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Coreys Computing- Our Focus is on our Customers It’s finally here! Corey’s Computing is proud to announce the unveiling of its new site. We have clearly organized our services to focus on residential and commercial clients specific needs. Offering computer repair services, and even laptop repairs, Coreys Computing is the best place for all of your computer repair services Winnipeg. Coreys also offers great FAQ videos to answer our customer's questions in the most interesting way. Our most popular question seems to be made around Computer Virus software, and how is it possible to still get viruses on your computer, even when you have Anti-Virus software uploaded? Some Online Infections are UNAVOIDABLE… it’s sad but true. There are 25,000 new malware variants released each day, so needless to say it would be impossible to keep up with the volume of malicious software created. There is not a product on the market that could literally guarantee you will not be affected by a virus, but there are safe online practises that you can adopt that will improve your chances of safety. 1. Your Personal Computing Habits There are very sneaky programs out there that encourage you to ‘upgrade your computer’ and ask for your permission to access certain files. Do not click on these pop-ups! If there is a legitimate program that needs you to action something, it will always show up in the lower right side of your monitor in the task bar. Anything that appears in the middle of your screen, especially with “.exe” files in the description should be avoided, or else you could soon be requiring computer service Winnipeg! Don’t download any program, file, image, etc. unless you are familiar with the website and the sender involved. 2. What to look out for Installed Applications You know that program you installed so that you can download MP3’s for free..? Spyware installs with most of these types of applications. File sharing programs have a NOTORIOUS reputation for installing spyware as well as these examples… -Allow you to add graphics such as smiley faces and hearts to your email. -Track the weather on your desktop -Online Video Games -Manage your desktop wallpaper or other graphic themes on your PC. -Applications that claim to clean spyware the only thing you can do to PREVENT yourself from being infected with spyware is to only trust programs, email and web sites that you are familiar with. Don’t install anything on to your PC or Laptop that you haven’t read a reputable review from. Avoid websites that look shady or are advertising things that are too good to be true. Banner ads and popup on a website is usually a good indicator of a BAD website to be visiting. Just like viruses, spyware can be delivered by email…They usually come as file attachments however they can also load automatically just by opening the email…Always check that you have the latest updates and patches for your email client. (Outlook)

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter with more useful tips on how to get the most out of your computer experience. Corey’s Computing is proud to be the place people refer their friends, and will always do our best to offer our customers the most up-to-date computer information, including computer repairs, computer service, and laptop repairs in Winnipeg. Corey's Computing will find the right solutions for whatever computer Repairs for services you require: from personal computing to networking, Computer Store, parts for upgrades to repairs in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. For more details please visit Computer service Winnipeg, Computer Repair Service, Computer Store, Computer Repairs in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Coreys Computing- Our Focus is on our Customers  

Corey's Computing will find the right solutions for whatever computer Repairs for services you require: from personal computing to networkin...

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