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Welcome to the August edition of Computer Chip’s Computer Tips. Please feel free to forward this to all of your friends, family and acquaintances. If you would like to be removed from the mailing list, please respond to this email with the word REMOVE in the subject line. As always we respect your privacy and will never share your email with anyone!!!! EVER!!! Hopefully everyone is having a safe and fun summer season. Computer Chip enjoyed his time off the grid. From scaling 6000 foot peaks to settling in by the campfire with a good book, it was a restful and recharging vacation. We are now back to help you with your technology issues. Back to School Special In only a matter of weeks, the kids will be back in school. Now is the time to get those computers checked out and tuned up for the academic year ahead. We recommend our yearly Clean & Tune service to maintain your computer at top efficiency. Even if you don’t have children in school, it is still a good idea to have you computer professionally examined yearly to prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. For the month of August we are offering 20% off of our normal hourly service rate. Please call us to day to schedule your appointment. Mention “back to school special” to receive your discount. Small Print Stuff here: (Discount applies only to residential customers. Parts and sales tax if required will result in extra charges)

Window 8 is Coming (like it or NOT) Windows 8, the newest operating system from Microsoft will be coming out in October. To stay on the cutting edge of operating

systems, Computer Chip has installed a release preview of the operating system on a virtual machine. These are our first impressions: 1) If you are comfortable with XP, Vista or Windows 7, YOU will not have a clue how to use Windows 8. There is no start button and the motions required to navigate are counter intuitive. You will need to learn how to use “Hot Corners” to navigate around the screen and to your programs. 2) The software is designed to make touch screen computing easier. Since so few PCs have touch screen, using a mouse is a clunky experience. They say that if you have used a Windows phone, the experience is a bit easier to learn (windows phones occupy a miniscule portion of the smart phone market.) 3) You must have a Microsoft account to even set up Windows 8 on a computer. In this day and age, I don’t think that I want to set up another account that someone can hack into. 4) So far we have not been able to figure out how to window applications so that they can be viewed on the same screen. We are sure there is a way to do it but as we stated before it is counter intuitive. As you can see, we are all going to have a steep learning curve with Windows 8. Unless you are willing to suffer the pain, I would try to avoid being one of the first to run Windows 8. Windows 7 is a great operating system that should be supported for many years. It is our current opinions that if you are comfortable with what you have, stick with it until all the bugs get worked out of Windows 8. If you need to purchase a new computer after windows 8 is released, make sure from the vendor that the operating system is downgrade able to Windows 7. if you don’t want to take the plunge into the unknown. On the bright side is the fact that the operating system is blindingly fast and promises very short start times (Under 10 seconds). Those of us that saw the first version of Windows XP, thought it was the most awful operating system that we had ever seen. After the the learning curve was summated, it became one of our most loved operating systems. Let’s hope the same holds for Windows 8. Computer Chip will continue to work with Windows 8 so that we will understand it and be able to support those customers that choose to go with the new operating system. We always try to stay on the

cutting edge of new technology by getting outside of our comfort zone so that you don’t. Stay tuned for further updates. Free Phone Calls Using Google Voice You too can use Google Voice to make phone calls from your computer to any phone in the US for FREE. The calls are crystal clear can be setup with voicemail that will even work with your Android phone. Simply go to and setup your account today. If you already have a Gmail account it won’t take you long to set it up. If you need to establish a Gmail account, it will only be a little more work. You can even use Google Voice to send and receive calls from your Android tablet. You will be amazed at how easy and useful it is to use. Give it a try. If Computer Chip has ever done remote support for you, you have heard Google Voice as we use this as an additional phone line for our speaker phone when we are working with your computer. “Lights for Sight” The Bradenton Lions Club is offering ultra bright, 9- LED flashlights for sale. The lights are useful for power outages and carrying in your purse or automobile. Alkaline batteries are included. The lights are available for a $5 donation. All proceeds go to Lions club charities and 100% of the money goes back to our community. Please call if you are interested in these useful little lights. Our technician will have them available for purchase during your service call as well.

“Ask Computer Chip about Joining your local Lions Club”

Remember for all your Inkjet supplies Everyone needs to save money. The cost of retail inkjet cartridges is often very close to what you paid for the printer by itself. provides an economical alternative to the sometime ridiculous cost of replacement cartridges. We have been using their products for over three years and have never had a problem. At prices, sometimes over 60% off the manufacturer’s price, it is a hard deal to beat. Special Summer savings are available until 9/29. Use coupon code HEAT during checkout get an additional 10% off of your order. (does not apply to OEM products)

_______________________________________________________ With 20+ years of real world personal computer experience I will bring a professional approach to solving your toughest computer issues

Services that we Provide: Hardware/Software Repairs and Upgrades Wireless/Wired Networking Printer and Peripheral Installation Remote Support Data Backup Systems Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal Digital Photography Consulting.

Evening and Saturday Appointments are Available

Blair S. "Chip" Kunka Computer Chip 941-932-6728

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