda, GM International Sales, Hasan Babacan, VP, Jeff Stewart Managing Director, were also invited to the dinner.

D 19

ay 3 visit agenda (October 20): Shifting gears to drive in that one clear message of GAS’ service commitment to quality, well measures out the focus of programs on this day! From

Our visitors and GAS top management walkthru the EagleBurgman facility worshop

GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

GAS President AR. Al Dabal, Mr. Uruma (center) and GAS VP AK Al Dabal (right) at Eagleburgmann with Mr. Jef Stewart

Mr.Yago (center) with Atsuo Suzuki-san EagleBurgmann workshop walk-thru

engaged in the

GAS President AR. Al Dabal presented Mr.Yago with a Saudi heritage gift from EagleBurgmann

Sheraton, groups A and C proceeded to EagleBugmann for a tour of the facility. On arrival, the visitors were led in a brief conference presentation by Mr. Jeff Stewart with Messrs. Araki, Ikeda and Babacan also in attendance. A workshop walkthru immediately followed and the visitors were engaged in actual demonstrations of automated product manufacturing. On the other hand, Mr. S. Sainath escorted Operations Group B going back to Jubail City for a JUPC customer meeting. These engagements credibly helped serve our cause of reinforcing belief in our integrated management system that quantify customer satisfaction. To further emphasize our strength in the Saudi market, Management group A with support group C had a courtesy meeting with ARAMCO Senior VP for Exploration and Producing, Mr. Amin Nasser at his Dhahran office. Officials of Petrokemya meanwhile, met with our Group B visitors again in Jubail City. All these SABIC affiliates and ARAMCO appointments have shown GAS evolving into a total solutions provider with its proactive approach on promoting real-time, value development in client relationships. The culminating event of the day was hosted by ARD at his villa in Sunset beach resort. It was a much welcomed twist, with its beach front setting in stark contrast to the formal venues of past scheduled fine dining and meetings. This dim lit backdrop added an extreme personal touch that underscored the tying bonds of valued relations! Served for dinner was a gourmet chef embellished set buffet, dishing out livening Arabian entrees that well preceded the flaring up of dramatics with guests’ fitting Thobes. Framed Saudi heritage gift items from EagleBurgmann were presented to our visitors by ARD. With cameras flashing all through the night, capturing this climactic festive mood, we now had high hopes of getting that nod of approval from Yago-san and company.

Mr.Yago (right) gets a bouquet from a young girl as part of the welcome reception at

GAS’ head office


ay 4 visit agenda (October 21): The fine points of managing events accounts for total preparedness to accommodate (re)adjustments, anticipating special needs to enhance the proceedings. Added details on this day were necessary to address a last minute change in schedule. From Sheraton, the delegation was now set to visit our corporate head office for the EGSSA Ltd. Operational Discussion along with talks on underlying proposals tendered to the EBARA group. Proper communications redirected timings in acting out a free flowing program of young girls greeting our visitors, offering them long stemmed roses, with GAS VP AK Al Dabal with the welcome Yago-san receiving a bouquet. This reception entourage of young girls light-hearted frill laid out a relaxing atmosphere for the guests, then escorted to the top floor. There, they were accorded the traditional VIP lounge tour, showcasing GAS Arabian Services’ rich history of achievements.

Messrs. Tony Casillo (top right) and Paul Butzberger (below) are welcomed here at GAS with a long stemmed flower


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Welcome geetings at our corporate headquarters with young girls offering flowers to our guests

GAS President AR Al Dabal and VP AK Al Dabal present a falcon gift to EBARA Corporation received by Yago-san

Messrs. Casillo and Fabio Cariola present a commemorative trophy to our top management

This set the stage for the final meeting on the EGSSA Ltd. and EBARA’s market entry presided over by ARD. The guests were treated to a brief slide-show of photographs, documenting past days’ activities that helped settle-in all participants for the opening of the meeting. Our president then led discussions to eventually name GAS SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal (FKD) as a focal point to EGSSA’s main expansion and strategic business development, while AKD would serve in the same primary contact capacity closely studying the feasibility of EBARA’s advancements in the Saudi realm. Yago-san soon after addressed the committee followed by Mr. Uruma and finally Mr. Suzuki, all giving their consent to these arrangements. Suzuki-san took on the cudgels for EBARA accepting the role of coming up with a business plan. agenda and points of action with support from AKD. The EBARA delegation likewise accepted in principle GAS’ invitation to formulate joint presence, having perceived through this visit, investment potentials in the Saudi industrial, commercial and private sectors. ARD again took the floor to present Yago-san with a golden statuette of a falcon. In historical references, this souvenir replica of Falconry (training a bird of prey) was a sport exclusively for kings, thus suggestive of the grandiose respect accorded to our visitors. This handing over of the figurine signifies as well the nobility of our intentions in pursuing progressive business relations with both these invited camps. Messrs. Casillo and Cariola, on behalf of ELLIOTT and EBARA delegations next presented ARD and AKD with a commemorative trophy, a fitting tribute to all the hard work rendered in solidifying the EGSSA Ltd. Post event celebrations were held at the Heritage Village, a structured restaurant museum. The entire delegation of guests together with GAS committee members were treated to traditional Arabic cuisine.


ommitment to quality, a slogan long adopted by GAS Arabian Services, was once again personified by no less than our president and vice president in their perceptive presence to project a unified company image throughout these proceedings. FKD’s guiding principle of strict adherence to this service obligation was likewise evident in the laid out plans for this event. Top management with Mr. S. Sanaith at the helm and Mr. RathanKumar serving as assistant to the event committee chair did their share in laboriously advancing our cause. And finally, due recognition should also be given to GAS’ well structured organization from the president’s/SVP’s/VP’s office, administration, accounting, HR, PRO, IT departments to Jubail/ Dammam Division Heads and staff who all functioned cohesively to execute this action plan through to successful completion. We all share in the glory of fully achieving the event’s desired result!


GAS President AR Al Dabal (left) hosted lunch at Heritage Village Restaurant for post event celebrations. At center is Uruma-san followed by Messrs. Hideki Kanno and Takao Inoue

GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

The GAS Leak Detection System, SHABAB-1 and 2 Project Completion Success Meet


Program anchor Mr. Faisal Al Sunaid

The Welcome by GAS VP Aref K. Al Dabal

The LDS Brief Mr. Viswes

presented by

he LDS Team of GAS’ Automation Division casually celebrated its successful completion of the SHABAB-1 Pipeline Capacity Expansion SHABAB-2 project on the 21st of December 2010. The social gathering likewise commemorated our achievement of having accomplished ARAMCO’s requisitioned LDS Site Acceptance Test. The Shabab Pipeline with a diameter of 46 inches and length of 646 kilometers originates from the UAE border and terminates at Abqaiq plant, Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. This pipeline is a lifeline for wealth, delivering MBPD of Arabian Crude oil into the Kingdom and contributing millions of USD in the GDP of Saudi Arabia. Holiday Inn, Al Khobar was the venue for this affair with Madrid Halls A and B respectively booked for the program proper and culminating buffet lunch celebrations. A list of special invitees and prospective clients was generated by our host LDS tactical team, with its members opening the occasion to a warm introductory reception, ushering in visitors to a promotionally configured, relations building set-up for the scheduled presentations. These light trimmed festivities took on the prime objective of providing the forum for formal presentations of Aramco’s Certificate of Appreciations to our company. The anticipated meeting among GAS’ top executives, esteemed customers and Project Management Teams of Aramco had indeed added value credence to this celebratory event.

GAS’ Top Management receiving the Citation Awards from Aramco: (Top left) SVP Faisal K. Al Dabal, (Bottom left) VP Aref K. Al Dabal

The program’s flow was anchored by GAS Management Representative Mr. Faisal Al Sunaid, directing run-timed presentation of preliminary annotations before ceding the floor to our Vice President Aref K. Al Dabal for the official welcome remarks. An addressed point in this opening speech was our strong partnership with EFA Technologies, USA. Our principal partner has continuously and effectively provided the Leak Detection System (LDS) equipment along with critical industrial training, leading in our successful execution of seven (7) Aramco projects. This ultimately equated to that “in-house” machinery propelling technical service independence in accordance to the Aramco mandate. GAS has been committed to this very end, moving in pace with a specific thrust on adapting know-how into our integrated managing systems. We have started to design and engineer our own LDS, from calculated selections of field instruments, then conducting the required factory acceptance tests. GAS has constructed its own Bench Test Facility for the LDS, as station for certified engineers running the program, fully capable as well to perform Site Acceptance Tests. The groundbreaking completion of Shabab-2 Project BI-10-0266 gives us that confident predisposition of having strong reference in a specialized capacity which hopefully leads to getting that preferential nod from ARAMCO. Guests of honor from this Saudi conglomerate, Mr. Mushabab Al Quraishi, Sr. Project Engineer and Mr. Yuri Kravtsov, General Manager of Stroytransgaz were fully satisfied with GAS’ project execution and so, willfully lent their presence to these proceedings.

Mr. James Cooper, Sr. Project Engineer for SHABAB Project BI-10-0266 and Mr. Kravtsov were subsequently requested up on stage providing impressed customer feedback, then tasked to officially present Aramco’s recognition certificates, first to GAS Senior Vice President Faisal K. Al Dabal then next to our Vice President AK Al Dabal joined by GAS Automation Division/LDS head Mr. Srinivasalu Sainath. Moderator Mr. Al Sunaid called on last GAS’ LDS Team Leader Mr. Viswes. The Automation representative gave a concise LDS Commissioning brief with his presentation that visually laid out GAS’ local engineering strength Left: GAS’ LDS head and technical capabilities all under the watchful eyes of ARAMCO, its affiliate consultants and contractors . On closing, Mr. Al Mr. Srinivasalu Sainath Sunaid thanked the Saudi Aramco Team for giving us opportunities such as this noteworthy Project. These much deserved citations motivate us further to do even better and improve on our specialized strengths, of building from our own backyard as value component to successfully bid for upcoming LDS projects. The host finally invited everyone to a sumptuous buffet lunch prepared by the hotel to formally end this Success Meet. The GAS commitment to quality in building strong ties to customers was again in full display in these programmed activities, never underestimating the underlying significance in detail of this promotional set backdrop.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

SPAN (SABIC Process Analyzer Network) Day


audi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) organized and held yet another of its product intensive promotional affairs last December 21, 2010, dubbed the SABIC Process Analyzer Network or ”SPAN Day,” at the KARAN Suites, AlFanateer, Jubail Industrial City. Event-partner sponsorships for this bi-annual meet are primed and limited to less than a handful of SABIC’s select certified vendors. GAS Arabian Services-Yokogawa, Al-Tamimi, KYTOS Arabia and Dar-Al Ryadh were given the honor to participate in this year’s last edition. GAS representation was headed by VicePresident Aref K. Al Dabal along with our new General Manager, Mr. RathanKumar and Instrumentation Team Leader Mr. Anand, from the division principally charged to handle Yokogawa Company and in particular, its analyzer products and services.

GAS’ vibrant presence was highlighted by Mr. Aref K. Al Dabal’s short but detailed speech, which well oriented guests and organizers of our company’s profile with focused points on distinctive contributions made through the services we have long offered the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and other related industries in the Kingdom. Our Vice President took the concise route making quick and strong reference to GAS’ close affiliations with leading global manufacturers, forming Joint Venture partnerships and Principal representations. GAS has thus expanded, as a inevitable response to transfer of technology, with an organizational development and adaptation to form highly specialized divisions, innovatively promoting real-time value in products and services. This strategic build-up has seen our company equate increased product supply volume in set-up facilities to manpower capacity for the final execution and delivery of customer satisfaction. An exemplary case in progressive associations is our Joint Venture, establishing the Yokogawa Services Saudi Arabia. As YSSA partner we have continuously provided after sales and training services as well as executed E&I projects. We represent Yokogawa Middle East in the kingdom for an entire range of process control systems and instrumentation with a stateof-the-art line of Analyzer products, as stressed by Mr. Arfef K. Al Dabal. Concluding his speech was a visual presentation of our company’s organizational timelines, emphasizing GAS’ forward movement onto providing total market solutions. Later in the program, a trophy was awarded to our delegates for the joint participation of GAS and YOKOGAWA in this tailending edition of “SPAN Day.” The organizing committee likewise presented an appreciation letter to GAS’ representative Mr. Aref K. Al Dabal for contributions made as a golden sponsor of the event, which entitled our Vice President to valuable stage time promoting our company. “Span Day” was a well attended function with luminaries gracing the event, led by Messrs. Ahmad Al Sheikh (President, United), Abdullah Buanain (Vice President, SABIC Manufacturing), Buhazah (Vice President, SABIC Manufacturing) and Mohammad S. Al-Ghamdi (General Manager, Technical Services SAFCO). Professionals from Jubail Industrial College likewise participated in the program.

GAS VP Aref K. Al Dabal (left) and Mr. RathanKumar (center) represented GAS in SPAN Day


GAS Representatives taking part in the SPAN Day program

SPAN Day’s Company Profile GAS VP Aref K. Al Dabal

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GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality




I. Letter of Intent received from Saudi Binladin Group (SBG) for Prudent SA:


Letter of Intent from the Saudi Binladin Group (SBG) was sent to Prudent SA on July 25, 2010. The document affirmed SBG’s awarding of a second, big order to GAS’ Joint Venture Partner, for its product supply and services engineered down to the minute specification requirements of its Qassim Project. With this formalized offer, the SBG has thus validated their trust in our technical capabilities, primarily so, for our professional detailing quality with an intrinsic systematic and positive approach that contribute immensely to expediting project completion.

II. GC FAT & Training in the Yokogawa, Singapore Facility:


Engineers Manoj Joseph (left) and Parbees Abdulrahim (right) at the Yokogawa trainign facility

nstrumentation Division Engineers Parbees Abdulrahim and Manoj Joseph travelled to Singapore for an official office/site facility tour of Yokogawa Company from the 10th to 11th of May, 2010. Arrangements were essentially provided for their participation in a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) as required by the SABIC-Petrokemya Project. Material orders were received from SA Kentz, covering a requirement supply of Yokogawa’s Gas Chromatographs. Thus, both GAS Engineers’ visit was programmed to accommodate as well a 2-day training course on PGC 1000 Mark II, conducted by Yokogawa GC experts.

Commercial Registration (CR) establishing GAS’ Joint Venture in Elster Instromet Services Saudi Arabia


ompetent expediency like clockwork was the manner by which GAS PRO head Mr. Abdon Pereira managed to obtain this Commercial Registration (CR) certificate formally establishing the GAS/Elster Joint Venture Partnership. Due credit should be given to Mr. Mohannad Al Zaharani, ably supported by Mr. Abdullah Al Khalani for credible contributions to this very end. Looking back, these message exchanges to/from GAS and Elster stress the value points of simple directness in constant follow up thru the right channels, as norms to effective communications producing results. Fast tracked necessities included share capital collection with a signed Board Resolution to open a JV bank account, hence the issued bank certificate along with an AofA and announcements made in local newspapers, all helped us be in a good position for the processing of our CR. A formal ‘Lease Contract’ document establishing JV company office space was then further needed and prepared, as a necessary precaution to often required formalities by SAGIA, the agency processing applications for CR’s. This Lease Contract certificate was likewise a specified stipulation in later on, going thru the process of applying for visas. Shown (above) is the Commercial Registration (CR) for the Elster/GAS JV Company, accomplished in a short span of time with procedural accomplishments in work coordination, properly starting on October 9 and the document released on November 3, 2010.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

ELLIOTT Group-EBARA Corporation and GAS Top Management Meeting with IBN Sina


prime component of the ELLIOTT Group and EBARA Corporation Visit last October 18-21, 2010 was the strategically programmed itinerary of delegates, attending to business development meetings with lead Saudi industrial companies. This essentially was to create an impact in assessment of GAS’ commercial strengths, viable to realizing investment potentials in this local backdrop of a dynamic market sector. The event thus, opened to a tour of the Jubail Industrial City on its second day, taking the immediate route to a supplier-customer meeting held in the SABIC IBN Sina locale. (See related story on page 16.)

SABIC IBN Sina (National Methanol Company) President Mr. Mazyad Al-Khaldi hosted ELLIOTT Group-EBARA Corporation and GAS Top Management meeting with our main visiting delegates headed by Mr. AbSABIC IBN Sina President Mr. Mazyad Al-Khaldi (fifth from right) dulrahman K. Al Dabal, President and CEO of GAS Arabian Services and Mr. Natsunosuke Yago, President and Representative Director of EBARA Corporation. Other VIP’s that composed our bloc were Mr. Tony Casillo, Elliott Group President and CEO, Mr. Atsuo Suzuki, EBARA Corporation Board Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer/ Fluid Machinery & Systems Company President, Mr. Yasuyuki Uruma, Elliott Group Executive Vice President and GAS Vice President Mr. Aref K. Al Dabal. IBN Sina top executives tasked in attendance were Mr. Andrew Penton, Vice President, Mr. Nasser Abanmi, Operations General Manager, Mr. Mohammed AlThawdi, Maintenance Manager and Mr. Abdullah Soufi, Realibility Manager. Top management discussion parameters were defined and set proper to the scheduled time of 10:00AM on the 19th of October, 2010, for an hour’s meeting with Mr. Al-Khaldi. Agenda points laid out during this conference briefly started with an ELLIOT Group and EBARA Corporation top management team introduction, appropriately setting pace for the announcement of our Joint Venture partnership in ELLIOTT-GAS Services Saudi Arabia. EGSSA’s activities were consequently outlined in appraisal of our JV Company’s capacity that assuredly quantifies added value strength to SABIC/IBN Sina. The meeting culminated with tendered offers from our group as strategic build-up of EGSSA’s position in the SABIC sphere of influence.





he Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) award for ‘Most Outstanding Quality Supply and Service’ is given once every five years to a certiffied vendor, chosen from a field that has been closely monitored and regularly rated thru an automated supply chain portal. This prestigious performance review and citation starts with a conducted survey of around three thousand SABIC certified vendors. The selection process then trims down the qualified count to rank the top 25 companies. The Year’s Outstanding Supplier recipient will come from this elite field and be presented with a certificate in scheduled formal ceremonies. On a much more regular basis and/or on project completion, SABIC affiliates along with other private sector companies hand out plaques, trophies and letters of citations in appreciation of the A-grade performances rendered by contracted vendors. Since 1992, GAS Arabian Services has thus far received eighty six (86) appreciation letters from its customers, principals and the government! These include two SABIC “Supplier of the Year” awards, in 2002 and again in 2007. ARAMCO, the state owned and controlled Saudi Oil and Gas Corporation has also awarded GAS with highly regarded citations/recognitions, further strengthening and establishing our company’s quality position in this regional Industrial landscape . This year’s accomplishments from key divisions of GAS Arabian Services that again highlight our company’s quality integrated services, structured to provide total industrial solutions include:


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Appreciation Letter from SABIC (Ar-Razi) Saudi Methanol Company presented to GAS Manpower Division


AS Manpower division was awarded its first Appreciation Certificate from SABIC’s Ar-Razi company for providing high-grade quality, support services in the project Turnaround of Plant III operations. The job commenced on June 10, 2010, with our 23-man team of millwrights assembled and activated for a month long commissioning of technical expertise. This included as well, executing logistical provisions in site coordination, resolving all industrial issues thru to project completion, thus correspondingly, augmenting GAS product sales This momentous achievement would not have been possible without a receptively hard working Sales group led by Manpower Division Executive Syed Hamid Hassan representing front line sales and Coordinators Harish Manai, Michael Solano assisted by Zameer Ahmed, providing logistical support in site management/interview synchronization. Due recognition should also be accorded to six (6) millwrights namely, Ahmed Jani, Mohamed Afsar, June Culla, Arnel Magyawe and Carlo Benjamin Camarillo for demonstrating their productive propensity and outstanding work effort, as valued contributions to this accomplishment.

Appreciation Letter from “ADVANCED PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY” awarded to GAS Manpower Division


AS MANPOWER DIVISION reached another milestone with its completion of a 2nd Plant Turnaround project for Advanced Petrochemical Company, meeting customer demands through to total satisfaction. Our division mobilized a workforce of seventeen (17) highly skilled professionals in full compliance with the varied technical categorization and role casting needs of the job. In a month long operation, GAS’ dedicated personnel essayed its competitive edge thru excellent teamwork, translating technical knowhow into skillful execution that comprehensively brought to fore our company’s commitment to high quality performance. Portraying utmost efficiency again were millwrights June Culla and Carlo Benjamin Camarillo. We, the Man Power Division are proud to announce receipt of this citation from Advanced Petrochemical Company. The award given on August 16, 2010, highlights our contribution of excellence in personifying hard work and effort during the plants’ turnaround project. This comes in addition to the recognition we had received from another well-known SABIC company, the Ar-Razi group. It is a defining moment and quite a remarkable achievement for the GAS Manpower Division to have accepted these two accolades in such a short period of time. With continued support from management, we the Manpower Division will carry on doing our very best to reach new heights of business success.



GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Division Awards and individuals’ citations from “SABIC’s SHARQ, Petrokemya and IBN SINA” given to GAS’ Manpower Division



urther establishing Manpower Division’s strategic functionality as a GAS unit are an award given on the month of October by SHARQ followed by November citations from Petrokemya. Both SABIC affiliated companies acknowledged our outstanding efforts that contributed to the successful completion of their respective projects, SHARQ merited our valued support services for its 2EG/2UTL TAM project engaging six (6) instrument technicians and an Engineer while Petrokemya’s VCM plant turnaround management conferred citations for our adherence to high safety standards in the quality execution of tasks, rendered by our eleven (11) millwrights. For technical proficiency exhibited by Messrs. Benhur Jayson, Ahmed Jani, Jolly Merto and Noslindo Quitat Manpower Division millwrights in short term contracts this October 2010, Petrokemya sent forth and awarded individual certificates. SABIC’s IBN Sina has likewise recognized and honored individually the industrial skill-sets of Messrs. Jeyakumar (Mechanical specialist), Amirul Haque (Sr. Pipe fitter), Jefferson Villaflores and Telant Oriass (Millwrights) contracted for the long term by Manpower Division.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Letter of Appreciation addressed to our President Abdulrahman K. Al Dabal from Trans Continental Traders, India


warded certifications have charted the positive growth of Manpower Division in 2010, as references to GAS’ continued commitment to achieving lead presence within the confines of the Saudi Industrial realm. Business developments however, have gone beyond this regional scope and borders, with GAS engaging Trans Continental Traders (TCT) of India to help build a stronger Manpower resource base the past several months. This outbound recruitment policy of GAS with Messrs. Ahmed Al-Syed and Hamid Hassan at the helm, has elicited expressed formal appreciation from TCT, sent and addressed to our President and CEO as shown on the left.



GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Letter of Appreciation from “JUBAIL UNITED PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY” given to GAS Mechanical Division


echanical responsiveness advancing fluidity in precise timings-in-motion produce absolute results; such was the case for our Division’s handling of the JUPC project. GAS Mechanical Division actuated cost efficient work flow procedures, facilitating back and forth product documentation/certification requirements to prompt immediate action, reliably forwarding on-the-ground “witnessing” or equipment inspection to consequent final delivery three months ahead of schedule. For this quality performance, saving time and cost in expediting delivery of rotor assemblies congruent to programmed emergency shutdown operations for plant maintenance and overhauling, the JUPC executive management bestowed credential honors on GAS Arabian Services Company with this appreciation letter, given on September, 2010.



GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Appreciation Letters awarded to GAS’ Instrumentation Division


uantified appreciations veiled onto engineered precision, validates qualified execution in the run-time operative motions of critical applications, to finally impress successful realization. This, simply translated is an extrapolation of putting actions back into words, with expressed corporate gratification extended to GAS’ Instrumentation Division for intricate work contributions thru to the resounding completion of contracted projects. The Instrumentation’s count leads off with a citation from Yokogawa Saudi Arabia Company. Once again, YKSA has recognized on this 11th day of August, GAS Arabian Services’ ‘Unwavering Pursuit of Excellence in Advancing Value Relations,’ with its pivotal facilitation processes helping to secure a much sought after order from NAMA Chemical Company for its JANA 120K Epoxy Plant DCS Expansion and Revamp Project. Added next on the list is an Appreciation Letter received from KBR for our comprehensive coverage of product distribution with inclusive support services for technical applications, rendered in the Piping Construction Phase of the Saudi Kayan Olefins Project. The company credited our ‘Utmost Diligence in Work Flow Management, with the Quality and Efficiency to Meet Deadlines.’ Instrumentation Division Sales Engineer Maria Thamil Arasu took direct lead in the critical supply and service of Pepperl & Fuchs products. Coming in third is the September 1, 2010 recognition from M.S. Al-Suwaidi Trading & Development Co., Ltd., indicating the Upgrade of Ohmart Gauges Project in the IBN-ZAHR Plant’s expedited material orders processing thru to delivery completion as commendable grounds for a reward. Instrumentation Division’s logistics team particularly impressed the STD Company with their seamless display of ‘Professional Attitude’ resulting in the fast tracked delivery of Purchase Order no. 1000121. This same Division group was also given citation on October 5, 2010 for its fluent operative grace in task execution, translating to the ‘Prompt and timely delivery of job order MD 520-3000-EG-EC-PO-0092’ required and requisitioned by Worley Parsons’ Ma’aden Phosphate Company or MPC. This now registers as the fourth recognition in GAS’ Instrumentation Division list of accomplishments. Yet undone on this exact day and date, the logistics team of Instrumentation Division accepted a second acknowledgement and its fifth overall for 2010, this time credited by Dar Al Riyadh - DAS MASDAR for Purchase Order 2010J4342-01. The award highlights that same essence of ‘True Professionalism’ as addressed to this GAS Division, for effecting total procedural competence, strictly adhering to scheduled materials deliveries and service obligations onto absolute completion. Gulf Consolidated Contractors Co., Ltd., Al-Khobar has been executing various EPC projects for the Oil and Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical Industries in the Kingdom. The GCC has given its stamp of approval for the ‘Characterization of True Professionalism in Support Services’ rendered by our Instrumentation Division, to the benefit of both Qassim Crude Oil Pipeline Project and DR-1 Product Pipeline Capacity, Dahran Project. The official accolade count now adds up to six, with this accepted October 26, 2010 award. Instrumentation Division’s performance criterion report is markedly raised higher with untallied individual honors such as ‘Excelling above and beyond assigned roles and responsibilities’ in commissioned customer back-up services, that was presented


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

The long-winded articulations of customer endorsements for Instrumentation Division, concludes at eight with recent letters sent on December 8 and 12, 2010. The former came from Ahmad Albinali Cordell Arabia Company Ltd. for the C0002 - Ammonia LIC’s Upgrade Project in Jubail, while the latter was issued by Chemacol (Methanol Chemicals Company, Jubail) specifically for the project supply of Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) under P.O. 4300001023. Prime assets of ‘Resolve and Professional Commitment that sustain a High Level of Interest in Technical Support’ to the projects,s were the focus of documentation papers from these two companies. GAS Instrumentation Sales Engineer Maria Tamil Arasu again performed highly specialized services for the Pepperl+Fuchs products required by AC Arabia. Team Leader Anand Jeevakaruniyam, Project Engineer Parbees AbdulRahim, Sales Engineer Mahadev Suryawanshi and support Engineer Hemantha Raj all served with dedicated effectiveness in coordination with the supplying Team of Yokogawa to successfully hand-over the completed Chemanol project.


These accolades have ballooned in number as profound attestations to our divisions continuing effort of rendering quality services under the wing of the GAS company. We the Instrumentation Division will strive even more to better this mark and further uphold the quality management system of our organization.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality


n the strength of receiving two parallel awards for a single project, GAS’ Automation department has brought to fore its key logistical and technical role as equating to what Instrumentation Division has achieved in numerous citations. Both Saudi ARAMCO and its LSTK project contractor BIN QURAYA had forwarded citations for Automation Division’s critical proficiency in supply services rendered for the Maaden Facility, at RAZ AZ ZAWR.

Appreciation Letter from Bin Quraya

GAS Arabian Services was given appreciation for strategic engineering applications in the BI-10-00027 requisition for sales/service and delivery of Gas Metering Stations to the project site. BIN QURAYA had earlier laid down precommissioning requirements that need-be satisfied in full, such as crucial on-time delivery of material orders with the necessarily attached efficiency of on-site technical support services, submission to a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and the categorical needs for a group of highly trained engineers in project management. With this understanding of required uncompromising support, Gas Arabian Services fully committed to move on forward, deputizing Mr. Solomon Rajkumar Rajasekaran as lead project engineer. Gas mobilized its resources, tackling these issues with ease and confidence, setting up front a team of its quality engineers that effectively and ultimately contributed to the onschedule turn-over of the over-all project. Gas has now again been commended with this latest sent letter of appreciation, for its quality performance under the scrutiny of ARAMCO and its project contractor BIN QURAYA, adding significantly more value to our company’s position in the Oil and Gas industry. Automation Division has promised to move on further in strengthening and promoting the GAS image of excellence.


Elliott-GAS Services Saudi Arabia (EGSSA) Commercial Registration


ne of the great beginnings to a long and fruitful business association is to inculcate devotion in a collective effort to produce timely results and advance the wellbeing of the company. Taking steps in leading by example, with a hands-on approach in coordination and execution was what our Vice President Aref K. Al Dabal did to ensure the immediate completion of the EGSSA Ltd commercial registration. First detailed out on Ocober 5-9, 2010, was the Bank Certificate that attests to the deposited and reserved paid up JV Capital, proceeding next, to work on the established company’s Articles of Agreement, signed by the JV parties with due authentication thru the SAGIA Public Notary. This was subsequently Mr. Fabio Cariola, Executive Manager of EGSSA Ltd released to a local newspaper for publishing. From October 10-15, the and our VP Aref K. Al Dabal Board Resolutions appointing its members and Company Manager were officially prepared, along with the Lease Contract, acquiring as well the required SAGIA License. The practical efficiency of GAS’ top ‘operations man’ was again at work in these application procedures for our JV’s CR, having skillfully maneuvered and collaborated document preparation in so little time, VP Aref K. Al Dabal finally reported task accomplishment on the 19th of October 2010. This shows GAS’ resolve to get-off the ground our Joint Venture in ElliotGAS Services Saudi Arabia with a strong quality orientation, moving forward in concerted efforts to produce sure positive results.


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality

Announcement: GAS’ 2011 Organizational Re-structuring TO ALL PARTNERS, AFFILIATES AND PRINCIPALS Subject: ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS IN GAS ARABIAN SERVICES I take this opportunity to inform you about significant developments in our company, leading in the new year with a proactive response to achieved growth targets, necessitating a structural re-organization effective this month of January, 2011. The GAS Board of Directors has resolved to advance its operations program, realigned in focus to our company’s strengthened position of providing total market solutions in the Saudi region. This directive hopes to reinforce our partnerships, affiliations and principal relations with quality integrated supply services pressing forward increased share value, in a comprehensive move to full market coverage. 1. Mr. Srinivasalu Sainath has been designated as General Manager, concurrent to his present role as Assistant to the Senior Vice President. Mr. Sainath has exemplified value performance thru service commitment rising from his role as Instrumentation Division Sales Engineer in 1999 to manage the division five years later. His innovative ways in sales generation, advancing our service skill-sets in major project acceptance along with responsive handling of principals and JV’s, earned him the widened scope to manage as well GAS’ Automation, Field Service and Manpower Divisions. This was officially delegated under his wing in 2010 along with the key role of operating under the office of the Senior Vice President. Mr. Sainath has once again been promoted in recognition of his valued assistance in advancing GAS-JV relations thru the constant development of our business plan, realizing strong profitability thru the years. Partners, Affiliates and Principals may contact GM S. Sainath at +966 3 8351500 ext. 500 (GAS Dammam ofc.), +966 3 3407919 ext. 333 (GAS Jubail ofc.), +966 50 4802509 (mobile no.) or email sainath@gasarabian. com 2. Mr. Rathankumar has also been appointed to a General Manager position, continuously in full control of GAS’ Instrumentation Division which has earned him responsibilities of representing our company in Joint Ventures with Prudent and Yokogawa. This newly assigned post will take on the expanded role of handling our Joint Venture relations with Vector Infotech this 2011. GAS Management has seen to the steady development of Mr. Rathankumar, starting work as a Sales Engineer in early February of 2004, then quickly and efficiently improving on his status to occupy a senior sales post in Instrumentation Division just a year later. The next four years were even more progressive, as ‘Rathan’ worked up the ladder, from a Team Leader post to Product Manager and finally settling in as Instrumentation Division Manager in 2009, serving out a two year stint. GAS’ Western Regional Divisions/field offices will be directly under the supervision of both General Managers based on field of specialty with the task of advancing delegated Joint Venture interests in the area. Partners, Affiliates and Principals may contact GM Rathankumar at +966 3 3407919 ext.444 (Jubail ofc.), +966 50 3951841 (mobile no.) or email I am confident that with these improvements to our organizational set-up in manpower development, GAS Arabian Services will be in a better position to promote and deliver business growth. Best regards,

Abdulrahman K Al Dabal President and CEO


GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. Commitment to Quality



Corner: FS-Elliott Company Profile


S-Elliott is delighted about expanding our local service and manufacturing capabilities to our valuable customers located in the Middle East region. Building on a 50-year tradition of excellence in compressor design and manufacturing, FS-Elliott brings customers the resources of a global industry leader along with the convenience and responsiveness of local sales and service. FS-Elliott is committed to building products that will support our customers’ high standards by offering the long-established PAP Plus® and Polaris® product lines. These compressors combine more than 50 years of operational and design experience in a highly robust, uniquely easy-to-maintain package. Our centrifugal compressors feature a simple, effective design that outperforms other compressors in delivering trouble-free operation and the lowest cost of ownership. Our company’s product line ranges from 110 to 2,980 kW (150 to 4,000 HP) and covers 850 to 33,980 m3/h (500 to 20,000 ICFM). Thousands of FS-Elliott compressors are operating worldwide in a variety of markets and applications. We continue to reinvest in our business with state of the art machine tools and research and development in aerodynamics and new product introductions. FS-Elliott’s Corporate Headquarters is located in Export, Pennsylvania, USA. The site includes two facilities with more than 19,000 m2 (200,000 ft2) of manufacturing and warehouse space as well as 3,700 m2 (40,000 ft2) of office space on over 30 acres (12.2 hectares) of land.


S-Elliott is also actively engaged in expanding our manufacturing and local service footprint on a global basis in an effort to better serve our customer base. A key strategy to accomplish this goal is to partner with companies that exhibit a commitment to the highest standards of excellence. The most recent example is the partnership between FS-Elliott Co., LLC and GAS Arabian Services to establish FS-Elliott Services Saudi Arabia Ltd. The FS-Elliott Services Saudi Arabia facility, located in Jubail, offers a wide range of products and services to ensure energy efficient and reliable air compressor installations for the Middle East. On April 13th of 2010 the official facility inauguration was held in Jubail. Several members of the FS-Elliott staff attended and participated in the events of the inauguration. The new facility is a state-of-the-art service center which offers world class service ranging from rotor check balancing to complete air end overhauls. The training center will provide local training and a full range of site services. The facility has experienced many accomplishments to date and FS-Elliott’s experience and working relationship with GAS Arabian Services has been very exciting. Our next step is to implement compressor packaging capability to further exhibit our commitment to the market. We appreciate the joint successes we have achieved and look forward to a promising future in working with GAS Arabian Services.


GAS Arabian Services New Employees

Jose Mari Dumlao Tech. Writer/Event Planner Administration

Lalit Mohan FCI-Team Leader Automation

Carlton DSilva Sales Coordinator Automation

Anil Kumar Pillai Sales Executive Automation

Renante Fernandez Sr. Accountant Finance

Vishal Bhattad Sr. Tech. Engineer Automation

Mohammed Al Shamsi Coordinator Human Resources

Kennedy Dsouza Sales Coordinator Field Services

Isidro Apilado Jr. Sales Coordinator Instrumentation

Harrison Dayandante Sales Coordinator Piping & Static

Noslindo Quitat Millwright Manpower

Raymundo Llera Millwright Manpower

Anand Lad Analyzer Tech. Manpower

Arunkumar Pillai Analyzer Tech. Manpower

Umeshkumar Marakna Millwright Manpower

Belal Ahmad Instrument Tech. Manpower

Divyesh Dalsaniy Millwright Manpower

Shakil Ahmad Instrument Tech. Manpower

Shahid Imam Instrument Tech. Manpower

Francis Delgado Millwright Manpower

Rashid Ahmad Instrument Tech. Manpower

Mohammad Afsar Millwright Manpower

Benhur Jayson Millwright Manpower

Khawaja Faisal Sales Engineer GAS Metal Tech.

Bader Al Rashdi Security Guard - Jubail Administration

Eid Saif Al Dossary Security Guard - Jubail Administration

Mesfir Al Shamarani Company Driver-Jubail Manpower

Reginaldo Espino Executive Driver Administration

Manpower Growth

GAS Newsletter 2nd Issue 2010  
GAS Newsletter 2nd Issue 2010  

GAS Newsletter 2nd Issue 2010