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QS/1 Customer Conference More than 300 customers attended the 2012 conference at Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, and took part in seminars that featured the latest enhancements to QS/1’s line of software and new offerings that include its mobile POS and RetrieveRx. VThe POS stations, both freeConference speakers covered topics such standing and mobile, were busy in as audits, SIGIS, growing a pharmacy, and the technology expo following the seminar on POS. Here, Holly Medicare compliance. “We are fortunate to half-day Ledbetter and Christine Whited, be aligned with some of the best community Americare Pharmacy Services, watch pharmacists, HME, LTC, and institutional- Tyler Daniel demo POS on the tablet. care pharmacies across the country,” says QS/1 President Tammy Devine. Sessions dove deeper into the nuts and bolts of the company’s pharmacy management, longterm care, and HME software. Customers were able to ask questions and get hands-on practice in the technology expo, which also featured 26 vendors who interface with QS/1. The 2013 meeting will be held in VRxMedic’s Bart Mitchell, right, May in Asheville, N.C. explains RetrieveRx’s will-call storage

VOne reason customers like the

QS/1 conference is the ability of QS/1 staff to answer questions and talk shop. Here, Michelle Farrell talks with QS/1’s Joey Parrish about upgrading to NRx. “We’re taking into consideration all the features. The customer conference allows our staff to get their questions answered,” she said.

and retrieval capabilities with Larry Bond of Bond’s Drug Store.

VQS/1’s Mandi Biershenk reviews NRx with Barry Waits of John’s Discount Drug.

VRxMedic’s Tom Modeen, center,

discusses the automation’s features with James Zawacki of Pharmacy at Union Square.

VDonna Reynolds, left, and Sue

Kapinus, far right, of Boscobel Pharmacy, a test site, review GUI POS station with Ashley Burns.



VQS/1’s John Frady, left, and Randy Taylor

hear how business is for Jean Vanterpool at her Medicare Pharmacy. Hers was the first computerized pharmacy on the Caribbean island where she works. “This is the first time I’ve come to a conference. I wanted to see what they are doing that I might not be familiar with,” said Vanterpool.

VPreston Hale, right, reviews multisite management with J.D. Faulkner of Williams Brothers. A lively discussion of the issues pharmacists face kept everyone talking at lunch. From left, Rita Proctor, Bob Moser, Marianne Rodemeyer, and Chuck Gordon.