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How do you consider has been the development of your Social Project so far?

Social Projects

Succesful Experiences • Grantees could get involved with organizations succesfully and the activities are fulfilling. • Activities are being carried out with partners of the program. • Grantees are working with two or three organizations at the same time, dedicating one day for each. • In larger cities is easiest to get involved, due to the fact there many different options. Social Projects

Could be better • Regional organizations are not organized, specially in small cities. •

It is not clear what kind of Social Project would like to be carried out.

The strikes have done difficult to set up work with the organizations. •

Social Projects

Schedules at university don’t allow grantees to get involved in a social project.

Expectations with the Social Project

To get involve with the local community in accordance with personal, career, and/or educational interests. •

Social Projects

Activities can include: Activities at high schools, NGO’s, partners, Colombos, research at the host university. Remember, the main responsibilities are the assistant activities.

Resources Universities


Fulbright NGO’s database


Centro de Consejeria Educativa (Rachel)

Social Projects

Former ETA’s

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)

Options with Former Grantees Ryan Bart ,Magicians without Borders.

Social Projects

Options with Former Grantees Mathew Alexander, Amhsa.

Social Projects

Options with Former Grantees Sara Potler, Move this World.

Social Projects

Options with Former Grantees Paula Moreno, Manos Visibles.

Social Projects

Options with Former Grantees Amy Ritterbusch, Fundaci贸n Social Fenix.

Social Projects

Options with Former Grantees Nicol谩s Hernandez, Corporaci贸n Ocasa

Social Projects


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Social projects