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Global Leader in Load Bank Rentals and Service

Corporate Overview What • L  oad bank rentals and services for testing and commissioning mission critical power generation and cooling systems

How • T  he largest load bank transformer, switchgear and cable fleet in North America

Your trusted load bank rental partner If your facility loses utility power will back up generators provide the required amount of electricity? Can they sustain a lagging load? Can your UPS carry that load until the generators come online? Are PDUs wired correctly and are there any hot spots? These are complex questions, but fortunately there is a simple answer: ComRent International.

• E  xclusive provider of medium voltage load banks

Since 1997, ComRent International has been providing businesses large and small with simulated electrical and thermal loads for testing critical electrical and mechanical systems. As a result, you can validate designs, installations, system performance and even LEED compliance. More importantly, ComRent makes it possible to identify potential issues before they become big problems that result in downtime, lost revenue and added costs.

• S  upport test requirements from 1kw to 50MW

The biggest & the best

• 1  8 strategically located inventory centers

• 2  4/7, 365-day on-site technical support

Why • L  oad bank testing is our only business • Over 30,000 load tests performed • O  n the Inc. 5000 list of fastestgrowing companies for five consecutive years

To learn more, please contact ComRent International: 888.881.7118

With 18 strategically located centers and North America’s largest inventory – over 2,500 pieces of equipment and more than 90 miles of cable – we can meet a wide variety of load requirements, regardless of your industry and testing objectives. Whether you require resistive, reactive or capacitive loads for low or medium voltage tests, ComRent has the equipment you need. ComRent built the first and only medium voltage load bank rental fleet in North America and we can support tests ranging from less than 1kw to over 50MW.

Performance We adhere to a strict quality assurance regimen. All of our load banks, transformers, switchgear and cables are tested and high potted before we deliver them to a customer’s site. What’s more, we test them again when they come back to any one of our facilities to ensure reliability on the next job. The result: a 99.99% on site performance record. And with over 30,000 load tests performed over the past 14 years there’s no better or more experienced company in the business. That’s because load testing is our only business and we dedicate all our resources and expertise to that one area. Every one of our 18 inventory centers stocks and maintains the same models of equipment. Wherever you need an LPH 100kw suit case load bank or a CR922A 5MW medium voltage load bank, you can rest assured that you will get the equipment

7640 Investment Court, Unit A • Owings, MD 20736 • 888.881.7118 •

Global Leader in Load Bank Rentals and Service

you specified, regardless of where your project is located. And with 18 locations across North America, freight costs won’t break the budget. ComRent delivers the right equipment cost effectively, nationwide so you can complete your load test on time and on budget, every time.

Unrivalled service & support Many companies promise exemplary service, but the reality is often very different. Not so with ComRent. Over the years we have developed comprehensive solutions for virtually every load testing scenario you can imagine. We have the largest inventory of resistive, reactive and capacitive load banks in North America. Our trained technicians will work with you to ensure that you always get the right and best equipment to meet the test specifications. As such, you can be sure that when your order is placed, we will deliver exactly what is specified, when and where it is needed.

What We Test • Diesel Power Generators • Gas Turbine Generators • Wind Farms • Transformers • C  omputer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) • Power Distribution Panels (PDUs) • Chillers • UPS Systems • Fuel Cells • Switchgear

If necessary, we can develop budgetary estimates as well as custom testing solutions. And in addition to pre-test sales and 24/7 technical support, we also provide a local project manager for every job. With ComRent, you have the vast resources of a nationwide company at your disposal, yet still retain the service and convenience of a local expert. We also go the extra mile to complete site walks with your staff to help you plan your test and determine what equipment is required. It’s all part of delivering a level of service and customer care that is unmatched in the industry.

What we test ComRent is your single source for electric and thermal load testing. Load Bank Testing is the most flexible testing method to validate the operating condition and output of diesel and gas turbine generators, UPS, batteries, and CRAC systems. Look to us for: • Resistive Load Tests – Mimics the operational load that a power source will see in the actual application • Reactive Load Tests – Provides a lagging load to accurately simulate electric motor and pump function • Capacitive Load Tests – Provides a leading power factor to compensate for power factor correction on the utility The bottom line: ComRent can test any load from less than 1kw to 50 MW at low or medium voltage. In fact, ComRent is the only company that provides medium voltage load banks that do not require transformers. This means you can run a faster, more accurate test while benefiting from easier set up and tear down. To learn more about ComRent and our expertise, please contact us at 888.881.7118 or email us at or visit

7640 Investment Court, Unit A • Owings, MD 20736 • 888.881.7118 •

ComRent Intl INc - Corporate Overview  

A brief overview of ComRent International - "The Load Bank Rental Experts!" What we do, the equipment we supply, services we offer, and why...

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