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31-05-2017 Flat 5 - 43 London Road BH10 5FG

1.3 Lighting

1.4 Walls Overall Colour:

General Condition:


Good Condition - No Obvious Faults In Appearance Or Function

Serial #


Element Description

Observation (Inventory & Check In)

Type: Moulded To Edge 1.4.1

Skirting Boards

Finish: Not Newly Painted For This Let Comments: 1 Or 2 Minor Chips To Edges To Each Wall Type & Number Fitted: Built Into Recess, x01


Wall Cupboard

Finish: Doors To Match Property, Floors To Match Property, Not Newly Painted For This Let, Walls To Match Property

Scuffed To Interior Walls

Features: Furniture - Brass Effect, Shelves Comments: Hooks To Door Face, CONTENTS: X1 Loose Shelf, X2 New Knob Handles Type: Plaster - Painted 1.4.3

Walls Finish: Newly Painted For This Let

Pete Pickle

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