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Ramdas Sunkari, head of IT at UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

our investments the right way,” stated Taha Al Hasmi, IT manager at Abu Dhabi Terminals. While all of them agreed that virtualisation can prove beneficial to their organisations in the long run, they yet remained concerned about the on-the-ground challenges they were facing, especially with regards to training. The end-users stated that due to internal policies and guidelines they were curtailed from taking training initiatives as and when required, and believed that this could be junior issue when they embarked on a virtualisation journey.

Manoj Stanley, IT administrator at Bin Hamoodah’s GASOS

Peter Craig, EMEA product manager for Trend Micro stated that IT managers should look at virtualisation in a stepby-step fashion. “Organisations should move non-critical apps to a virtualised environment first, and then the more mission-critical ones. This will give them adequate time to build-up skills in existing IT personnel. This might prove to be a pragmatic approach and will lead to better benefits,” he stated. Craig also spoke at length about Trend Micro’s virtualisation security product – Deep Security – and how it can help endusers in the UAE handle their virtualised environment and ensure that all of their virtual machines (VMs) operate securely and at optimal performance levels.

and it was a part of the plans for the product roadmap. At the end of the roundtables, CIOs from both oil and gas, and government entities requested vendors providing virtualisation and security solutions to work on increased integration, and offer more solutions that are easily interoperable with each other. They also expressed interest in better, cost-effective training and people development offerings that could be tailored to fit their needs. “Vendors should also be ready to offer consultation and even perform proof-of-concepts – free of cost if possible – such that users in the region can understand the potential benefits

“CIOs and IT managers have to do their homework when it comes to virtualisation and security. Solutions might have high performance metrics, and they might work great in certain environments, but if you have not done your homework and you do not understand how it might fit in your organisation, then you have not done your project justice.” “The solution is tightly integrated and specially designed for VMWare ESX/ ESXi environments and it addresses both active and dormant VMs. Deep Security combines intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and agentless anti-malware capabilities to helps prevent data breaches and ensure business continuity. This dynamic, centrally managed solution also supports compliance with important standards and regulations such as PCI, FISMA, and HIPAA,” said Craig. Craig also said that Trend Micro is looking at increased integration with Microsoft’s Hyper-V also going forward,

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easily and better. This will not only help us approach our management with benefits in a more effective fashion, but also ensure that we have the right budgets in place to ensure that we invest right, for the most effective virtualised environment,” concluded Sunkari.

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CNME is the premier technology in business magazine for the discerning C-level readers of the Middle East