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QS/1 Adds Portability to Checkout A new remote checkout system from QS/1 uses a 7-inch color touch-screen wireless tablet to provide portability to pharmacy checkout. “No longer are you tied to a point-of-sale terminal. The remote checkout tablet allows staff to go anywhere to help customers, whether it is in a pharmacy aisle, drive-thru window, or the front door of a customer’s house” says Tom McLeod, VP of administration and marketing for the company. The new unit will allow processing of credit and FSA cards, capture signatures for PSE products and HIPAA, scan barcodes, and print receipts using an optional portable printer. Two USB ports, a threetrack magstripe reader, a barcode scanner, and a battery that will last for six hours of continuous use are built into the device. McLeod reports that hospitals will find remote checkout valuable. It allows patients to sign for prescriptions in their room before being discharged. He also explains that if you use a cellular service on the device, you can use it anywhere you have a signal.

Mevesi Forms New Partnerships Mevesi has announced that it has integrated its business intelligence solution with QS/1’s pharmacy 6


management system. With this integration QS/1 users will have access to enhanced analysis of their data in an easy-to-understand format. In addition to QS/1, the company announced an interface to KeyCentrix’s flexTRAX point-of-sale system with the Mevesi POS reporting, analytics, dashboards, and charts of a pharmacy’s point-of-sale data. Other recent partnerships announced include an agreement with the EPIC Pharmacies buying group and with PPSC, one of the nation’s oldest and largest pharmacy service firms.

PrescribeWellness Helps Reduce Hospital Readmissions The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission findings indicate that 19% of patients are readmitted within 30 days, with two-thirds of these readmissions related to drug interactions. PrescribeWellness has released its Transitional Care Intervention (TCI) solution to improve followup care and reduce readmissions. The TCI platform, leveraging the latest Web 2.0 tools, automates the delivery of educational and motivational information based on a patient’s diagnosis, condition, and risk factors. It includes built-in reminders for appointments and medication adherence in the patient’s language and channel of choice. Real-time reporting allows providers to quickly identify patients who need more-intensive support.

The initial release includes content developed by medical professionals to address patients who suffered heart failure, a heart attack, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Rite Aid to Deliver Immunization Records Through Surescripts All of the more than 4,600 Rite Aid pharmacies will now be able to send notification of a patient’s immunizations to the patient’s healthcare provider through Surescripts, either electronically or via fax or mail. Timely notifications will give healthcare providers a more complete patient history that can lead to improved outcomes through better coordination of care. In the near future Rite Aid pharmacies will also be able to use the Surescripts network to send immunization reports to state and regional public-health registries.

McKesson Addresses Medication Adherence Physicians Interactive and McKesson Patient Relations Solutions are collaborating to support Physician Interactive’s eCoupon platform. eCoupon is one of the first automated pharmaceutical voucher and coupon distribution solutions for clinicians who use electronic health records and eprescribing software. continued on page 10