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Some Basics Of Traffic Control Course That You Require To Know

It is said that opting for a professional course sharpens your professional caliber. It gives advantageous edge in the competitive ambience where aspects like qualification, experience, industry exposure, etc. rule. Thus, in a way you can consider that the corporate world understands professional courses as authorized recognition of prior learning. One such course that has gained immense importance within the past few years is Traffic Control Course. Those who plan to make career in controlling traffic professionally opt for this course. In spite of rising popularity of this course, majority of the aspirants lack adequate knowledge about the same. Therefore, here is a guideline for them. Check out! •

Types of traffic control course

Traffic Control Course is actually a big umbrella that includes a number of specialized courses. For instance, the Blue Card, which is the traffic controller course, is meant for professionals who wish to learn the skills of controlling the traffic using their professionally recognized baton. Again, the Yellow Card training is given to candidates who wish to control traffic at particular work sites. The basic difference between a Blue Card holder and a Yellow Card holder is that the latter is not certified to control traffic using the baton or modify any of the existing traffic plans. The Red Card training is meant for aspirants who aim at modifying or rectifying the existing traffic control plans of their work area as part of their professional requirement. The Orange Card training is aimed at making aspirants conversant in designing and inspecting traffic control plans especially for roadwork. •

Institutions for the training

Australia is the pioneering country that organizes Traffic Control Course. However, the course is conducted at various other countries too. The candidates need to contact the respective authority and get registered in the course. The process of registration involves payment of fees that may vary from

institution to institution. Even, the date, tenure and session of the course vary from institution to institution and country to country. •

Prerequisites for the course

Candidates who opt for a specific traffic control course need to fulfill certain specified conditions. Having literacy is one of the mandatory criteria. Among the other prerequisites include holding authorized certificated or cards like Induction Card, Driver’s License, Traffic Controller’s Photo Card, etc or something equivalent to these. However, it needs attention here that candidates who aspire to undergo Traffic Controller Course training need to have P2 Driver License. This license authorizes them that they are aware of the workplace hazards that they may face. This is calculated in respected to their proximity with that of the traffic. This professional license actually acts as the certification of their hands on training in driving.

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Some basics of traffic control course that you require to know  

One such course that has gained immense importance within the past few years is Traffic Control Course. Those who plan to make career in con...

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