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New App from QS/1 WEBCONNECT IS THE NEW APP for the iPad that QS/1 has developed for long-term care (LTC) facilities. The app provides a secure wireless Internet connection to QS/1’s PrimeCare pharmacy management system. This app, which can be downloaded free from the Apple iTunes store, gives LTC staff access to a patient’s medication information. Once downloaded, LTC staff can set it up using their PrimeCare password. “The iPad app offers the same WebConnect functionality with a mobile, easy-to-use touch-screen interface,” says Revonda Spratt, VP of operations for QS/1. She notes that LTC staff can carry the mobile device as they visit patients, rather than going back to a desktop computer.

PioneerRx Announces Mobile Delivery App CREATED BY THE DEVELOPERS OF the PioneerRx pharmacy software, PioneerRx Mobile Delivery is the latest app created for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. The app includes built-in routing and integrated GPS navigation. “Capturing and storing electronic signatures on a delivery puts our mobile delivery app over the top,” says Stephen Culver, lead developer of the app. The PioneerRx Mobile Delivery includes security features that allow for secure completion of sales, payment, and patient information. According to Culver, it supports barcode scanning of a driver’s license and product 6


Kirby Lester Upgrades KL1 The latest innovation to come from Kirby Lester is the KL1Plus. This new tablet counter combines the company’s best-selling KL1 counter with verification software. The KL1Plus, small enough to fit into your hand, ensures that all tablets, capsules, and unit-of-use items are verified so the patient receives the right medication, dosage, and quantity every time. By simply barcode-scanning the prescription label and scanning the corresponding stock bottle or package, the pharmacy technician can verify a match. “There is absolutely no reason why a pharmacy can’t afford to verify 100% of orders now that the KL1Plus has been developed,” says Garry Zage, Kirby Lester president and CEO. “Pharmacies across the country have incorporated the KL1 into their operations. Now they can use the KL1Plus verification. It is a top-tier product that pharmacies have never seen before — the complete package.” The KL1Plus is viewed as especially effective for 90-day fills. The KL1Plus was officially introduced at the annual convention of the National Community Pharmacists Association in San Diego. Also announced by Kirby Lester is a partnership with Tri State Distribution where the Kirby Lester KL60 compact robotic dispenser will be the exclusive pharmacy automation for the TriMaxx three-sided container/closure label system. While traditional round prescription vials are commonly automated by pharmacy robots, the TriMaxx triangular shape has posed an engineering challenge. Now Tri State customers can automate two sizes (75cc and 120cc) in the Kirby Lester KL60. The KL60 can apply one, two, or three printed and patient-specific information panels on the container. Each labeled, counted, and collated prescription takes 25 to 30 seconds to complete.

barcodes. Also included is a magnetic strip for reading a driver’s license and credit card. The new product will automatically sync with the company’s pharmacy management system.

PrescribeWellness Promotes Flu Vaccinations PRESCRIBEWELLNESS HAS LAUNCHED ITS “A Million More”

flu shots campaign with the goal of increasing the influenza vaccination rate by one million more Americans. The core message of the campaign is that even if you are young, healthy, and don’t feel at risk for serious illness, get a flu shot for your family to help protect those who are more at risk, such as young children and the elderly. continued on page 8