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Underground Railroad blamed for escape of thousand of slaves

Tuesday March 1, 2011

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Slaves Escape on the Underground Railroad

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is possibly the biggest book of the century. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe and was recently published this year 1853. Miss Stowe was born in the state of Connecticut in the year 1811.This year about 300,000 copies were made and sold of this book already! This book is so important because it shows the wrongs of slavery. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is starting excitement of war in the country, and although quite popular in the north, was recently banned in the South. With 300,000 copies sold already, who knows how long our nation will treasure this book!

by James Harriet Tubman (leader of the Underground Railroad) from the 1840’s to 1865, has brought over 5,700 slaves from the South to Canada. Today a local farmer lost yet another slave to the Underground Railroad and now almost every day a slave escapes to the North. The highest payment for a bounty hunter is 15,000 dollars, but slaves are difficult to find because they often walk in streams. This throws off their scent to the tracking dogs. The escaped slaves, travel at night because the bounty hunters are sleeping. These events are changing the lives of farmers all over the South.


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South Secedes from the Union blamed for escape of thousand of slaves

Fifth Grade Students Covenant Christian School

Tuesday March 1, 2011

Pony on the Run! by Dylan In 1860, just as the Civil War was starting, young boys began riding ponies around the United States bringing mail to everyone! These young men change riders every 75 miles of riding. With these boys riding ponies, it will speed up mail because ponies can run up to 15 mph. The cost of mailing a letter through the Pony Express is quite expensive - five dollars a letter – but many people say it is worth the price. These travels can be very dangerous for these boys, because they might get sick, hurt or they could die. They are willing to take the risk in order to get information to the people in the West. To send your letters with the Pony Express, visit your local general store for information. ---------------------

Disappointing News for President Lincoln by John Our nation has been sliced in two. North and South are what those two pieces are called. The states Virginia and below have left the Union. The South wrote their own Constitution and has formed the Confederate States of America. They also elected their own President. Many people in the South felt that the North made unfair taxes

on the South, which lowered the South’s budget. The Nor th wanted all slaves be free people, while the South really needed slaves in order to produce their crops. The South thought their rights would be taken away. South Carolina was the first state to leave. They then rallied up the other states to exit the Union. This could be the beginning of an unforgettable war.


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Tuesday March 1, 2011

Big Bang Begins Civil War by Cameron

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Churches Converted Into Hospitals! wounded from both sides being treated

You better get your guns out! On April 12, 1861, the Confederates fired at the Union at Fort Sumter, SC. This forty hour long battle began with

Lincoln sending a letter to F. W. Pickens, telling him that supplies, but no soldiers, would come to Fort Sumter. The Confederates got word of this, and since Lincoln wanted to keep it for the Union, they thought that it was a perfect opportunity to take it. The Confederates then sur prised the ship coming with supplies for the Union by shooting at it. The ship had to retreat. This left the Union without needed s u p p l i e s, s o wh e n t h e Confederates star ted the battle, they had to surrender. The Confederates won. The war between the states has begun. ------------

Gospel Is Everywhere! by Kristina Many churches in the North and South have been helping spread the gospel in the United States during the horrible and tragic Civil War. Even though these are hard times, numerous churches have been generous and have given soldiers money, Bibles, and m e d i c a l h e l p. A h e a p o f fighters have become believers after this giving event. These

churches are also helping slaves that are now free to b e c o m e r eg u l a r c i t i ze n s ! Churches continue to assist the needy and give to the men fighting for slaves’ rights. Churches have worked hard at aiding many, many people and the gospel has spread through them.


Price Five Cents STILL LATER! ---------The Ericsson steelclad battery "Monitor" was handled with unsurpassed skill and decision! ---------The Merrimac in a  Sinking Condition. ---------Mr. Lincoln's  Proclamation declares  ALL SLAVES FREE!! ---------Effective January 1, 1863

Fifth Grade Students Covenant Christian School

Tuesday March 1, 2011

The Monitor and Merrimac Clash! by Nathan T h e t wo i r o n c l a d s h i p s collided in a "battle of the best". The Monitor of the Union, and the Merrimac of the Confederates fought through the night, on the eighth of March. Although they fought valiantly, neither could penetrate the other. The battle occurred in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The Mer rimac was an old C o n f e d e r a t e s h i p. T h e y covered it in thick steel plates and renamed it the CSS Virginia. A mere two months later, the Mer rimac was surrounded. Its crew escaped onto an island. The crew then blew the ship up on purpose just off the island, so that the

North would not be able to use it. The Monitor did not sink until the 31st of December. It sank off the coast of Porter's Island. This battle started a revolution of ironclad ships. The navy uses these ships to capture harbors a n d ke ep s u p p l i e s f r o m getting to the enemy. ------------

Emancipation Proclamation by Andrew Just today old Abraham Lincoln made an announcement to free the slaves in the South. Today is the day that all the slaves have been w a i t i n g f o r. O n September 1, 1862, Lincoln issued the E m a n c i p a t i o n Proclamation to go into

effect January 1, 1863. When the war is over all the slaves will be free. This announcement will change the focus of the war from state's rights to freeing slaves. The North now has a strong pu r pose t o c on t inu e fighting and allow all people in the United States to be free.


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VICKSBURG IS OURS!! ---------History of the campaign against Vicksburg. ---------Brilliant and  Successful Campaign of  General Grant.

Fifth Grade Students Covenant Christian School

Tuesday March 1, 2011

Battle at Vicksburg by Nicole General U.S. Grant has done it again! The C o n f e d a r a t e A r my wa s starved and cut short of s u p p l i e s i n Vi c k s bu r g, Mississppi. It happened when Grant took over the substantial waterway, the Mississppi River. Without food or water, the people resor ted to eating rats, mules, and even their own

pets. The Confedarate General, John C. P e m b e r t o n , fi n a l l y surrendered Vicksburg to Grant on the date of July 4th, 1863. After this famous battle, President Lincoln made General Grant commander of all Union Armies. He will now continue to lead the Union armies into future battles.


MAP OF VICKSBURG AND VICINITY Showing the Rebel defenses and the Union Approaches just before the Surrender, July 4, 1863.


Price Five Cents THE GREAT BATTLE OF  GETTYSBURG ---------Evidence of the fearful conflict lay on the ground ---------GRANT BEAT LEE AT  GETTYSBURG!

---------PRESIDENT LINCOLN  TO GIVE ADDRESS AT  GETTYSBURG ---------Presidents remarks  were surprisingly  BRIEF!

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Tuesday March 1, 2011

Bloody Battle at Gettysburg by Trey The bloodiest battle of this whole bloodthirsty war began in the spring of 1863. Grant and Lee crossed paths again, but in Gettysburg this time. The terrifying battle lasted three whole days! Lee came marching in with his 70,000 men onto Seminary R i d ge a n d t h e N o r t h o n Cemetery Ridge. The Yankees were pretty much playing cat and mouse with the Confederates, popping out from behind rocks to shoot at the Rebs, then going back into hiding to reload. Confederate reinforcements attacked Grant, causing his army to fall back into the hills. About half

of the Union army was either killed, captured, or wounded. Lee was on his way to another great victory, but he continued to be careful and prepared for the next day of fighting. Meanwhile, Mead was on his way with 75,000 men to aid the North. When his army started fighting, the Rebel lines were already starting to falter! The Union had won! Lee finally lost a battle to the North. Grant beat Lee at Gettysburg. The battle of Gettysbug was the turning point of the war. President Lincoln plans to hold a special ceremony to honor those who gave their lives at this terrible battle.

Gettysburg Address by Megan

President Abraham Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address.

Lincoln gave a three-minute speech at the cemetery in Gettysburg Pennsylvania to honor those that died at the bloody battle months earlier. On November 19, 1863. Edward Everett (the main speaker) spoke for two hours while President Lincoln was silently waiting for his turn. T h e c r owd wa s exc i t e d thinking about the long

‘speech’ that he was about to make. Surprisingly, he gave a three-minute speech that inspired all the soldiers in the war. He thanked them for their service and reminded the listeners that they were fighting for freedom and equality for all those living in our great land. The crowd was shocked about his short but famous speech! This day will be remembered for Lincoln’s powerful words.


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Price Five Cents VICTORY! VICTORY! ---------SURRENDER OF THE REBEL ARMY!! ----------

Tuesday March 1, 2011

Surrender in Richmond


---------THE NATION GIVES  THANKS TO ITS  GLORIOUS HEROES by Daly Boom! The final shots of the war were fired yesterday, April 9, 1865 in Richmond Virginia, the capitol for the Confederates. It all started when General Grant entered the Southern capitol. He and his men infiltrated the camp and took ove r. A f t e r m u c h fi g h t i n g, General Robert E. Lee finally

surrendered to Grant’s army. Grant offered very generous terms of surrender and did not take any prisoners. After four years the end of the hard war is here. It will still take many months for our country to recover and rejoin together, but President Lincoln is already working hard to bring the two sides back together.


The U.S gets a new Motto by Marisa Thanks to Mr. Salmon Chase and the director of the U.S.Mint we have a new motto today. Mr. Chase sent a letter to the director (whose name is not given.) and in it there were several mottos given. The director

sent a letter back containing the best three mottos. From the list of mottos Mr. Chase chose our new motto today “In God we Trust”. When Congress passed it to be our nation’s motto the two men rejoiced. To surprise Chase the

director put the motto on our U.S. coins .We also know that Mr. Chase chose this motto to show other n a t i o n s t h a t we a r e a Christian nation and that we trust God to take care of us through times of trouble.



---------Word Scramble 1. eicvi _____________ 2. rwa ________ 3. tatbel ____________ 4. gnu ________ 5. osldare ___________ 6. mray _______ 7. niuno _________ 8. oncdfertea ____________ 9. ilconln ___________

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Tuesday March 1, 2011

Sherman's March by Anna Wo r d w a s r e c e i v e d yesterday that General William T. Sherman was sent to capture Georgia and Atlanta. His journey began on Nov. 12 in the year 1864. During his journey in Georgia, General Sherman ran into General Joseph Johnston. The two Generals started to attack each other. General Sherman, after a few days, forced a retreat on Johnston. In Atlanta he got permission to destroy a city and leave only ruins. Farther in Atlanta, people were told to leave their town because it was about to be burned. Much property was destroyed and many innocent people were killed.

Turn to page 12 for answers.

Sher man also cut a railroad back to a place called Chattanooga. He did it so that the Confederates could not attack him. General Sherman’s journey ended on Dec. 22. General William T. Sherman’s “March to the Sea” allowed the North to have more power and weakened the South.

Farm Boy Re-elected President 1864 by Katie In 1864 our sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln was reelected to be our President because people admired him for working hard to get rid of slavery. Before he was U.S President, in 1858, he ran for senator. It was everywhere - Lincoln vs. Douglas! Lately the South is arguing with president

Lincoln because he is against slavery. Since a year or so into the war, Lincoln has pleaded with the South and North to be united again. He promises to continue to work hard to give complete freedom to all people in the United States of America. We will never forget our loving President, Abraham Lincoln!


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VICKSBURG IS OURS!! ---------History of the campaign against Vicksburg. ---------Brilliant and  Successful Campaign of  General Grant.



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Tuesday March 1, 2011

"Unconditional Surrender" by Luke “Old Unconditional Surrender Grant” stands up to his name at Appomattox Courthouse by finally ending this tragic war. He and Robert E. Lee have ag reed on generous ter ms of the surrender by the Confederates. G e n e r a l U l y s s e s S. Grant, Union General, accomplished a great task by taking over Vicksburg, MS, and Fort Henry, while also forcing a surrender at Fort Donelson. By receiving these victories, Grant has helped restore courage and confidence to the Union Army. Before these victories, old U.S. Grant had been suffering many loses of

General Ulysses S. Grant soldiers and battles. He has worked hard to keep the spirits of his troops high and to inspire them to continue in the difficult fight. Finally, this devastating war has come to a close.

Lee Fights Fiercely 'Till the End! by Jake After years of fighting, Robert E. Lee has finally met his match. Last week, General Ulysses S. Grant forced Lee, to surrender at Appomattox Court House in Virginia. After losing the Mississippi River and the battles at Antietam, Vicksburg and Gettysburg, the South was scattered

everywhere, with no supplies or a strong army. Lee could not let his men die, so his only choice was to surrender. When Lee first joined the war he had a hard choice to make. Though he had a strong stand against slavery, he loved his state and chose to fight for it. Though he lost, he is still very feared and respected.



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PRESIDENT LINCOLN! ---------His Assassination Last Night While at Ford's Theatre, in Washington! ---------PISTOL BALL PENETRATED HIS BRAIN! ---------Mr. Lincoln Dying at  Midnight! ---------Farewell of President's  Family. ---------THE ASSASSIN IN HIS  PRIVATE BOX. ---------The Murderer Leaps  Upon the Stage and  Escapes. ---------A HORSE IS WATING 

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Tuesday March 1, 2011

Abraham Lincoln's Life Ended Abruptly by Isaac HERE LIES ABRAHAM LINCOLN. On April 14, 1865 at 10:15 pm President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Booth at Ford's Theater, ending our re-elected President's life. ----------On April 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln was attending a play with his wife Marry Todd Lincoln at Ford's Theater. Suddenly, one of the actors, John Wilkes Booth, a half crazed man devoted to the south, snuck into Lincoln's booth

and shot him with a pistol. After he shot Lincoln, he stabbed Maj. Rathbone. He then ran outside where a getaway horse was waiting. Booth died in a barn while it was up on flames. He either took his own life or was shot by one of his pur suer s. Lincoln was taken to a nearby home to await treatment, but later died from the gunshot wound. Vice President, Andrew Johnson, has now assumed the role of President of the United States.


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Tuesday March 1, 2011

Railroad Spans the US!!!

Stonewall Jackson by Teddy Stonewall Jackson was at “The Battle of Bull Run” fighting in the North. As he was riding into camp on his horse after the battle, he was shot by one of his own men. He died several days later of his wounds. He was famous for fighting in “The Battle of Bull Run” and wasn’t going to give up in the War. He got his nickname “Stonewall” because he refused to give up and always gave his best effort. He will be greatly missed by the Union troops and generals.

Ceremony for driving of the "Last Spike" at Promontory Summit, Utah.

by Kourtney Attention! Attention! Central Pacific Co. and Union Pacific Co. decided to build a transcontinental railroad track from Sacramento, California, to Promontory Point, Utah, on to Omaha, Nebraska. This spectacular track was finished in the spring on May 10, 1869. This railroad track was for med by beginning a long way apart from each other and racing to the center. This was made into a contest so that i t c o u l d b e fi n i s h e d quicker. The railroad track

was a safer ride than traveling by wagon, and it was much faster. It also helped ship crops and other goods across the country. However, it did take about seven years to finish this iron track. It has made many people happy and many now want to explore this adventurous new world!


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Tuesday March 1, 2011

Nurse Creates America's Red Cross by Naomi

Opinion: Deserters Thank Old Abe for letting us back in the Army! He really has some mercy. We all would’ve been hung by now. Guess he’s desperate for men. Anyway, I was out of my mind. Once I left the Army I knew I didn’t make the right choice. We just got bland food, and we were so cold and tired. As I said, I’m sorry. I love Abe Lincoln and appreciate his kind heart. Hank Deserter

Clara Barton has established the Red Cross Organization, which helps hur t and wounded s o l d i e r s. M s. B a r t o n started her career in 1864, as a battlefield nurse. During the Franco Pr ussian War she was inspired by the Red Cross Organization in Europe. Once she returned to the U.S., in 1873, Clara Barton worked to establish her own branch of the Red Cross. This organization plans to help people who are affected by natural ------------------Opinion: Deserters Soldier: “Why shood Ol’ Abe let them back in here? We hev worked our hardest, and sum of us got kilt. I hope he comes to his senses an takes that law back! Just kill them already! They deserve to die like all of us could’ve. This war ain’t over, but the anger in me could start Sherman’s next fire!

Clara Barton

disasters or soldiers who are hurt. If you would like to join in this work please send a message to Ms. Barton. --------------Word Scramble Answers from puzzle on page 8. 1. civil 2. war 3. battle 4. gun 5. soldier 6. army 7. union 8. confederate 9. lincoln

Mathew Carver, soldier for Union, angry about deserters


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