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dow, or in the clubhouse, and have them ready to give to the winners without delay. Prompt handing out of prizes is an excellent way to send competitors home wanting to come back to your next tournament. Before tournament day, clean up the range, mow the grass, paint the place if it needs it, and fix it up generally. Now is a good time to do those extra things that you may have put off before. Be sure suitable, clean sanitary facilities are provided for both men and women. Some ranges provide space for campers during tournaments. If this is your plan, be sure your facilities take into account the competitors’ needs for bathing and shaving. Select a publicity officer who is personable and can write intelligibly. If the person chosen takes good pictures, so much the better; otherwise, some shutterbug can be assigned as Assistant Publicity Officer. Or you can arrange for a local photographic firm to take pictures. Send advance notice of tournaments to everyone on your mailing list. E-mail is the preferred format for this. Also, consider showing the match schedule online if your organization has a web site. A postcard will do, but try to make the message catchy (a cartoon or graphic is fine). A mailing list can be prepared by getting nearby tournament registration forms. Be sure to eliminate duplications. If possible, have the mailing list put onto a computer so that labels can be made easily. Contact the press (print & online), radio, and TV outlets with advance stories. Give them pictures of local hotshots and national figures whom you expect to attend. Arrange radio and TV interviews with celebrity shooters, using local people before the tournament and the out-of-towners during the tournament. The radio interviews can be tape-recorded. Get stories and pictures to the media as soon as possible— they are interested in current stories and not old news. Shooting Sports USA, NRA”s Competitive Shooting journal, is an excellent place to advertise your match. Invite local dignitaries to come out to be introduced and say a few words of welcome. The mayor, chief of police, and any municipal officer who has cooperated with the club or tournament should be invited. Also invite and introduce local sports writers, and radio/TV sports commentators. Do this regardless of whether they give the tournament publicity. Any new media types (blog or online forum) should be given full courtesy as well. The internet has made the world shrink, and word of mouth through it can spread like wildfire. This can go both ways, so make the best of it. A short, simple opening ceremony can be a feature of every tournament. Open with raising the flag and playing the National Anthem over the public address system. Frequently, a National Guard unit, Boy Scout troop, ROTC organization, or Veteran’s Proper planning will help guarantee a successful match group will gladly provide a detail for this ceremony. Do not forget, a good awards ceremony will add class to your event. Take time to present the winners their medals and acknowedge the staff for their support.

Nice opening & closing ceremonies will attract top competitors

Tournament Operations Guide

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NRA Tournament Operations Guide  

Guide on how to efficiently run NRA Sanctioned Tournaments

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