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The Power of Reports by Maggie Lockwood


t doesn’t matter the pharmacy location or demographics, drilling down into the details offered by reports is what keeps owners on top of their business. While a robust pharmacy or point-of-sale system may be the backbone, it’s the time spent on the data in those systems that provides the ROI.

The Story in the Data There’s a lot of information in those numbers, and it pays to be a tad obsessive about it, says Ed Kleingartner, founder of Pharmacare LTD Pharmacies, which is made up of nine pharmacies in west central Wisconsin, with headquarters in Eau Claire, Wis. “The fact is,” Kleingartner says, “whenever I’m in the pharmacy, I’m running reports. A lot of what I do is look for small

Report Favorites: Ed Kleingartner, President, Value Center Pharmacy, Eau Claire, Wis.

“A report we use a lot is RxSummary. It gives us our total prescriptions for a time period. We can do it by new and refill, or we can do it by generic or brand, or we can do it by third party or cash or by pharmacist. This helps with staffing. I can go into any store and look at these things and redistribute my staff accordingly.”

profit centers in the business.” Although he has hundreds of reports available, Kleingartner says he’s usually setting parameters and running two or three. “I can run the simplest report, and I can tell if we have a problem,” he says. “It might be that our acquisition cost is wrong on a product. I find a lot of things because I know what the numbers should be. If I take a quick look and something doesn’t seem right, based on the history of that store, I can go through and run more specific reports.” Kleingartner is so convinced of the importance of reports that when he switched to his CarePoint system, his decision was based on the reports he could generate. “The dealmaker for me was the report system. It’s what you are able to get out of the system that lets you finetune your business and maximize your profits,” he says. “Virtually every element we want to look at we can generate in a report. There’s open architecture, and if we want to make a bizarre request, like what 19-year-old patients we have on acne medicine, we can do that.” Reports aren’t just helpful on financial matters. George Harvey, pharmacist in charge at the Center for Health and Healing Pharmacy, part of the Oregon Health & Science University, in Portland, Ore., finds the operation reports generated by his SP Central from ScriptPro are most useful. His pharmacy is associated with a medical center and in a high-rise building that includes a pain center, which means that the pharmacy has a high volume of C-II drugs. The Oregon board continued on next page July/August 2011


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