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On the Move: How Mobile Technology Is Impacting Pharmacy Management

Mobile technology is everywhere these days. Look around when you’re out and you’ll see someone with a phone, digital music player, tablet, video game device, or all of these in one, plus more. What’s current for the consumer turns out to be a growing trend in pharmacy as well. Whether it’s managing a retail or long-term care pharmacy, supporting clinical services offerings such as vaccines, or handling the front of the store, there’s mobile technology that’s having an impact right now.

by Will Lockwood

Mobilizing the Basics

ne basic example of putting mobile technology to O work comes from Howard Shulman at Keansburg Pharmacy. “We’re capturing signatures electronically in

the store,” Shulman says, “so we decided a while ago that we needed to do this for deliveries as well.” Keansburg Pharmacy has two drivers making between 40 and 60 deliveries a day, ranging from prescriptions to OTC items to food. “Anything they need that we carry, we’ll deliver,” says Shulman. His solution for synching up the technology used in-store and for deliveries came via a portable e-signature device from HBS, his pharmacy system vendor. “My drivers do end up getting the signatures twice, once on paper and once on the mobile device,” says Shulman, describing the process. “The paper is a backup, because once in a while the device will malfunction, but the electronic version is our primary method, and it’s critical.” When the drivers return to

Keansburg Howard Shulman, R.Ph. Pharmacy, the e-signatures are Keansburg Pharmacy Keansburg, N.J. downloaded Full-service pharmacy in operation for 60 directly into years, under present the pharmacy ownership for 27. system and Drive-up, deliveries, connected with 12,000-square-foot the right restore, with prescription cords. Shulman volume between 2,600 reports getting and 3,000 a week. electronic signatures for HIPAA privacy, the third-party log, and acknowledgement of receipt on the mobile devices. “When you get audited you need this technology,” he says. continued on next page

January/February 2011


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